The Hoodlumism of Army Officers and the Blatant Lack of Accountability

PK-tyrant-boot-posterRecently Mr Ali Anan Qamar, an Assistant Coordination Officer and in-charge of Sheikh Yasin camp was beaten up and publicly humiliated by two officers of Pakistan Army, Maj. Asad Jamal and Lt. Haider marwat of 32nd Cavalry on 8th July 2009. Mr Qamar is a very well educated official of the government and we fear that if such treatment is meted out to high officials of the civil bureaucracy what may be happening to those who are the poor and illiterate in society and who cannot even raise their voices.

Ali Anan Qamar wrote on

Today on 08-07-09, at about 11:00AM, I was sitting in my office at Skeikh Yasin Camp, when Lt Haider of 32 cavalry came to my office. Apparently he was in on angry mood and told me that Major Asad 32 cavalry was not happy with me. He mentioned as list of things which Major Asad wanted to be done through me. I responded and if he had any complaints against me, he better report it to the DCO and Commissioner Mardan.

He threatened me with dire consequences. I then proceeded to the Rub Hall, where an army JCO came and asked me to report about the tents which the army had provided to the camp. I responded that I will hand over a report to some officer like a captain or a major. The JCO misbehaved with me there, in front of many witnesses including two doctors for ERU who had brought in Atta for the IDPs. The JCO too accused me of abusing the army and refused to move, but later some civilians finally managed to take him away from the Rub Hall.

About half an hour later, while I was standing in a container along with Wajid of SRSP, that I saw army jawans fully armed beating up the IDPs. Then Major Asad and Lt Haider rushed towards one with 35/40 troops fully armed and Major Asad said, “Pick him up”.

The jawan of army led by Major Asad and Lt Haider started beating me up mercilessly with fists, shoes and butts of gun and abused me continuously. I was thrown on the ground and beaten. Then they picked me up from my hands and legs and dragged me towards the military vehicle parked outside.

The jawans beat me continuously under the directions of Major Asad and forced me to sit on the floor of the vehicle with my head down. I was then alternately asked to stand on the seat of the vehicle with my hands raised. The beating continued, the abuses continued. The IDPs were rounded up and made to look at my beating the message was given that this is your ACO, and we the army are throwing him out. We have taken over..

I was then thrown on the ground and then dragged on to as to the main Charsadda Road. There my shirt was ripped open and I was asked to lie on the road. Then amidst the continuous beating, Major Asad stopped a rickshaw and I was put in the rickshaw. Lt Haider come to me and said, now you know what the army is and beat me more.

In this whole ordeal I have sustained injuries on the chin and head, bruises on the face, which will be shown in the medicolegal certificate. Prior to the incident they raided my office and took away the record of the camp. Lt Haider took away my two mobiles telephones 1 Nokia communicator with Ufone Sim 0334-4119821 and 2 Sony Erricson 03004132534. The Lt Haider also took away my wallet with some cash in it and ID Cards, Aim Cards, Driving Lenience and Service Card. That cash amounted to R.S 3000-4000/-

I charge Major Asad and Lt Haider for physically assaulting me, causing injuries on my chin and other parts of the body and obstructing me form tha discharge of my official duty, snatching my purse and mobiles. I can also identify the other accused if they are produced before me.

The accused also gave beating to my gun man Qayyum, Mr. Wajid from SRSP and some others who were accompanying me at that time.

Signed by Ali Anan Qamar

On the 14th of July Kamran Shafi wrote a column in Dawn and questioned about this incident to say Whatever happened to Thana Saddar, Mardan, FIR No: 416/09 dated July 8, 2009?

