Mai Jori resolves to represent Poor & Marginalized (3rd & 4th day of Huqooq March)

Mai Jori continues her eight day Huqooq March by going walking through the various villages and towns in her constituency to rally up support for her by-election bid, but more importantly she is the symbol of hope for the down trodden and suppressed women of that area. throughout her journey she is being greeted by many peasants who greet her to a resounding welcome everywhere she goes.

On the third day (March 3rd) of Huqooq March she and her fellow marchers traversed through the village “Bagh Tail” by marching 30km through a convoy of motor bikes, hitching rides from various datsun pick ups, buses, cars and tractor trolleys. The marchers were well received by the villagers at Bagh Tail who literally came out in droves to greet her. Addressing the marchers and villagers gathered to receive her, Mai Jori resolved to continue lobbying for the rights of poor and vulnerable especially women regardless of the outcome of her election result.

On the fourth day (March 4th) the marchers visited the villages Choki Jamali, Dildar wah, Hadero, Khanpur and other villages. She was yet again received by a large number of villagers who came out to receive the participants of Huqooq march. Addressing the Huqooq March Mai Jori expressed her concern that some influential candidates were using non-democratic tactics to influence the election process. She demanded from Election Commission of Pakistan and the Government of Pakistan should ensure secret ballot on the polling day and make this a free and fair election process. In the end she thanked various civil society groups all over Pakistan for supporting the demand for free, fair and impartial election in the constituency.



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5 responses to “Mai Jori resolves to represent Poor & Marginalized (3rd & 4th day of Huqooq March)”

  1. Amna Zaman Avatar

    This is actually a positive sign. The common man does need to wake up in this time of uncertainity and instability. Their voice will surely be heard. Their acts of hitchhiking and all these collective efforts show that the middle class and lower middle have a lot of potential and unity in them and that is what we require in out country today.

  2. Sadia Hussain Avatar
    Sadia Hussain

    The story of Mari Jori is an inspiration for millions of peasants and more so millions of women in Pakistan. Coming from a place like jaffrabad where female mobility is highly restricted the achievement of Mari Jori is huge. Whether she wins it or nor not she will still be a role-model! This is a good sign for participatory democracy

  3. Nazia Avatar

    Mai jori is working like candle in the windstorm.

    It is surprised that our electronic media is not taking coverage of such movement.

    I think some civil group is guiding them but how long they can sustain this support as still no strong group is able to project her in better way against strong mafia of Baluchistan.

  4. dr jawwad khan Avatar

    in my humble opinion,it is more social change in our tribal societiy rather than political awakening.

  5. Nazia Avatar

    Yes dr it is more social issue than political and for this seat, the sardars or intelligence agencies who are real political controller of this area would separate this issue after fulfilling her demands in different ways.

    Baluchistan is being prepared for future US base.Gwadar port and Iran-pak gas line are big attraction in coming days for opportunists of mai jori lik characters are not requirement of future of Baluchistan assembly for political and military vultures.