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The Axact Controversy – Whodunnit?

Admittedly – for the past two days it seems I’ve been obsessed with the Axact story – I honestly have no personal vendetta, don’t even know any person there, but it pisses me off when someone bullies another into silence and Axact has been notorious for this game since too long to remember. Any attempt to criticize Axact has landed people in a shit hole of Cease and Desist notices and a few have escalated to legal lawsuits resulting in gag orders or content deletion

Over the two days, many critics been speculating as to what’s actually going on? is there a bigger game to this controversy, than what meets the eye – lets break down the case hoping to evaluate from all angles

Axact Degree Mill Scam

This in my opinion is clear open and shut case, they have been involved in this scam for many years, last night I even stumbled across a video of one of Axact’s sham university front Rochiville University awarding an MBA to a dog, but all the investigative click work from various listed universities lead towards Axact, granted more digital forensics may need to fully prove the connection but its almost there.  This is the entire reason why the company is in deep shit.  Had they run a clean white color business, nothing could have spoilt this multi million dollar company.

There should be no two opinions about it, if its proven to be a scam, this needs to be caught and dealt with immediately.  The government should open legal class action proceedings in various countries allowing affectees who’ve been scammed – to apply for settlements and reimburse them with damages all payable from Axact assets. Pakistan should instead be seen as proactively helping correct a crime to set an example at the very least

Anti-BOL Lobby

This is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiary with players like Express and GEO, all stand to gain from damaging a media channel which has the potential to hijack their market share, but for the theory that they may have orchestrated this entire NYT story, I have my doubts.

The story was published in The New York Times, and not in Express Tribune, had it been a big developing story being planned by the Express group they would have broken hints of it previously on its own TV channel.  To hold onto a story this long, is not the hallmarks of Pakistani media, it requires the patience of a seasoned journalists who did all the investigative ground work, he may have been composing this story for many days and finally when all the things fell in place & his sources fully checked out & fully convinced  NYT editors he found the front page of NYT Monday morning, which coincidentally also gets published in Pakistan  – I genuinely think Declan Walsh did his own homework, though he may have been assisted locally from the Anti-BOL lobby to fill in the gaps for his investigation


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Axact Sells an MBA Degree to a Dog

As if the funny stories about Axact could possibly not get any funnier – we now have an authenticated investigative report of Axact’s sham university Rochwille University awarding College MBA degree to a dog in Vermont USA. Rochville Universoty also happens to be listed in New York Times list of Axact’s Sham university websites for $499

First please kindly watch this video below, uploaded in 2011, of a Vermont news reporter exposing how a dog named Chester Ludlow obtained an MBA degree from Rochville University in 2009 and was even supplied with proper detailed transprcipts and heck along with in the package came a car sticker as well, talk about alumni perks

Distance MBA Degree Earned by Dog

A closer look at Rochville University, a link which was also reported on Declan Walsh’s article in NYT, scrolling onto their website if you click LIVE CHAT, a window pops up, revelaing the source code you shall see that the encoding includes a special xchatlivepro code which is hosted on xchatlivepro.com webiste – in yesterday’s video we shared about these sham websites having the same chatting link, we showed how almost any randombly selected website lead to this Axact Chat server, which has been confirmed by my sources to be expliclity used by Axact employees while connecting with potential clients online. Its funny, that eversince our exposure the backend xchatlivepro links, has been taken offline, specifically the Axact employee login window which was previously accessible at http://xchatlivepro.org/Login.aspx.

To make things easier, and to also document it as evidence, a short video clearly shows the above steps pointing back to the same servers

Axact Sells an MBA Degree to a Dog

FIA Raids Axact Offices

So its all over the news, Minister of Interior Ch Nisar has constituted an FIA task team to investigate the NY Times report and the allegations on Axact, following which, Axact offices in Islamabad and Karachi have been raided.  Good for starters, but my hunch is – its a media defusing tactic

Media Coverup?