As of now we do not need to make this issue too ‘political’ but an issue of rights of an individual and urge the Pakistan army to take quick action against its officers mentioned in the FIR. Only recently Anan Qamar’s wife Knawal Qamar wrote in seriously doubting the Army’s intention in bringing justice with the following email

Today ie on 14-07-09 at 10 pm Mr Ejaz Haider conducted an hour long discussion on this issue in his program Siasiyaat aired on Samaa News Channel..Lt Col Waseem was also contacted in this program and he spoke the following lies on air:

  1. That this issue is resolved and a reconciliation has taken place.
  2. The event was just based on a MISUNDERSTANDING
  3. The army officers did not beat up Mr Anan.
  4. He was bleeding just because he might have been hurt by his nail

Trust me, his statements were most shocking to us because we have a handwritten note of apology addressed to my husband after this the same Lt. who was lying to the people of Pakistan and hiding facts.The FIR No. is 416 (Thana Saddar Mardan) dated: 08-07-09

Till now we are not sure if army is serious about conducting an inquiry because we don’t have any documentary response from the army on this issue as yet.

Lt Col Waseems blatant lies on air have made us even more determined to fight for our right till the very end. Please see if u can get a recording of that program.




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  1. rathor Avatar

    Yai Gandoo Fauj hai

    Inkaa apnee hee qaum pey khara hota hai

    Jab taqatwar dushman samney hotaa hai to inkaa peshab nikal jataa hai. Jab apney logon kee baat aatee hai to takabbur sai inkaa dimakh kharab hota hai.

    Aain swat waley inko bhee aur hamaraey siastadon ko bhee bhuttey charhaa dain.

  2. Naeem Khan Avatar
    Naeem Khan

    Pakistan Army = Mafia

  3. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    now they have come to this far.what a bunch of lowlives

  4. Humair Ahmed Avatar
    Humair Ahmed

    what was misunderstanding between them? (if that was due to misunderstanding)

    if that was misunderstanding to the Army then Gen. Kiyani should take that officers to the courtmarshall.

  5. Safdar Avatar

    Do you people know what really happened in Mardan? Have heard what Major Asad and Lt Haider have to say about the incident? Making decision after hearing only one party in unfair.

    "Jab taqatwar dushman samney hotaa hai to inkaa peshab nikal jataa hai. Jab apney logon kee baat aatee hai to takabbur sai inkaa dimakh kharab hota hai."

    Aap ne khud kitnay taqatwar dushmano ko mara hai Sher Bahadur Saahib?

  6. fk Avatar

    Well, our army can only beat innocent people – they shit in pants when they are to fight with 'real' enemies – and we have seen them losing in 71 and 65. Home's watch-dog biting owner!

  7. kanwal ali Avatar
    kanwal ali

    To Mr.Safdar,

    Well brother,Im kanwal ali w/o ali anan qamar. if you or anyone else wants to know what really happened in Mardan on that day (with proofs) feel free to email me at:

    Why dont the accused come and defend themselves??No one has stopped them from doing so.Afterall they are equally educated..This points to the logical conclusion that a criminal never comes to the court to report the crime comitted by him,whereas the aggrieved does so.

    We are in no way against our army..We respect it and that is why we want that such an honourable institution should not be breeding criminals.Our effort is just to help in purging of this sacred institution by pointing out the criminals and ensuring that they are punished as per law…

  8. kanwal ali Avatar
    kanwal ali

    The News July 16th,2009

    "PESHAWAR: Terming the July 8 incident at the Shaikh Yasin camp for IDPs in Mardan as sad, Special Support Group Chairman Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed has said those accused of manhandling Assistant Coordination Officer (ACO) Ali Anan Qamar would be dealt with in accordance with the law.

    Two army officers, Major Asad and Lt Haider, working for the Special Support Group for IDPs, were accused of manhandling Ali Anan Qamar and causing him injuries. Qamar alleged that the two military officers along with 35 soldiers beat him in presence of IDPs and the staff of the camp and snatched his mobile phones and wallet. He was later taken to the hospital to receive first-aid treatment. He also lodged a case against them in the police station in Mardan.

    A press release issued by the military-run Special Support Group for IDPs said a high-level joint court of inquiry has already been ordered to ascertain the facts, affix responsibility and recommend actions. It quoted Lt Gen Nadeem as saying the incident was “sad, which should not have happened.”

    The press release said the General had also talked to ACO Ali Anan Qamar soon after the incident and assured him that after ascertaining the facts, those responsible would be dealt as per law. He also emphasized that he considered all civilian officers equal to their counterpart Army officers and part of the same team."


