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Targeted killings and the Land Mafia in Karachi – Open Letter by SHEHRI

An Open Letter to Rehman Malik by Shehri

Mr Rehman Malik has been making rather interesting statements about stopping the “targeted killings” in Karachi.

The simple fact is that the land mafia of Karachi is behind a number of these murders and the motive for these assassinations is money.

Let us take the case of land mafia grabbing the Tran-Lyari Park (Gutter Baghicha) land in SITE Town. There is illegal construction going on in about 50 acres on this park land in spite of a stay order from the High Court of Sindh.

On 26 September 2009 the Nazir of the High Court along with Nisar Baloch who headed the Gutter Baghicha Bachao Tehreek (Movement to save Gutter Baghicha) went for a court ordered inspection. They were forced to turn back because a mob (organized by the land mafia) stood in their path.

On 7 November 2009 Nisar Baloch was leaving his house in the morning. He was assassinated in a target killing gunned down in cold blood. Nisar Baloch gave a press conference on 6 November 2009 in which he stated that his life was in danger and he named the people who would kill him. (no action have been taken against his alleged killers because of political considerations)

On December 23 2009 the Nazir of the High Court again attempted to inspect the encroached area. He was again forced to turn back because a land mafia organized mob stood in his way.

On Thursday 7 January 2010 Nadir Shah Baloch was shot dead in a targeted killing. He was the former assistant of Nisar Baloch. He was now heading the Gutter Baghicha Bachao Tehreek. Now the effort to save this park is left rudderless as both men who were actually organizing the local populace were murdered in targeted killings. The illegal construction on the park land goes on and the criminals will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Karachi is strange city – there is an active land mafia which grabs amenity land to make illegal buildings at will. The Nazims (elected representatives), government bureaucrats and criminal builders have entered a unholy alliance to take over public / park land for their own profit. Articles and photos of these blatant criminal acts have appeared in the press. This land mafia supported by politicians can murder and commit contempt of court while the police and political administration stands by as indifferent spectators or active collaborators in this loot of park land and slaughter of innocents.

A full set of documentation has been sent to Mr Rehman Malik on this issue. Now it will be interesting to see if he will take action or if he will sit on his hands and let the blind lead the blind in Karachi.


More on Gutter Baghicha can be read on Shehri’s website, Location, History, the rampant abuse followed by some very valuable suggestions by Shehri-CBE of what can be done on this area

Sign the Gutter Baghicha Petition at Shehri


  • Ali K.Chishti |

    Absolutely Agreed on the role of land grabbing part . Very dispassionately, land grabber’s doesn’t have an ethnicity, political affiliation or anything else. The sort of land grabbing happening in Karachi is hurting us all where the middle classes having difficulties in actually buying their first or second houses; the land grabber’s are milking it.

    The Question is HOW TO STOP IT?

    I) KDA’s Enforcement Authority is the most relevant office headed by Mr.Qureshi. KDA is as corrupt as it get’s and although there were voices to kick-start a different and more autonomous Enforcement Authority; the move was stopped. Astonishingly, KDA comes under provincial government and not CDGK

    II) The Police? Is the most competent authority and while they should be acting; they don’t for obvious reasons.

    • Teeth Maestro |

      AKC> Nasir Baluch a day before his assassination accused MQM thugs > http://www.ahrchk.net/statements/mainfile.php/200… – Shehri accuses MQM to be in cohoots with the land grabbers

      Literally NOTHING goes on in the city without the explicit permission of "the ruling party" when you throw in the curve ball of KDA and CDGK – well I think thats beside the point – had if it been jumbled into one hand then I bet it would never had surfaced.

      Shehri has been after this case – I am guessing it has more merits then what you may claim to be.

      KDA – Police – everyone is to blame – only becuase they are hindering the expansion of ……

  • Ali K.Chishti |


    SEHRI had a problem with CDGK and MQM since the Hill Park Days – kindly refer to the High Court Case where Shehri lost the case . source: http://www.dawn.com/2008/09/10/local3.htm
    KDA, Police is to be blamed for not taking the action across the board or any action

    Land Mafia is an organized crime now, Sir.

    • Citizens of Pakistan |

      In this case Nisar Baloch named the killers before his death


      “Nazim, SITE Town… openly threatened members of the Gutter Baghicha Bachao Tehreek and other activists at the office of the Special Home Secretary, in the presence of senior officials of the Police, Rangers and City Government,” Nisar Baloch’s widow Madiha Baloch has alleged in her letter to the CJP.

      This threat was confirmed by the at least two other participants of the meeting, who said that the Nazim openly threatened them by saying, “Hum Tum Koh Dekh Lein Gay (we will see to you)”.

  • Nazia |

    The whole issue of land mafia, organized bhatta systme and supporting of armed and arson gangs are made complex under only one party show which has all time support of military behind is leadership .
    Is any other party other than mqm could have taken control in Karachi for last 20 years?So in this case if we throw blame on Blair or bush instead of pointing fingers to altaf Hussein then it can be fault of our observation but facts and figures cant be denied.
    MQM cries is part of its manifesto and it is not more than cries of a problem child who is always in pain even enjoying all state authorities in his hands.
    When their leadership flew away from Karachi after giving data to agencies for operation clean up of their trained boys, they cried a lot but on others land.
    They all time take best ministries in all houses but all time looks crying as part of their job.
    They are handling CDKA matters for last many years but in crisis time they start crying with the victims who are dependent on their duties and performance.
    They missed no chance of crying scenes when anything bad happened in other parts of Pakistan but when something worst happened in Karachi they started abusing people who criticize them badly on their negligence.
    Rasheed rizvi fought for independent judiciary and this independent judiciary nullify his case so it is a big proof of impartiality of judical movement that both judiciary and supporters are not taking stand for giving benefits to each other.
    This land was the property of Karachi city and mayor of city is like father of this land which was grabbed by dictator’s orders so in this way father of city kept silent when his daughter was sold to richer party .
    why he ignored misuse of one of precious land like that?
    This is the same behaviour which we observed on 12 may,18 oct, 4th april, 27 dec and now on 28 dec.
    The days when Karachi peoples were consoled only by the cries of mqm leaders as usual.

