US and NATO imperialism in South Asia: The developing Pakistan Quagmire

After some nationalist and anti-imperialist elements succeeded in defeating the elaborate US and British plans to install two of their puppets- Parvez Musharraf and the late Benazir Bhutto-in the highest government offices in Pakistan, another puppet, Asif Ali Zardari, Benazir’s husband-also known as Mr. Ten Percent, because of his corruption and demanding and taking systematic bribes on contracts with national and international companies- during Benazir’s premiership, in which he was one of the members of her cabinet, managed to substitute both of them and has proven that he is a bigger puppet than both of them combined. Both he and his wife were methodically groomed for their roles by various organs and representatives of US imperialism.

During their government, they had stolen an estimated one and a half billion dollars from the poor people of Pakistan and had deposited those in foreign bank accounts. When numerous cases of fraud and corruption were filed against them in the Pakistani and foreign courts, they fled the country and lived abroad for years, in aristocratic and lavish life styles, when overwhelming majority of Pakistani people were suffering ever increasing levels of poverty and deprivation. It was only after an incredibly illegal, unjustifiable, and crooked deal with the Musharraf dictatorship, which was a desperate and reckless move to save itself against the rising tide of opposition-pushed and supervised by the representatives of US and British imperialism-in which all the corruption charges were dropped and the cases withdrawn, that they dared to return to Pakistan.

Given the history of electoral politics, politico-economic sadomasochism and prostitution, and mass corruption in Pakistan-including those of the subjective, demagogic, and shallow “intellectuals” and politicians-Pakistanis managed to get a double-pleasure dosage of sadism this time. And, most of them deserved it too. As if the already existing double pleasure of being ruled by two governments and dictatorships, one in Islamabad and the other in Washington, DC, was not enough!

In view of the undeniable history of corruption, betrayals, and puppetry of Benazir and Zardari, it was incredible that her political party the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) continued to be the largest political party in Pakistan. It was a reflection of political ignorance of most of their lower class supporters and political opportunism of the higher class supporters, who wanted to jump on the bandwagon of her popularity. Now, the PPP has lost a large part of its popularity and support and overwhelming numbers of Pakistanis have turned against Zardari. However, much damage to the nation has already been done, in a very short period of time, as a result of the earlier blunders of Pakistanis in supporting Benazir’s feudal family and PPP.

Moreover, the alternative-the big capitalist family of Nawaz Sharif and his party, the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N)-is only marginally less subservient to US imperialism than Zardari and PPP and has no effective plans or proposals to resolve the immense all round, interconnected, and comprehensive economic, political, regional, cultural, and religious crisis in the country. At this time, for Pakistan, there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the dark tunnel seems to get longer and longer.

The greatest damage to the country, nation, and its economy was inflicted by the new “civilian” and “democratic” government of PPP and its partners by far surpassing the dictatorial government of Musharraf in the subservience to the dictates of US imperialism and unleashing a devastating war of aggression against parts of its own population in Swat, Buner, Dir, Orakzai, and South Waziristan-and planning to do the same in North Waziristan-in which innumerable civilian non-combatants have been killed and wounded, their livelihood, crops, and houses destroyed by the US supplied gunships, bombers, and other armaments, forcing more than three million human beings-who, though poor, were living in dignity and harmony with their beautiful environment- to flee their homes and live in the unimaginably horrific conditions of the refugee camps, where even their most elementary needs are not being met and where they are being humiliated, mistreated, and abused.

The current Pakistani leadership has no real plans or abilities to deal with this gigantic human catastrophe that it has caused. Instead, it is using this crisis to beg for more and more foreign aid, most of which is likely to end up in the private bank accounts of the top civilian and military leaders. It is inevitable that all this will further fuel and swell the ranks of Islamic rebellion in the area. The government of Pakistan is also collaborating with the US drone attacks in the tribal areas, in which most of the casualties are again non-combatant civilians-producing the same intended or unintended results of fuelling the intensity and ranks of Islamic rebellion, hence providing the pretext of continued war of state terrorism in the area and beyond-and which, by any authentic international legal standards, constitute crimes against humanity.

Recently, the leader of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Baitullah Mehsud, was killed, along with his wife and her parents, by a US drone attack. Instead of weakening the TTP, this has intensified its resolve and resistance, as exemplified by its successful attack on the CIA operatives in Afghanistan, in which eight of them were killed by a highly educated Jordanian double agent, who, at the moment of truth, in close association with the TTP, chose to act against imperialism, instead of for it, and sacrificed his life, career, and family life, and spat on the enormous bribes offered to him by the agents of imperialism. The inner voice of his soul was so strong that it drowned out all the lures and attractions of materialism.

