PM House releases a Fake Image to Coverup the Solar Deal

So the Solar Panel deal (which I mentioned yesterday) makes it to Dawn. Imagine the desperation to cover-up the deal that the PM office released another picture, instead of the signing ceremony of the Solar deal and captioned it as such, in a way trying to showcase it as a project sanctioned by the Norwegian Govt – they showed Nawaz Sharif sitting with the Prime Minster of Norway

Funny part is that this picture has NOTHING to do with the 150MW Solar panel deal – this is a picture from a side discussion from the Education summit – How so? the lady sitting next to PM of Norway is Laila Bokhari who is State Secretary on Women and Education to the Norwegian Government

The 150MW build-own-operate solar deal is a perfect project laden with abundant cuts and commissions – a higher solar energy tariff means we’re all gonna pay through our nose for many many years to come. Scatec Solar, with its local counterpart Nizam Energy (and possibly many others in the pipeline) will make millions times over – its easy for Sharif to sign expensive business deals and transfer the burden back to the Pakistani taxpayer’s – utterly unintelligent economic solutions for Pakistan

Solar energy for all what it may be worth to the environment is still a First World High-risk energy generation investment, not geared up for an economically struggling third world.

Credit to the source from Norway, helping expose this Sharif fiasco



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2 responses to “PM House releases a Fake Image to Coverup the Solar Deal”

  1. Shoaib Sultan Avatar
    Shoaib Sultan

    Awab, you’re source has defintley sent you off on the wrong track and your blog is quite irresponsible as you have posted a false story without verifying the facts..

    As a a professional individual you should state facts that you have verified yourself.

    The deal struck in Norway is between two private companies that have nothing to do with the Government of Pakistan or Nawaz Sharif personally.

    The Prime Minister of Pakistan was in Norway for an education summit and not this signing ceremony which is why the photo shows the Laila Bokhara…

    Its actually the PM’s press secretary who should have verified the photo being posted with the relevant article which if you see in yesterdays tribune has the right photo.

    You have every right to be Pro PTI and anti Nawaz but don’t bring in a clean business transaction which will benefit our energy starved country into that dirty mix.

  2. sana Avatar

    Who is awab alvi? why would they cover up the deal? It’s between two private company’s. Awab you are another stupid Pti troll running a blog. Immature too. And maybe jealous also.