  • Nazia |


    Police is sold entity in our country and one shouldn't expect from weak institution to create any kind of hurdles from these Dons who are full cooperation with ruling party in center and city of Karachi.

    Strengthening land mafia is an addition of a big star in the achievement medals of our last dictator Musharraf.In his regime a low level contractor of MES Malik riaz has become don of Paksitan and how? , simply by bribing and sharing the deals of lands/money with generals and judges of that era.

    Musharraf's rule wihtout any rules was so unique other than dictators that in last regimes of dictators, senior army officers and bureaucracy had made some fake cover of shame for wrong money and land deals but Musharraf shameless way of rule had diverted his nearest people as flagrant Dons of land.

    Now if you see behind any big deals of land and money transaction, most names are senior army men whom personalities are covered by dummy civilian characters.

    Same thing happened in Karachi and other big cites of Sindh.It is only hurdle of SC that is stopping the typical land grabbers for eating away city parks.Those people have raised their height like Gulliver in our state in last regime and now grouping together behind zardari and NRO team to enjoy their billion game.

    That is why no state authority is bothering about the lost of Ashura participators or shopkeepers of Karachi as target of arson is beyond the range of common man but it reserves full interests of land mafia.

    Again mqm is crying like blind old woman on this issue as all things have been done under their nose for last many years.

    Why energetic and park lover Karachi mayor and his all team kept silent when Musharraf was giving away 6000 sq km park land to Makro habib group in important area of Karachi.?

  • Ali K.Chishti |


    The whole issue is much more complex. I don’t seriously blame people since everything which happens in Pakistan gets so complex and politicized that it’s seen as a conspiracy.

    MQM cries because her constituency got most of the hit; it’s natural and as a party which represent’s her constituent’s; the party has every-right to actually do to reflect the sentiments of her people. As I write Mustafa Kamal just handed over the keys to many of the hit shop-keepers.

    My point is, where is the law enforcement authorities?

    Why energetic and park lover Karachi mayor and his all team kept silent when Musharraf was giving away 6000 sq km park land to Makro habib group in important area of Karachi.?

    I know the case too as Rasheed Rizvi fought for Habib Group when the Lawyers Movement was at it's peak; so get an answer from Rasheed Razvi first? Secondly, the place was Army's and although I absolutely don't like DHA's like you and in agreement with Ayesha Siddiqui's Military Inc. – it's a question which you should put up to Corps Commander, Karachi?

  • Observer |

    What I see is the usual excuse i.e. IF we are wrong so are all the others. When will we grow up and distance ourselves from such childish arguments?

    Why do we always see the fingers pointed at MQM? Is there a reason or is it ALWAYS a blame game and victimisation of the so called Mohajirs? When will they consider themselves as Pakistanis? And it is time to get out of the victims role!

    We also have numerous "mohajirs" in Punjab, but they are NEVER referred as such, because they identify themselves as Pakistanis and next Punjabis.

  • Aamir Mughal |

    Death of a social activist By Ardeshir Cowasjee Sunday, 15 Nov, 200 9http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/the-newspaper/columnists/death-of-a-social-activist-519
    “Nisar Baloch understandably became a thorn in the side of the land-grabbing mafia, reportedly backed by influential ethnic and political parties of the city. Ironically, he had addressed a press conference only a day before he was murdered where he highlighted the issue in detail and pinpointed (perhaps fatally) the forces lending administrative and political support to the illegal occupation of the land of Gutter Baghicha. Importantly, Nisar Baloch had criticised both the MQM and PPP in equal measure, the former for complicity in coercion and the latter for its expedient tardiness. The Sindh chief minister had slapped a ban on the disposal and leasing of plots by the city government in July 2009. The ban was challenged by Nazim Mustafa Kamal but this public interest matter was settled out of court as if it was a compoundable dispute.”

  • Aamir Mughal |

    The whole issue of land mafia, organized bhatta systme and supporting of armed and arson gangs are made complex under only one party show which has all time support of military behind is leadership . [Nazia]


    Dear Ms. Nazia,

    Truth lies between somewhere in your statement above, here are some clues:



    Both the rangers as well as Shoaib’s armed guards fired at Bholoo’s supporters, who they feared might force Shoaib’s arrest after lawyers told Shoaib that his bail may not be confirmed. The seven ranger personnel led by Major Abdul Majeed of Janbaz Force in Thatta and Major Tariq Hameed of Karachi, are now facing a court martial. They were reported to be regular visitors at mujra performances at Shoaib’s den. On the day of the shooting at the City Court, the team of rangers apparently left their headquarters on some pretext to accompany Shoaib for his protection. [Monthly Newsline – Karachi Sept 2001 Issue]




    Dawood had three prominent operators in Karachi – Shoaib Khan, Ibrahaim Bholo and Shahanshah Khalid. Initially, all three worked well together, but in time they began to feud. Bholo was kidnapped and killed, according to some reports by Shoaib Khan over differences over a drug deal in South Africa. Khalid and Khan continue their gang warfare. Dawood: ‘War on terror’ takes a strange turn By Syed Saleem Shahzad Oct 22, 2003 [ASIA TIMES]


    Even more startling clues which will shake you like earthquake:)


    Dawood “Bhai” (brother), as he is fondly remembered, is the biggest patron of gambling in cricket. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) tries to be vigilant in obstructing this evil, but it is hard when the “big fishes” – including PCB chairman Lieutenant-General Tauqir Zia – feel free to visit Dawood Ibrahim in his nonexistent housing. The Military Intelligence (MI) unit reported to Musharraf that Shoaib Khan had been seen in the Askari apartment building in Karachi, where army officers are housed, along with the provincial chief of Inter-Services Intelligence (Sindh), who is a serving brigadier along with other police officials. There they reportedly enjoy “live shows” and gamble. An invisible hand in Pakistani politics. By Syed Saleem Shahzad Mar 19, 2003 [ASIA TIMES]


  • kamrani |

    Amir Mughal,

    You didn't cover the biggest DON, Asif Ali Zardari of PPP and his clan who are one of the land mafias of Sindh.