In 2007, a very brave anti-imperialist fighter, Abdullah Mehsud, who had continued his fight against imperialism even after losing one of his legs and suffering the horrors of imprisonment at Guantanamo, was trapped into death by the Pakistan military. He had survived the horrors of Guantanamo but could not survive the assaults of Pakistan military forces. He was comparable to Che Guevara in his anti-imperialism and courage. But unlike Che, instead of allowing himself to be captured by the mercenary forces, he chose to blow himself up. And yet, there is hardly a whisper about that. Some forty years after his murder by the US imperialists and their agents, Che is still deeply revered and commemorated in Cuba and throughout Latin America, as the symbol and hero of all the anti-imperialist and progressive mankind. Not so in Pakistan. There, Che type people are regularly murdered and persecuted, in the service of imperialist masters, with impunity, and no one even whispers. Pakistanis were incomparably more motivated and impressed by some infighting between the ruling elites: between Musharraf’’s government and Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhry. That says a lot about the mass psychology of Pakistanis. It is dominated by the ruling elites.

Another symptom of this highly-conditioned-ruling-class-dominated mass psychology is the large following the late Benazir Bhutto continued to sustain during her life, in spite of her total subservience to the Western, and particularly, US imperialism, treachery even to her own late father in that respect, and large scale criminal looting, corruption, and accumulation of wealth, when she was in power.

A major part of the problem in the development of such mass psychology is the educational, especially the so-called “higher education” system in Pakistan, which is mass producing “highly educated experts” of various types, overwhelming majority of whom are highly brainwashed by Western, and especially American, textbooks, written by advocates and apologists of capitalism and imperialism. This is true of all the so-called social “sciences” being taught in the country by brainwashed professors and other teachers, who are also, in effect, brainwashing their students, with “knowledge” and “information” that almost exclusively serve the interests of capitalism and foreign imperialism.

The situation in natural sciences is even worse. In these, the “highly educated experts”, just like their counterparts in the US and Europe, are almost totally devoid of any knowledge or information in the social, politico-economic, and philosophical areas. These latter are the ones whom the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset had called the “Learned Ignoramuses”, who know a lot about a tiny little area of natural reality but are ignorant of all the rest of natural as well as social reality. Such Learned Ignoramuses are being mass produced in Pakistan and are also being exported to the imperialist centres and other relatively rich countries, causing enormous damages to the national economy by such a large brain drain, on the training of which important national financial and other resources are spent.

The educational “elites” in Pakistan are, by and large, either ignorant of the problems of imperialism and capitalism or are active parts of them. This explains the paradox of why relatively less educated and uneducated people there instinctively understand Western and US imperialism much better and take incomparably more principled and strong positions on this matter- based upon their understanding of good and evil, just and unjust, true and false, and freedom and slavery-than the so-called “highly educated elites”. We are witnessing a powerful manifestation of this paradox in the Tribal Areas, where, in spite of low literacy and educational level, there is incomparably more understanding of Western and US imperialism-and its disastrous effects on the economy, politics, and culture of the country-than in rest of the country, where literacy and educational levels are much higher, and especially than that of the “highly educated elites”. As stated earlier, this is mostly the result of healthier instincts, intuition, and values in the Tribal Areas than rest of the country, in which human nature, instincts, intuition, and values have been greatly polluted and corrupted under the influence of many forces, including those originating in Western and US imperialism, especially in the form of cultural and educational imperialism. This situation is somewhat similar to that in the voting differences between Whites and Blacks in the US. Blacks, in spite of their lower educational levels than the Whites, routinely vote more intelligently and ethically in the local and national elections.

Related to the above topic is the totally false, deceptive, anti-factual, anti-logical, and anti-historical notion of “Extremist” and “Moderate” Islam, propagated by the think tanks of US imperialism, through their local agents, like Musharraf, Zardari, and the late Benazir, . Who can deny the apodictic truth, without making a complete idiot of himself, that the US imperialism is the most extremist and aggressive imperialism on this planet, and has been for a long time, and that the current focus of its extremist high tech aggression is the economically and strategically important parts of the Muslim world? Is submission to such an extremist and militarist imperialism, and becoming a tool in its plots for domination of Muslim peoples and their resources, “Moderation” or prostitution and betrayal of the worst kind?

