Death of Collective Wisdom

Is there a competition going on in Pakistan between institution to earn shame and notoriety for their nation?” my colleague asked me casually while we were having some drinks and watching a news television. “We are on that path for last 40years”, I answered stubbornly. Can there anything such shameful to force you behave that stubborn over your national pride? There is, hold your breath, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, the top body of media and custodian of ‘freedom of speech and civil liberties’, in a press release issued by its Secretary General, Mr Shamsul Islam Naz, has “officially’ appreciated the blocking of the Facebook Website.

This was followed by the Lahore High Court orders of a blanket ban on entire social media website depriving 2.5 million Pakistani’s an access to major internet services. Just because there was ‘one page’ out of millions, set by a silly American kid to make cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The same could have been blocked instead, but things work differently in Pakistan. A decision has to be popular rather than sane, the illiterate bearded men on streets with sticks and guns ought to be satisfied.

The ‘Superior Judiciary’ is custodian of freedom of speech, right of association and guarantees to protection of person, property and business of every citizen. It has the power to declare any act of executive as unconstitutional which is violation of the Articles 17, 18 and 19 of the constitution. These article provide the guarantee against any threat to freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of doing lawful business.

The court also is custodian of rights guaranteed in Article 24 of the Constitution in a strict commanding language squarely prohibits the depriving of any person of his property save, in accordance with law. It provides protection against any order passed against a citizen without providing him an opportunity to be heard. Since the order of blanket ban has been passed thousands of small scale enterprises using Facebook have gone out of business without having an opportunity to explain before court that a blanket ban is against the constitutional guarantees provided in above articles. Their only fault was that ‘someone else’ did some silly thing to hurt the sentiments of others and they got punished for that ‘silly kid’.

While PFUJ appreciates the punishments of 2.5 million for someone else fault, what will be its reaction if Hindu minority demands ban over ‘cow slaughter’, will they be treated in same manner as constitution guarantees ‘equal treatment before the law’. Certainly they, as subjects of state have a right to demand that their religious beliefs are not hurt. Can PFUJ condemn India when same happens over there in future? What happens when custodian of constitutional guarantees start acting according to popular demands ignoring the document which is basis of a nation state?

As individuals, we are prone to wrong decisions, as it is a human trait. There is nothing to be shameful, but then one must be ready to pay the price. Making a wrong decision does not justify sticking to the same. That is why nations build institutions, so that collective wisdom prevails and there is little or no chance of error or egoistic behavior.

The nations which have functional institution can still progress when they have government in wrong hands or even with a flawed system. A nation where instituter’s are absent or loose their direction, even being governed by Chairman Mao of China, Abraham Lincoln of USA or even by the great philosopher Carl Marx would not lead them to anywhere. The worst consequence is that entire nation pays the price of blunders of institution and only time can decide for how long such price is to be paid.

This is the case of Pakistan for last 40 years. Pakistan army lead by General Zia ul Haq made the blunder of hanging ZA Bhutto and putting the nation on path of radicalization. In order to keep hold of power Zia destroyed every institution of state from where he felt threatened. Political institutions were maturing and divide was ideological in these times, even with difference of opinion the politicians were able to sit on one table. The 1973 constitution is proof of that maturity. He corrupted the political workers and destroyed the political parties by using brutal force and Arab perto-dollar and patronized sectarian and ethnic-ism.

Similarly he destroyed the institution of judiciary by inducting incompetent and corrupt judges from a particular religious sects and ethnicity. Resultant, we got notorious Molvi Mushtaq Ahmad heading the judiciary where once legends like Justice Dorab Patel were seated. The institution of media which plays the role of eyes and ears of the society was the most vibrant and independent institution in Muslim world having people like Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Habib Jalib with unimpeachable integrity. It was filled by religious fanatics and corrupt cronies.

As a result of hypocritical use of Islam and radicalization for purpose of getting ‘cannon fodder’ for American cold war in Afghanistan, Zia destructed institutions which could support tolerance. We, as a nation are paying the price of his actions. The terrorism and extremism is not only costing in blood but also economy has gone to drain adding more poor, illiterate and jobless violent youth. Still we have not learned any lesson from mistakes of past and have miserably failed to re-build the broken institutions.