  9. guY-sir Avatar

    Pak Army an illegitimate sons of US/UN-NATO.

    Pak Pols are illegitimate sons of UK/EU-Rothschild

    Kick and Kill them they can only ruin us and will not give us anything except Sham remember, 1971? when Indian army humiliated 90 thousands pak army men and herd em to india like a cattles. remember Ayub? none but blind drunker. These rulers made us too drinkers and debauchers.

    Mr.rathor is very much true in his 1st comment

  10. saba Avatar

    I really and truly believe this is not the time to criticize an institution that is finally doing the job it was supposed to do, that of defending the country, its people and our sovereignty at a time when even army morale was at its lowest. The armed forces have risen to the occasion again to meet the challenge of fighting back the alien forces that are threatening the country's very existence. Thousands of brave soldiers, and the lives that they sacrificed for our safety and integrity cannot and should not now be sacrificed at the altar of a random incident involving TWO unruly men who happened to belong to the armed forces. Are you saying you have never known a few bad apples in whichever professions you are from? We all know that the barrel remains intact, despite the apples.

  11. Safdar Avatar

    I am the elder brother of Lt Haider. He told me what happened and WHY. I dont want to write it here. What I want to say is that why we forget the feelings of the parents of soldiers fighting against terrorism. Whatever happened in 1948, 65, 71 or later, why are these 2 officers responsible for that? They were not even born that time. Critisism is very easy and our national hobby. Army did this, politicians did that, wapda this, police that, ptcl so and waderas so.

    I heard some people issuing death sentences. What will your mother think if someone say this about you?

    "Well, our army can only beat innocent people – they shit in pants when they are to fight with ‘real’ enemies – and we have seen them losing in 71 and 65. Home’s watch-dog biting owner!" How many enemies have you killed Mr. Brave Hearted Lion King?

  12. Hamid Rahman Avatar
    Hamid Rahman

    To: Safdar brother of Lt. Haider

    plz try not to play with people especially Ali Anan n his wife Kanwal Ali by writing emotional messages. I know every junior officer believes in buttering and flattering with his senior officer as ur brother Lt Haider did. He and Major Asad are cowards and Ali Anan is hero who prefered distribution of Flour bags in IDPs as he was drown in pain and his wounds were bleeding just bcz of ur coward and selfish brother who is an unwashable stain on respectable Pakistan Army. I love Pakistan and Pakistan Army but i hate bloody officers like Asad and Haider. Shame on u both

  13. Safdar Avatar

    Thank you Hamid Sahib. Coward, selfish, unwashable stain, bloody, flatterer, butterer …. everything is OK if you already know everything and you were present on the occasion and you were distributing flour bags. If not, then I can only feel sorry for you. We have to see each other on the day of Judgement.

  14. Disinterested Bystan Avatar
    Disinterested Bystan

    @ Safdar – Why are you defending the undefensible? By your own admission you do not wish to reveal what exactly happened between Haider & Qamar. If that is not a tacit admission of guilt, I don't know what is.

    What the hell? Why am I even bothered. After all, you would be sharing similar values so why should I expect your attitude to be any better than the lumpen, you call a brother.

  15. guY-sir Avatar

    Our army turned debauch since 1971 b4 they looked good and fighters but when they punished by indians in 1971, I marveled the figure indian-army hostage our army men which was 90,000. I didn't born at that time but I feel that was a deliberate surrender since our army gone debauched and further gone completely morally corrupt when Bush-admin few calls they sold their souls to sole.

    Sole means sole super power US. Our army made a pact with US in turn arms and alms in billions and the pact is to bring misery on your own people as much as ye can in the name of bogus war on terror which is creating horror so;

    Now this war on terror turned war on horror. Our army and pols lives in their vora-cities and creating Horror.

    Well now our army moral is very low on ground they are fighting but in reality they have lost their morals by killing innocents, their own country and religious wo-men.