Had if Govt decided to wait another day or more to act upon this story – we in media/social media would have gotten an additional day to brow beat on Axact – clever media strategy is to quickly diffuse this case as it has already reached a tipping point – they may have chosen to go into immediate damage control, because now by tomorrow – statements like – “its being investigated” would have diverted all media attention to something else…. and the Pakistani nation moves on – and Axact again lives happily every after …. Nothing found since the entire issue was placed on sleep mode

On the issue, if FIA should have issued warrants and formal charge before raid:

This is a genuine concern, FIA for all intents and purposes should approach this case with care, but announcing a raid with legal warrants means a delay and any person empowered to do a “delete-all” on the servers could mean significant damage to any possible evidence – in the present digital era – immediate confiscation of equipment is more important, than paperwork (which needs to be carefully followed up)

What FIA needs to do (ideally) is raid & control of the entire facility, wait for the clients lawyers to come and then one by one confiscate any/all equipment under their explicit watch, sealing them as they go on – FIA should also come with an independent watch-dog who can give valuable advise on how to best preserve the data for both parties – but that said this is in the idea world —- in Pakistan – you would see all the CPU’s loaded a mile-high police van tied down by flimsy rope. God help the data.

What Next

Time will tell… it could be a Khanani & Kalia like prosecution they may end up being totally annhilated and disappear with whatever wealth they have stored abroad, as Axact has been used and abused and its now time to move on.  Or it could simply be asked to move forward launch BOL and continue building a dynasty it has quietly waited on the sidelines for – while the Axact Degree Mill could easily continue under a new umbrella, simply said – there shall be scammers if there are enough people ready to be scammed, business as usual

Axact Landing in Hot water over Degree Mill Scam

Today early morning New York Times Pakistan Desk editor Declan Walsh publishes an expose on Axact and its Degree Mill Scam that has been under the covers for many years.  Previously any attempt to expose this company usually ended up in a legal cease and desist letter issued to anyone whosoever published anything negative on Axact.

We, as independent bloggers suffered the same fate when in 2008 Unaiza Naseem published an simple inquisitive story Unveiling operations of a local software house

Now that this article was printed in a news paper, I have the urge to know if there’s any fact in the software house “AXACT” doing porn business. There are links in the article that show the name of the software house and the discussion forums from the employees

It landed her with a hefty lawsuit which the metroblogging team in LA fully resisted and refused to delete the link – but Unaiza was tormented locally in Karachi,

Axact ultimately petitioned Google to have it removed from its search results.  The chilling effects reproduction of the notice shows that the Sindh high court notice is against Ummat newspaper, they only included KMB links and got away with it from Google.  Similar incidents have happened to WCCF techie forum run by Saad Abdullah, who reportedly deleted the forum topic 20 days later to avoid unnecessary issues.

Declan Walsh it seems finally reported this news story with support from an ex-employee who has provided him with some concrete evidence of the scam happening in the name of online degree mills.  $600,000 from only 22 customers, is a goldmine

In October, Mr. Jamshaid quit Axact and moved to the United Arab Emirates, taking with him internal records of 22 individual customer payments totaling over $600,000.  Mr. Jamshaid has since contacted most of those customers, offering to use his knowledge of Axact’s internal protocols to obtain refunds. Several spurned his approach, seeing it as a fresh effort to defraud them. But a few, including Mohan, accepted his offer. After weeks of fraught negotiations, Axact refunded Mohan $31,300 last fall

Once the story went public – some digital forensic experts spotted some commonalitiy spread across all the Axact websites, the presence of the exact same Live Chatting app being used across all websites – all leading to the Axact Chat Server found at http://xchatlivepro.org/Login.aspx

Simply open any Axact Site – Click – Live Chat Now – view the source code and see the magic happen. Watch this quick video of randomly selected websites from NYTimes published list of Axact’s scam universities and you see how all lead to the same dead horse located on Kh-e-Ittehad

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Precautions to be taken to avoid Naegleria Fowleri contamination

As summer approaches Karachi – there is some confusion amongst the public on how to cope with the fatal amoeba called Naegleria Fowleri, many updates are posted, some true and some more in the terms of mere panic.

