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KHI: Demonstration against attacks on People in Wazirstan, Bajour, Swat, Kurram Agency

Peoples Resistance, a group of civil society activists and organizations based in Karachi, is organizing a demonstration today against the attacks on Waziristan, Bajour, Seat, Kurrum Agency and other areas in NWFP. These attacks have killed and maimed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Aurat Foundation and other citizen organizations are also taking part in this jointly organized demonstration.

Location: Karachi Press Club
Date: Saturday 20th September 2008
Time: 4:30pm

Join in and be the voice for all innocent Pakistanis being killed in those regions

Aitzaz Ahsan explains his decisions

Guest Post by Samad Khurram

Friends and concerned citizens,

I am making public a few of my communications with Aitzaz Ahsan and his consolidated response to help put things in perspective. There have been a few questions that had been lingering in every one’s minds regarding decisions made at crucial junctions of the movement, Aitzaz’s decision to remain in the PPP – even when the party is the only hindrance in the restoration of the judges -, the end of the Long March and the lawyers silence on the casualties in the War on Terror and I hope this can address all of them. Many other answers are not part of these long emails but will be answered in due time.

I have been a part of this struggle only because I rationally believe in it. The decision is an informed, educated one so I have been constantly giving the leadership my input, criticizing whenever I think is appropriate but otherwise supporting them throughout. The decisions taken by the leadership itself have been very informed and well thought out and I would like to make some of the reasoning public as many people have had raised questions.

To start of I am making public my infamous, rather harsh email – that was even picked up in Off the Record by Kashif. It was written after talking to people following the end of the Long March and how things seemed very abysmal.It appeared unlikely that we would ever recover from the aftermath. Many of the things in the email were based on the collective sentiment of our activists who had come for a siege

However I become extremely occupied with things after the Ambassador incident and Aitzaz later wrote an article for me in the Newsweek to ensure I am not labelled into something I am not.
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Between Allah Cracy and English Cracy

Guest Blog by Silence from Islamabad Observer

“May gaad give us the strent to save Pakistan”
Asif Ali Zardari
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

During Zia ul Haq’s dictatorship, Late Makhdum Sajjad Hussain, father of Shah Mahmood Qureshi (presently foreign minister) was appointed as Governor of Punjab. He was a very simple person, a feudal lord and a known ‘peer’ with millions of followers especially from rural Sindh. Whenever someone would approach Mr. Governor with any problem, “Allah Kracy” (God will Do) the Governor used to reply in Saraiki language and would raise his hands to pray, hundreds of followers sitting around would also raise their hands and pray with their peer cum governor.

Weather some one asks for transfer of his son or complains about poor condition of road or even a magistrate asks approval to arrest protesters, the answer was always same, “Allah Kracy” followed by raising hands. The joke around the province was that people of Punjab are sandwiched between ‘Bureaucracy’ and‘Allah Kracy. The requests from bureaucracy to pass orders helped little. Mr. Governor preferred prayer rather then passing any orders and always used Saraiki as language.
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Humor: PPP’s Annual Press Release

Annual Report – September 15, 2008

Management Discussion and Analysis (MDNA) – Brief

The Permanent Plunder Party (PPP) Co. is extremely pleased to announce the results from the success of its “Say What You Don’t Mean” (SWYDM) pills that were designed to induce “hallucinations” and spur episodes of “selective amnesia” among the general public in Pakistan. The past year has witnessed an unprecedented level of success for SWYDM’s as they have been widely applied throughout Pakistan. “The development of these pills demonstrates the exceptional ingenuity of the research team of PPP Co and the far-reaching vision of its leaders,” stated Larry Rehman, Director of Mass Communication Campaign of the PPP.

The SWYDM’s are the culmination of a long and strenuous development process that spanned multiple continents as the research was simultaneously undertaken in Pakistan, Dubai, London and New York/Washington. As one of its architects, Mr. AAZ acted as a test subject. The initial dose induced multiple side effects; Stephen Reich, a psychiatrist from New York State, said “AAZ was unable to recall the birthdays of his wife and children and had thought about suicide,” and “I do not see any improvement in these issues for at least a year,” he wrote in a medical report.
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Sick of Musharraf lovers – a factual rant

Guest Post by Saira Ansari

I’m very disturbed, disappointed and sick to death to see the amount of facebook’ers on my list who think Musharraf’s leaving has been a catastrophe for Pakistan. Just because a new evil, a.k.a Zardari, is in the house does not mean that the previous evil is now a good man. A “leader” as some say. That’s our problem – as an entire nation. We forget and we repeat our mistakes over and over again.

