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HRCP Statement “Civil society for change at the top, fairplay and citizens rights”

Just received this press statement from Human Rights Commission of Pakistan on discussion about the present political situation in Pakistan and condemned the wide spread arrests being made of all opposition leaders

HRCP Pakistan: Activists of civil society organizations and concerned citizens, including representatives of the four provinces, met at HRCP office in Lahore to discuss the over-all situation and the upcoming elections and summed up their concerns and demands in the following statement:

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has made the situation in Pakistan much worse. Elections have been postponed despite the demand by the main parties, including the most severely affected PPP, to stick to the scheduled date of January 8 2008. The new date for elections has been set for February 18, but there are apprehensions of further postponement and lawlessness. General Musharrafs decision to use the army during and after the elections is ominous as it aims to stifle dissent and public opinion through the use of force. The participants demanded that there must be no further delay in elections as this will only exacerbate the crisis of state and society.
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American boots in Pakistan will push miscreants into Pakistani homes

Guest Blog Post by Moin Ansari
Moin Ansari’s Blog

The push theory pushes drug dealers and insurgents out of an area. This action does not eliminate the the insurgents or destroy the insurgency. It simply moves and “pushes the insurgents to a different area, usually into civilian quarters.

The US and NATO have been successful in pushing the insurgency, though not the insurgents out of Kabul to the Afghan Pashtun countryside. NATO, Khad, RAW and others then pushed the insurgency into the tribal areas of Pakistan. Continued activity pushed the insurgency, (not the insurgents) into Swat and Islamabad.

Already some of this insurgency has spread beyond Srinagar. More boots on the ground will spread this fire deep into the heart of India. From the other side, Burma, Thailand already are fighting a growing insurgency.

A more animated intervention or invasion of Pakistan will further push the insurgency and the insurgents into Lahore, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, and other settled areas of Pakistan. Surely the US army will follow the insurgency and the insurgents. Drones flying over Islamabad and firing missiled children hidden in Aabpara or missiles being fired into Gulberg 3 and Husein chowk in Lahore?
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Citizens Group Calls for a Non-Partisan President

The Citizens Group on Electoral Process met on January 4 under the umbrella of PILDAT and after the meeting they have agreed to these basic points, the minutes of the entire meeting are attached below which was attended an impressive list of some 20 respected members of civil society. I hope this ongoing pressure can create change in Pakistan

  • A Non-Partisan President
  • Independent Inquiry Commission for the Benazir Bhutto tragedy
  • Appointment of a New CEC and Reconstitution of full ECP
  • Effective Use of Powers by the ECP
  • Restraint by the Political Parties
  • Responsibility by the Media
  • Peaceful Conduct by all Citizens
  • No Further Postponement of Polls on any grounds


Lahore, January 4; The Citizens Group on Electoral Process held its 16th Meeting at Lahore on January 4, 2008. and the minutes of the meeting are as follows.
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Documentary on Emergency in Pakistan

Interactive Resource Center as a PACFREL member developed a documentary on Emergency in Pakistan. The documentary provides glimpses of the crisis and highlighted movement of
various segments of the society against emergency including lawyers, judiciary, media, political parities and civil society.


Link: IRC

Chaudhry’s selling their assets – in Preparations ….?

Chaudhry brothersAAJ TV reports that the Chaudhry brothers, the movers and shakers of PML-Q since the past five years and a political ally of Pervaiz Musharraf are selling their assets in Pakistan and transferring their accumulated wealth to foreign lands. AAJ has received this privy information from sources very close to the Chaudhry Shujaat and Chaudhry Pervaiz Ellahi. They have reportedly liquidated a very major chunk of their family heritage and have subsequently transferred the income to some European destinations

Its not surprising that all rulers that come into this country amass a large amount of wealth and once they have a falling our with the people they choose to run towards a self enforced exile along with all their ill begotten wealth. I suspect since the past few days both the Chaudhry Borthers have now had a falling out with the king and are gearing up for a quick exit. This is nothing new for Pakistan, and people like Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto and more recently Shaukat Aziz (rumored to be in London) all have fled the country on one pretext or another.