    The problem is you can not support one mafia and control the other mafia.

    Pakistan is currently ruled by all the Land Mafias, PPP mainly Sindh Land Mafia, MQM Karachi based Land Mafia, Pakistan Army (Pakistan Wide Land Mafia)….

    • Observer |


      Don't expect that from Aamir. Being a jiyala he will most probably refrain from criticizing Zardari.

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Dear Kamrani,

      Read the news again and try google to download complete story which I mentioned and picture would be very clear. Till you do this, read this:

      But though the public curses the MQM for trying to do away with Rehman, Nadia Gabol, the MPA for MQM from Lyari, condemns the killing herself. "I live two minutes away from Rehman Baloch, and I have never had any problem with him, even though he supported the PPP. And let me make this clear, if Nabeel Gabol and Rafiq Engineer had not been supported by Rehman Baloch, they would never have won the seats." Nadia Gabol, the niece of Nabeel Gabol, says that no matter what anyone says, Lyari was definitely 'picking up'. "There was no firing at weddings, there was an abrupt drop in boys doing drugs in the lanes, there was 600 gallons of water being supplied to Lyari in one day. The roads were in a better condition, the man (Rehman Baloch) gave away ration during Ramzan. As far as his death is concerned, it was a shock to the people. I am sure he had it coming, but the way it came his way was unfair. Every one, innocent or guilty, deserves a fair trial. And MQM did not have anything to do with his death." Lyari's Robin Hood The killing of Adbur Rehman Baloch aka Rehman Dakait has raised doubts about the police encounter and the 'beneficiaries' of his death By Xari Jalil


  • Nazia |


    thanks for your accurate support.

    MQM and military are strongly interlinked group and this way military controls the dirty politics of Karachi in their favor.That is why hierarchical commands and covert obedience are all time seen in party management of mqm.

    All knows that by controlling Karachi underworld as per desires, they would get underground routes to India and all economy of Paksitan which depends on Karachi political situation too.These too major factors are main interests of our political army management.

    Whether it is seth Abid ,or ibrahim dawood or malik raiz all characters are supported by intelligence/military groups to get illegitimate results of their choice which they cant get through legal ways so such characters were groomed in our army nurseries and used as and where basis .

    This is always funny to hear that Rangers are under interior ministry.On paper it is true but if you get the data two serving generals of north and south regions are controlling all rangers activity .Lots of serving brigadiers and colonials are sent on lucrative deputation to ranger side to control the low paid DSRs and lower staff of this force.

    The area commander a Colonial who orders this force to move in favor of mqm govt all the time and this force is always behind all mqm representatives in all kind of elections of minor type too.

    One can think that rehman malik a peon like character can order a southern regional in charge of ranger ( a general) to obey his orders.These generals are all time waited for GHQ orders to comply so whatever stagnant behaviour has been shown to us on the time of riots in Karachi was through GHQ pipe line .They hire the character like zardari , rehmna malik and altaf hussain to blacken their face for their greed of seat and power in this line of actions which we people say "a state authority".

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      More clues are as under:

      Watch this video OF GEO TV:

      Rehman Daket Part 1 of 4

      Rehman Daket Part 2 of 4

      Rehman Daket Part 3 of 4

      Rehman Daket Part 4 of 4

      During the Government of Arbab Ghulam Rahim:

      Read this news: KARACHI: Rehman Dakait escapes from police custody: Official connivance suspected By S. Raza Hassan August 23, 2006 Wednesday Rajab 27, 1427

      Now read this 2 year old story “under Musharraf Govt”

      KARACHI: The rise and fall of Lyari Task Force By Arman Sabir The former Sindh IG Jahangir Mirza acknowledged the arrest of gangster Rahman Dakait only after his retirement. He said the outlaw’s arrest and subsequent escape was not brought to his knowledge while he was in office. May 10, 2007 Thursday Rabi-us-Sani 22, 142 8http://www.dawn.com/2007/05/10/local4.htm

      KARACHI: Gangster Arshad Pappu arrested By S. Raza Hassan October 12, 2006 Thursday Ramazan 18, 1427 Arshad Pappu’s arrest materialised early Wednesday morning when sleuths of the Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) accompanied by police, raided an apartment building in Lyari .http://www.dawn.com/2006/10/12/local4.htm

  • kamrani |

    Don't worry people, this is a never ending story.

    People support this targetted killing as long as the victim belongs to the opposite group.

    Be it MQM, PPP or JSQM, PML in Panjab or ANP before Taliban, they all do it. and they all have support in the masses.

    Media does not have the balls to call the names of the killers and their associations.

    Its the rule of Jungle, THE MIGHT IS RIGHT.

    • Observer |

      There is more than one kind of might. There is off course the might of the gun/violence and there is also the might of money. Some fear the gun and some have a lust for money – it doesn't matter if the money comes on the cost of Pakistan 🙁 I wonder what AM fears or have a lust for.

  • Nazia |

    Yes kamaran

    it is one of tragic part in Sind and karachi culture that all kind of rural and urban areas have been divided as localized empowerment area for a particular community.They all are handling the matters and situation as per chief orders and under their own legal orders.No state writ has been hardly found in any matter and area of disturbance.

    Media cant pinpoint a name of single personal in this regard as now all powerful groups are showing same trend of hooliganism that was once only restricted to MQM , SNF or Jiyay sind like parties.

    Disgusting thing is that all gangs are working under the name of human rights, self respect and for preservation of their rights in this land of sufis and saints.

    12may incident had helped these characters to further strengthened their mafia culture to protect their assets and life through their personal guns.

    I think jungle also follows the law of nature but in sindh only extreme human minds entropy is dominant in all areas.

  • Tamaaz Khan |


    One question:

    Are you from Karachi?

    Because you sound very very un-informed about the post 1947 to present situation of Karachi.

    There are many books written about the Karachi phenomena, by unbaised sources. Please pick up a book and learn some FACTS, rather than gupshup.

