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Schools being fixed in NA250

Another example of fixing the education system by the NA250 team – Thank you to the numerous volunteers in the PTI NA250 education team – we need to keep highlighting your brilliant and tireless efforts –


Congratulations Team #Bangladesh for Asia Cup

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Risky Business – Usman Ahmed of Nizam Energy

Though I must admit I was critical of Nizam Energy, a few months back on the solar energy plant to be installed in Sindh.  My argument then, was on PML and the tenured 25 year guaranteed tariff for this solar plant which was exceptionally too high, far beyond other energy resources – at the singing of the contract NEPRA’s published 25 year tenured rate for solar was Rs. 14.8 KwH, while wind was at Rs. 12.1 KwH & furnace oil around Rs 11.2 KwH – this is assured income for a renewable source of energy that the people of Pakistan will pay for the next 25 years

That said, there is nothing to take away from the energy and passion of Usman to do more for the country and I respect that, for his own he pulled out a brilliant deal, but it is probably me to criticise PML which needs to think long term for the people of Pakistan

It was a delight reading his story on the Acumen blog – I wish him all the best – a true Made in Pakistan story to be proud off – I look forward to seeing more of him and his efforts to conquer more insurmountable tasks for the sake of Pakistan

Details of Assistance being provided by KPK Govt to APS Victims

Efforts of the PTI Govt in KPK after APS School AttackThe tragedy of APS Peshawar on 16th December 2014 shocked the entire nation, how could a heartless group of individuals target a school filled with children – the tragedy impacted the lives of 144 innocent people who were killed in the attack with over 124 additional people injured during the carnage.

Since then, the KPK Govt has been doing a lot for the victims and their loved ones, there is no way that the parents can ever be fully compensated for their loss, but some effort has been done to support them, there were still reports of some disgruntled parents who were stil unhappy about their cases, but looking at their genuine pleas it seems they were angry as the perpetrators who had masterminded this carnage have not been caught, during the session even Imran Khan allowed them to voice their concerns and reassured them that all grievances shall be handled immediately

KPK Govt on the 16th Dec 2015 sent out a press statement listing out the assistance given to the victims and their family members – sent to all media outlets but it seems no one cared to report on the facts, I think instead of waiting for a media house to publish these facts even 15 days after the anniversary, I’m reproducing the update from the KPK govt. This is also just a humble reminder that PTI Govt in KPK has taken the full burden of the compensation while the Federal Govt is garlanding the public & media with mere statements of support

Details of Rehabilitation &/or Assistance support given by KPK Govt to the victims & survivors of the APS Carnage on 16th Dec 2014

  • Shuhada Students: 122
  • Shuhada Teaching / Non-teaching staff: 22
    Total Shuhada: 144
  • Seriously Injured: 73
  • Minor Injured: 48
  • Police Personnel Injured: 3
    Total Injured: 124

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A Delighted Mother at Namal College Graduation

A mother ! Delighted to see her son graduate – this is what we need to see more of – more children of Pakistan graduating to take Pakistan forward

Emotional sights at Namal College convocation when a mother comes on Stage to thank Imran Khan for quality education for her son and throws petals on IK and the Namal College team who made the 'Dream come True' for her son!

Posted by Imran Khan (official) on Sunday, December 20, 2015


DEPRESSION ! it is a disease often undiagnosed or hidden away, specially in Pakistan, as it is considered as taboo to seek help from a Psychiatrist and in the fear of being stigmatize people do not seek counselling.

What is Depression?A must-watch for anyone who has ever suffered from depression, or known someone who has: http://ow.ly/VUyyb

Posted by TED-Ed on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

If I recall the TEDxKarachi 2014 talk by Ahsan Jamil last year – who highlighted the importance of this disease said that over 30 to 40 per cent of the adult population in Karachi may be suffering from common mental disorders. Many people are suffering from common mental disorders, such as anxiety and mild to moderate depression, if solutions, were available and if accessed, would allow the patients to live perfectly functional lives.

“There are only 27 consultant psychiatrists for a population of almost 20 million. This works out to one psychiatrist for every 750,000 individuals,”

Ahsan Jamil predicted that in the next 4-5 years depression would be the most prevalent (yet unrecognised) disease for Pakistanis and there is no consolidated effort to address the concerns of people suffering from depression.

