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PML Blooper Cell Photoshops Crowds for Shahbaz Sharif

Printed in the Lahore edition of Express Urdu & also in NawaiWaqt Lahore on 21st Feb 2013 – It seems that PML Media cell found it embarrassing to promote a barren picture of a rally and felt the need to manipulate the image and then fool the news-desks to report these images on the front pages of their respective newspapers in Lahore – When one comes across the actual picture its hilarious to note how desperate PML-N is to appease itself to the Lahore crowd that it is popular when in fact its a far cry from a house full “Mammoth rally”

Another case of Lifafah Blooperism Exposed – enjoy the laughs

UPDATE: To add more authenticity of the UNdoctored image – we were able to locate the undoctored image published in the 21st Feb edition of Naibaat Newspaper on its back page


  • imran |

    This such a fake picture…look at the people in the crowd and they are not even facing shabaz sharif lol

  • Eng iftikhar ch |

    Having crowd for them is not difficult n important us. Imran khan kitna thandda karta haiy? Enizar kee jaiay election kaa.

  • Mariner |

    shame on the corrupt Media of pakistan ( i guess more than 80 % is sold)