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Pink Hitler irks Sicilians

A series of billboards have been placed across the city of Palermo in Sicily with the image of Adolf Hitler dressed in Pink with the caption “Change your style. Don’t follow your leader” while the swastika on Hitler’s armband has been replaced by a heart. It seems this has sparked a row across Italy many and a local association of wartime resistance fighters were offended by this billboard asking for an immediate withdrawl.

The leader of the World War II veterans association said “We do not understand how the city authorities could have allowed such a billboard to be installed, and we demand its immediate withdrawal, the posters were a “serious” offense against all those who fought fascism, and violate our democratic and constitutional principles.”

The advertising agency behind the posters told Italian media the aim was to ridicule Hitler, not minimize his crimes. It is a very interesting way to rebuke a concept touching a sensitive nerve within the Muslim community, most Muslims will give a knowing smile to say “Back at ya” in light of the controversial facebook Draw Mohammed Day cartoon issue.

Maybe instead of banning the entire facebook and 600 more websites in Pakistan, the Muslim community could have engaged in such forms of counter intelligence where funny posters of the swastika could have been place around the world showing that its not funny to make fun of sensitive issue, even at the cost of freedom of expression, one cannot blatantly ridicule the sentiments of people


  • skeptic |

    If you organize you could really fix facebook and co. If you get a large number of people and get this kind of material and just start creating new ids and just post the same thing over and over again….

    they would not be able to stop it at all.. all it requires is some organization.

  • Nazia |

    It is just giving feminine touch to strong personality of Hitler.


    do you think sicilians and pro nazis lacks sense of humour.There are series of funny movies that depicted Hitler 's personality in many ways.

    So if somebody try to raise such issue, it might end in few days ,nothing more than it.

    • Nazia |

      Dont worry yusha

      I cant be expert in your specialized field.

      God has blessed you with this talent.

      And nothing is left for me.

      So enjoy your mystic power of dreaming.

      It at least helps you for having sound and peaceful sleep.

  • Zain Siddiqui |

    The author's inference is a non-sequitur. The "Draw Muhammad Day" was executed on an unregulated domain: Facebook & Internet. The Hitler, however, is caricatured on a domain that invades into public space. And besides, there are many "Neo- Nazi" and "Viva Hilter" groups on the Facebook, but I conjecture they hardly flirt with the Jewish sensitivities.

    • Nazia |

      Face book is popular dating point for unpractical people.

      This way people pass their time with such illusions that they are passing time with their ideal personalities.When not desire switch off the link and when in good mood or looking for short lived remedy in hard times,they come on line.

      But in actual life it is not possible to survive in natural social circle.We have to bear people without any limit of particular time. we have to observe and face people through body language ,mood fluctuations and facial gestures.

      Sometimes this time period can be prolonged to years.

      This is the real way to pass time as caring and passionate community.

      First time religious hatred is being observed in such social meeting otherwise people keep them away from such talks while web dating .Lets see it after effects in coming days.

    • Al |

      Facebook is not an unregulated domain. It has a written policy & you can find on this very blog how a page on hitler was removed & the account of the user disabled because it violated facebook's terms of service.

      The whole idea of the debate is to restrict access to public forums of people who want to spread hate. Pro-hitler & holocaust pages are deleted by facebook based on this policy – and i support that policy as would any right thinking individual.

      But FB has a double standard when it comes to muslims. And its not just FB but the western nations in general where people get away by saying such things against muslims which would invoke shocked reactions if said against any other community.

  • farrah shah |

    Pink Hitler want to know what guys in Pink think of it.:)

    • Nazia |

      I am sure after hearing term Pink Hitler, the character of pink panther would surely challenge about his patent color.

  • Alam |

    I think your idea of "counter intelligence" is nothing more an immature reaction. Retaliating in such a manner would demean the real message you're trying to get across.