Facebook Mentions Live Stream with Imran Khan – Another First for PTI SMT

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has achieved another first in Social Media – used a very innovative app called Facebook Mentions (launched in Sept by Facebook) to livestream a Q&A with Chairman PTI Imran Khan from his house in Banigala Islamabad – hosted by Faisal Javed Khan and coordinated by the PTI Social Media Team.

The idea was conceived by the entire team and initially tested with Asad Umar a few days earlier after the completing his efforts in the successful Local Body elections in Islamabad.

Imran Khan came live on Facebook on 8th December and started answering questions as fed to him by Faisal Javed Khan, which were being collected live from the social media using the hashtag #IKLiveWithSMT

The urge to deliver newer and better ideas on social media has been primarily the push by the chairman himself.  On many occasions Chairman Imran Khan has applauded the PTI Social Media team for setting examples in social media, but has urged us all to strive for more and better ideas, oft he has said, to stay relevant and ahead you need to stay ahead of the curve and test new ideas and new concepts, failure will only lead to success in the future

Amongst many firsts in Social Media for example PTI Social Media team in September 2012 orchestrated Pakistan’s first ever Google Hangout with any political leader, which was viewed by thousands online and about 20 participants rotated through various cities across the world to personally ask Imran Khan a question or two, to which he responded unfortunately the Google Hangout idea fizzled away since youtube has been blocked now for many years.

Posted by Imran Khan (official) on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The stream touched at one time a concurrent 28,000 live viewers but stats show the views over 300,000 during the hour long stream, it gathered 82,000 comments and was shared over 7,000 times  while the numbers continue to grow – the backend numbers are breathtaking and mind boggling

I’m excited that we have opened the doors to another stream of ideas for PTI (and other parties) and I’m quite sure many other leaders would be invited to host similar sessions.  We’ve learnt a few issues during the session which shall be sorted out in the future of which the biggest concern was a more direct way for social media users to ask questions and have them answered directly.  Inshallah we will iron out the kinks we would love to see a more regular Q&A Session with Chairman Imran Khan interacting with the public on the social media.

It’s fun to be amongst a passionate team of volunteers unified to a cause, I truly am proud of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Social Media team which has yet again delivered another first.

Qazi Jalal arrested in Peshawar for a Tweet

Scroll down for latest updates

UPDATE 1: 2:55pm Wednesday 28th October
UPDATE 2: 6:40pm Wednesday 28th October
UPDATE 3: 4:00 pm Friday 30th October
UPDATE 4: RELEASED ON BAIL 11:30 am Tuesday 3rd NovemberQazi Jalal

Today the FIA arrested a twitter activist @JalalQazi from Peshawar for posting a tweet on 22nd Sept, they placed upon him charges for violating the Electronic Transaction Ordinance of 2002 specifically clause 36: Violation of Privacy of Information and 37: Damage to Information Systems (read clauses below) these are, as per my understanding (?), non-bailable offences permitting the FIA unbridled arrest of Jalal Qazi for up to 90 days without follow-up

Qazi Jalal tweetDigging into the issue after his arrest, it seems the case hovers around a set of tweets made by Qazi Jalal on 22nd September (tweets deleted) where he posted referencing to an engagement card of a certain Mr Faizan Malik – who could be the son-in-law of Honorable Justice Irshad Qaiser, the judge who had according to Qazi Jalal granted bail to Ihsan Ali the Vice Chancellor of Abdul  Wali Khan University who was arrested a few days earlier on corruption charges.  Faizan Malik is a lecturer who has also been under investigation, of the 1400 appointees who were inducted into the university during the ANP tenure – starting his tenure as a lecturer in May 2012.  His CV hosted on the university website establishes the linkage of Faizan Malik as listed on the engagement card is the same as his fathers name listed there is the same, being the son of Ghulam Mohy-ud-Din Malik