News Report in Urdu on AAJ Tv

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Family Rivalries Surface to tear at Benazir’s Legacy

As predicated by this scribe in a post on Jan 1st the only way ruling elite can ensure a weakened PPP is to slowly chip away and exploit the jealousies and rivalries of the Bhutto clan, this could be the start of such propaganda, I personally see three potential breakaway’s from this post-Benazir era, Mumtaz Bhutto, Fatima Bhutto & Aitzaz Ahsan.

Amongst these three options Aitzaz Ahsan seems to me the one that can inflict the most amount of damage to Asif Ali Zardari’s run into parliament [though Aitzaz has withdrawn his election papers, but that issue can be sorted out], and I would not be surprised if we suddenly see Aitzaz suddenly sprung from his imprisonment. Many might ask if this is one more conspiracy theory into the muddle? Sadly yes, but one to definitely keep an eye on for…

The Guardian – 2nd Jan 2007

Mumtaz BhuttoMumtaz Bhutto sat back on the cool marble veranda of his sprawling country mansion in rural Sindh province. A guard brandishing a Kalashnikov stood behind him. A servant fanned the chocolate cake on the table to keep the flies at bay. He was dismayed. The rise of Asif Zardari, Benazir Bhutto’s husband, to the leadership of the Pakistan People’s party, was nothing less than a disaster, said Mumtaz, the sprightly 74-year-old head of the Bhutto clan.

“Zardari is an illiterate man. He has no political background or experience. He will not be able to conduct himself as the same level as Benazir,” he said with barely concealed disdain. “Most unfortunate.”

Family feuds are never pretty but for the Bhuttos, Pakistan’s dominant political dynasty, they are played out with the same intensity that characterises the rest of the family’s Greek tragedy-style history.
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Another Video Released showing the Assassination

Another mobile video has just been released and it shows Benazir being shot down before the actual bomb blast, I continue to feel depressed with the sensation that Pakistan has lost a great leader, political differences maybe but no one could ever wish for such at thing. These reports that continue to come forward are showing the people of Pakistan the importance of Citizen Journalism. In this age and technology its going to be very difficult to hide the truth and if secure avenues are available then it is possible to use this power to solve any investigation. Hence its important to collect these small tidbits of information as they appear to hopefully locate the killers who orchestrated this heinous crime May Her Soul Rest in Peace

STRATFOR: Bhutto and the U.S.-Jihadist Endgame

An article appearing in STRATFOR [Strategic Forecasting Inc.] about Pakistan, its definitely worth reading, but mind you its from the perspective of a Non-Pakistani, its time that WE stand up for what we believe is right for Pakistan, not what they hope is good for us. Is that too much to ask…..

Pakistan, Bhutto and the U.S.-Jihadist Endgame
By George Friedman

The endgame of the U.S.-jihadist war always had to be played out in Pakistan. There are two reasons that could account for this. The first is simple: Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda command cell are located in Pakistan. The war cannot end while the command cell functions or has a chance of regenerating. The second reason is more complicated. The United States and NATO are engaged in a war in Afghanistan. Where the Soviets lost with 300,000 troops, the Americans and NATO are fighting with less than 50,000. Any hope of defeating the Taliban, or of reaching some sort of accommodation, depends on isolating them from Pakistan. So long as the Taliban have sanctuary and logistical support from Pakistan, transferring all coalition troops in Iraq to Afghanistan would have no effect. And withdrawing from Afghanistan would return the situation to the status quo before Sept. 11. If dealing with the Taliban and destroying al Qaeda are part of any endgame, the key lies in Pakistan.

