Karachi goes to Hell, while PML-N plays the role of an Ice Cream Opposition in Load Shedding Strike

Its sad Karachi goes through its third paralyzing strike this week. The blame games between MQM & ANP continue to be played by all the parties involved and the only visible outcome is to oversee the killing of more people of the “other” party – In the meanwhile today Altaf Hussain from London issued a Call for Battle, in my opinion this chest thumping statement will practically sealing our fate of Karachi for the next few weeks.

In Lahore Shahbaz Sharif & PML-N play the ICE CREAM OPPOSITION role, are leading a sereis of protests against the Load Shedding issue. It was only on Friday (yesterday) that PML & PPP sat in the offices Punjab Assemblies Business Advisory Committee to reach a consensus on the load shedding issue.

Electric power: Resolution asks for fair distribution – where the Law Minister Rana Sanaullah and Leader of the Opposition Raja Riaz agreed a consensus text for the resolution over energy situation.

Mind you a “Consensus” was reached between the players ridding upon the SAMJHOTA EXPRESS, Mohammed Rizwan writes Goodbye & Hello in the Express Tribune to say:

Negotiations were held in the house’s Business Advisory Committee to hammer out a consensus resolution on power outages. Yes, you read that right. Consensus. Wasn’t the resolution supposed to be against the recklessness, incompetence and negligence of the PPP-led federal government? It is a mystery as to what made the treasury discuss the language of the resolution with the PPP.

The best part of all of this is that PML-N still plans to mobilise in the streets against the parties with whom they laboriously worked to bring out a consensus resolution.

The PPP is of course, right now, having a great laugh. Instead of a scathing resolution, they signed a paper which will amount to a whole lot of hot air.

So if a consensus was reached, why is the PML-N & Shahbaz Sharif leading protests against the government – I’M WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION, My effort here is to document the games these politicians continue to play with us



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  1. she_raz Avatar

    RT @DrAwab: Karachi goes to Hell, #PML-N plays the role of Ice Cream Opposition in Load Shedding Strike . #PTI #SamjhotaExpress #MQM

  2. JagUthoPak Avatar

    @Teeth hy

  3. Umerr Avatar

    @DrAwab instead of criticizing ppp govt you are criticizing opposition and indirectly helping ppp govt. What a loser!

  4. Faheemzch Avatar

    @DrAwab true

  5. rezachen Avatar

    @DrAwab Dr Saab. Well said. Allah quom ki taqdeer badal raha hay. MQM, ANP, PMLN, PPP, JUI-F (Bhujtay Chiraaq ki lau)

  6. Danali Dahraj Avatar
    Danali Dahraj

    Teeth Maestro, the situation in Karachi is because the people, the media, the politicians and now even the judiciary continue to ignore NRO murder and criminal cases. Do you remember your posts on MQM’s cases under the NRO? Some years ago, over 2000 records of NRO murder and criminal cases against the MQM had disappeared from the Sindh High Court, when Khawaja Naveed was the Advocate General Sindh and Wasim Akhtar was the Home Minister of Sindh!