On 15th September Ihsan Ali, the VC of Abdul Wali Khan University and three other educationalists were arrested by Ehtesab Commission and sent to a 14-day remand to Peshawar Central Jail for involvement in corruption to the tune of Rs 550 Million, the media published reports on this arrest partially siding with the ANP narrative and playing a sympathetic anti-educationist angle almost as if to blame Ehtesab commission for wrongdoing.  The case took an interesting twist when seven days later on 22nd September, Ihsan Ali was granted bail by the Honorable Justice Irshad Qaiser.  Which may have, in normal circumstances been a routine bail, but had it not been for some investigative sleuthing of Qazi Jalal who dug out an engagement card possibly establishing a conflict-of-interest between the honorable judge and her to be son-in-law Faizan Malik a lecturar at Abdul Wali Khan University, and possibly undergoing the same investigation

The on-ground reports from Peshawar is that, FIA is responding and harassing Qazi Jalal on possibly contempt of court charges started by Justice Irshad Qaiser, Ihsan Ali the bailed VC, ANP Senator Sitara Ayaz (who is ironically also subverting arrests from Ehtesab Commission under ‘stay orders’ issued by Honorable Justice Irshad Qaiser, Qazi Jalal reported on the Senators case as well) the case is also being propped up fully pushed by the  corrupt ANP party as they are intrinsically involved in the corruption scandal.

The more pertinent issue is if this tweet was wrong as deemed by the honorable judge, Qazi Jalal should have been asked by the honorable judge, even in pursuant of a proper legal proceeding to ask him to delete &/or apologize for this inaccurate information, but quite ironically it seems they may have chosen to bully and harass Qazi Jalal using the FIA to exercise the ETO ordinance 2002, which if you read the clauses below, there is truly no direct violation under which Qazi Jalal should be arrested, unless they choose to draw hypothetical conclusions to the wordings of the law, best part is that a tweet gathering a mere 8 retweets was deemed damaging the repute of the people involved in the AWKU and others directly/indirectly involved that required such drastic harassment

This is a very serious development, the Cyber Crime Bill which is presently in the National Assembly of Pakistan for approval in its present form, is also a prime example of what could happen if such weak laws are promulgated – it allows irresponsible state agencies to abuse vague injunctions to harass the citizens of Pakistan on the flimsiest of excuses, the present ETO clause 36 and 37 falls well outside realm of this arrest but the agencies found enough of an excuse to arrest & harass Jalal – It could happen to you too


UPDATE 1: Wednesday 28th October 2:55pm : Its interesting to dig around to find out how Qazi Jalal had access to the engagement card, it has come to our attention that Qazi Jalal tweeted this image of the card after spotting it on his facebook friends Haybat Khan’s timeline

The original poster made the update on 22nd Sept 12:47pm and Qazi Jalal made a post almost 8 hours after on 22nd Sept 9:14pm.  The FIA if are interested in a credible investigation should pursue the original content from Facebook (credit for the find Sidra Imran)

UPDATE 2: Wednesday 28th October 6:40pm:  Reports are coming in that all day efforts were being made by family and the local jirga to come to some understanding and have a Muafi Nama (Apology) signed between the parties, but we’ve have just found out that Qazi Jalal has been handed over to the FIA for a 2-day remand by the court.  Seems a contempt of court charge has also been tacked onto this case

UPDATE 3: Friday 30th October 4:00pm:  Qazi Jalal appeared before the sessions court judge for the hearing, the Judges family has refused to accept the apology – despite having forced / convinced him to sign it in the fist place, the sessions court judge remanded him to 14-days in Peshawar Central Jail – the jail conditions are horrible, its deplorable – I personally have seen the copy of the FIR the case is only registered as a violation of ETO 36 and 37 there is no Contempt of Court Charge.  The next hearing is expected to be Wednesday 4th November

UPDATE 4: Tuesday 3rd November 11:30am JALAL QAZI RELEASED ON BAIL:  After much of a traumatic experience it has been reported that Jalal Qazi was granted interim bail and released from Peshawar Jail – the reports are that the family came to some understanding to manipulate his release before wednesday.  Keep in mind this does not mean the issue is all sorted out, it only means Jalal Qazi has been harassed enough that they choose to release him on bail for sometime


Electronic Transaction Ordinance of 2002 – Clause 36 & 37 reads

36. Violation of privacy of information.—Any person who gains or attempts to gain access to any information system with or without intent to acquire the information contained therein or to gain knowledge of such information, whether or not he is aware of the nature or contents of such information, when he is not authorised to gain access, as aforesaid, shall be guilty of an offence under this Ordinance punishable with either description of a term not exceeding seven years, or fine which may extend to one million rupees, or with both.