U.S. strategy in Pakistan has been to support Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and rely on him to purge and shape his countrys army to the extent possible to gain its support in attacking al Qaeda in the North, contain Islamist radicals in the rest of the country and interdict supplies and reinforcements flowing to the Taliban from Pakistan. It was always understood that this strategy was triply flawed.
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From President Musharraf to President Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari taking over PPPFor many the headline itself is a scary thought, but I assure you its not unimaginable…

Looking at the address by ‘Sir’ Musharraf to his humble servants today at 8pm was nothing even close to the ‘breaking news‘ we all expected but the more ‘shocking news’ was immediately following, the Press Conference by ‘Sir’ Zardari this press conference whosoever watched the press conference would have said watched Zardari in full authoritarian mode, I have seen Benazir run a press conferences, I have seen Musharraf run a Press Conferences, but when you watch Asif Ali Zardari run this gig one could shudder with the though that God forbid one day he be allowed to run our country. I stand utterly dejected at the though that the games these rulers are set to play with Pakistan, ALL OVER AGAIN

Let me explain my fears, Its sad but I actually see Pakistan back to square one just before 27th Dec – if we recall – many of us (probably not all) had total distrust with PPP as they were only there to grab their own seat of power and as a bargain patronize Musharraf, but other then that they had little or no concern with setting things straight in Pakistan, which would have meant fixing the judicial body hence Benazir simply had little or no concern for CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry or the notion of ‘Restoration of Judiciary’. For BB it was a game of words she had switched her campaign tactic from ‘Restoration of Judiciary’ to ‘Independence of Judiciary’. Everyone knew for a fact that BB will not, even for a moment, give a thought to the old non-PCO Judges quite simply because it would threaten her own existence in light of the NRO protection. Sadly with Benazir gone – its interesting to see that most of Pakistan remains distracted, yes I too sympathize the loss of the Daughter of the East, but when I see Zardari in place of BB running the PPP I shudder with the consequences for Pakistan
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ECP announces Feb 18 as new polling date

Pervaiz MusharrafAfter three days of keeping the entire nation in suspense the Election Commission of Pakistan finally announced 18th Feb as the new polling date, accounting to a 40 day delay in the entire polling process. The new date should technically not be a problem for PPP, but now in an hour or so Sir Pervaiz Musharraf will address his humble servants, I now wonder what more news will he bring since it was being speculated that he would be the person to announce the election date. All eyes will be riveted onto the screens to watch for any new surprises that the General may have planned for this nation, though I am sure it will be loaded with Me and My sacrifices for Pakistan

Daughters of Asma Jehangir Assaulted

A statement has just be issued by the Asian Human Rights Commission calling attention to the assault on the daughters of Asma Jehangir, the leading Human Rights Activist in Pakistan where she alleges that her daughters assaulted and illegally held for several hours along with their friends by armed persons of the Pakistan Muslim League Q.

Daughters of Asma Jehangir assaulted and threatened by gunmen of the ruling party

The two daughters of Ms. Asma Jehangir, a well known lawyer, human rights activist and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of religion or belief, were assaulted and illegally held for several hours along with their friends by armed persons of the Pakistan Muslim League Q (PML-Q); they were beaten severely and threatened to be killed. One of the girls was pushed into a room and this was only prevented due to the intervention of their mother. Ms. Asma. Ms. Asma herself was also threatened by the gunmen who used very filthy language against her. When police were called to the scene they took the side of the gunmen who claimed to be police officers. However, only two out of this group were policemen and the 20 other gunmen belonged to the PML-Q.

This incident happened at 1.30am when Ms. Muneeza Jehangir, Asma¡¦s eldest daughter along with her younger sister Ms. Sulema Jehangir and other friends, were making a video clip for her television channel, the Geo TV. She was filming the ripped posters and banners of the political parties in Lahore city, Punjab province, after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the former premier who was killed on December 27.
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RSF Rates Pakistan as Dangerous Country for Press in 2007

Reporters without Borders has just issued a report titled Press Freedom in 2007 in which they categorically pinpoint Pakistan as one of the most deadly countries in the world for journalists. The report goes on to identify the number of people killed in the world where 47 were in Iraq, 8 in Somalia and six in Pakistan.