I share this brief update on how to prevent being contaminated by Naegleria Fowleri, sadly my father-in-law succumbed to this amoeba a few years back.

Some precautions – to help avoid any random panic

  • Safe Water for NegleriaAvoid swimming in Warm Freshwater
    • Make sure pools are WELL CHLORINATED
    • Hold your nose shut, use NOSE CLIPS, or keep your head above water when taking part in water-related activities in bodies of warm freshwater.
    • Avoid putting your head under the water in hot springs and other untreated thermal waters.
    • Avoid digging in, or stirring up, the sediment while taking part in water-related activities in shallow, warm freshwater areas.
  • Avoid deep nasal inhalation of water during Wudu / Ablution
  • Install proper Water Filters where possible specially on your water tanks, as Karachi water supply is questionable (The label may read “NSF 53” or “NSF 58.” & Filter that read “absolute pore size of 1 micron or smaller” are also effective)
  • Have your water storage tank cleaned up, and some on-hand chlorine tablets will help reduce chances (image below)
  • You cannot get infected from drinking tainted water. You can only get PAM when contaminated water goes up into your nose
  • This amoeba does not breed in Salt water – so swimming in the sea is safe

How to chlorinate drinking water to prevent Naegleria Fowleri


You can purchase Water Purification Tablets from well.pk  which I recently got for Rs 1220 for a pack of 100 tablets, for a 1000 gallon tank you would need to insert about 4-5 tablets

Election Tribunals Justice Delayed is a Loss for Pakistan

Justice delayed for PTI DAWN: Analysis: Justice Delayed for PTI” – Having been mentioned in the article for the tweet “Dr Awab Alvi tweeted: sad fact what the election tribunal should have decided in 120 days, takes one year, 11 months and 23 days — justice delayed is justice denied.

What bothers me, is critics still see this as a IK vs PML issue, critics simply can’t fathom the fact that the sanctity of the vote is the ultimate cornerstone of having any semblance of democracy in Pakistan – if the sanctity of the ballot is not guarded with all the might of the ECP & judiciary democracy and the parliament are mere bricks in a crumbling castle. Unless you don’t publicly humiliate and prosecute those responsible for destroying the fundamentals of democracy, the next elections will be exactly the same. The art if delaying justice let alone tribunals is what has brought Pakistan to this lawlessness, rich & powerful skip from one date to the next until the issue may as well be long gone history.

Brings me back to the rebuttal debate I had with Zahid Ibrahim in August of last year, the Election Commission was responsible to deliver a 100% free and fair elections – at least the public should have felt some semblance of free and fair elections, not a 73% elections

No matter who wins in the re-elections in NA-125 does not matter, genuine Pakistanis could now cherish that after all the hue and cry, at least one constituency got exposed – imagine it takes one leader exerting all his heart and sole of 1 years, 11 months and 23 days to persevere with his mere grit to expose one constituency, whatever happens to a common man getting any semblance to justice …. is a sorry tale ….

Critics will/still paint this as a PTI victory, but in my heart and sole …. I think today – Pakistan won ….

