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Nokia 9300 Communicator

I proudly announce that today I became a proud owner of a Nokia 9300 Communicator. It means an end to my crappy PDA Handspring 270 and I now move up the mobile ladder to hold a slick and stylish piece of equipment.

I got this as a birthday present, and I surely am NOT complaining you can imagine the entire evening was spent playing around with the gadget. It is new to me as it is based on a Symbian OS – in contrast to my old Palm based system for which I had tons of games/utilites to spend my free time, I now turn to the internet to provide me with alternatives and as I browse around there are tons of software to my liking. Though the 9300 is smaller and much more stylish but it lacks a camera – heck I can live without it and also a WIFI connection (that hurts a bit but I make up then with a GPRS connection). The 9500 has both BUT then it is too bulky and similarly less stylish, I am quite a happy man today.
psst. I am on the hunt for a crack site for symbian softwares

What neat piece of mobile do you have to make me jealous 😉

Pakistani Blogger: KO

Khalid Omar. a blogger from Karachi has dominated the Pakistan Blogging scene since June of 2003. His blog ko.offroadpakistan.com which if I am not mistaken can be credited to being the first blog to place Pakistan on the Blogosphere map. I have been following him since September ’03 when I stumbled across his Worldcall 4-month review post which sparked some serious discussion amongst the people of Karachi and Lahore and has inspired upwards of 100 comments (My first ever comment is #6 on this post made in Sept ’03). His popularity on the blogging scene is tremendous and almost every new comer surely visits the blog ‘to pay hommage’. His posts are truly well worded and thought provoking.

Sadly I have not met the legendary KO despite being located in the same city, I am sure one fine day we might indeed bump into each other and then I might be able to marvel at the blogging giant 😉 It is my habit to give credit where it is due and I give KO full credit to having inspired me into the world of blogging. Ones first steps are usually shaky and I too recall having the same jittery feeling while making my first comment in the blogging world, I recall, my world changing comment, one September night in 2003 where I did finally sum up the courage to make my first comment on the KO-worldcall review. But that first step did truely then start the tirade of comments by Teeth Maestro to the blogging world.

Exploring KO further he is a genuine off-road vehicle fanatic, a person who takes those 4×4’s out into the rugged terrain and gives it a proper drive, unlike us who drive on the streets of Karachi and think that one massive speed-breaker is enough to test the Prado/Land Cruiser.

We all have a close eye on you – Keep up the good work KO

Sweet Revenge for Pakistan Cricket team

I write this post while our cricket team is on the brink of a historic win in India. They have tumbled out 7 indian batsmen and stand 100 runs. It would mean a 4-2 series win for Pakistan. Amid some crowd troubles but the moral of our team is high and it should rightly be so. It is sweet revenge for the defeat the Indians handed to us in the last series in Pakistan

We should give them a hero’s welcome on their return home. Pakistan Zindabad

UPDATE (2-hrs later) Pakistan has nailed the series 4-2 and has won the Series on the Indian soil by 159 runs. BRAVO!!

Yahoo! 360 Invitations Open.

First Thank You Doc. for inviting me as a contributor on your Blog.

Here goes the first post …

For those who still dont have a Yahoo 360 Account, please email me for the Invitation Request at :

g3nu1n3 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Visit: G3Technews @ Yahoo 360.

Source: G3Technews

Mr. 10% returns to Pakistan

It is surprising that Asif Ali Zardari is due to get a hero’s welcome when he lands in Lahore on Saturday 16th. I still can’t stomach the idea that he was released and all charges against him were dropped. He now has a smirk on his face saying he is innocent, famously known as Mr. 10% he comepletely destroyed our counrty not once but twice over can we hosnetly sit and watch him take charge a thrid time? It pisses me off. The govt is making a big Ho-Ha affair when we all know its just a game to save face and also allow him to return. We shall only find out tommorrow on what develoments take place. What do you think of this scam?

Pakistan Clobbers India in 5th One Day

For all Pakistani supporters it was a delight to see Afridi lighten up the skies in India with his 102 runs off 45 balls. His blazing innings was the founding stone for a certain win and the run chase was then more of a formality for the rest of the batting line-up to nail a win with a comfortable margin. We probably won’t see an innings like this anywhere in the near future but will always remember the clobbering served by Afridi to our friends across the border. Just like the famous Miandad Sharjah innings…

You live only once for a chance to watch Kumble being hit for 22 runs off his first over. Together we now look forward to the 6th and final One day match to see how the series goes, we are at least assured of a draw if we accidently happen to loose the last game – Pakistan Zindabad

Pakistani Blogger: G3nu1n3

G3nu1n3 – A Pakistani Blogger from Islamabad, blogging for about 6 months from 26th Oct 2004 has to-date an astonishing 1300+ posts on his blog, that puts him on an average of 8 posts per day for his 168 days of blogging. A huge number by any standard…

I myself, probably started following him from November ’04 and have been glued to his blog ever since as I feel its now my one-stop source for all IT-related information. I sometimes feel its too much information for one human to possibly comprehend, but then its human nature to have the greed for more. A point in time may come when you say to yourself "I have explored every nook and cranny of the internet" but then G3 at his blog would produce another impressive post that would send you down for another solid hour of surfing.