Six journalists were killed in Pakistan, where suicide attacks and heavy fighting between the army and Islamist militants partly accounted for 2007s higher toll. Muhammad Arif, of TV station Ary One World, was among 133 people killed in the suicide attack on opposition leader Benazir Bhuttos motorcade in Karachi in October. Another such attack aimed at a government minister in April killed 28 people, including young freelance photographer Mehboob Khan.
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Aitzaz Ahsan still a threat to the Government

free-aitezaz-ahsan_smaller.jpgI share with you a statement sent to us by Mrs. Ahsan who shares her frustration that her husband has yet again been placed under house arrest for another month starting this New Year. My hat goes off in salute to all those judges and lawyers who made this great sacrifice for the sake of Justice in Pakistan and their ongoing resistance against an illegal dictator and his illegal PCO. It seems the that the recent turn of events has only distracted us from the way Musharraf had ransacked and raped the Judiciary in Pakistan.

I can only look back to say, had if, the Judiciary been independent, then we might have been able to find the culprits involved in the assassination of Mrs. Benazir Bhutto, but sadly it is the irony that she herself was not advocating the restoration of the only credible judiciary, but toeing the line of the illegal & compromising ones. Had if…..

Statement issued by Mrs. Bushra Aitzaz Ahsan

At this moment there is a Quran Khawani for Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed outside our house in Zaman Park in Lahore. The Quran Khawani has been arranged by me but my husband, Aitzaz Ahsan, has not been allowed even to step out of the house and participate in the Quran Khawani. He is detained in our house at No. 5, Zaman Park which has been declared a sub-jail and as of today his detention has been further extended for a period of 30 days. In fact the security and police presence outside our house has been greatly increased and a battalion of policemen guard it now in fear that he may come out and join in the prayer meeting.
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Ahmed Quershi Challenged to a Live Debate

An open political debate challenge has been issued to Mr. Ahmed Qureshi who has been a prolific writer pushing pro-Musharraf views. The email was send on behalf of the Emergency Moderator and they await a response within 72 hours. Ahmed Qureshi has been writing quite activity on his website Ahmed Qureshi with an extensive mailing list but at the same time he also runs a show called on PTV. The open challenge letter is as follows

Mr. Quraishi,

Your orchestrated fallacious theories are severely detrimental for Pakistan. The conspiracy theories you craft and project, the ‘Immaculate Deception Creations Tailored to Your Senses’ are senseless, baseless and without any substance or material. Hence I challenge you to an open one-on-one live debate in the upcoming days. I am also forwarding this email to over 500 journalists, both national and international, as I am pretty certain you neither have the courage nor civility to come forward and accept this challenge and this should be enough to expose you.

In the highly unlikely event that you do end up accepting this challenge you will have to debate me in an open event which will ideally be broad casted live and in the presence of local and foreign media and security analysts apart from any audience that turns up there. Formal rules of parliamentary debate shall be observed. It will be held at a mutually acceptable location and time. All logistics will be worked out and agreed with you before hand. I will identify myself only at the event.

Failure to reply to this email within 72-hours shall mean a forfeiture on your part and acceptance that you are nothing more than a potty-mouthed deceiver hired by the agencies in Pakistan. The world will be made aware of your response, whatever it may be.


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Report: ISI was diverting US aid to Rig the Elections

This news report to many does not come as a surprise, as many independent observers including this scribe have been screaming all along that these elections are no where near the notion of being free and fair – these elections were being carefully heavily rigged and the results planned in the favor of the ruling coalition, Jeremy Page has come out with some interesting discussions but I hope for the sake of transparency that the original document does finally make it into the free world

Published in Times Online written by Jeremy Page in Naudero excerpts of the article quoted here while the rest can be read on TIMES ONLINE

On the day she was assassinated, Benazir Bhutto was due to meet two senior American politicians to show them a confidential report alleging that Pakistans intelligence service was using US money to rig parliamentary elections, officials in her party said yesterday.

The report was compiled by the former Prime Ministers own contacts within the security services and alleged that the Inter-Services Intelligence agency was running the election operation from a safe house in the capital, Islamabad, they said. The operations aim was to undermine Ms Bhuttos Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and to ensure victory for the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) party, which supports President Musharraf, in the elections scheduled for January 8.
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