Mai Jori’s Huqooq March ends

Huqooq March ends today on 8th March with public gathering in Gandakha participated by thousands of men and women. Huqooq March started by Awami Party on March 1st to support election campaign of Mai Jori, a peasant woman contesting election of provincial assembly of Balochistan.

The marchers arrived in Gandakha today that was received by hundreds of men and women as they marched into the streets of Gandakha. Addressing the public gathering Mai said that her election contest is the overwhelming decision of peasants, women and youth of the area. She was least worried about the election result and promised to continue struggling for the poor for their rights fighting against the big landlords and influential people who in a cowardice attempt use the government resources to influence the election.

Mai Jori and other participants of the Huqooq March joined the 8th March ceremony to commemorate international women’s rights day. The opponent candidates belong to families of tribal chiefs of their tribes. Sardar Attaullah Khan Buledi and Sardar Nasir Khan Jamali are main candidates along with Mai Jori Jamali. In typical customary tradition some of the nationalist and democratic parties have obliged the sardar by withdrawn their respective candidates in support of one or other Sardar. The parties who withdrew their candidates includes PML – N, JUI – F, National Party and some independent candidates.

Mai Jori and her family is also threatened in traditional way as well as offered money to withdraw from election but she has bluntly refused to withdraw her candidature. Different civil society organizations have decided to monitor the polling process on March 10th and have sent solidarity messages to Mai Jori. Mai Jori have collected significant financial contributions from her voters and supporters.



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20 responses to “Mai Jori’s Huqooq March ends”

  1. Nazia Avatar

    Civil society if providing her support in this stone age land is doing commendable job and we should encourage her.

    But situation is more complicated than a support.

    Any how best of luck for all who have courage to support her for her rights to live as normal human being.

  2. Mehtab Avatar

    A salute to the greatness and encourage of a peasants woman Mai Juri Jamali, who stand against 3 Monster Sardar Candidates.

  3. wonderer Avatar

    another side of the picture

  4. Danish Avatar

    Huqooq-UL-Ebaad kub aur koun shoro karay ga? is may tu hum sub bahat peechay rah gae k main cheez hai apki society k liye. hai k nahe?

  5. Danish Avatar

    march k maheenay may he saray march yaad atay hain per kisi ko Huqooq-ul-ebaad march tu sara saal yaad nahe ata. hai k nahe?

  6. Nazia Avatar


    Haqooq ul Ebad are parts of our lives and its training start from our home living style as basic education and then depend on religious and social norms in our surroundings.

    If a child is ignored by his family and surrounding to learn basic haqooq el ebad in early stage then it is his/her company in adulthood stage and education system that try to revive this basic necessity of human lives.

    If all attempts fail on any person then we can put him in category of selfish, insane and extremely materialistic human and very sorry to say that our society is full of such ignorant class who has all kind of blessings and facilities but neglecting their duties for close relations .

    So in this science of haqqoq el eabd self realization is basic technique to develop and then apply it to our God gifted responsibilities.

    1. shan Avatar

      i like your comments

  7. Nazia Avatar

    Mai jori would not have come out, if rich and influential people have realization of their haqooq ele eabd in early stage and rest of deficiency is inducted through our weak government that they are only interested of givens rights to stronger groups who have already grabbed basic facilities of masses under their control.

    Mai jori is just fighting for her normal survival.Just like a person who is trying to strangulate by powerful and professional killer and survival can try to do all attempts of self defense by the time either he is dead or killer change his mood.

  8. farrukh Avatar

    Now i can proudly say , my country is changing . thaks to the people like u . we will demolish the fuedal system INSHALLAH

  9. Nazia Avatar


    Ground realities are more bitter than our ideal conditions.

    Feudalism has started showing its true colors in PB 25 in first hour of election.

  10. Tamaaz Khan Avatar
    Tamaaz Khan


    Get a job, get married, have some kids, make some friends.

    PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR TIME instead of replying to each and every post.

    Best Regards,

    Tamaaz Khan

    1. Nazia Avatar

      Dont worry about me tamaaz

      I am on my way in all mentioned fields.

      if you need any kind of guidance of time management of handling all in one life, I can help you.

      Social work is my part time job too.

  11. Tamaaz Khan Avatar
    Tamaaz Khan

    Some moral support for Mai Jori from Karachi.

    Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Rabita Committee on Tuesday announced its support the Mai Jori Jamali in the bye-election of Jaffarabad PB 25 and appealed to the people of Jaffarabad to fully support the Mai Jori Jamali in the bye-election.

    In a statement issued from MQM office, MQM Rabita Committee applauded the decision of Mai Joir Jamali, who belongs from poor family but decided to contest the upcoming bye-election from Jaffarabad against the feudal lords.

    Rabita Committee directed the MQM Jaffarabad workers to play their active role for the triumph of Mai Jori Jamali in the bye-election.

    Mai Jori Jamali a peasant farmer belonging to a village called Ghulam Muhammad Jamali in Balochistan filed to contest the bye-election on the vacant seat of Balochistan Assembly PB 25 Jaffarabad on March 10th 2010. Her papers have been accepted and declared correct after scrutiny.

  12. Nazia Avatar


    I dont know what we say in English but in urdu it is known as shedding alligator's tears or throwing dust on others eyes.

    For the last many years MQM is having fully cordial alliance with all feudal of Sindh and in center .They are making bargain deals of give and take with all landlords of Pakistan for last many years.

    In last week they have made many deals with qaim ali shah, agha siraj durrani,Dr mirza like typical feudal characters for safe and one sided results in coming local body elections of Karachi.

  13. Tamaaz Khan Avatar
    Tamaaz Khan


    The English idiom is "Shedding crocodile tears" not alligator.

    In Urdu the muhawra is "Tisway Bahana".

    You have mentioned you lack of ability in English, it seems your Urdu is also weak.

    1. Nazia Avatar


      Why I go for taleem balghan course of national language as long as I am receiving help of all time supervisor like you.

      I would surely take help from you in this net world as neither I will change my identity nor you will come out of this impostor style for helping me as friend or foe in need.

  14. Tamaaz Khan Avatar
    Tamaaz Khan

    Maybe instead of replying to everyones posts you should take some time a out and learn your national language.

  15. alpha Avatar

    So you guys think a peasant and woman in the assembly would solve our problems?

    Not that I have a problem with a peasant or a woman in assembly but I feel its just another slogan, we love to live by emotional slogans and I feel its just one more example.

    All this education and all this intellect has brought us nothing but mere slogans and fancy fairy tales.

    We are like those people who when lost their king, get up in the morning and decide that whoever enters their village first will be given the throne….

    I hope when she does not solve our problems [ and offcourse she will not be able to], we don't start to look for a jackass or a stray dog to lead us to THE VICTORY.

  16. tamaaz khaan Avatar
    tamaaz khaan

    One election won't solve any problems.

    Parliamentary politicians are reactionary, calling them leaders is ironic.

    What she could have provided(she lost and wasn't even close) is precedence.

    Development in society take place because of precedence. Every new precedence erodes the status quo thus society evolves (or devolves).

  17. Nazia Avatar

    In Baluchistan 100 elections cant change the situation as long as rule would remain in hands of sardars and military control.

    The number of missing persons are more in Zardari regime than in Musharraf.So you see balochi sardar even cant bring little change nor he can remove a single check post in Baluchistan in his two year tenure.

    Such kind of characters are more interested in Iran -Pak gas lines or in gwadar deals.

    So greed of sardars and their persistence stand on continuation of slave master culture is real reason of down fall of this unlucky province.