Imran Khan banned from Sindh again for the 4th time

Imran Khan was scheduled to arrive in Karachi today aboard a PIA flight from Lahore – but it seems that the Sindh Government feels that he is unwelcome. Protests by PTI workers are being held on Shahrah-e-Faisal and the members are heading towards Karachi Press Club to show their protests.

The question is that why should not a citizens of Pakistan be not allowed to visit other cities?

Might he be right when he accused the government to say its not a government but a mafia



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8 responses to “Imran Khan banned from Sindh again for the 4th time”

  1. Abdulrahman Rafiq Avatar

    What the F. Banning Imran from Sindh is totally unconstitutional. No province shall impinge upon the freedom of any Pakistani Citizen to travel within the State of Pakistan.

  2. d0ct0r Avatar

    Its ironic that on one hand NROfied Absconding BRITISH grand terrorist Altaf have fled the country and despite favorable conditions in the city held hostage by his unit/sector terrorists, stubbornly choose to stay away and hide in his London hide out.. While on the other hand a pakistani citizen attempts to enter a pakistani city and is stopped without any justification for no apparent reason.

    Altaf is reluctant to come back because he is scared that he’ll be gunned down by one of his own i.e. Saleem Shahzad etc so he prefers to act as Long distance telephonic Quaid and most probably won’t ever set his step in Karachi of his own free will. On the other hand we still DO have a chance.British government is putting pressure insisting Pak govt to sign extradition treaty. We karachiites could also use this golden opportunity and get our absconding MQMized Pir butcher of Karachi extradited.

  3. Inam Ullah Avatar
    Inam Ullah

    i indeed understand the feelings of my fellow country men especially those living in Karaci. Ur right doc.

    the conspiricies by the under world DON who is trying his best to weaken & break our ocuntry are not hidden from us. his evil endeavours to label all the pushtoons living in Karachi as Taliban can be desastorous if not dealt properly.

    the terrorist DON has been black mailing are Governments since long due to the instability in the other provinces. V definately need a lion like Naseer Ullah Baber to nib the evil.

    I ve not been able to understand y the ppl living in karachi vote for his party and more than that listen to his nonsense telephonic bukbuk.

    Imran Khan appears to be the only hope for Pakistan. He is sincere and forthright unlike the rest. Im sure that educated and learned ppl from Karachi will support him if he would ever be allowed to enter the fortress of MQM which is fortunately unsafe for the terrorist Number 1(Altaf Bhai)

    May Allah Bless our country and its citizens who do deserve a better life.

  4. Touqeer Ahmed Avatar
    Touqeer Ahmed

    imran decided to come karachi despite of the fact that public rallies are banned in sindh.he is a controversial person and wanting to get media attention. we all know that his political career has been ended after the restoration of judiciary. Why doesnt he go to bunair, where his Taliban brothers are killing innocent people. imran khan is a MADE FOR TV politician.

  5. Touqeer Ahmed Avatar
    Touqeer Ahmed

    MQM did raise a voice against imposition of section 144 in sindh. How can you even suggest that MQM is involved in this issue.

  6. UTP Avatar

    Mafia for sure…but the other side of the discussion would be… he is not just a normal citizen now is he?

  7. asim Avatar

    Touqeer Ahmed,

    You said: MQM did raise a voice against imposition of section 144 in sindh. How can you even suggest that MQM is involved in this issue.

    As someone else said, MQM murders the people in the night and joins their janazah in the morning.

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