On the other hand, is resistance to such an extremist and militarist imperialism “Extremism” or fulfilling the most important and sacred duty of protection and promotion of national liberation, freedom, dignity, resources, and culture from the imperialist onslaughts? And to begin with, who had created these forces during the proxy war against the revolutionary government of Afghanistan and its Soviet allies-at that time being characterized as the epitome of “freedom fighters” and now being labelled as “extremists”? Within the context of the invasions of Muslim territories by the US imperialism, first and foremost, the terminology of “Extremism” and “Moderation” must be understood and analyzed in its relation to US imperialism.

This is its primary definition and application and must be considered as such in any analyses and judgments. All the other applications of this terminology are secondary to this primary one. It is hardly surprising that the imperialists and their apologists and agents systematically exclude any mention or discussion of the primary definition and application and exclusively and selectively focus on the concoctions of self-serving interpretations and representations of some secondary aspects, e.g., struggle of the anti-imperialist Muslims to preserve their cultural identity and values, which they indiscriminately represent and label as “extremist” and “backward”. This is not to say that some of the cultural practices in some of the tribal areas are not backward and not in the need of change. But the US imperialism and its Pakistani agents have no right to dictate or enforce such changes.

Such changes can only come about as a result of cultural, educational, and historical developments in the tribal areas themselves. Tribal areas have been relatively free from the government administration and control throughout their history and that has been, and is, the most important part of their culture, tradition, and history. Even the British imperialists, during the heyday of their colonial power over the subcontinent, were forced to recognize the importance of that and had decided on the minimal interference in the affairs of the tribal areas.

Now, some political and military leaders of the US are, most arrogantly and ignorantly-in total disregard for the history, culture, and traditions of the area-pressuring the Pakistan government to fully incorporate the tribal areas into its system of legal, political, and economic administration, again most blatantly interfering in the internal affairs of a supposedly sovereign nation that they have become encouraged and addicted to treating as a neo-colony. They are unable to understand that not everybody in the world would tolerate such total administration of the mind, body, and soul that has developed in the advanced capitalist-technocratic society of the US and which the great German-American philosopher, Herbert Marcuse, had described and analyzed in great depth and detail in his major pioneering work, “One-Dimensional Man”. That analysis is even more relevant and important today than when he wrote it in 1964. And yet, very few people now are familiar with his name or work.

In that study, he did not mince any words. He considered the form of human nature that has developed in the US as mutilated and one dimensional and the form of existence of this society as unfreedom and slavery-sublimated slavery-in which people are conditioned to become instruments and things. He also showed that many so-called liberties and comforts, prevalent in this society, in fact, counteracted real freedom and wholesomeness of human nature. And that is the kind of totally administered and one dimensional human nature and existence that the ruling circles here want to export and impose everywhere they can on this entire planet, in the name of “civilization” and “democracy”.

Objectively-and contrary to what overwhelming majority of Americans believe-they are highly brainwashed and disinformed in politico-economic and international affairs, as well as about the quality of their humanity and existence. In general, such disinformation is much harder to correct than ignorance. As such, they repeatedly become structural parts of imperialism and its international crimes and plunders, even against their own self-interests.

The real universal dichotomy and opposition in the contemporary world is between imperialism and anti-imperialism, between the imperialist and anti-imperialist forces. From the perspectives of all the great religions and philosophies of the world, imperialism is an indescribably great evil as it stands for global injustice, exploitation, domination, plunder, robbery, wars of aggression, and mass murders. US imperialism and its allies are currently occupying two major Muslim countries, Iraq and Afghanistan and are waging brutal genocidal wars of aggression, the most extremist forms of state terrorism, there.

US has built numerous military bases in many Muslim countries and is using them for its brutal imperialist wars against the Muslim peoples. Without these crucial bases and support of the government in Pakistan, it could never have waged its war in Afghanistan. Similarly, without its bases in Kuwait and other states in the Persian Gulf, it would have been much harder for it to invade Iraq and engage in the genocidal war against the Muslims and others there. The above-mentioned dichotomy and opposition between imperialism and anti-imperialism becomes fundamental in defining the nature of forces in situations where imperialist forces have invaded other countries and waged wars of aggression against them. All the other differences and variations fade into relative insignificance in face of the overwhelming importance of this great opposition.

