“Staged Photoshoot” Blooper by Drama-e-Ala

A Set of images floated by PML-N Social Media team trying to show Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif standing amongst the people buying a Metro Ticket himself. Rummaging through the album posted on the Chief Ministers Facebook page some observant PTI supporters spotted an interesting blooper – two pictures caught their attention where Shahbaz Sharif is standing in line – the adjacent picture then shows the lineup jumbled up

Observe the shuffled subjects namely A-B-C-D

Subject A – moves from being in front of the line to being behind the Chief Minister
Subject B – The Chief Minister himself moves backward in the line (notice that he is standing ahead of the glass door in the first picture but in the next picture he moves behind it?
Subject C – Disappears from the line
Subject D – Being absent in the first picture emerges to the front of the line

It is evident that this was a photoshoot session was geared up for the Chief Minister to be seen promoting his humbleness it seems that after the first picture the subjects were called to reassemble in line and a few accidentally forgot their lineup – most bystanders would fall for this trickery but two accidentally posted images prove that this is an orchestrated shoot – Another example of a Drama by Drama-e-Ala



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6 responses to ““Staged Photoshoot” Blooper by Drama-e-Ala”

  1. Ray Avatar

    chalo yar photoshoot hi karwaya photoshop tu nahi.. isi baat k number dai do in saab ko..

  2. Zohaib Hasan Avatar

    hahaha, dramay baazi pakari gayi ..

  3. kashan Avatar

    busted once again

  4. Moin Ramiz Avatar

    Drama E Ala hahahah

  5. abdul Avatar

    how many times we will catch these people… it is all the fault of pakistani nation who elected them again and again …..
    Our people are like animals who have very short memory ,,, they don t remember any thing beyond six months i would not be amazed if these bastards elected again by our innocent people

  6. Waheed Buttar Avatar

    They are misleading this nation for the last thirty years or so. We should get rid of these drama baz in the next election by voting for a better person.