    Enough with the Jinnahpur, India Connection, MQM/GHK CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

    Some facts for you:

    MQM came to power during Zia's time, when Jamaat-e-NaIslami was running the city.

    – Do you think the GHK wanted to REDUCE the influence of their darlings Jamaat-e-NaIslami?

    In the 1990's, ISI trained MQM-H set up no go ares in Landhi and other areas of Karachi, to facilitate the murder of thousands of Karachi-ites.

    – Was that another way that the GHK propped up the MQM?

    Hooliganism in Pakitani politics was introduced by the Jamaat-e-NaIslami at the behest of Generals. The massacres in Bengaladesh, Thunder Squads in campuses around Pakistan and genreal thuggery displayed by the Jamaat-e-NaIslami cadre in the political sphere is well documented.

    Please study facts not mindless propoganda.

    The truth is out these if you wish to seek it, otherwise you can consume yourself with hate.

  • Tamaaz Khan |

    from your links:

    At the time, Mohajirs were advancing in business, the professions, and the bureaucracy, but many resented the quotas that helped ethnic Sindhis win university slots and civil service jobs.

    The violence in Karachi and other cities began abating in 1996 as soldiers and police intensified their crackdowns on the MQM-A and other groups (Jane's 14 Feb 2003). Pakistani forces resorted to staged "encounter killings" in which they would shoot MQM activists and then allege that the killings took place during encounters with militants (U.S. DOS Feb 1996

    While the multifaceted nature of the violence in Sindh province in the 1980s and 1990s at times made it difficult to pinpoint specific abuses by the MQM-A, the group routinely was implicated in rights abuses.

  • Tamaaz Khan |


    The human rights abuses perpetrated by armed opposition groups may never be used by law enforcement personnel as an excuse to ignore national and international human rights safeguards and to commit human rights violations themselves, to torture, kill or to "disappear" people described by the government as "terrorists".

    In early 1990, political violence in urban Sindh increased rapidly; the MQM organized a series of rallies and strikes while the PPP federal government responded with mass arrests and a sweeping "Operation Clean-up" to seize unauthorized arms. In May 1990, the law enforcement agencies raided the Pucca Qila area of Hyderabad, inhabited mainly by Mohajirs, after cutting off essential supplies for three days. In the ensuing clashes some 100 people, mostly Mohajirs, died, including women and children who had protested against the stoppage of water supplies. Ethnic violence flared up after this incident throughout Sindh; calm only returned gradually after the army was called in and curfew was imposed.

    In the early 1990s, a small faction of the MQM, the MQM Haqiqi (literally: the "real" MQM, short MQM(H), led by Afaq Ahmed, left the main body of the MQM, the MQM (A for Altaf). According to many commentators in Pakistan, this faction was supported by successive federal governments and the military to weaken the main MQM.

    Raids on MQM(A) strongholds were believed to have been conducted with the help of the MQM(H) and frequently MQM(H) members were reported to have abducted, tortured and killed people in the presence, with the connivance and perhaps with the participation of members of the law enforcement agencies.

  • Tamaaz Khan |

    Facts are available everywhere.

    Do not delve into conspiracy theories just becuase the reality does not fit with your version of the truth.

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Dear Khan Sahab,

      You may note that Pucca Qila Operation [1989-90] was stopped on the intervention of the then Corps Commander 5 Corps Late. Asif Nawaz Janjua but later on when the same Corps Commander became the COAS, he launched the Operation Clean Up in 1992 against MQM [what a shame that those Officers who were directly involved in the massacre of the Political Activists of MQM have suddenly appeared in 2009 on TV Channels to hoodwink all and sundry that it was wrong to conduct such operation against MQM – What about Innocent Blood spilled] – On February 11, 1990, the army oversaw the messy business of exchange of 27 political workers captured by both the MQM and the PPP sides in tit-for-tat abductions. The exchange followed talks at the military headquarters at the instructions of Karachi Corps Commander Lt. General Asif Nawaz Janjua. There was General Asif Nawaz’s famous interview to the BBC, during which he dubbed the MQM as a terrorist organization. Whether this was true or not, it was no business of an army chief to pass this judgment. Subsequently, the army played a far from passive role in helping the dissidents of the MQM Haqiqi to take over the offices of the mainstream MQM.

      These Retired Generals have no shame left in them while they say that:


      MQM was established to counter Sindhi nationalists: Beg Daily Times Monitor Saturday, September 05, 2009


      LAHORE: Former army chief Mirza Aslam Beg said on Friday the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) was established as a political measure to counter the Sindhi nationalist movement following the hanging of PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

      Ex COAS General Aslam Beg sabotaged/ignited the fight between PPP-MQM in 1988 [read innocent people suffered] to attain certain Strategic Depths, before the election of 1988 and then again in 1990 Aslam Beg send the money to MQM and Altaf Hussain and MQM returned the Money. Brig Imtiaz had contacted MQM on behalf of Hamid Gul and Beg to pressurize MQM to join IJI and MQM refused.


      A letter from an MQM minion, Kunwar Khalid Yunus, was printed in this newspaper on August 15 in which he admitted “that Gen Beg’s one sidekick also reached Mr Altaf Hussain’s residence of Azizabad with one suitcase full of currency notes. Mr Hussain refused to accept it. After a few months, when Mr Hussain met Mr Beg [at] a function in Lahore, the former cynically asked if his expensive suitcase reached him safely. The latter sheepishly nodded.” Will Mr Yunus file an affidavit in court? We never learn from history-8 By Ardeshir Cowasjee August 19, 2007 http://www.dawn.com/weekly/cowas/20070819.htm


      Those [Army] who conducted Operation against MQM, are now [after killing MQM Political Activist] “saying” [after 18 years] that Operation was not Launched against MQM, Watch the Program:

      Jinnah Pur master mind Brig. Asif Haroon Proved Guilty – 1/5

  • Nazia |

    Tameez khan

    our flirtatious army men are very popular for their amorous interchanges provided to them from world class pimp.First they tried affairs by JIs' hoors, discarded them and kept eye of lover on frustrated spinsters of Karachi, after this changed choice and picked maids of Taliban.

