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Update @ 1935: Over 10 arrested outside Bhagwandas House

BREAKING NEWS: At 6:30 donzens of members of People’s Resistance & CMKP staged a peaceful candle light vigil outside the house of Rana Bhagwandas. The members were stationed near the gate of his house holding candles and all off a sudden the lights were switched off in the area and within the darkness the police moved in make arrests to take over 10 particpants into custody. Reports are coming in that they were taken to Darakshan Police station and iwll be released soon.

Arrested include Asad Umar (PR), Lala Hussain (PR), Saad (PR), Kamran Noorani (PR), Danish (CMKP), Faisal (CMKP) & Zafar (CMKP) – more names to follow as we are being confirmed

Vigil in Lahore for Judiciary

From activists in Lahore: Can we let apathy and general fatigue have the best of us while the government continues its draconian orders?

How long will Aitzaz Ahsan, Muneer Malik and Ali Kurd remain in arbitrary house arrest? Just Yesterday the Honorable CHIEF JUSTICE Iftikhar Chaudry was given illegal orders to VACATE his residence in a week or HE WILL BE EVICTED BY FORCE!
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Candle Light Vigil for Justice Bhagwandas

Justice Bhagwandas is under house arrest since yesterday. Show your solidarity with men of principle and stature. Join us for a candle-light vigil outside his home this evening. PLEASE BRING CANDLES !! Those attending “Discussion with Qazi Faez Isa” are requested to join.

Date: Today, January 14, 2007.
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Near Punjab Chowrangi (also called Submarine Chowk)..

Coming from Schon Circle (Clifton Underpass) towards Gizri, pass Forum Mall (on your left) and reach Punjab Chowrangi. Take a left at Punjab Chowrangi. After about 200 meters, you will see large “Lunar Furniture” and “Mahenti Estate” signs on your left. Take a left into the street from there. The apartment complex is 3rd or 4th on the right

You and the Consititution : A seminar by People’s Resistance


  • Isnt a constitution supposed to enforce our fundamental rights?
  • Why does it seem to be silent on violations instead?
  • What does the constitution have to say on communal and public property? On labour? On the environment? On sovereignty?
  • Does it make any difference whether a constitution exists or not?
  • How can we get the constitution to protect us?
  • Can it keep being changed at will?
  • Whats wrong with it that it has to be changed?
  • What is a constitution anyway?

These and other questions will be answered and discussed at an Info and Q&A session with Qazi Faez Isa, Barrister-at-Law and Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan

Organised by
The Green Economics & Globalization Initiative, SHIRKAT GAH in collaboration with the PEOPLES RESISTANCE

Date: Sunday, 13th January, 2008 (Today)
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Shirkat Gah Office, Meeting Room (1st Floor),
2 Bath Island Road, Parin Lodge, (near Bridge Store)

We urge you to come and raise your issues.

Justice Bhagwandas placed under House Arrest

It is being reported that the deposed non-PCO judge Justice Baghwandas has been placed under house arrest. Justice Bhagwandas was one of the judges who was forcibly thrown into retirement since he along with over 60 Supreme Court and High Court judges who refused to sign an illegal consitutionsl order as prescribed by General Pervaiz Musharraf on Nov 3rd. Justice Rana Bhagwandas was placed under a house arrest, shortly after he told lawyers that deposed judges will be restored in “a few weeks”.

It must be recalled that CJP Justice Iftikhar and Mr Aitzaz Ahsan have been under house arrest for over two months and counting.

We the Citizens of Pakistan whemently object to this move by General Musharraf to silence the voice of its citizens and we join the judges in protest. Here’s to hoping that democracy returns to Pakistan without a self appointed dictator as President and to the hope that the feedom of speech is respected by one and all especially by the powerful who have been making tall claims at the international levels to soon hold free and fair elections, when its ironic that they have s short temper unable to stomach opposing views

Pakistans Nuclear Integrity under International threat

Dr Arif Alvi shares his genuine thoughts and concerns of how he percives the buildup of an American threat to our nuclear arsenal. The recent comments and indicators seriously show that it is not too far to imagine that very soon the US will in all likelihood may engage the United Nations (like their false / fake arguments they used to prempt the invasion of Iraq) to help them secure the Pakistani nuclear arsenal and demote Pakistan from the “nuclear club”.

