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PM Sharif actually in Norway for a Mega Solar Deal

Prime Minister is headed to Norway for an education conference – so important is the education conference that dignitaries from Rawanda, Haiti and Nigeria are attending and the conference is being inaugurated by UN SG Ban Ki Moon and also by Malala – I guess PM is there to applaud the efforts of Malala from the audience, if he’s not there for anything else

The 40+ member delegation which has accompanied the PM shall loiter around and not even bother interacting with any Pakistanis living in Norway

But what the author rightly ask – what’s the “REAL REASON” of the visit – sources say a mega $$$$ solar project deal is on the table – a local sweet talking front company in Islamabad which barely has license to install 10MW project is to bang this lucky draw with a Norwegian company to be one of the Norwegian companies biggest project of their life – funding will be allegedly claimed to be from some ADB source, but reality at the moment is that it’s gonna come squarely out of our (Pakistanis) pockets

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24 MQM MNA’s Sign Pakistan Protection Act, to Seal their Militant Workers fate

One year back on facebook I wrote as to how 24 MNA’s voted yes to the Pakistan Protection Bill – giving LEA’s sweeping powers to take control – I even warned that this bill would have impact on them mostly then anyone else

Now one year down the road abundant MQM militants have been taken to task and at each 90 becomes a crying fest “dewar saye laga diya” they should first crucify their MNA’s for rubber stamping this bill to seal their workers fate !!

24 MQM MNA’s voted YES to the Pakistan Protection Bill – which gives LEA’s sweeping powers and legal cover, so if the next day when some MQM militant gets killed in an “encounter”

So when that unfortunate day comes, the MQM workers & Rabita committee should blame its 24 MNA’s who voted AYE to the Pakistan Protection Bill

… Now when Bhai wakes up in London he calls it a Black Law and seems to have missed the memo. Ironically this bill has been on the floor for a few months !! and the MQM parliamentarians voted as per consultations from London.

So im wondering whats going on

CCTV Footage of Ayyan Ali and her PPP Money Laundering Apologists

CCTV footage of Ayyan Ali on her arrest at airport then listen how all of Zardari and PPP cronies jump to try to cover up and save her – allegedly it was her 81st trip

Shameful – hang them all but coverups underway to soften the sentence to being a bailable offence

CCTV Footage of Ayyan Ali before being Arrested… by dawn-news

#♥︎Karachi from Alvi Dental on Shahbaz

A breathtaking sight from the top floor of our new Alvi Dental setup on Kh-e-Shahbaz


The appeal is simple – spread the request to locate the rare blood groups known as Bombay Group H/H found in 0.0004% of the population and help save Aneesa

Aneesa is a household maid who is severely ill – she needs more blood and apart from one generous donor. two others snuck away for fear of donating blood – help locate more possible donors

Aneesa was moved from Civil to Ziauddin and requests are being made internationally for blood – it’d be cheaper if we find a donor in Pakistan.

Some active people are personally overlooking this case myself Faisal Kapadia, Sabeen F. Haque, Faizan Syed, Nabil Jangda, Jehan Ara, Zarlasht Faisal and more to give you an idea of the credibility supporting the authenticity of the case – mashallah with combined efforts funds are made available from generous donors – we need your help to spread the word

Facebook / google or twitter marketeers you may want to pitch in a few $ for an ad push for the page – only ask to help locate a similar blood group in Pakistan and then this common Pakistani can live to maybe donate back to some other individual needing Bombay Blood at sometime in the future


Bombay Blood Group for Aneesa

Aneesa needs this rare blood group in Karachi – estimate there might be twelve individuals in the entire Pakistan – spread the message and maybe, maybe someone on your Timeline might know of a person with this Bombay Blood group – It’s Aneesa today and tomorrow it could be another individual.

All it takes for you to spread this message / image / FB page across your social media with the hashtag #BombayBloodForAneesa – maybe some person is some corner of Pakistan can be identified as having this rare blood group called Bombay Blood Group – they can only take blood from this specific group

This campaign also helps us build a future database if in case they need any blood later on in life – estimates have it that there might be only 12 individuals in Pakistan with this blood, ONE was kind enough to donate, but Aneesa needs more, today we moved the Aneesa from Civil Hospital to Ziauddin and are working on the possibility of reaching out to blood banks globally for some urgently shipped blood, but if we find one in Pakistan – it would be significantly less costly


Revenge of the ballot – by Fahd Hussain

A must read article by Fahd Hussain, a few extracts

“Some people are just such incurable apologists for elected scoundrels.  It’s really not that complicated. For five long bloody years Karachi groaned under the collective sins of the PPP-MQM-ANP triage. People were killed like flies while criminals flourished like emirs of oily sheikhdoms. Fat cats grew fatter and multiplied like rodents, infesting the nooks and crannies of government and semi-government organisations. And the city went to hell. As did the province.