    Presently dating with liberal ladies like Kashmala, Sumaira,beauties of Afghanistan and group of Ms Pakistan from Canada for showing us modern and enlightened attitude to west.

    They change their trends in search of lovers time to time, depending on dollars in their pocket.

    For knowing their stories it is not necessary that one should belong to Karachi, oh sure I have spent some years in Karachi too and have good social circle there to keep me well informed about latest updates.

    Hooliganism is all time quality of our all major parties as far as army backup is available to them.

    So all JI, MQM. MQMh, TTP, PMLq all are standing on queue for their gangy turn.

    JI distorted clones are still busy in our northern mountains. MQM activates its insurgent wing as per orders.Recently they showed us their power on 28 DEC.

    PMLq is trying to gather its vandalism but wind is going against them so waiting for right time.

    So you all ex lovers of army are living actively and passively in all our region.

    So people like me who faced the real situation and heard the victims, is not in need of studying books for final conclusions.

    Karachi conditions are in front of all and unbiased people have no 2nd opinion on it.

    The day army intelligence under CIA would remove cover from mqm,then we would see some signs of free and fair political environment in Karachi.

  • Tamaaz Khan |

    "The day army intelligence under CIA would remove cover from mqm,then we would see some signs of free and fair political environment in Karachi."

    – Like in the 1992 operation cleanup? or like in 1987, when they kicked Zia's dogs out of the city?

    "Karachi conditions are in front of all and unbiased people have no 2nd opinion on it."

    – Hilarious Comment!!! In other words you 'unbiased person' need no facts to corraborate your conspiracies. We should collect our certificates of 'unbiased person' from you?

    Face it, you have no stake in the city, you do not live there, so therefore you are free to make any version of history you wish, based on your hatred.

    Worry about what the PPP/PML(N) is doing to the country, they are running the show. The Muhajirs just have 2 cities in urban Sindh, where they don't even control funding or police. There are much bigger fish to fry.

  • Nazia |


    as usual your all information is accurate and matching with the real events.

    The biggest tragedy of Pakistan is that same kind of history is repeated in our soil and all mostly cooked in ISI and IB offices.These master minders always look for frustrated class which are abundantly found in our land owing to extreme entropy artificially created by poor governance.

    They are only need of triggering issues to push it timely and every thing starts as per design.

    In this repetitive mess they always ignore huge blunders due to their miscalculation, sometimes chain reaction of terrorism become out of control.

    Such undesired and harmful products create dreadful effects on common people.The tragedies of 1971 and swat war are all result of same policy that was also seen in creation and elimination of mqm goons.

    It would be more helpful to us if we as soon as possible accept our blunders and deadly mistakes.

    Taking oath under corrupt and runaways leadership is our main problem and this group always facilitate military rule in our country that is why they are allowed to survive and escape from the scene to safe heaven.

  • Nazia |


    I am fully agreeing you that Karachi clean up was kind of calculated massacre and it was same scene which we had seen on Biharis in 1971 and latest veersion in swat operation.

    I am all in all against such brutal treatment of army management with misguided class.

    You see one thing is common in all massacre that all leadership under whom these frustrated class were brain washed, spared by LEA and mostly workers were eliminated from the scene.Some leaders were removed who didn't cooperate with eradication operation but on the whole general public is hit by policy makers.

    That is reason we have Altaf hussian, mualana fazal rehman, chaudry brothers, sharif and zardari like leaders are enjoying life, wealth, position in state matters and only victims are people of Pakistan.

    As you are concerned with mqm only so I only give suggestion to you that mqm is all time in ruling stream but they had no courage to take stand against military operations in which all orders had come from GHQ or Karachi core commander office.

    But they are not interested in giving justice to poor victims of 1990 massacre.They are building their empire of mafia over dead bodies and relying on the leadership of Altaf hussain who is even afraid of coming to his hometown for last 18 years.

    So there is nothing hilarious on my comments, nor I can think like that.

    Dont worry when the matter of PMLn come I will come with more bitterness but at this moments you are denying realities as per habit.

  • Aamir Mughal |

    These two comment also answers many questions:

    جنگِ کراچی !

    وسعت اللہ خان

    بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، اسلام آباد

    آخری وقت اشاعت: اتوار, 10 جنوری, 2010, 13:29 GMT 18:29 PST

    ایم کیو ایم فوج کے ہاتھوں میں؟

    حسین عسکری

    بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، لندن

    وقتِ اشاعت: Thursday, 17 May, 2007, 00:14 GMT 05:14 PST

  • Nazia |


    The story of interrelation of land and politics is very old and deeply rooted our culture.

    That is why we cant have a proper leadership from middle or lower class as politics is preoccupied profession by these landlords.

    Our repetitive choice of choosing miliatry for state matters fully fermented by the desire of feudal land lords to spread enzymes of such toxic greed where ever possible For this purpose they used the confined and illiterate class of people living under them for many years.

    That is why the flow of such events all mentioned in your pasted news is increasing.

    Greed of power , money and land are now necessary parts of our armed politics.Those who are dying on daily basis are paid pawns of these mafia for whom our state has left no respectable option of their survival and they feel secure to work for these groups and gangs.Before joining such wild circle of dons, these people are unaware that their worth is not more than a security dog which could be sacrificed as per requirement.

    One thing more last regime of Musharraf excessively contributed in Land grabbing maniacs as he , his close friends on important seats and state machinery under military rule wildly followed this trend as strategy of mass ventures for getting wealth in shorter period.

  • Shaheed Nisar Baloch |

    On behalf of Trans Lyari people, We are thankful to Shehri Organization to play a vital role, I recalled it Shaheed Nisar Baloch started to save this amentiy plot 90's, till to date nothing happen. Not a single Government support this caused though PPP is one of the party people of trans lyari always supports but PPP is hopless. As you know Karachi is under Big Game MQM/PPP and those land grabber group with (full of weapons)I should say terriorst group of PPP and MQM.

