JKT refutes Pervaiz Rasheed’s baseless accusations, with Evidence

On Sunday during the coverage of PTI Jalsa in Gujranwala, Pakistan Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed addressed a press conference accusing PTI / Imran Khan and specifically PTI Secretary General Jahangir Tareen for misusing his public limited company JDW aircraft for personal usage of Imran Khan to commute across the country for his campaigning.

Perviaz Rasheed went on record to accuse that JKT nor PTI had paid for the travel and instead the expenses were borne by the shareholders of the public limited company.   The hour long press conference by the Information Minister (preferably known as DisInformation Minister) was taken at face value by the media and run by all media houses as a genuine fact driven accusation.

Within an hour, JKT immediately countered the accusations on twitter

Two days later Jehangir Tarin sb came on a talk show with Nadeem Malik and presented the facts with proof. Transcript of his interview was done on twitter by Sahwish Sulehria
  • I started a private business in 1977. In 1980, I joined my family business of bewerages nd worked as Chief Executive till 1990
  • In ten years of business, total sales of my company (Pepsi Multan) increased ten folds, later on I sold all of its shares
  • During 1980-90, I purchased 900 acre barren land in Lodhran for mango orchard and earned money from there too
  • I sold shares of Pepsi Multan and started my JDW Sugar mill in 1992-93 during NS reign.
  • I realised that business of Sugar Mills cant be successful if you do not give farmers their due share of profit
  • I have record of in-time payments to farmers. I helped them increase their yield from 400 to 800 mon per acre
  • I own 4 sugar mills. First started production in Nawaz Sharif reign and last one after Musharraf left
  • Dharki Sugar Mill is a public limited company but my family own majority of its shares
  • I pay the company from my pocket for every private/party travel of Imran Khan and myself
  • My whole income is fully legal & white. I pay handsome amount of tax (view on insaf.pk). I pay from my pocket for party travels because I can afford it
  • PMLN is in pain that Imran Khan travels in a plane, does a Jalsa and flies back to dharna, thats all theirs problem is
  • As per THE NEWS report, Nawaz Sharif takes salary income from Chaudhry Sugar Mills. Is it lawful? Was he working there? No!
  • Similarly Shehbaz Shareef and Hamza Shehbaz takes salary income from Ramzan Sugar Mills
  • When I became minister in Musharraf reign, i resigned from board of company
  • I ask Pervaiz Rasheed that when Shahbaz Sharif was CM for last 5 years, was he taking salary from Ramzan Sugar Mill?
  • I am ready to declare the profits of my sugar mills and I ask Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to declare their company's profit/taxes
  • In last 5 years, my sugar mill profit was Rs 7 bn, paid more than Rs 2 bn taxes, distributed profit on shares Rs 1.75 bn
  • I challenge NS and SS to declare their profits before and after taxation
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Profit & taxation record of JDW Sugar Mills[/caption] The most lethal counter presented by Jehangir Tarin to Pervaiz Rasheed was this report by KPMG which clearly says that the non-official usage of the aircraft charges were fully recovered by the private parties using it [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="393"] KPMG Letter dated 24th Nov clarifying that all non-official expenses for the aircraft utilisation has been recovered[/caption]   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="553"] JDW bill to Jahangir Tareen for utilisation of company aircraft[/caption] Regarding the loan write-off, the following documents were provided in support, where the National Bank certifies that the consortium of Banks have agreed on the write-off because UBL did not honor its commitment to timely remittance of Foreign Currencies His secret for doing well in the sugar industry is timely payments to his farmers which ensures a win-win cooperation for everyone I believe sugar mills cannot prosper unless Cane farmer prospers also.All my Mills pay farmers on time,provide implements on subsidy etc. That is why farmers profit from growing cane, then plant more cane and I keep adding capacity to my mills. very simple formula (Tweet 1 & Tweet 2) So with all the above paperwork presented it would be pertinent for the ruling party to either publicly apologize to JKT and PTI for the baseless allegations, or better yet chuck this disinformation minister out.  Its a simple matter ot utter incomeptentce, regardless of who put him up to this verbal Counter Questions need to be asked from the PML-PPP apologists
  1. Zardari flew to Lahore in a private jet and Nawaz Sharif drove him to Raiwind, NO ONE DARES ASK QUESTIONS
  2. Bilawal Bhutto flew into Multan from Sindh in a Private Jet, NO ONE DARES ASK QUESTIONS
  3. Bilawal Bhutto flew into his Karachi Jalsa in a Private helicopter, NO ONE DARES ASK QUESTIONS
  4. During the 5 year tenure of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif he was withdrawing salary from Ramzan Sugar Mills - a conflict of interest, NO ONE DARES ASK QUESTIONS
  5. During the recent tenure of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif continues to withdraw a salary from Chaudhry Sugar Mills - a conflict of interest - NO ONE DARES ASK QUESTIONS
  6. Would Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif publicly declare the profits earned from their sugar mills and the divendes paid out



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  1. Waqas Ahmed Avatar
    Waqas Ahmed

    i think apparently JKT paying the expenses of imran khan being routed through JDW is violation of section 197 of companies ordinance 1984.