    In dis armageddon times our army cannot fight on ground to Indian-army. We need China rather China itself can teach a good lesson to india by 2012. as it predicted by Verma.

    I was reading times online 2day and found one indian defence expert article which is worth reading then I paste it into my blog becuz I like that article and so ye can read from mine or from original source i gave link below in mY blog

    read its part 1 as well so ye will understand 2nd part better and can be able to balance in 3 sub-continent super-powers. Atomic Powers. which can also be occurred write soon on it. don't forget to read God and Mammon

  16. guY-sir Avatar

    2 bowel-buddies

    coming soon of Mush, Zardari, Kiyani, Gillani, Altaf Bahgora, Nawaz-Shahbaz and Taseer.

    Kya in brushes may Taseer hai saaf ker ne ki..? try it.

    Sub siyasi and samaji gund saaf karay yeh brush buy 2 brushes and get dollar-roll free. yeh aap k apne Wholes k liye


  17. kanwal ali Avatar
    kanwal ali

    Brother Safdar, As you have discussed this issue with your younger brother and have confessed that:

    "He told me what happened and WHY. I dont want to write it here."

    Would you please share your account on this issue.Afterall i just want to open my eyes to the REASON why an unarmed civilian officer was beaten up by a troop of soldiers? The rest of the Pakistanis have an equal right to know…In this world let men be the judges, whereas in the hereafter atleast I WILL NOT FORGIVE ANY OF THOSE WHO HAVE CARRIED OUT THIS ATROCITY.And i feel no shame in confessing that my husband is a great man, a hero in the eyes of those who are not blinded by power and injustice.Whereas those whose souls have been taken over by Satan cannot SEE,HEAR OR SPEAK

  18. kanwal ali Avatar
    kanwal ali

    Saba its not a criticism on an institution,its a criticism on the criminal act conducted by members of that respectable institution who deserve to be thrown out from it….

  19. guY-sir Avatar

    @kanwal ali

    sister, i wrote above that our army lost moral. I know them very well. I went to CMH in pindi and spent day and nights with Col. Brigs and other army men i found they have no moral rather they looked divided on tongue and have a sordid race for seeking power.

    Well do you know US-CIA is our agencies/army trainer.? you know it. i guess but you might not know that who train US-CIA haan wanna know OK none but Anton LaVey. do you know who's he?

    The founder of [church of satan] now ye can understand our agencies/army conditions and their morals. which i talked about.

    I ain't against my Army I support them but the way they have ensnared by US-CIA-NATO is malevolent which weakening our army strength physically and morally.

  20. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    This alleged incidence (if at all true) is quite similar to the beating of Naeem Bukhari in the court premises by very-well educated lawyers mafia many months ago, and the beating of Farooq Sattar by the same very well-educated lawyers gang. Awab even published a post about these abhorrable incidents on this informative, thought provoking, non-biased and non-propaganda blog.

  21. Hamid Rahman Avatar
    Hamid Rahman

    @ Safdar

    Brother u again doing politics by writing emotional messages on blog to turn people to ur side and to get sympathies for u and for ur corward Haider.

    Brother Ali Anan is a man of words and gives respect to others.

    just imagine an Assisstant commissioner of Grade17 and the guard standing outside his office says Ali Anan is my friend. this is ali Anan. in actual Ali Anan is not his friend but Ali's attitude is go good even with his servants that they feel proud and feel free to call Ali Anan as their friend.

    nw imagine Lt Haider and Maj Asad as officers and think urself dat what will b the comments of a guard standing outside their offices

  22. rathor Avatar


    Well the parents and brothers and sisters of these Army officers should be embarassed of their siblings and sons and there is nothing that they should be proud of. These officers are not serving their country but using these powers for their own whims and desires.

    What is there to be proud of? Gone are the days when these were our heroes, now they are just paid-assasins.

    No, I didn't kill any enemy, if you mean the Muslims of Swat and NWFP.

    If your family had any dignity you would have asked them to quit this merecnery rent-to-kill organization, when they were murdering Pakistanis in NWFP.