    Law enforcement agencies have been told don't touch them. picture is very clear even one of the biggest NEWS Channel is helpless in this regard they never disclosed with full program on Gutter Baghicha Shaheed Nisar baloch always sent email to GEO about this historical corruption case no reponse from them. couple of forum recently some local leader mentioned about target killing is started due to Gutter baghicha.

    All Media under pressure of MQM they put useless things about leaders of MQM fulll coverage but about corruption never. Documents full details has been sent to Mr. Hamid Mir, telephonic conerstaion with Dr.Shahid Masood email has been sent to Kamran Khan. No Response.

    Those media anchors making million as salary and they are not brave those are people always tallking about real journilism unfortunately they affraid, no one like Shaheed Nisar Baloch, he make us proud he will remain with us. if things will not come under the law supreme cout or any law enforcement agencies, unfortunately we will become like them will fight for our rights though to kill them.

    As far as Rehman Malek is concern, as all we all know corrupt officer. person used to be secuirty incharge to his leader Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, he cannot save her how we expect from him to save us so called minister of interior, he is broker he know how to negotiate under the table with their political interest to other.

    God Bless Karachi,

  • Faisal (To all above |

    MQM – The only hope of Pakistan. MQM is the only party who gives ticket of MNA, MPA, Nazim or Naib Nazim to lower, lower-middle and middle class. Not a single party do this in Pakistan. Karachi developed by Mustafa Kamal as recognized by all over world and comes 2nd mayor in world and he belongs to MQM from last 25 years. MQM change Karachi now its look like mumbai and dehli. Metro train start soon Inshallah. If other parties do this and give tickets to lower, lower-middle and middle class and they should be educated(not fake degree) then I am also with them. If MQM grab the land then for your kind information all lands are parks (If any and I don't think so) ok clear. But ANP, JSQM and PPP grab the land of ppls of Karachi. ANP grab (Alasif Square, Alazam Limited, Dawood Regency, Bismillah Appartment, Rabia City (Johar), and Many Flats in Abulhasan asfhani road, many land in Supper highway (Heavy vehicle, Bajri Trucks all are illegal land) and PPP & JSQM involved in Maymar, Ahsanabad, Safora Goth all are land grabing of ppl of Karachi. They are not parks area they are land of pple of Karachiites. See latest land grabing by PPP and JSQM link below.

  • Faisal (To all above |

    MQM not involve in corruption (not a single peny). Think

  • Faisal (To all above |

    Landmafia = Police + Criminal ppls (who take the shadow of PPP, ANP and JSQM). MQM is not involving in Land of ppls of Karachi because there is a vote bank of MQM in Karachi. and If they grab Land of ppls of Karachi. Then no one give them vote.

  • Shaheed Nisar Baloch |

    @ Faisal.

    If MQM is not involved, would you please bother to visit behind your Hasrat Mohani Colony and Asif Colony (pak Colony area), MQM alloted approx 250 Acres (Qabza) home to his so Called Shaheeds( terriorst Group members who used to cut people into peaces in Borris), for your info second partry involved in Gutter Baghicha case Mr. Shafi Ansari Honrary Secretary General of KMC coopertive House Society , brother of Dr. Sagheer Ansari (MQM MP). While this case was addressed to among the Govt official (Secretaries / Rangers/and other lawenforcement agencies,

    what your Naib Nazim said to Shaheed "Nisar's we will see you". if you want more info, who ever involved police definately having the pure tips, they knew who are assinator to great Human Rights Activist. Since Allah is there in Islam Murder cannot be forgiven you will see some time in future picture will be very much clear.

    If you are supportor of MQM, Why they never bother to discuss of Gutter Baghicha Issues Altaf Hussain always talking about Gareeb Awam Karachi Awam Baloch Brothers why don't he talk about Baloch Issue of Trans Lyari Gutter Baghicha, if they are not land grabber so ask your leader give a single statement about this Gutter Baghicha issue. since it is the amenty plot whey MQM alloted removed all the sport ground from that location which they occupy 250 acres of land.

    Where is GEO TV , Geo Visited twice not single program has been broadcast, This Shahid Masood, Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan, they always talkin about real journililsm ,Why Geo cannot miss one single statement of Altaf Hussain, where is Geo to disclosed about Shaheed Nisar Baloch issue. Did MQM condemn about this?

    Dear Faisal, please links the facts go through with reality. no doubt MQM is doing good (only for Urdu speaking Community) its by name Mutihada Quami Movement.

    • Faisal (To all above |

      I agreed wid all issue. but all land which grab by MQM is parks, cutting area, not a single sq yard. area of any people of karachi first thing. now second thing MQM is the only party who give water to lyari dear. now for your kind information PPP, JSQM, ANP involve in land grabing of people of karachi. they are not parks, cutting area ok they all are legal plots of people of karachi. goto Ahsanabad and watch how PPP, JSQM, ANP grab landing, goto Johar. they all are legal plots grab by PPP, JSQM, ANP.

  • Shaheed Nisar Baloch |

    @ Faisal

    Please go to visit Hasrat Mohani & Zubairi Colony (Pak Colony area) where those play ground has been converted illegal allotment of their Shaheeds (who used kill people packed them in boris). (250 Acres of land) which is belongs to Gutter Baghicha as per the Master plan Gutter baghicha is a Amenty plot for public NOT for residential purpose .

    I am not supporting any political parties we all know all are chores not a real man though. they are very well known actor while they are sitting on forum talking on front of our media making innocent people of karachi fool. even some can understand can't talk they knew their family will find them some where in boris some where in karachi.

    Either is ANP/JSQm/PPP or any politcal parties no one is sincere for people of karachi neither people of pakistan.

  • Qaiser |

    Landmafia in Ahsanabad:

    now landmafia is in sector 3 and 4 of Ahsanabad Soceity. All plot in sector 5 are sold by them and they do all these work under the shadow of PPP. Visit and see there flags there armd forces all are from interior sindh they only speak sindhi. and all these plot are resident plots belong to Ahsanabad Soceity.