Audio Conversation Leaked – a Privacy Issue Discussion

As many may have heard about the conversation between Imran Khan & Dr Arif Alvi, truly in my opinion there is nothing incriminating in the conversation so the contents are in the political discussion domain which I do not want to open up on Linkedin – the political discourse can be continued on my blog here on Imran Khan & Dr Arif Alvi’s “doctored” conversation leaked

What I think needs to be discussed is more along the lines of discussing it Privacy Issue, with the hope that this case can be made as a deterrent for future leakages of private conversations maybe involving of honest Pakistani nationals – The questions I pose to everyone to answer Continue reading “Audio Conversation Leaked – a Privacy Issue Discussion” »

Imran Khan & Arif Alvi’s “doctored” cell phone conversation leaked

The recent “breaking news” is about a leaked converstation between Imran Khan & Dr. Arif Alvi – which is undoubtedly multiple phone calls stitched together to portray a narrative / propaganda

What is more important is to publicly identify the propagandists involved in recording a private call — espionage by whom? is it even legal? is it invasion of privacy? but then going on to stitch / splice together multiple calls to suit a propaganda / narrative is that even conceivably ligit?

The more interesting aspect of this leak is that there is nothing damaging / incriminating about this conversation that deserves attention but for the sake of mudslinging on PTI, everyone is making this a big issue

Lets decipher the audio clip.

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Mubashir Lucman shows MQM 90 Raid footage

Mubashir Lucman shows the CCTV footage from 90 (MQM Headquarters) of the raid on the offices where many terrorists were captured and abundant ammunition was confiscated.

Thanks to Mubashir Lucman the MQM’s nightmare simply does not end …. for the sake of cleaning up Karachi – this city needs to be cleaned up from these goons and many others whom MQM has inspired into this business of urban terrorism to have totally destroyed the fabric of our city

WordPress Blocked in Pakistan

The popular blogging site WordPress.com is being blocked in Pakistan courtesy of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority flexing their muscles. This is not new, in 2006 Blogspot was blocked because one blog hosted on the Blogspot domain posted the controversial cartoons mocking our prophet Muhammed (PBUH) the blockage lasted for over two years and was silently removed but the website still lingers on.

Today the site which might have been responsible (as per my info) for the cause of the WordPress censorship is undoubtedly Anti-Pakistan propaganda and has been engaged in this Anti-Pakistan propaganda for quite sometime, even to the extent of supporting TTP terrorists against Pakistan etc, but by blocking it, does not serve Pakistan well, as inadvertently the Govt of Pakistan attracts more undue attention towards the site, a site which I too would not have bothered to look up – had if Govt of Pakistan not decided to block it, inquisitively I looked around to search the cause of the block to actually see why had it irked PTA enough to block it.

Now hats off to PTA as the traffic / attention to the site increases … censorship is hence a double edge sword, but propaganda wins, if it reaches the tipping point of curiosity, catapulting the issue to mainstream news, as compared to an unknown blog post being uploaded on some random blog site pushing filth

Aamir Attaa at ProPakistani upates that this might only be a two day block

“A source at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has confirmed ProPakistani that WordPress.com is temporarily blocked in Pakistan due to severe issues related to national security. It appears now that blocking decision is somewhat related to Pakistan day. Source, who wanted to remain unnamed, said that exact content that caused the blockade can’t be revealed due to seriousness of the matter. Source further confirmed that WordPress.com will be unblocked in two days from now”

Post Edit: One does go through a flux of thoughts at times like these, sure on 23rd March with patriotism in full swing, Anti-state propaganda is to be shunned / ignored, and in their self acclaimed defenders of the ideology of Pakistan – PTA decides to possibly take a moratorium on wordpress for 2 days (?) to silence this idiotic blog but does blocking one blog warrant the blatant censorship of millions of other blogs

Many may argue, its not the end of the world, sure… but why should millions of blog access suffer for one idiotic lunatic hosting something against Pakistan. Havent they inturn given legitimacy to the blog, that they have successfully irked the Pakistani nation and in some way catapulted the blogger to international fame. Ignoring such lunatics possibly requires prudence in thought, it could compel PTA to ask Channels/PEMRA to ignore such Anti-Pakistan stories, but attracting attention to the site is a damning shot in their own foot

Confessional Video of Saulat Mirza – exposing MQM

Only a few hours before his hanging (MQM leader / Activist) Saulat Mirza, a confessional video is aired which exposes the MQM fully as a Terrorist party that has besieged Karachi – he confesses to having killed KESC MD on the direct instructions from Senator Babar Ghauri and Altaf Hussain – amongst other many confessions.

