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Waqar Zaka beaten up at Xanders

Last night we were at Xander’s when the Waqar Zaka incident happened – the story as much as we could figure out.

Waqar Zaka may have passed some loose comments on the other person’s Girlfriend – which may have resulted in some argument – the other guy dropped his girlfriend home (was visibly drunk) and came back to confront Waqar Zaka – commotion erupted in the outside area the Xanders staff quickly escorted the tussle outside and there it continued.

The thrashing was bad as you may have seen in some videos floating around – when things calmed down – we left – but it was awkward as both parties were still abusing and arguing (the visibly drunk individual was on a different logic spree of an argument) while Waqar Zaka was arguing away as well – but was bruised

Xander’s staff during the tussle did say that it is a routine for Waqar Zaka, he comes to the place sits plays with his phone, records videos and passes comments on other people —which has occasionally resulted in various tiffs – to them this was just another tiff of Waqar Zaka

It’s sad — I think in all this both parties are to blame and the misunderstanding just got out of hand

NA250 Education Work at Railway Colongy School

Proud of the work done by NA250 Education Team – this is another example of the constant effort to improve various schools in the area – On a total self-help basis – each team raises funds for their adopted schools and they slowly repair the schools – If you see the other pictures of the two other school they visited in Qayyumabad you would be shocked at the state of affairs are at the moment –

This is probably a shining example of Govt of Sindh and their billions earmarked for Education ….

AETIBAR — by Atif Aslam, tribute to Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed’s AETIBAR — by Atif Aslam, a tribute to the legend

With Offroadpakistan heading out for three days

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Khan and Supreme Court begin looking into Sharif’s Panama Clevage

Nawaz Sharif Panama LeaksMy Analysis – Imran Khan’s only crime is that he hypes up his momentum to such an extent that for the followers there is possibly no turning back – that is his style of aggressive politics – he believes in it truly down to his heart and then shares it with us all so convincingly, looking straight into the camera that the people love him for that…

He advocated “Investigate or Resign” from the very start – he got investigate – I think that was good … for Pakistan – because choosing the last resort of “resignation” … means bloodshed, military finger, unrest etc etc you can list out a gazillions more items – but to push the resignation button you have to be convincing enough of your threat to make that threat & its softer alternate a viable option – and he did that convincing enough

Who buckled – I think it was Sharif who buckled, as he has now been forced to let the SC take a sneak peak into his Panama Cleavage, which he was trying to hide for 7+ months and would played the tippy toe for another few years

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The DJ’s of ‘Political Combat’

Guest Blog by Zeeshan Khan (@ZeeshChohan)

Perhaps there was no better time to pen this down. With the rising tensions between India and Pakistan lately, the ‘online’ soldiers from both sides have grabbed their keyboards to administer the proceedings between both countries. As the DSL connections became more and more common, there emerged a whole new generation of political supporters. The generation for who the internet revolved around MIRC, msn etc was slowly but gradually politicized. Even at a time when ORKUT was creating a buzz in the online community of Pakistan, no one ever thought that this online space will once become a battleground for future political zealots. But then, they choose sides. Skip to 2015 and no one would have in their wildest imaginations thought that many political parties would have dedicated social media cells managing their online presence. Whether it’s good or bad, is a completely different debate? Just for the sake of argument, greater participation in the political process ensures a more vibrant political canvas. And yes politics is actually about influencing your thought process in some way, so it’s kind of fair too. Having said that, there is still something immensely wrong with this ‘participatory’ element in Pakistan?

During a recent online surfing marathon I came across this line in an article, the line goes like

“Developing your own honest, genuine political beliefs. Not because you want to sound smart at parties, but because as you get older, you’re starting to become less naive and more concerned about important issues that your country faces.”

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Support Nighat Dad for the Human Rights Tulip Award

Nighat Daad for Tulip AwardTake a moment to vote for Nighat Dad as she has been honored with a nomination for the Dutch Human Rights Tulip Award.

With the grant she hopes to build a helpline for Cyber crime and Harassment, which is an ongoing issue and will continue to haunt us in the times to come – take a moment to support Pakistan – each vote brings Pakistan closer to a much needed Cyber Crime & Harassment center

She needs our help. We have to vote for her all this week to make sure she gets into the shortlist. Go to this link and press VOTE. Then wait for the validation email to come to you and follow the instructions. It’s that simple, but we don’t have much time to help her win. It would be a great honor for Pakistan if she does, and a way of saying thank you to Nighat Dad for all the work she does on our behalf.