    MQM landgrabing i again tell u. It's only in park area which is not belong to resident and not directly effect to the people money.

    Qabza Plot:

  • Shaheed Nisar Baloch |

    @ Qaiser,

    Who ever was in Ahshanabad or any where in Karachi, grabing land malafiedly its not good for city and state,

    If MQM landgrabing only park if not directly affecting the people but don't forget its affecting the state. hope you read my previous posts, so let me know about the status of Gutter Baghicha because rest of the issues just started now, but that was since Marach 1993.

  • Jalal Khan |

    اس وقت کراچی میں حکومتی سیاسی جماعتوں کے آلہ کار اپنے رہنماؤں کی شہہ پر بہتی گنگا میں ہاتھ دھونے میں مصروف عمل ہیں- ان سیاسی جماعتوں کے زیرِدَست لینڈ مافیا جو کہ اپنے پورے جوبن پر ہے اور پوری طرح سے سرکاری و غیر سرکاری زمینوں کو ہتھیانے کی پالیسی پر کاربند عمل ہے۔ اور اس وقت صحیح معنوں میں اندھیر نگری چوپٹ راج کی عملی تصویر نظر آرہی ہے۔ کراچی شہر میں حالیہ ٹارگٹ کلنگ بھی درحقیقت لوٹ مار میں ملوث حکومتی سیاسی جماعتوں کے کارندوں کی باہم چھینا جھپٹی کا ہی شاخسانہ ہے۔

    کراچی میں سرکاری سرپرستی میں لوٹ مار کا ایک منظر نامہ کورنگی انڈسٹریل ایریا کے پہلو میں واقع مہران ٹاؤن کا علاقہ پیش کررہا ہے۔ کراچی میں واقع مہران ٹاؤن کی اسکیم کو1974 میں KDA نے پیپلز پارٹی کے وزیراعظم ذوالفقار علی بھٹو کی ہدایت پر بنایا جو کہ کم و بیش 7،000 پلاٹس پر مشتمل اسکیم ہے۔ اُس وقت سانحہ مشرقی پاکستان کے تناظر اور درپیش ملکی حالات و ضروریات کی وجہ سے طے پایا گیا کہ یہ پلاٹس سمندر پار پاکستانیوں کو بیرون ملک واقع پاکستانی سفارت خانوں کے توسط سے بیچے جائیں اور اس طرح سے شکستہ حال ملک کی فوری ضروریات کو پورا کرنے کیلئے ذرمبادلہ حاصل کیا جائے۔ ہمیشہ کی طرح پردیس میں بیٹھے ان جفاکش پاکستانیوں نے وطن کی اس پکار پر لبیک کہا – سمندر پار پاکستانیوں نے اپنے خون پسینے کی کمائی سے اندرون وطن یہ پلاٹ غیرملکی ذرمبادلہ میں مکمل قیمت ادا کرکے خریدے اور یوں اپنے ملک سے اپنی والھانہ وابستگی کا ثبوت دیا۔ اس طرح سے ایک کثیر ذرمبادلہ کی پاکستان منتقلی ممکن ہوئی۔ جب حسب عادت عرصہ دراز تک اس اسکیم میں بنیادی سہولتوں کی تکمیل نہ ہو سکی تو آخر میں حکومت نے اس کو بسبب صنعتی آلودگی ناقابل رہائش قرار دے کر صنعتی پلاٹس میں بدل دیا۔

    باوجود 35 سال سے زائد عرصہ گزرنے کے، آج تک یہاں بنیادی ضروریات بجلی پانی گیس وغیرہ مہیا نھیں کی گئیں۔ مزید ستم بالاستم یہ کہ موجودہ برسراقتدار اتحادی حکمران سیاسی عناصر کی آلہ کار لینڈ مافیا پوری طرح سے مہران ٹاؤن کو اپنے پنجے میں جکڑے پر مُصر ہے۔ مہران ٹاؤن میں لینڈ مافیا کے روایتی طریقہ کار کے مطابق جعلی گوٹھ بسایا جارہا ہے اور شھر کے اطراف و اکناف سے لاکر لوگوں کو اسلحہ کے زور پر رکھا جارہا ہے۔ ان ناجائز بسائے جانے والے غریب لوگوں کی حیثیت کٹھ پتلی کی سی ہے جنھیں یہ لینڈ مافیا اور اسکی پشت پر عمل کار نادیدہ خرطوسی قوتیں اپنے مذموم مقاصد کے حصول کے بعد اٹھاکر کسی نئے مقام اور اگلے شکار کی جکہ پر پہنچاتی ہیں اور یوں یہ فرعونی پنجہ ایک کے بعد ایک کرکے معصوم لوگوں کی جمع پونجی ہڑپ کرتا جارہا ہے۔

    یہی حال اس وقت پردیس میں خون پسینے سے کمائی کرنے والے ان پاکستانیوں کا ہے جنہوں نے بیرون ملک ساری زندگی اپنی خون پسینے کی کمائی سے جو پلاٹ خریدے وہ آج شہری و صوبائی حکومت کے سرکردہ سیاسی عناصر سرعام ہڑپ کرنے پر لگے ہوئے ہیں۔ وطن سے دور رات دن محنت مشقت کرنے والے بے بسی سے اپنی زندگی بھر کی کمائی لٹتی ہوئی دیکھ رہے ہیں۔ بااثر قوتیں اپنے غنڈوں اور انتظامی اداروں کے ذریعے اصل مالکان کو بے دخل کرکے وہاں جعلی گوٹھ بسا رہے ہیں۔ اصل مالکان کا کوئی پرسان حال نہیں۔ اور تو اور اس ملک میں عدل و انصاف کا آخری سھارا عدلیہ بھی اس عفریت کے سامنے بے بس نظر آتی ہے۔