This is a damming peace of evidence fully exposing the MQM and Altaf Hussain to having assassinated many of its workers and opponent

British Army lays claim to the Afghanistan Cricket Team in World Cup

So it seems that the British Army lays claim to the Afghanistan Cricket Team appearance in the World Cup?
Ironic that they bomb a country to hell under the garb of “War on Terror” only to rebuild a cricket team?
How thoughtful !!! is this English notion of Charity? Or laying the breadcrumbs towards a British Dynasty
— a Telegraph Ad


KPK Govt renames 107 schools after slain APS students

KPK Govt renames 107 schools after slain APS students #Education #PTI

The provincial government has renamed 107 existing government schools across the province after students slain in the gruesome terrorist attack on Army Public School (APS) last year.”  Read full story on Tribune 

KPK upgrades 107 schools

PTI wins Senate seats by a Whisker, but will the Senate Elections Change in the future – NO

Im happy, that PTI has successfully defeated the horse trading attempts in the KPK assembly (literally by our whiskers) – but what worries me more is that the status quo leash on Pakistan has  yet to be challenged and chopped to bits.

We cannot & should not let them continue this mess on Pakistan – PPP JUI-F and ANP all need a strict shut up call – without which Pakistan shall never have any semblece of genuine democracy as there shall never exist the foundation of a free and fair elections

Horse trading and floor crossing has always been patronized by all the status quo parties to their own advantage as and when needed – It is usually only when the ruling govt suffers, that they join hands subsequently to pass a resolution to put a permanent end to the horse trading fiasco which may have hurt them, examples being

  • MP’s have been strictly prohibited for voting against the finance budgets, as it has previously resulted in the collapse of a sitting Govt
  • MP’s have been prohibited from floor crossing – powers have given to the party leaders to ensure discipline
  • Voting for Prime Minister and Chief Ministers are open counting
  • No confidence motion is not by a secret ballot

Senate elections have always been controversial with abundant report of heavy buying and selling, but it has never face any significant resistance until PTI faced the threat of PPP, JUI-F and ANP attempting to buy out PTI MP’s almost reportedly reaching as a price tag of Rs 35 crore for each senate seat

It is my opinion that these senate elections have not shaken the PML-N hard enough (except for a mini-hiccup in Baluchistan where disgrunteled PML MP’s voted to elect a PPP MP – quite definitely on a price tag) the loss of this senator, I don’t think is significant enough that the Sharif’s will loose any sleep over to be even compelled to pass any constitutional amendment to ensure that no horse trading happens in the next senate elections

Hence PTI may have escaped a crisis – but Pakistan has not learned as yet, 2-1/2 years down the road – we shall be at the same juncture and the price tag of 35 crore would probably dwarf against the inflation of 2018 for each senate seat.

Another PLUS ONE for status quo – ZERO for Pakistan

Help us rebuild the Railway School at Kalapul – an NA250 & ICWS Project

Insaf Community Welfare Society partners with The Citizens Foundation to adopt this Railway school near Kalapul – work is fully underway for the initial handover to TCF in some respectable state in the coming month, but we need generous support to rebuild and rehabilitate this school to its old glory – taking it from the ~200 students enrolled to the potential of 2000 children being educated in both shifts

A detailed report of the project can be read on the NA250.com website Railway School Kalapul Project

During the fundraiser this Sunday we raised pledges of 5 million to bring the total up to 9.5 million already pledged by the NA250 team and supporters – our aim is to achieve 25 million to revamp the school

Ironically if you watch in between the video the assembly of children when asked “Kaisa School Chahiyae” they respond “Foundation jaisa school” – right across the playground a lavish Foundation Public School stands with a manicured structure teaching “the affording elite” … while these 200 or so kids live in pre-historic times.
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