If the PPP-MQM-ANP triage had honestly wanted to clean up Karachi and Sindh, they could have. They had the mandate; they had the legitimacy; they had the powers and the resources; and they had the time. Yes, five long years of unchecked, undiluted and unadulterated power. But they did not because they were, and are, part of the problem.

So you apologists — wake up and smell the stench of this farce. This mess is not what we deserved; this is not what this country was made for. Hundreds of thousands died and millions were displaced for scoundrels, rascals and swindlers to rule this land into total mayhem? Yes, the military has contributed generously to this mayhem, and yes its leadership in the past has unleashed monsters that ravage this land of ours today; but what do you do now when Sindh is being ruled to ruin and there is no chance of reform under the PPP and the MQM?

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Extraordinary Pakistanis: Dr Arif Alvi – Express Tribune

Express Tribune: Dr Arif Alvi is an acquired taste. He isn’t your typical flash in the pan Pakistani politician who rides his 1,000-watt charisma to answer difficult questions. Instead, Dr Arif is that rare Pakistani politician whose substance overwhelms his style. He quotes ideas from Plato, Maulana Maududi, Marx and Thomas Piketty with equal ease. Even if you’re a resident of his constituency in Karachi’s Defence or Clifton area, you might not know that he was shot twice while protesting against Ayub Khan’s military rule. “Suddenly my hand dropped and I started bleeding,” says Dr Arif, recounting the moment he was shot right before curfew. “I held my limp hand and walked towards the hospital. My fingers were paralysed for months. I thought I would have to give up dentistry as a profession after I was shot.” The bullets remain lodged in his body to this day.

The Railway School almost ready

It was truly a ghost school before – Insha’Allah now with the involvement of The Citizens Foundation – TCF imparting good quality education it should become a proper school – impacting the lives of children in the area.

Funds to revamp this school were raised from kind donors and supporters – and slowly in the 4-5 months we are now almost ready to hand the school over to professionals at TCF to manage this school henceforth

Credit goes out to many selfless volunteers and donors who have made this a reality – Leadership from Dr Arif Alvi who waded through the bureaucracy, it took time, but perseverance has paid off – Inshallah once this school becomes fully functional the school will start catering to around 2000 children (both shifts) from a dismal 250 enrolled at the moment

Benazir Bhutto Assassination Video remerges – still no progress

Resharing this Dunya TV clip from 2012 – the video from Mobile phone camera first emerged the day after 28th Dec 2007 when the gentleman shooting the video contacted me via orkut my Blog post the following day on 29th Dec 2007 I clearly outlined that BB was assassinated by a bullet

Benazir Bhutto Murder Investigations

A look at the mobile clip which has been long ignored

Posted by DunyaTV on Thursday, December 27, 2012

But I guess no one wanted to who assassinated her… neither her party and neither her family who totally ruled over Pakistan for the next 5 years and made billions if not trillions …. I guess this mystery …. shall be another one shoved under the carpet ..

Karachi Water Crisis – Explained & Exposed

Long but must read report by Express Tribune on what the actual water crisis of Karachi is – it’s not an easy fix to turn the tap on full?? It’s far more complicated and filled with politics and corruption laced with the greed to profit from the water crisis.

The Axact Controversy – Whodunnit?

Admittedly – for the past two days it seems I’ve been obsessed with the Axact story – I honestly have no personal vendetta, don’t even know any person there, but it pisses me off when someone bullies another into silence and Axact has been notorious for this game since too long to remember. Any attempt to criticize Axact has landed people in a shit hole of Cease and Desist notices and a few have escalated to legal lawsuits resulting in gag orders or content deletion

Over the two days, many critics been speculating as to what’s actually going on? is there a bigger game to this controversy, than what meets the eye – lets break down the case hoping to evaluate from all angles

Axact Degree Mill Scam

This in my opinion is clear open and shut case, they have been involved in this scam for many years, last night I even stumbled across a video of one of Axact’s sham university front Rochiville University awarding an MBA to a dog, but all the investigative click work from various listed universities lead towards Axact, granted more digital forensics may need to fully prove the connection but its almost there.  This is the entire reason why the company is in deep shit.  Had they run a clean white color business, nothing could have spoilt this multi million dollar company.