    Sorry, I don't come from a PIND where you just earn honor because you ride a green 4×4 or there are sipahee's to salute you because you kissed ass of your seniors very good.

  23. kanwal ali Avatar
    kanwal ali

    Another thing i would like to inform you here is that the first time Lt.Haider met Ali personally, was the same day on which this atrocity was carried out.One can imagine how well he knew him!


    Dear Brother Safdar,

    You must go to Hell with your brother Haider and Major Asad,

    Or muje lagta ha ke agar sahi insaf na hua Ali Ana bhai ke sath tho apke bhai ko pir bare bazar ma tokna parega as he is an Iblees by Nature.

    Engr-Taimur Khattak

    RF Planning Engineer.


  25. Safdar Avatar

    I thank you all for your prayers and nice wishes, especially Brother Taimur Khattak. If I tell you what my Iblees Brother said, it won't be acceptable here and would be termed as a fabricated story. The best thing is that my respected brothers take some time out of your offices, and instead of providing Insaaf using blogs, ask the displaced people of Swat at Sheikh Yasin Camp, what happened and WHY? Kindly ask any genuine and randomly chosen IDP.

  26. skeptic Avatar

    Considering the population of Pakistan, and how many people use the internet and how many read this blog.

    I am really really surprised that the wife and the brother of the two sides are reading this blog.

    Yeah right, pigs are flying (swine flue). It would be amazing if one of them got there but both of them being here. he he. I would estimate the probabilty to be less than (10000/population of pakistan) squared

    Do you want to establish your credentials by swearing by Allah that you are who you claim to be?

  27. Safdar Avatar

    Skeptic bhai, drama chalta rehta to aap ko kya farq parta?? Allah hum sub ko swine flue se bacha ke rakhay.

  28. skeptic Avatar

    Ok, safdar bahi :-), try the truth. Impossible to make up ones mind if there is too much clutter.

    Allah ham sub ko zardari flu sai bacha kar rakhay… (does this qualify for 14 years in jail?)

  29. kanwal ali Avatar
    kanwal ali

    @ Safdar

    What are you afraid of Brother?Im sure you must be knowing your brother's story much better than any randomly chosen,genuine IDP.a person who is on the right has no fear either of any man or of the circumstances.Dont pre judge the ability of our people to decipher the truth.Moreover, falsehood by its nature is bound to perish.So tell us your side of the STORY and leave it on the people to decide whether its fabricated or not.

    After all cowards die many times before their death,the brave tastes of death but only once.

  30. Hamid Rahman Avatar
    Hamid Rahman

    @ Safdar

    for a moment i believe that ur brother is a great man. I also believe that Ali Anan and his wife r liers who r traitors and giving false statements to public and their stories r also fabricated. now its ur time safdar to prove ur brother a great person, a hero, a patriot and a courageous man, common tell us the true story to all of us. if u prove ur brother an innocent and Ali Anan a traitor then i would love to hate Ali anan n his wife kanwal Ali for their lie to public and i will personally meet Lt. Haider n will rub my nose on his shoes. but if cant prove ur brother innocent then u have to meet Ali Anan n slap ur brother in front of him for his bad deeds with Ali Anan (the hero till now in my eyes ) until u prove him a traitor.

  31. Hamid Rahman Avatar
    Hamid Rahman

    all the blog viewers if u agree with my comment then msg safdar to tell the true story to all of us. thnx

  32. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    I am quite unconcerned in this something like a street fight of stray dogs…nothing to do with me, but I would respond to the immature and hollow comment by Hamid Rehman.

    Mr. Hamid Rehman, I call you a thief. Now if I am giving false statement, now it is time to prove you are not a thief. Now if you cannot prove you are not a thief, would you please slap yourself or let others slap on your face (or wherever you would like)?

    The idea is, if I bring forward an allegation against you, the law puts the burden on me to prove that you are a thief, and not upon you to prove that you are not a thief. So if any allegation against the given Army officer is brought forward, it is upon Anan and co to prove its validity and truth rather than the named officer to prove that he is innocent.