Just think of the PFUJ, the top body of journalists in 1970’s and its scarifies for freedom of speech during censor of Zia’s dictatorship. Think of judiciary where people like Justice Dorab Patel were seated. And think of a society where every body participated in Shia processions and Sunni Millad’s without a fear of suicide attack. We are paying price of mistakes of past with blood, hunger, illiteracy and terrorism. The same army which made that blunder is paying for it, with their own blood while fighting the monster created by its greedy generals of past.

The mistakes of today are much more grave and fatal.

In a global village of this century the blunders of institutions being committed in a competition mode have far grave consequences. Ajmal Kasab or Faisal Shahzad does not represent Pakistan, our institutions does! World might forgive for the acts of these individuals but the damage caused by by institutions is irreparable and will cost heavily. Hats off, to Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists for acting on popular demands rather than rationality. You have done what Faisal Shahzad could not do – a suicide attack on freedom of speech and basic rights – of which your institution is a custodian.

Had the journalists body considered of those who lost their businesses without being heard, those who were denied the right of association and those who lost a medium of communication without any fault on their part – its decision would have been different. By appreciating the ban, the journalist body has not only validated the censorship but infringement of constitutional rights of citizens and the violation of grantee that no order shall be passed without providing citizens an opportunity to be heard. No wonder the headlines in international media these days carry the names of top Pakistani journalists for their links with terrorists and enticing killings.

Morn over the death of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Dorab Patel and learn to live with the death of institutions and collective wisdom.



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  1. Haroon Riaz Avatar

    If what is written here is true, The PFUJ seriously need to consider finding another SG. What is the matter with these people? About the judiciary part, don't even ask.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      I salute Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists who support the ban on facebook but demand ban on Hamid Mir's tape. PFUJ backs decision to ban Facebook

  2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Last night 25 May 2010 GEO TV “Kehnay Mein Kiya Harj Hai”, Hamid Mir did it again without naming Sheikh Rasheed, he named Sheikh Rasheed in Tape Controversy. Mohammad Malik, Mr. Masood Sharif, Mazhar Abbas also participated and Mohammad Malik [Senior Correspondent] was again being Sanctimonious [Malik filed a report in Jang and News on Govt Plans against Media. When Hamid Mir’s Damage Suit is pending in the Court of Law then why this Open Contempt of Court? If the tapes are fake then why this committee?

    Committee to probe charges against Hamid Mir Thursday, May 20, 2010

  3. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Smart move by Zardari/PPP Government who in the garb of Banning the Facebook for Blasphemy used the Cover of LHC [Foolish Decision] to cover the Expose' which appear on Youtube. Well Done. Blogs are next.

  4. Nadir El Edroos Avatar

    Before anyone else says it, ill just save everyone the time and effort and claim without any evidence that you are on the Zionist-CIA payroll.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Why Sûreté, Saudi Arabia's Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah, Afghan KHAD, Afghan WAD, India RAW, Israeli Amman and Isareli Shin Bet, and last but not the least Israeli Sayeret Matkal are missing???

    2. MB Avatar

      Hey congrats AMIR

      how much is the salary . . when the open admissions , lol

      Everyone is on someone's PAYROll in this country it seems

      Is there anyone on awaam's PAYROLL too ?

    3. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      MB says: May 28, 2010 at 2:18 pm Hey congrats AMIR


      LOL. You cannot even guess the "Goodies" I have been enjoying and Guarantee of Paradise is also sure due to working with Saudi Arabia’s Al Mukhabarat Al A’amah:)))) Best of the Both Worlds. Life here and the life hereafter.

  5. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    LHC Decision is basically a great help in on going US War on Terror because when Youtube and Facebook are without ban you never know when and where "Collateral Murder Type of Damaging Video" would play havoc with on Going So-called War on Terror. This ban would help the US in "smooth operation" in the Up Coming Operation in the North Waziristan. KUDOS. These Yankees are really something because they have hunted many targets with a single blow. That is called Psy Ops.