There should be no two opinions about it, if its proven to be a scam, this needs to be caught and dealt with immediately.  The government should open legal class action proceedings in various countries allowing affectees who’ve been scammed – to apply for settlements and reimburse them with damages all payable from Axact assets. Pakistan should instead be seen as proactively helping correct a crime to set an example at the very least

Anti-BOL Lobby

This is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiary with players like Express and GEO, all stand to gain from damaging a media channel which has the potential to hijack their market share, but for the theory that they may have orchestrated this entire NYT story, I have my doubts.

The story was published in The New York Times, and not in Express Tribune, had it been a big developing story being planned by the Express group they would have broken hints of it previously on its own TV channel.  To hold onto a story this long, is not the hallmarks of Pakistani media, it requires the patience of a seasoned journalists who did all the investigative ground work, he may have been composing this story for many days and finally when all the things fell in place & his sources fully checked out & fully convinced  NYT editors he found the front page of NYT Monday morning, which coincidentally also gets published in Pakistan  – I genuinely think Declan Walsh did his own homework, though he may have been assisted locally from the Anti-BOL lobby to fill in the gaps for his investigation


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Axact Sells an MBA Degree to a Dog

As if the funny stories about Axact could possibly not get any funnier – we now have an authenticated investigative report of Axact’s sham university Rochwille University awarding College MBA degree to a dog in Vermont USA. Rochville Universoty also happens to be listed in New York Times list of Axact’s Sham university websites for $499

First please kindly watch this video below, uploaded in 2011, of a Vermont news reporter exposing how a dog named Chester Ludlow obtained an MBA degree from Rochville University in 2009 and was even supplied with proper detailed transprcipts and heck along with in the package came a car sticker as well, talk about alumni perks

Distance MBA Degree Earned by Dog

A closer look at Rochville University, a link which was also reported on Declan Walsh’s article in NYT, scrolling onto their website if you click LIVE CHAT, a window pops up, revelaing the source code you shall see that the encoding includes a special xchatlivepro code which is hosted on xchatlivepro.com webiste – in yesterday’s video we shared about these sham websites having the same chatting link, we showed how almost any randombly selected website lead to this Axact Chat server, which has been confirmed by my sources to be expliclity used by Axact employees while connecting with potential clients online. Its funny, that eversince our exposure the backend xchatlivepro links, has been taken offline, specifically the Axact employee login window which was previously accessible at http://xchatlivepro.org/Login.aspx.

To make things easier, and to also document it as evidence, a short video clearly shows the above steps pointing back to the same servers

Axact Sells an MBA Degree to a Dog

FIA Raids Axact Offices

So its all over the news, Minister of Interior Ch Nisar has constituted an FIA task team to investigate the NY Times report and the allegations on Axact, following which, Axact offices in Islamabad and Karachi have been raided.  Good for starters, but my hunch is – its a media defusing tactic

Media Coverup?

Had if Govt decided to wait another day or more to act upon this story – we in media/social media would have gotten an additional day to brow beat on Axact – clever media strategy is to quickly diffuse this case as it has already reached a tipping point – they may have chosen to go into immediate damage control, because now by tomorrow – statements like – “its being investigated” would have diverted all media attention to something else…. and the Pakistani nation moves on – and Axact again lives happily every after …. Nothing found since the entire issue was placed on sleep mode

On the issue, if FIA should have issued warrants and formal charge before raid:

This is a genuine concern, FIA for all intents and purposes should approach this case with care, but announcing a raid with legal warrants means a delay and any person empowered to do a “delete-all” on the servers could mean significant damage to any possible evidence – in the present digital era – immediate confiscation of equipment is more important, than paperwork (which needs to be carefully followed up)

What FIA needs to do (ideally) is raid & control of the entire facility, wait for the clients lawyers to come and then one by one confiscate any/all equipment under their explicit watch, sealing them as they go on – FIA should also come with an independent watch-dog who can give valuable advise on how to best preserve the data for both parties – but that said this is in the idea world —- in Pakistan – you would see all the CPU’s loaded a mile-high police van tied down by flimsy rope. God help the data.

What Next

Time will tell… it could be a Khanani & Kalia like prosecution they may end up being totally annhilated and disappear with whatever wealth they have stored abroad, as Axact has been used and abused and its now time to move on.  Or it could simply be asked to move forward launch BOL and continue building a dynasty it has quietly waited on the sidelines for – while the Axact Degree Mill could easily continue under a new umbrella, simply said – there shall be scammers if there are enough people ready to be scammed, business as usual