The only real Islam in such a situation is by definition anti-imperialist. It cannot be anything else. Islam stands for justice, truth, goodness, freedom of Muslim peoples, and control of Muslims over their own resources, while imperialism is forcefully attempting to subject Muslims to injustice, evil, lies, domination and subjugation, and great plunder and robbery of their resources, which it also seeks to control perpetually. There cannot be any greater desecration of Islam than to put it in the service of imperialist forces in such situations by its local agents and puppets. This is precisely what the Pakistani governments, under President Parvez Musharraf and Asif Zardari, have done, under the guise of “Moderate Islam” and its practitioners as “Moderates”, and by labelling of anti-imperialist Islam as “Extremist Islam” and its practitioners as “Extremists”. By doing so, they have not only totally desecrated Islam and presented anti-Islam as Islam, but have violated all logical, factual, historical, and common sense reality. The only real Islam in situations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq is the anti-imperialist Islam. That is the only possible rational conclusion.

In Pakistan’s tribal areas, the US imperialism is using the Pakistan mercenary government and army to crush the anti-imperialist resistance there. To correctly understand the nature of that conflict, it is necessary to understand the nature of the main issue as well as the nature of the opposing forces. The main issue is the invasion and aggression of the forces of imperialism in Pashtun areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan and the basic contest there is between imperialist forces and their local agents, on the one hand, and anti-imperialist forces, on the other. Now, it so happens that the anti-imperialist resistance there is almost exclusively organized around Islam and traditional cultural values. Leftists there are totally powerless and unable to do anything practical against the forces of imperialism. They have been in disarray since the destruction of the revolutionary government of Afghanistan in the 1980s and 1990s by the proxy war of US imperialism, in which Taliban had played a key role.

However, now the Taliban have transformed from a pro-imperialist force to an anti-imperialist one. That is the actual politico-military reality in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. The left in the West in general, and the US in particular, has almost completely failed to comprehend this reality and has resorted to abstract idealistic positions, seeing it through the Western positivist eyes and censoring articles and analyses that represent the anti-imperialist Islamic positions.

As was totally clear long before the Obama presidency, he has, in fact, enhanced US militarism and imperialism, while, at the same time, making opposite and false statements about his policy and goals and putting a nice plastic smile on all that. Nowhere is it clearer than in his policies and actions in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Under his presidency, US is repeating and expanding the history of the state terrorist and genocidal war on Iraq in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In spite of possessing the most advanced and vast high tech military forces and having assembled the armed forces of fifty of its allies and client states in Afghanistan, it has been brought to a standstill and is now facing defeat there at the hands of resistance forces that are fighting with relatively very primitive and inadequate weapons and resources, on their own, without any help from any country. This war of national liberation is very different from that of Vietnam, in one of the most important aspects, which consists of the fact that Vietnamese resistance was getting very substantial and crucial military, political, and economic aid from the USSR, China, and many other nations, while the Afghan resistance is getting none. In fact, much of the world, including many Muslim countries, is aiding the US, at this most pervert and astounding stage of history.

Shortly after the invasion of Iraq-in April 2003-I had written a rather comprehensive paper, “War on Iraq in perspective: the developing US imperialism and demonocracy”, in which the particular facts of that invasion and war were placed and analyzed within the general theoretical framework of the US politico-economic system of imperialism-democracy complex. As its analysis and theory are also relevant to the war on Afghanistan and Pakistan, the web link to that article can be read here

Near the end of Marcuse’s very complex historical, dialectical, and philosophical analyses and ideas in the above work, one finds this insight and prediction, which has been repeatedly confirmed by the high tech politico-economico-military barbarism of US imperialism: “The facile historical parallel with the barbarians threatening the empire of civilization prejudges the issue; the second period of barbarism may well be the continued empire of the civilization itself.” (One-Dimensional Man, Beacon Press, Boston. 1964, p. 257).

Author, Dr. Fazal Rahman is an interdisciplinary researcher and writer. He has worked in many countries as a scientist and administrator of R & D programs, like Brazil, Lebanon, Zambia, US, and Pakistan etc. He can be reached at



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22 responses to “US and NATO imperialism in South Asia: The developing Pakistan Quagmire”

  1. SAM Avatar
    SAM I just skimmed your article and I found nothing… you prefer to live in state of denial and put all responsibility of today's situation on foreign hands. So Sad. First fix your own home then blame others. We win war of Afghanistan and Kashmir but we lost Pakistan and we are responsible for it, not America. That was our own decision not body forced us to fight in Afghanistan and Many thanks for Saudi Money and Jihadis. By the way very lovely email address! I am lol 😀

  2. Nouman Avatar


    Of course, when you have NOTHING in your head, you see NOTHING. Empty heads like you should not stretch their mite brains too far on complex subjects like imperialism and its role in subversion all over the world. Are you so ignorant of Pakistani history that you do not even know the continuous role of the US in dictating the foreign and domestic policy of Pakistan since the first dictator, self-styled Field Marshall Ayub Khan, who was later found to have been on the payroll of CIA? This role multiplied during the regimes of Musharraf and Zardari. Are you also so ignorant of the constant news in the media of Pakistan and other countries, in which US has been bribing and pressuring Pakistani military and government to attack its own people in the FATA? The only thing you need to be sad about is your pathetic self.