37. Damage to information system, etc.— (1) Any person who does or attempts to do any act with intent to alter, modify, delete, remove, generate, transmit or store any information through or in any information system knowingly that he is not authorised to do any of the foregoing, shall be guilty of an offence under this Ordinance.—  (2) Any person who does or attempts to do any act with intent to impair the operation of, or prevent or hinder access to, any information contained in any information system, knowingly that he is not authorised to do any of the foregoing, shall be guilty of an offence under this Ordinance.—  (3) The offences under sub-section (1) and (2) of this section will be punishable with either description of a term not exceeding seven years or fine which may extend to one million rupees, or with both.

CONFESSION: MQM/APMSO Activist Killed Imran Farooq

So the confessions emerge that an APMSO activists flew to london to assassinate its own leader.  Mohsin Ali, the prime suspect in the murder case of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Dr Imran Farooq, on Wednesday confessed to Scotland Yard investigators of being involved in the brutal murder of MQM’s founding leader in London

  • Identifies himself as activist of MQM student arm APMSO, says he also used to work in Com-net, company of Moazzam Ali, who arranged travel documents for him and co-accused Kashif for London trip
  • Sources say Scotland Yard officials will complete investigation and meet members of JIT and Interior Ministry officials this week
  • Mohsin Ali admitted that he had attacked Dr Imran Farooq with a knife,” the source said, adding that the accused also revealed that he was an activist of All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization (APMSO) – the student arm of the MQM.
  • Ali also told the British team that Moazzam Ali was the person who had arranged the travel documents for him and his co-accused, Kashif, for their trip to London. The accused also told the investigators that he used to work in Moazzam Ali’s company, Com-net.

Goodness gracious – Bhai Ko Diwar Say Nah Lagao

MQM Issues Life Threats to Dr Arif Alvi

Arif Alvi receives Life Threats from MQMLiving in Karachi, for all Karachiites is a life under constant threat from the Bori-Bhatta mafia & also others, that probably for us all is a normal routine, but more recently the threat levels have escalated and he has been keeping the recent issues under the carpet for quite a few weeks, but im glad after some long drawn discussion & debate Dr Arif Alvi finally decided to open the pandora’s box today in the National Assembly.

Receiving threats from MQM workers, Arif Alvi tells NA: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Dr Arif Alvi informed the National Assembly on Thursday that he is receiving threats from people who claim to be workers of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

“I have spoken to MQM leader Farooq Sattar about this issue,” the PTI leader informed lawmakers in the National Assembly.

“For many days I have been facing life threats by people who claim that they are working for the MQM,” he added.

MQM MP’s Resigned because they were Cowards & Buzdil

The resignation story is NOT about Karachi or any of the flowery arrested target killers or the Rangers operation in Karachi – the story is about how “Coward & Buzdil” MQM MNA’s MPA’s & Senators did not defend Altaf Hussain Bhai in the Assembly floor on 10th of August as Ch Nisar criticized him for issuing Anti-Pakistan statement during his late night speech from London a few days earlier

So for the record its not about Karachi – its not about Muhajir cause – or anything else – its about MQM parliamentarians should defend what Telephone-wala Bhai says & then retracts on a daily basis

So much for a party being lead by a telephone …. and the people of Karachi hostage to his mood swings … MQM, quite honestly, would be better off without the telephone

MQM and its Telephone – holds Karachi in shambles

As I narrated yesterday the problem of MQM lies elsewhere (read London) – a narration of what happened that lead to the resignation – knowing Bhai this scenario is quiet possible – I only miss the fact that it was not nationally televised to hear the anger / and the bang in-your-face hang up

DAWN: On late Tuesday night the national and provincial level parliamentarians (in Karachi and in Islamabad) gathered for a meeting along with members of the coordination committee and some participants from the US. In their various locations, they were addressed by the party chief from London.