This is a copy of his email to the People’s Resistance network urging them & the citizens of Pakistan to shed their own differences & lobby against such upcoming threats for the sake of Pakistan

  1. First Pak nukes were started as a subject discussion with their falling in wrong hands as a doomsday scenario and a possibility, started deliberately by US neocons, think tanks and the CIA.
  2. Endorsed recently by Bush Administration where they allowed US to intervene in FATA areas when considered necessary.
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American Journalist Deported from Pakistan today after publication of NY Times Magazine Article

An American journalist, Nicholas Schmidle, who authored the article “Next Gen Taliban ” that appeared in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine has been deported from Pakistan. He was forced to leave today — Friday, 11 January.

Schmidle will be returning to Washington, DC on Saturday and will be joining a panel I am moderating Monday afternoon titled “Pakistan in Peril” featuring veteran journalists and Pakistan-watchers Steve Coll and Peter Bergen as well as former Bush administration National Security Council senior official Flynt Leverett. Nicholas Schmidle will now be part of this panel.

Schmidle was informed that the Ministry of Interior was deporting him for unspecified reasons, but his speculation is that he was expelled because of his article which The Washington Note highlighted on Wednesday, 2 January — before it came out on Sunday. Continue Reading

Bomb Blast in Lahore 25 killed

A suicide bomber, apparently targeting police officers, detonated an explosive outside a court in Lahore Thursday, killing at least 25 people and injuring 39 others, police said.

Among the dead were 22 police officers and three civilians the blast occurred in the city’s commercial district, moments before lawyers were set to begin a rally outside the high court in the eastern Pakistani city to protest the rule of President Pervez Musharraf.

Police said about 100 uniformed and plainclothes officers were at the scene ahead of the rally when the bomb went off about 11:45 a.m. Pakistan time

Postal workers in Lahore buying Votes for Rs 1,500 ($25) only ?

Vote BribeExposing election rigging is a tough job. as the onus of proof generally lies on the accuser, hence usually very tough to prove, at times opposing parties may even try to set each other up simply to humiliate them and pull a few extra votes in the process, everything seems to be fair in our elections. I on the other hand believe if we hear of any such report, it must be shared with everyone opening the argument to a larger audience, allow the case at hand be scrutinized in the hope that it can be verified or refuted when exposed to a larger reader base, little good will it do lying in my email box, since I cannot physically head out to confirm.

Since yesterday a number of reports have slowly trickled in saying that postal workers specifically in the Gulberg, Lahore going from door to door asking people for their National ID cards in exchange for Rs.1,500 ($25). This story might not be too far fetched, as every person is feeling the economic pressure and any spare change offered by filthy rich candidates does help the poor survive in this crushing economy. I quote an email verbatim, which I has already been forwarded to a number or monitoring agencies in the hope of getting some form of verifications,
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Issue of Nuclear Deterrance for Pakistan

Guest Comment by Dr Arif Alvi

Pakistan at risk grenadeThe issue of Nuclear Deterrence in unsafe hands is increasing in proportion and is becoming dangerous enough for me to believe that it will get worse until actual force is used to neutralize our nuclear assets.

I feel uncomfortable in stating that I pointed these matters out since the beginning of the deal discussion. I spoke on Sajjad Mirs TV1 program many a time and other channels, before and during Lal Masjid standoff, when there were just indications of a deal, that the deal would not be welcome by the people. The deal implied US prescription to counter terrorism, and I said it would lead to more violence on innocent, more terrorism, bomb blasts and chaos leading to further enunciation of the argument that nuclear deterrence is in unsafe hands resulting in US led action to take it out and balkanization. Balkanization is no more a dirty word, frequently used by Mohtarma Benazir and now by Asif and Bilawal and others too. The war on terrorism is feeding on itself. More terror. more action.. and more terror with collapse of countries and societies.