  3. Norm Avatar

    Have to agree with Nouman. I read in the newspapers and web sites all the time about how much pressure the American government, military, and CIA officials are now putting on the Pakistan military and government to attack North Waziristan with ground forces. They had done the same before such attacks on other areas of FATA. Without American imperialism in the area, there would have been no wars in Afghanistan or civil war in Pakistan or suicide bombings. That is crystal clear. How is it possible for anyone to deny that?

  4. MUNIB Avatar

    This article, at best, is a complete trash and Propaganda post lacking any reasoning.

    The writer has used the word “Imperial” around 65 times in this article. First of all the article has a pre-planned-objective and highly biased view point i.e. to prove USA (UK or west for that matter) an ugly Imperial power and secondly, the current government is its puppet. So what about out puppetry in 80s? How come we were good "pure" “Mujahids” were hand-in-hand with USA then and now become its puppets? Kindly enlighten us? Where is the other side of the picture? Where you have mentioned USA’s point of view so a reader trusts you for your ability to do a honest Analysis?

    Coming back to the actual content of this post, the writer of this post seems to be suffering from PPP i.e. People Party Phobia. Without getting into the root of the issue he conveniently throws all the burden of all the evils in PAK on Zardari & Co. along with Nawaz and PMLxyz.

    Lets pick your words:

    – That " . . . in the subservience to the dictates of US imperialism and unleashing a devastating war of aggression against parts of its own population in Swat, Buner, Dir, Orakzai, and South Waziristan-and planning to do the same in North Waziristan . . “

    When was the last time any matter related to Security and Foreign Affairs was in the hands of any Civilian government? Who has made all the decisions w.r.t Internal and External security? Who are the people behind decision to enter into Afghan war? Who fed Taliban and all the Jehadist outfits for 3 decades now? Was it a civilian government or its decision?

    You mentioned Swat, Do we not know what happened to the “so called” peace-agreement with Taliban trying to turn Swat into Afghanistan-under-Taliban?, in the end forcing government to take action. How come you have easily ignored the obvious truth?

    – That “ . . The current Pakistani leadership has no real plans or abilities to deal with this gigantic human catastrophe. . “

    Who has actually? Do you have any plan? Please share. Does Kayani have? Is our Establishment not confused about what should be the direction with its “Good Taliban – Bad Taliban theory” already being torn apart by its own “children” when we hear different groups operating at their own to attack PAK ARMY and recently PAK NAVY?

    Your para about attack on TTP and its fallout lacks the alternative. So USA should have send flowers as good-will gesture and shake hand with Baitullah (like we had done in past and allowed Taliban to grow) if not attack him just because there would be retaliation? USA is at war my bro and war has a cost. Every step one side takes will meet with a similar response from enemy. Its part of the Package.

    – That “ . . . He (Abdullah Mehsud) was comparable to Che Guevara in his anti-imperialism and courage “

    Are you okay? Please don’t take it personally but you got to make some sense at least. Equating an International Hero with a Taliban?

    – That “ . . . A major part of the problem in the development of such mass psychology is the educational, . . . . . . . . . . . that almost exclusively serve the interests of capitalism and foreign imperialism “

    Dude you sound like MULLAH RADIO (aka Fazlullah) representative now, seriously. Why don’t you give up your PhD now as well as your previous degrees since your own development was the result of this “American – Imperial – Western – Kuffar – Ugly – fithy –bla bla “system? You sound like filing PAK schools colleges universities (which are for your good luck already being taken over by Taliban mindsets due to Tableeghi teachers talking crap in classes) with some Waziristan curriculum or we might ask TTP to educate the rest of PAK on how to adopt a “Shariah-compliant, pure, halal” educational system.