    روٹی کپڑا اور مکان پیپلزپارٹی کا عوام سے بنیادی وعدہ تھا اور اب بھی عوام سے یہی وعدہ ہے لیکن یہاں تو مہران ٹاؤن کے مالکان کو انکی اپنی زمین سے محروم کیا جارہا ہے۔ صوبائی و شہری حکومتی جماعتوں کے وزراء اور علاقے کی پولیس و نتظامیہ قبضہ مافیا کی مکمل پشت پناہی کررہی ہے۔ قبضہ مافیا کی ہوس کے نتیجے میں یہاں کئی قتل ہوچکے ہیں۔ مورخہ 26 جنوری 2010 کو مہران ٹاؤن میں قبضہ کی ہوس کے نتیجے میں 2 آدمی قتل کردیئے گئے۔ حکومتی وزراء اور مشیروں کے گماشتے دن دھاڑے جدید خود کار اسلحہ کے زور پر سرعام دندناتے پھررہے ہیں اور اصل حقیقی مالکان تمام کاغذات و قانونی تقاضے پورے ہونے کے باوجود بے بسی کی تصویر بننے پر مجبور ہیں۔

    ستم ظریفی کی انتہا یہ ہے کہ مہران ٹاؤن اسکیم جو حکومت پاکستان اور خود ذوالفقار علی بھٹو نے بحثیت وزیر اعظم شروع کروائی اور لوگوں سے ان پلاٹس کے عوض KDA نے مکمل رقوم و واجبات وصول کئے آج اسی پیپلز پارٹی کے دور اقتدار میں یہاں سیاسی بندر بانٹ کے ذریعے قبضہ کیا جارہا ہے اور اسے شہری و صوبائی حکومتی عناصر کی سرپرستی حاصل ہے۔ ایک طرف تو حکومت سمندر پار پاکستانیوں کو ملک میں سرمایہ کاری کی جانب راغب کررہی ہے تو دوسری جانب سرعام اپنے سیاسی مقصد کے تحت اسے ہڑپ کرنے پر تُلی دکھائی دیتی ہے۔

    یہ کیسا قانون وانصاف کا تماشہ ہے کہ وڈیروں، جاگیرداروں اور وزراء کے لوٹ مار کے پلاٹ و اثاثے تو بالکل محفوظ ہیں اور وہاں کوئی پرندہ پَرنھیں مارسکتا اور دوسری طرف بیرون ملک دن رات سخت محنت مشقت کرنے والوں کی جمع پونجی مال مفت کی طرح نگلی جارہی ہے۔

  • Riaz Haq |

    Here's a reality check in South Asia, as published by Wired magazine:

    But there's a dark side to Bangalore's rocket ride. City officials—at least those who aren't taking bribes—struggle to reconcile the gleaming promise of the information economy with the gritty reality of systemic corruption, a Byzantine justice system, and a criminal underworld more than willing to maim and murder its way into control of the city's real estate market. As tech companies gobble up acreage, demand has pushed prices into the stratosphere. In 2001, office space near the center of town sold for $1 a square foot. Now it can go for $400 a square foot. Janwani bought his 6-acre plot in 1992 for $13,000. Today, even undeveloped, it's worth $3 million.

    But high prices are only part of the problem for businesses looking for space in the city. It's nearly impossible to determine who actually owns any given piece of Bangalorean real estate. Some 85 percent of citizens occupy land illegally, according to Solomon Benjamin, a University of Toronto urban studies professor who specializes in Bangalore's real estate market. Most land in the city, as in the rest of India, is bound by ancestral ties that go back hundreds of years. Little undisputed documentation exists. Moreover, as families mingle and fracture over generations, ownership becomes diluted along with the bloodline. A buyer who wants to acquire a large parcel may have to negotiate with dozens of owners. Disputes are inevitable.

    That's where Bangalore's land mafia comes in. With the courts tied up in knots, gangsters offer to secure deeds in days rather than years. "Businesspeople like to do their business, but many times the system does not permit them to do it," says Gopal Hosur, the city's joint police commissioner. "Because of escalating land values, unscrupulous elements get involved. They use muscle power to take control of the land." Some 40 percent of land transactions occur on the black market, according to Arun Kumar, an economist at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Often the local authorities facilitate these deals. A World Bank report rated the Bangalore Development Authority, which oversees urban planning, as one of the most corrupt and inefficient institutions in India.

    Read More http://www.wired.com/techbiz/people/magazine/16-1

  • The Forbidden Fruit |

    The citizens don't care which party/mafia/@##h&)%s are behind the bloodshed. They want it stopped! And for that, the govt is responsible. What good is the govt apart from giving stupid statements and shoving us deeper into turmoil?

  • Kashif |

    I think we are either equally responsible for this land grabbing thing, or we have lost our self respect, dignity,

    and faith in GOD. How come a bunch or a dozen of people scare us, take our lands, give threats about politicians, and we just listen and dont take any actions, and become ducks.

    Havent we seen people took action in egypt, and in some other countries. I guess they did only because they were alive, and they refuse to be remain slaves, they had the courage to stand for thier rights.

    Stop complaining, and take action, Talk legal, protest, and

    if nothing works, then give the reply in thier own language.

    Our country will remain a slave, until we wake up, until

    we realize we are more in numbers than these thieves,

    and corrupts politicians, until we realize that

    truth is more stronger than evil, and until we realize

    that no one should have the strength to to take our rights

    from us, and to strip our self respect this badly.

    Lets start from protest, lets all gather up, lets wake up

    people, lets make use of this electronic age, lets unite,

    beleive me …. these corrupt politicians, land mafia is just 5% in number, as compared to the good people in our country, the only thing is that we need to open our eyes.

    We must act, before its too late, recent examples of uprising in so many countries show, that if they can, we

    can do as well, as we are in a bigger need of revolution towards betterness.

  • Abdullah |

    Rehman Malik sahab, Please perform operation in Safoora goth area for land mafia they are threatening us and have taken our homes, my house is in a a boundry wall project of Sunley Safari Cottages in Safoora Goth Karachi, the peoples who have taken over my house and other 8 houses are calling themselves peoples of Aman Committee, is thier any helpline on which i can call you and register my complain as police is not performing any action and they are helping land mafia

    need your help and if you want can also give you my contact number , but only if it worth, looking forward for your reply,