Now friends, Al Baradaei and others are continuously harping on this issue making me believe that they would do that for about six months (like in Iraq), while situation will get worse in Pakistan, and then they will strike. All US think tanks are already stating that action will have to be taken.
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Latest update on arrests in Dadu and Naushero Feroz, Sindh

A few activists of the People’s Resistance are actively working in the interior sindh for standing up against this wave of arrests taking place today’s update is as follows

  • Dadu: 235 FIRs registered and 50,400 people booked.
    • 400 PPP workers nominated including both candidates for National Assembly Rafiq Jamali & Dr Talat Mahesar
    • All candidates for PS Pir Mazhar, Murad Ali Shah, Ghulam Shah Jeelani, Imran Leghari, Fiaz Butt, President District Bar Dadu Shafi Muhammad Memon, Barrister Pir Mujeeb, Former Minister Zafar Leghari (35 to 40 police stations total in Distt)
  • Naushahro Feroze: 151 FIRs registered 51,323 people booked.
    • 734 all PPP workers including candidate of Provincial Assembly seat 23 Haji Khan Bhutti nominated

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Sindh is angry and Punjab is not helping – Shaheen Shehbai

Call me paranoid, call me crazy, but the way things have been unfolding for the past few months indicate that the top leadership aka General Pervaiz Musharraf and his party of thugs will do anything and everything to hold onto that seat of power. In the recent past there seems to be a deliberate attempt to exploit the differences between Punjab and Sindh to which even Altaf Hussain has fully responded in no small terms with his letter being published across the countries newspapers. A word of advise for everyone, let us not get sucked into an ethnicity issue here as Musharraf and PML-Q see this as a prime opportunity to divert peoples attention and retain their seat of power

I share with you the article by Shaheen Shehbai, just to get an idea of his own experience following the post Dec 27 situation, it can then be linked to the 200,000 arrests that have taken place throughout out Sindh. It must be remembered that Shaheen Shahbai has been a staunch PPP supporter and had to flee Pakistan for ‘the better world’ a few years back, he then ran a very hard hitting Anti-Musharraf website called SA Tribune [Offline] (archives still available here) which he claims to have shut down due to ‘health and family circumstances’ and also desired to ‘exit while he was on top’, apparently he did not cite any bureaucratic pressures, but one could only suspect that it might have been a contributing factor if not the prime reason to wrap up such a booming online venture, as the grind did leave its rough marks on the Government of Pakistan which had to resort to blocking the website in Pakistan back in 2004, in the days when I had barely started blogging.

By Shaheen Sehbai
The News, January 6, 2008

Deeply aggrieved, full of anger and passionately in mourning, Sindhis are baffled and confused at the strange reaction in Punjab, specially the ruling elite which has adopted an aggressively parochial attitude, not just against the PPP but against entire Sindh, after the death of Benazir Bhutto.

The accusations that large numbers of Punjabis have been forced to flee Sindh and become refugees in their province may help the PML-Q leaders rebuild their shattered election campaign but it is certainly not helping national unity and the cause of the federation of Pakistan.
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SAC Protest Call in Lahore at Minar-e-Pakistan at 2pm today

The Student Action Committee (Lahore) has called for a protest on the 8th of January 2008 at 2 pm at Minar-e-Pakistan. In full collaboration with civil society groups, lawyers and activists; this protest is to be registered against the removal of the Pre Nov 3rd judiciary that stood for a just rule of law and against the inefficiency displayed by the establishment which lead to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in the year 2007 and thousands of others.

The students demand that the pre Nov 3rd judiciary be restored without which elections cannot be accepted.

Aitzaz Ahsans baseless detention keeps getting prolonged while the stringent treatment meted out to him suggests that our current regime shuns standing for principles and only favors partisan attitudes.

While Pakistan is on the bring of being considered a failed state, the SAC (Lahore) urges the nation to join forces on the 8th and stand loud and strong at Minar e Pakistan at 2 pm.

About 200,000 people Arrested in Sindh

There are reports which are coming in for the past few days that a major crackdown is underway in Sindh specially targeting the workers of Pakistan People Party to an extent that there are official reports of around 0.2 million people that have been arrested for their involvement and activities in the rioting following the 27th Dec assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The estimates as reported in Dawn today narrate the official figure to hover somewhere around 200,000.

  • 227 FIRs have been registered for 91,571 people in Thatta
  • 167 FIRs have been registered for 81,840 people in Hyderabad
  • 264 FIRs have been registered for 1,232 people in Khairpur
  • 500 FIRs have been registered for 474 people in Nawabshah

Its is surprising that even a week after the incident the police has been able to identify the culprits of the crime, the ‘official’ reason for these mass arrests happens to be their involvement in riots and looting that took place throughout the country in the days after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. A number of Human Rights Activists working in these areas say that these mass arrests have nothing to do with those riots but instead are geared towards rounding up all opposition in an attempt to defuse their activities in the upcoming elections.

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