    – That “ . . . However, now the Taliban have transformed from a pro-imperialist force to an anti-imperialist one . . “ The writer was supposed to pause here and explain why they have transformed? Coz now their Talibinization-of-the-World movement (which they thought is in line with American designs in 80s, in fact being assisted by USA) is getting a kick on a** from the WEST? Why the Talibans should be spared of this scrutiny? The Mullahz-Talibans have all the rights in the world to switch their directions but the Infidel-USA has no right to change its direction. Great !! When in the world this writer and people like him understand a simple fact. The USA hired us for a JOB in 80z and paid us well and we got it its objectives. Why USA be bothered about us anymore?

    Very very pathetic post. I have one request for this guy. For God sake don’t teach at any educational institute. Not only the fellow is highly biased and one sided in his views but also resorts more on filling paraz then giving any concrete logic. Poor chap is bitterly obsessed with the word “Imperial” and this writing sound more like a display of how to make many usages of this word than anything else.

  5. MUNIB Avatar

    The problem with PAK nation is its Mindset :

    Every child in PAK is brainwashed with this "Self righteousness" and thekedarz of "Haq (against Batil)" at home, in school, during discussions and on TV channels. Tones and tones of hate materiel is injected in young minds against the Imaginative Infidel (we are the Judge , we are the Jury mindset) with examples from Past and Prophet's lives. While this imaginitive Infidel is extracted from Prophet's life (trying to equate it with modern WEST), no such extraction is done on how to respond to this Infidel or Evil or Batil etc. This response is left on the corrupt to core royals (Arab world), the selfish rulers and fake-democrats and in majority the MULLAHz who are, in their view, the by-birth Thekedarz of ISLAM.

    Adding to this poison is a selective-history from MB-Qasim and Ghaznavi etc to make sure no alternate-perspective ever reach the young minds. Thus by the age of 16 a normal "Educated" child is half a Taliban himself by Mindset, what to talk about the uneducated.

    This self obsession, when faces ground realities, gets a kick on a** and a complex and confused mindset develops which is these days the hall mark of 16-46 age bracket in PAKISTAN. Every tom dick and harry in PAK wants to go USA but hates it as well and the most stupid of argument being well US gov is bad, US people are good. Great !!. So long as we are happy with this hypocrisy and and self-deception there is no way things will change. As if the USA gov and people who make decisions on behalf of its people (i.e Obama and co.) are not from AMERICAN society.

    The Muslim world is living in complete darkness with a self-obsession of Righteousness and a state of Denial. Not only it is incompetent to run its affairs but a burden on Modern world due to its illness spreading across to West. If the world has to collectively move forward, the Muslim world better look into its own collars then shedding crocodile tears like HN has beautifully explained here:

    "Muhammad bin qasim ko khaal mei sii ke (G.W) Bush ne bheja tha ?? " lozz

    hahahahaha HN is the type of people we need not this fellow writer up here who has absolutely no ability of Analysis.

  6. Norm Avatar

    Both SAM and MUNIB do not sound like Pakistanis to me. As I am an American myself, I can smell the rats. If they are not Americans, they certainly are in their service. There can be no factual or logical arguments with such impersonators. The topic of imperialism is most interesting as well as most important. However, it would be a total waste of time for me to respond to people like that. It is up to the author to do so, if he wishes.

    1. MUNIB Avatar

      here we go . .

      One more "holy" thekedar and Judge . . . lolzz

  7. MUNIB Avatar

    Is this Abdullah Mehsud the same "hero" of yours Mr. Fazal Rahman PhD sahib ?

    Pretty much clarifies your mindset and intentions over cyberspace.

  8. Sakib Ahmad Avatar

    The way that creep Munib is making fun of a very thoughtful article is disgusting in the extreme.

    An anonymous British racist came barging into my blog recently. So far I have had to delete two of his abusive comments, and I have also introduced comment moderation for the first time. Below are some extracts from my replies to the racist:

    In 2001 the Taliban government of Afghanistan had offered to have Osama Bin Laden tried in a neutral country where the USA would be able to provide all the evidence it had against him. This offer was rejected by the USA, which wanted Bin Laden to be handed over to its custody merely on the strength of its accusation that he had organized the attacks on the NY Trade Centre and the Pentagon building. To its credit, the response of the Afghan government was: if you refuse to provide proof of Bin Laden’s involvement in the crime against humanity then there will be no handover. The rest is history: invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (which is next door to the USA’s perceived rivals Russia and China, and to the resources-rich Central Asia, not to mention Afghanistan’s own titanium deposits) and merciless torture of “suspects” (the principal suspect, Sheikh Muhammad, was tortured and water boarded some 190 times and, 10 years after the crime, will be “tried” in secret at the infamous Guantanamo Bay military base operated by the Americans).