Strangely it took me sometime to decipher the word G3nu1n3 as Genuine but now I honestly believe that he is indeed true to his name. Many bloggers sweep into the world like a brilliant Halley’s comet but disappear before you even know it, G3nu1n3 is undoubtedly here to stay.

If you are looking for a quick dose of uptodate technology articles then turn to the G3-Blog

X-Posted on Light Within

Blogger to WP migration: My Experience

The concept took birth about a month ago when I seriously explored the idea of taking my blogger experince to a different level.  Being a novice I downloaded the WP 1.5 release onto my present hosting only to realize I needed to upgrade my basic service to include PHP & MySQL.  Exploring various hosting services I finally resorted to Nexus.net.pk my orginal hosting company as I felt confident with them.

For the month I frequeted the forum at wordpress.org and their codex and wiki sections to better understand the coding.  Its not simple HTML (like in Bloggler) but based on a PHP database, for a novice it takes a bit getting used to.  I ended up running a test site until I had finalized my hosting service (A word of thanks must go out to the kind people at Negimaki.com fo roffering me 1GB of free wordpress hosting).

The test site allowed me to install wordpress to my hearts desire, I had almost 35 differnet themes in the installation and more then 20 plugins (I liked about 12).  I played with the code and will continue to do so until its no longer fun 😉

The migration from Blogger.com to my WordPress was a piece of cake and credit goes out to Catsutorial where a picture based tutorial exists which literally takes you by the finger through to the successful migration when used in conjunction with Andy Skelton’s Blogger Importing tool.  (Thank You – would have been lost without them)

Before the transfer I designed a prominent banner on the Blogger site where visitors can easliy click through and also a simple post announcing the move only then did I proceeeded with the transfer.  It was uneventful and a simple 30 min job.

Today I sit here making adjustments on the posts and assigning them to various relevant categories simultaneously making some essential formating changes which somehow appear awkwad in this new theme.  A few hotlinking pictures are not fully funtional and comment email alert is not upto the mark will have that also sorted out.  I would recommend all users to register their avatar at Gravatar.com since my blogger is Gravatar enabled and your avatar will automatically show up on your comments.

Would I do it again? – YOU BET YOUR ASS I WOULD ;).  Now I return to some serious blogging.  Talk to you later 

I have finally moved

I have finally moved into my own domain, with basically all the freedom in the world with no dependance on Blogger.com.  Though right at the end blogger has imporved and is behaving perfectly.  Now join me here and would really appreciate if you can update your bookmarks to show the new address as teeth.com.pk/blog

Conversion almost complete

Friends: I aplogize for my protracted absence from blogging, especially since Blogger as been a pain in the ass for the past week. Last night when I tried to post, frustration almost made me pull my hair wild. I have my fingers crossed if this post goes through on the first attempt.

My move to WordPress is almost in its final stages, I finally have a hosting service and hope they will have me setup soon, once fired up, all I need to do is transfer my testing site to the new host that should be easy. BUT then I have my fingers crossed with blogger.com if it will allow me an uneventful FTP transfer. Hopefully the next post on this site would be to announce the new URI of my blog.

Pakistani Tech Forum by KO

I would like to draw your attention to a new forum created by KO which will discuss Technology issues in Pakistan. It is a MUST visit forum to stay abreast of the latest developments in our country

Check it out @ ko.offroadpakistan.com/forums

Karachi and Chicago – Sister Cities

According to a report appearing in Dawn, at a meeting held in the office of Naib Nazim Tariq Hasan, Tariq G Malhanens, the representative of Chicago City Government, said that on Hasan’s desire, Karachi and Chicago were being declared as sister cities…..

I am at a loss for words….. What the……..

My Birthday too

Isn’t it surprising when you accidently find that some other person happens to have the same Birth date as yours. Well I was surprised to find that Shirazi and myself having the same Date of Birth which is 5th April [mind you I have no idea if our year coincides; PS- dont wanna know as I think one of us; more likely myself; might end up to be older 😉 ]

This reaction is strange as there are a few billion people on Earth and only 365 days to be born on so I wish the rest of the couple million or so folks having the DOB on 5th April a very Happy Birthday.

Wish Shirazi a Happy Birthday at this link

A Project worth Supporting

Poverty breeds the evil in our society; it brings out beggars and also the thieves out onto the streets to survive. Thatta Kedona (Village Dolls) is an organization which I feel is a remarkable achievement of a select few visionary individuals to be able to realize this problem and have come together to create change for the poor living in Pakistan.

This organization simply allows the poor to be creative and use their limited skills combined with the limited resources around them to create a piece of art. These beautiful toys and dolls are dressed in traditional Pakistan clothes and are simply spectacular.

Have a look at Thatta Kedona to better understand this noble cause.

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