  6. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Many Pakistanis are US Custody [Missing Person's Case is adjourned for 4 week] yet the Judiciary has the audacity to order this: Lawyer moves LHC to register cases against Facebook, cartoonists Saturday, May 22, 2010

    CJ had received Richard Holbrook in his Chamber of SC.

  7. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, the top body of media and custodian of ‘freedom of speech and civil liberties’,


    GEO TV: Selective Freedom of Expression.

  8. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, the top body of media and custodian of ‘freedom of speech and civil liberties’,


    I am forced to believe that some elements in the intelligence used my media colleagues against me because I was not in control of any intelligence outfit. One of my crimes was that I wrote an article against a serving general of the Pakistan Army.

    Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, who has been linked by several Pakistani websites to the killing of a former intelligence official by the Taliban, refutes the accusations in this e-mail sent to The Washington Times in response to an article that appeared in Tuesday's editions:

    Dear Sir,

    The Washington Times has published a story today "Terrorist Hit Puts Pakistani Reporter Under Fire" (by Eli Lake – Reporter – The Washington Times – 25 May 2010)

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      PFUJ'S DEFINITION AND SAD STORY OF PAKISTANI JOURNALISM [Deteriorating not day by day but by hour]

      It was Let Us Build Pakistan! NO NO NO Jews are behind it, NO NO Zionists are behind it, NO NO NO Zardari is behind it [Mariana Baabar says so in OUTLOOK INDIA], NO NO Zardari is not behind it but RAW is behind it, NO NO Quadiyanis are behind it but NO NO NO Hussain Haqqani behind it, NO NO some serving Generals are behind it, God damn my Journalist Colleagues who are actually behind it. [Hamid Mir's View]

  9. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    A minor clarification this artcile was written and composed by Ahmed Nadeem Gehla – I just noticed it and corrected the author credit

  10. ray mysterio Avatar
    ray mysterio

    author, what were you drinking?

  11. Hassan Avatar

    Ahmed Nadeem Gehla

    So Zia is the problem.

    – Zia Ul Haq was responsible for the breaking up of Pakistan, so western Pakistan can have radical Muslims.

    – Zia Ul Haq denied Mujeeb ur Rehman the right to rule and he threatened the leaders of western Pakistan to not visit Bangladesh, because had they visited Bangladesh they may not have been radicalized.

    – Yes Zia ul Haq nationalized industries, educational institutions to create fanatic radicals.

    – It was Zia ul Haq who placed the foundation of "Ikhwan ul Muslimoon" in egypt.

    – It was Zia ul Haq who put foundations of Israel so that Muslims would become fanatics

    – It was Zia ul Haq, who played with the Muslims of sub-continent so that *moderate* muslims of India may be radicalized

    – It was Zia ul Haq who inspired Ghazi Alam Deen to kill the person responsible for blasphemy.

    – It was Zia ul Haq who fought the case of this *fanatic* muslim in court.

    – It was Zia ul Haq who started the war of independence in 1857

    Dear Mr. Geela, I can not complete the list of crimes done by Zia Ul Haq alone

    1. MB Avatar

      Just like they call every evil as yazeed or hitler ( in recent times) i think its safe to say YES INDEED ZIA-UL-HAQ is synonymous with FANATICs and EVIL.

      So when you say . . . yes ZIA was behind 1857 . . yes thats true lol

  12. Hassan Avatar

    Sorry I want to add this too….

    Before Zia ul Haq died he instructed other fanatics to place a ban on FB in May 2010

  13. Hassan Avatar

    Dear Mr. Geela,

    I think it was Zia-ul-Haq who commited the holocaust so that the Israel could be created and hence Muslims radicalized, so that facebook could be banned and hence cutting Pakistan from the world-communication-link…..

    ohhhh my gaaaaaadddddddddd, now i understand.

    excuse me mr. geela, I, being an urdu-educated, Pakistani didn't comprehend your visionary intellect.

  14. readinglord Avatar

    What a rhetoric! Claps! But the facts Nadeem corrupted speak otherwise.