    Wherever there are foreign occupation forces there will be Resistance. So, there are genuine Resistance struggles going on in Afghanistan, the tribal areas of Pakistan, Palestine and Kashmir.

    In the 1980’s the Soviet Union invaded and occupied Afghanistan. There was naturally an Afghan Resistance against it, supported by the Pushtuns of neighbouring Pakistan. The USA was overjoyed. It described the Resistance as composed of Mujahideen, the glory of Islam, and invited their leaders to Washington where the USA president welcomed them with open arms in the White House. Billions of dollars were poured into the Afghan struggle against foreign occupation until the Soviet army was defeated and the USA could heave a sigh of relief. Thereupon, the USA turned its back on Afghanistan, leaving the country and the border areas of Pakistan replete with all kinds of weapons. The various Afghan factions began fighting among themselves and a civil war followed, eventually ending in a Taliban victory.

    Surely, the principle of defending Afghan soil against foreign invasion is still valid now that the invader is the USA rather than the Soviet Union? It is obvious from what you have said that you are one of those hypocrites who feebly come up with the cruel joke of “9/11”, knowing full well that the USA government has gone out of its way not to hold an open trial of those it accuses of involvement in that crime. Despite persistent pressure for years from the relatives of those who died in that tragedy, the US government has stubbornly refused to hold an independent inquiry.

    I have previously commented on the USA government’s cover-up of the 9/11 self-inflicted wound:

    “The odd thing about the 9/11 incident is that the story put about by the USA government does NOT fit the facts. This is believed to be the principal reason why the Americans were in such a hurry to destroy all evidence of the tragedy and clear away the rubble of the buildings and the remains of the aircraft without allowing independent investigators a look-in. The convoluted “conspiracy theory” put together by the USA government has been widely discredited. Numerous books have been written and there are many websites devoted to the mystery of 9/11. Here is a small sample:

    9/11 Revealed by Ian Henshall & Rowland Morgan

    The New Pearl Harbour Revisited: 9/11, the Cover-up and the Expose” by David Ray Griffin

A fact which has been suppressed by the USA government is that shortly after the 9/11 atrocity the Taliban government of Afghanistan offered up Bin Laden for trial in a neutral country. The Bush administration was frantically trying to suppress the truth about 9/11 and rejected the offer – because an open trial of Bin Laden would have revealed its lies and false claims.”

    You can read the blog post and the comments here:

  9. Omar Khan Avatar
    Omar Khan

    When filth like Mubin and Sam throws itself at one, the best thing to do is to let it fly by and not touch one. Otherwise, one would have to wash oneself.

    This is a transparent effort of disinformation, diversion, and trivialization of important issues. Also, these creeps are showing contempt for Islam, Pakistani people, and culture! Who is doing this? No authentic Muslim or Pakistani can concoct such filth. As everyone knows, Pakistan is full of American and British spy networks, which have penetrated every important institution and organization of the country, including the news media. It is most likely that these creeps are part of such networks. It seems that they are infiltrating even the blogs now!

  10. awara Avatar

    Fazal bhi nai MB kee dumm per pair rakh diaa hai.

    MB – mahaaa bhooot

    Offcourse when someone is writing an article, they have a certain view point. You are b!tching as if you are the only one and yours is the only view, every thing else is garbage.

  11. quli Avatar

    @drAwab I suggest you carry out better vetting measures next time. This author has too much time on his hand, it sounds more like his PHd thesis then a blog posting. It has everything in it, including the kitchen sink. He lost me completely after a few para's.

    I for one am glad that we're killing the bloody taliban. Americans may not be our friends, but they're certainly not our 'enemies'. Our biggest threat is the huge internal division – we cannot agree on who is a friend and who an enemy! We kiss ass one day and kill the same the next!

  12. amir Avatar

    yea gandu kayani gaya kidhar?

  13. amir Avatar

    sota hi rah gaya kya?

    1. awara Avatar


      Pakistani fauj abb fauj nahee, tulley ho gaey hain.

      Abb to lagtaa hai , Pakistan kee galion main bhee inko andey parengay.

      Thorey dinon min jo log barey fakhar sai likhtey hain RETD Major etc, woh bhee apnaa maazee chupatey nazar aingey.