  33. jimi Avatar

    unaiza aunty,

    I think the above blog and messages below it put forward the details of the incident and the accused's sympathizer is not denying the incident, he is only objecting to the reason behind beating.

    Thats why Hamid Rehman or whoever wanted to hear Safdar's side of story.

  34. Syed Muhammad Ahsan Avatar
    Syed Muhammad Ahsan

    Saying of Prophet Muhammad SAW

    "If my daughter FATIMA commit a robbery, I will have her hands cut."

    1)I firmly believe Pakistan army should not be given plots, cars, and lavish life style which have ruined them to the root and them extremely proud.

    2)The punishment according to ISLAM to the criminals is same BEAT BOTH IDIOT infront of the people so that justice is given.

    3)Inquiry should be made immmediately without any delay.

    4)LANAT UL HIL KAZIBIN…May Allah curse be upon those who lie…

    If this is attitute of Pak Jawans then even after they get shaheed their place will be hell Inshallah..

  35. Syed Muhammad Ahsan Avatar
    Syed Muhammad Ahsan

    Saying of Prophet Muhammad SAW

    "If my daughter FATIMA commit a robbery, I will have her hands cut."

    1)I firmly believe Pakistan army should not be given plots, cars, and lavish life style which have ruined them to the root and them extremely proud.

    2)The punishment according to ISLAM to the criminals is same BEAT BOTH IDIOT infront of the people so that justice is given.

  36. Fahad Ahmed Avatar
    Fahad Ahmed

    Kya jihaalat hai yaar! You people don't know what really happened! Neither you were present there, nor have you asked any "neutral" witnesses. You have only read what the accusers or the 'issues-hungry' media told you. They(media) are masters in deceiving the masses & lying, just to attract them, so as to earn money.

    Allah ka khauf karo.. Jiss incident ki confirmation na ho, uss mein kisi k khilaf bolna GUNAAH hai..

    Moreover, Mrs. Kanwal, even you are speaking only what your husband told you. Anyways, maybe he really told you the truth. But if you really respect Pakistan Army then at-least ask the people here to stop calling bad names & non-sense things to Pakistan Army. And say it loud & clear that you love Pakistan Army but you're raising voice only against a mere few personnel of Pak Army. You should have done it if you're not against Pak Army! – you should do it- if you're not against Pakistan Army & if u really respect it, as you yourself have said.

  37. kanwal ali Avatar
    kanwal ali

    Sister Unaiza,

    Mind your language please! You can also communicate your point of view without using abusive terms.

    "I am quite unconcerned in this something like a street fight of stray dogs…nothing to do with me"

    It is indeed better for people like you to stay unconcerned.

  38. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    Ok…I would ammend…something like a fight of the falcons up in the clouds…happy enough? But will it make any difference?

    Perhaps you deliberately ignored the x-rated comments by your proponents.

    The point is, it is easy to believe whatever is said against the Pak Army especially when it has been a victim of a propaganda war by media in an attempt to break its momentum of action against the terrorists and other internal and external threats.

  39. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Fahd sb

    With all your outpouring of loyalty to the Real-estate mafia of Pakistan aka Pakistan Army – mind you the above statement is not a figment of Mr. Kanwal's imagination or from a mere fantasy story book it is a statement FROM the victim 'Ali Anan Qamar'

    The Military personal that misused their uniform have not given any explanation apart from the feeble attempt by his brother 'to not disclose for some unholy reason' It can very well be a your word against theirs that said even if they did declare their innocence and Ali Anan Qamar was proven wrong, I feel we are touching a bigger issue – the overall consensus of Citizens in Pakistan is that personnel of the Pakistan Army very frequently misuse their uniform for their own gains.

    This incident is sadly a small example of what happens when you disagree with a Major or a lt col

    Heck try raising an eyebrow at those Cantonment gatekeeper Sipahis or Subedars at the entrance of Malir Cantt Gates – you will be shown a very crude side of what power can do to an uneducated gun totting Pak Amry – a level of Zero respect – and zero courtesy with no respect for the 'bloody civilians'

    Though I know some very honorable Army people – even I would dare say that 'in-office' they too must be rotten spoil.