    Btw,questions arise:

    1.Who put Zia in power to do what he did?

    2.Who surrendered to the Mullah's onslaught to make the earth-shaking 2nd Amendment in the Constitution reducing it to a mere 'Takfiri Fatwa', which made the faith of all those who claimed to be Muslims questionable?

    3.Who bragged that his 'Kursi mazboot he' (His chair is mighty and strong)styling like Phraoh declaring "Ana Rabakumul Aahlah" to browbeat the people whom he once called 'Taaqat ka sarchashmah'?

    May God bless him as he did pay 'kaffarah' for his sins for which the nation will have to suffer now for centuries to come.

  15. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, the top body of media and custodian of ‘freedom of speech and civil liberties’, Ahmed Nadeem GehlaMay 26, 2010


    Ansar Abbasi has almost indicted Hamid Mir in the case of Khalid Khawaja: Live with Talat – 20 May 2010 MAY 20, 2010 . in Live with Talat Naseem Zehra (Anchor), Zafar Abbas (Residen Editor Dawn), Kashif abbassi (Anchor) and Insar abbasi (Analyst) in Today’s episode of Live with Talat with Talat Hussain –… Ms. Nasim Zehra [Former Key Member of General Musharraf's Think Tank] has also raised doubts on Hamid Mir’s confusing and constantly changing statements.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, the top body of media and custodian of ‘freedom of speech and civil liberties’, Ahmed Nadeem GehlaMay 26, 2010


      Tonight with Jasmeen – 23 May 2010 MAY 23, 2010 . NO COMMENTS in Tonight with Jasmeen Jasmeed discusses the issue of Hamid Mir’s audio tape in today’s episode.

      Ansar Abbasi quotes above in Jasmin Manzoor Program that He talked with Hamid Mir and Hamid said that its not his voice and then Ansar deny himself that Hamid also said that as per Hamid Mir “some of his old calls were mixed and rejoined!!! What a Tragedy. Is this what you call Colleague or Professional Courtesy.

      Hamid Mir in Washington Times gives clean chit to the PPP Government and Ansar say that Hamid says that TOP PPP Woman is involved???? LOL What a joke.

  16. Nazia Avatar

    Death or decay of collective wisdom naturally starts occurring when incompetent and illegible person is selected to run the state matters or institutes.

    When Musharraf had started lecturing on different national topics to forced invited guests in his army house it was one of example that how such process is proceeded under influence of sons of guns of any nation.

    This trend is very dominant in our most of govt departments and even army management is placed on such category, reason of its professional decline.

  17. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    Why we attack Mullahs and their beards so much ..Every second article is full of them???????

    How much a secular are we ourselves?

    I say thank you to Mullahs I do not have to say many things ,they say it for me.

    Like I wanted that page off?

    I wanted people in the world to know this is dirty and offensive and many people are upset.

    But hey all I could do was not to visit the page being civil or coward ?

    if mullahs will not celebrate Islam I wonder where would it be forgotten and given up may be

    1. MB Avatar

      we attack because of their "kartoot"

      While leftist evils are not less in evils too

      These MULLAHz are guruz of fasaad in the name of religion and much of the gundagi in the world is because of their HARD WORK so they is why WE pay heavy tribute to them when we get a chance.

      Happy ?

  18. readinglord Avatar

    @farrah shah

    You say:

    "if mullahs will not celebrate Islam I wonder where('whether', perhaps) would it be forgotten and given up may be"

    No dear; Islam as a religion, sectarianism, loud-speaker cult, etc. will only go away with the mullah not Islam as a 'deen', which will go on despite mullah's 'Tahaffaze Khatme Nabuwwat'(I could not translate this absurd construction).

  19. tahir Avatar

    The nation had died when it started electing people like sharif,Benazir,Zardari and Musharaf.

    Nadeem Gehla,a supporter of Zardari, need to blame himslef and use his own brain and then educate himself how harmful voting for Zardari.

    There is no harm in banning Facebook,but there is certainly harm in voting for Zardari.