Some senior MQM leaders joined the meeting from the US while the MQM members of the National Assembly and the Senate were listening from the Parliament Lodges in Islamabad. Members of the coordination committee were present in Karachi and London.

And a severe dressing down followed.

MQM chief Altaf Hussain lashed out at them for their cowardice and betrayal. Unclear on how to placate their party leader, the elected members offered to resign and to the shock and surprise of some of them, he agreed before banging the phone on them.

Mr Hussain who had worked himself up into a state of rage by then said that the parliamentarians could do whatever they wanted and hung up.”

MQM Resignations in the Parliament – Mistake by MQM

In other news MQM to resign from National Assemblies – To be honest, thats a stupid move, all my differences with them, I think its an idiotic decision, my honest opinion is the problem lies elsewhere (read London)

Many in Karachi feel, Karachi is getting better (sans a few horrific incidents) but general direction of establishing peace in Karachi is on the right track and many militants are being rooted out – that said the entire Pakistan knows that MQM has harboured militants who established a Bhatta-Bori culture for the past 26+ years – this Bhatta-Bori menace sadly hijacked the “Muhajir” rally cry to turn it into a militant party (at least in the eyes of all Pakistanis)

Solution simply lies in the parhay likhay leadership (if any left) to allow the Karachi cleanup progress to its full culmination, the party itself will stand to gain as the ruthless, lawless elements who had destroyed MQM will get cleansed out, its about time many fall into this trap and Karachi returns to a life back into the romantic city called the city of lights.

I request all Karachiites to stand aside and let the Karachi cleanup operation continue, for the future of this city, it has to be done, some (read, very few) may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but sadly, TOO many – thousands of innocent Karachiites – have succumbed / Killed to these Bori-Bhatta mafias sadly being killed for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time

MQM – Aman Committee – ANP – Talibans – and anyone else harbouring militants need to be expunged from Karachi entirely – no if’s and but’s please, no humaray karkun – anyone and everyone should be swiped

Karachiites must support Rangers – to save Karachi

For all Karachiites – its a fact – in the past few months, the cleaning operation by the Rangers has helped us all live & breathe, as previously the Sindh Police under the explicit control of PPP and MQM were jointly helping to dig our graves

So if today MQM for its own interest in protecting its own militants is against the deployment of Rangers in Pakistan, then I think it should be quite clear to all that MQM is AGAINST Karachi and wants to lead this city to catastrophe.

Deja Vu to the 24 MQM MNA’s who signed into law the Pakistan Protection Act last year, enabling our LEA’s all powers to cleanse Pakistan of all militants & terrorists. So if not for anything MQM should blame its own MNA’s for supporting this law.

Karachi must strongly oppose MQM & PPP for the sake of saving Karachi – Karachi must be totally cleaned, no militant should be allowed to survive in any capacity whatsoever, be they belong to any political party whatsoever. – shared by Awab Alvi on Facebook

PM House releases a Fake Image to Coverup the Solar Deal

So the Solar Panel deal (which I mentioned yesterday) makes it to Dawn. Imagine the desperation to cover-up the deal that the PM office released another picture, instead of the signing ceremony of the Solar deal and captioned it as such, in a way trying to showcase it as a project sanctioned by the Norwegian Govt – they showed Nawaz Sharif sitting with the Prime Minster of Norway

Funny part is that this picture has NOTHING to do with the 150MW Solar panel deal – this is a picture from a side discussion from the Education summit – How so? the lady sitting next to PM of Norway is Laila Bokhari who is State Secretary on Women and Education to the Norwegian Government

The 150MW build-own-operate solar deal is a perfect project laden with abundant cuts and commissions – a higher solar energy tariff means we’re all gonna pay through our nose for many many years to come. Scatec Solar, with its local counterpart Nizam Energy (and possibly many others in the pipeline) will make millions times over – its easy for Sharif to sign expensive business deals and transfer the burden back to the Pakistani taxpayer’s – utterly unintelligent economic solutions for Pakistan

Solar energy for all what it may be worth to the environment is still a First World High-risk energy generation investment, not geared up for an economically struggling third world.

Credit to the source from Norway, helping expose this Sharif fiasco