Nawaz Sharif Convicted for 5 years

Congratulations Pakistan

It’s been a long hard struggle which truly started with MQM / Altaf Hussain in 2013 and we were handed the Panama papers in 2015 and this movement finally culminated today with the conviction of Nawaz Sharif

Many critics will find it hard to accept that it has been Imran Khan’s commitment and perseverance which has finally led us to this moment of conviction for Nawaz Sharif – IK had promised us a Naya Pakistan and the struggle to unseat these behemoths has not come easy, could you have imagined all this to happen back in 2013 – mashallah Imran Khan delivered on many fronts – true genuine opposition actually strengthens democracy — PTI fought the battle on the streets, but at same time stood back at some extremely critical junctions to allow judiciary to take over and cast the final decision – Justice in our society must remains Supreme

Many PTI supporters may have fallen away because of some disagreement, but they all should realize that this is exactly what a movement to fix Pakistan needs, it needs a dedicated Teflon coated leader whose focus is only to fix Pakistan – if he doesn’t, then there truly is no one capable enough to save our future generations

It’s now time to help Imran Khan fully in these upcoming elections — each vote matters and each elected MNA empowers Imran Khan to NOT compromise with the opposition while forming a govt – it depends on each one of you to hold up Imran Khan to help Pakistan

VOTE FOR BAT — empower Imran Khan & PTI to fix Pakistan because voting for anyone else you shall end up supporting the smaller “regional” parties who have repeatedly proven to fail Pakistanis — again and again



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