  14. Sakib Ahmad Avatar

    وہ ناداں گر گئے سجدوں میں جب وقت قیام آیا

    پاکستان کے حکمرانوں اور فوج نے ایک ماہ پہلے انتہائی شرمناک طریقے سے ریمنڈ ڈیوس امریکہ کے حوالے کر دیا تھا اور اب جب پاکستان کو دنیا بھر میں بدنام کیا جا رہا ہے تو منہ سی کے بیٹھ گئے ہیں – یہ ہماری قوم کی بدقسمتی ہے کہ ہمیں غلامانہ ذہنیت کے حکمران ملتے ہیں خواہ وہ شہری ہوں یا فوجی- میری دانست میں اس کی وجہ ہمارا احساس کمتری ہے- اس موضوع پہ میں نے "تعلیم یافتہ" پاکستانیوں کے لئے ایک مضمون لکھا تھا جسے آپ یہاں پڑھ سکتے ہیں

    مضمون پڑھنے کے بعد اس پر آرا بھی پڑھئیے اور اگر ہو سکے تو اپنی راے بھی چھوڑ دیں

    افراد کے ہاتھوں میں ہے اقوام کی تقدیر

    ہر فرد ہے ملّت کے مقدّر کا ستارہ

  15. Fazal Rahman Avatar
    Fazal Rahman


    Thank you for your comments, some of which are not only supportive but informative. I clicked on the link in Sakib Ahmed’s second comment, but it did not lead to his article. However, I did go to his blog and read some of his other writings. I was delighted to learn that in spite of having lived in the UK for a long time, he has been able to preserve his Pakistani integrity, identity, and higher values that are under demonic attack now within Pakistan itself, by the invasion of powerful forces of one-sided Western materialistic culture and “education”. I copied the following verse of the great Pakistani poet and philosopher, Allama Iqbal, from Sakib Ahmed’s blog. It is very relevant to what is going on in Pakistan. It seems that a lot of Pakistanis, who have never even been to the West, are becoming westernized. Of course, there is nothing wrong with learning positive things from the West. What is wrong is the whole sale imitation and inferiority complexes.

    The crisis in Pakistan and Afghanistan can be summed up and solved with the help of the following single line of Allama Iqbal, if it is understood, analyzed, and applied seriously and concretely:

    Barhana sar hai to azme biland paida kar

    Keh faqat shaheen keh vaste banan hai qulah

    Pakistanis were gifted with the wise teachings of Allama. And yet, they are paying no attention to them and are doing the opposite.

    On the other hand, majority of Afghans, not even consciously knowing these teachings, know their meanings on the instinctive and unconscious level, and are successfully facing the military forces of the whole West, as well as its numerous puppets, including Pakistan and many other so-called “Muslim” countries, all alone, with nothing but human soul, spirit, and GHAIRAT on their side.

    From Sakib Ahmed's Blog:

    اٹھا میں مدرسہ و خانقاہ سے غمناک

    نہ زندگی، نہ محبّت، نہ معرفت، نہ نگاہ

    I rose in sorrow from the madrassah and the place where sufis gather

    Lifeless, loveless places, devoid of Higher Experience, without insight

    We all need to relearn how to have GHAIRAT and

    زندگی، محبّت، نہ معرفت، نگاہ

    Your friend,

    Fazal Rahman

  16. Sakib Ahmad Avatar

    Fazal Rahman Sahib,

    Thank you for your wise words. I think the reason the link failed earlier was because of the absence of the ".html" bit at the end. I think the link below will work this time. If it doesn't, please use the blog archive index on the left hand side to get to the article, which was posted on 24 January 2010. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

    ثاقب صبیح احمد

  17. karam Avatar

    PHD.. oh yes..

    Read your article.. every person known to history is repeated in your blog.. every word ending with ism, lity can be searched in your blog… Time, space and matter is also their what is not their is yourself… What have you done in your life for us mortals…..

  18. Daud Khan Avatar

    YOur article is good

  19. Fazal Rahman Avatar
    Fazal Rahman

    Sakib Ahmed:

    I read your excellent article and tried to post a comment but it did not go through. You do not have an email address on your blog. So, I could not send it to you via email. If you send me your email address, I will send it to you. My address is at the end of article.

  20. raheem Avatar

    sad.. this guys knows nothing or is a closet taliban. are you a tehreek-insaf member… another blame it all on the world… let me give you one figure: 1000 people (mostly shia) died in pakistan in sectarian violence between 1989-2000. for god's sake read… imtiaz gul, ahmed rashid, rahimullah yousafzai, saleem shahzad (killed by ISI), mujahid hussain, aqeel yousafzai…. & other who have covered this war. please do your medicine and leave international affairs, regional power play etc to social scientists.