    Pak Army should be to protect us – NOT rule us. Plain and Simple- you do you duties on the borders and protect the civilians within – Sadly right now the civilians are being ruled while the borders are being outrun by drones and other equipment courtesy of 'outsiders'

  40. Muneeb Tahir Avatar
    Muneeb Tahir

    Before we plunge any further into that "PUNJABI ARMY"phenomena here i must step forward keeping my identity as a Pakistani a side and tell you guys that i myself am a Punjabi……

    This army oppression has cost us much we lost east Pakistan,as i am from Balochistan and reports of army "oppression" during "operations"on commoners have been coming out…..After reading this i am damn sure that they must also enclose some element of truth in them……

    Somebody here demanded they should be tried in military court….Well my own heart says that they should be hanged to a tree and their skin should be pulled from their very bodies….This is how they should be treated i hope any army personal is reading this right now so they may know how they can be treated next time if they indulge in such an activity…Just imagine our servants beating us!!!!!!

    Intolerable just intolerable!!!!!

  41. Moazzam Avatar

    A)People plz stop issuing tirades against the institution.

    B)Pressurize the Gov for the inquiry.

    C)Then pusnish the law-breakers.

    I think this should be the course.

    We dont know what really happened. And yes the accuser has to put forward the proof not the charged one.


  42. Jaan Gul Avatar
    Jaan Gul


    bhai aap to khamosh ho gai.

    mujay lagta hai k ye koi farigh insaan hai jisay aur koi shughal na mila to yahan aakar timepass karne laga k main uss leftain ka bhai hoon. kyun ji?

  43. kanwal ali Avatar
    kanwal ali


    This argument is going on also for the sake of Pak army so it can better its image by throwing out the criminals.Any wise person would understand that


    I would just like to enlighten you here that Im not speaking what my husband told me.I reached Mardan on the very same day.Plus we dont have one or two witnesses of this incident we have countless witnesses, so whatever we are saying here is authentic and we have proofs for that.

    We would request people not to condemn pak army for the criminal act conduted by the culprits.However the onus of punishing those CRIMINALS lies flatly on the Army because the crime was conducted in uniform using the army vehicles/personnel/arms etc.

  44. Disinterested Bystan Avatar
    Disinterested Bystan

    Unaiza Bibi

    There's nothing to make amends about likening the blog commentators to 'stray dogs'. But one takes exception when you say that it has nothing to do with you. The fact that you are in our midst, you chose to come on your own, pontificating supercilliously, makes you one of us, or rather to put it more specfically, a female of the canine species.

    So, welcome to the party *****.

  45. Ameer Hamza Avatar

    Whenever we imagine that Pakistan Army has revamped itself by doing some good, officers and so called good men, do the bad thing. And they always have the butts of civilians against their boots. What a sad story.

  46. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    "By strander"

    By coining the term dogs, I mean some individuals in Army vs some in Civil Bureaucracy. Both are from the same lot, equally corrupt and deteriorated…essentially the sides of the same coin. Still nothing to do with me, or you. Everyone who has power in this system is essentially a dictator, from traffic constable to Army personnel, from school teacher to chief justice, from Mullah to shopkeeper, everyone abuses power when given a chance. It is not the Army only that is ruling us but just everyone who has some authority. Pakistan has become a country where even a chief justice can run over the "elected" parliament and pass own rules and laws…just as the chief of the armed forces would do. Nothing different.

  47. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    unaiza baji!

    why it always comes to chief justice?what harm he gave?

    i think he is doing a great job.people of pakistan like him.

  48. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima


    I like him too…a great media celebrity and an icon of street power 🙂

  49. jimi Avatar

    Fahad Ahmed,

    very right brother. I bet you only accuse the media when they talk-publish against your beloved *Par Army* other wise they are holy.

    Ameer Hamza

    Please enlighten us when did the Pakistan Army revamped its images? When they were killing debandi *extrmists*?

    Height of Bigotory

    Why don't you guys list the reason why you are defending the corrupt Pakistan Army Officers?