People left right and centre have been levelling accusations at me, and countless others like myself, that we support Zardari. Unfortunately no one takes out 5 minutes to ask if that is so. Let me save you the time…we don’t. And no, he is NOT democratically elected. Hierarchic / Monarchic rule within the party does not ensure a democratic candidate, so stop ranting that its democracy that’s bad. We, the people, have been cheated again. The actual institution has been wronged.

I will get hate messages and mail after this because I get them often for my stance. Those who know me well know my passion for this country and its welfare so at least I can’t be labelled for propaganda as my other friends and colleagues are. But I must have my say – whether or not you bother to read the entire note.

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Who is the TARGET: Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons or President?

Guest Post by Silence from Islamabad Observer

We have not forgotten the debate which centered on the Saddam Husain’s weapons of mass destruction, his quest to destroy the world and duties of ‘civilized world’ to act before the dooms day takes place. The ‘civilized world” acted with unprecedented might and fire power, leaving 500,000 Iraqi’s dead, 4 million displaced and entire infrastructure of the country destroyed. The weapons of mass destruction were never found, however United States successfully got controls over world’s second largest oil reserves. Iraq is going through a civil war but the world is safe, not a bad achievement for ‘civilized world’.

We have witnessed another era of false propaganda being peddled by Western media when former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, recognized the Taliban government. Once, the ‘darling of the west’, overnight became a ‘Princess’ and her husband, a ‘play boy’. All sort of allegations were leveled against the couple and circulated as cover stories by Western and local media. Her misery ended with her assassination followed by a nationwide mourning, which sent a strong message to ‘intelligentsia-at-war’ against her, that people do people do have their own perceptions.
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Lost war and a lost cause

By: Amjad Malik

On the anniversary of tragic events of September 11, the statements of both Pakistan and US armed officers are frightening for Asia. New York Times reported today that ‘President Bush secretly approved orders in July that for the first time to allow American Special Operations forces to carry out ground assaults inside Pakistan without the prior approval of the Pakistani government’. The article reported that the American commanders in Afghanistan have complained bitterly that militants use sanctuaries in Pakistan to attack American troops in Afghanistan. He said that “I’m not convinced we’re winning it in Afghanistan,” However, Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday. “I am convinced we can.” Toward that goal, Admiral Mullen said he had ordered a comprehensive military strategy to address the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The commando raid last week and an increasing number of recent missile strikes are part of a more aggressive overall American campaign in the border region aimed at intensifying attacks on Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the waning months of the Bush administration, with less than two months to go before November elections.
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US agression and ‘Honorable existence’!

Guest Post by Silence from Islamabad Observer

United States-led NATO forces killed 15 tribesmen, including women and children, in it’s first-ever ground attack inside Pakistani territory on Wednesday. The US forces landed by 3 choppers inside Pakistani village of Musa Neeke in South Waziristan Agency (SWA). The soldiers started indiscriminate firing with their automatic assault rifles at the sleeping inmates and shot dead nine family members of Faujan Wazir, including four women, two children and three men. The troops also killed another villager, Faiz Mohammad Wazir, his wife and two of his other family members.

Prime Minister of Pakistan and President has strongly condemned the unprovoked and cowardly act while the Senate, National Assembly and NWFP provincial assembly passed unanimous resolutions condemning the killing of innocent civilians and demanded the suspension of logistic support to US forces in Afghanistan. “We reserve the right of self-defence and retaliation to protect our citizens and soldiers against any aggression,” remarked Maj Murad, an ISPR officer based in Rawalpindi.
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The victory of ‘US lead war against terror’: on US judicial system and human rights

Guest Blog by Silence from Islamabad Observer

A United States court Thursday found American-educated Pakistani doctor Aafia Siddiqi guilty on charges to attack U.S army in Afghanistan as a member of Al-Qaeda, said a statement released from US court. This statement is a declaration of the first defeat of United States judicial system in so-called war on terror. Although, many of the citizens of civilized world and United States might not consider it of any importance, as, this is a case of a lady from third world country, who is accused of being related to terrorists.

Dr. Afia Siddiqui, a PhD degree holder, was arrested by Pakistani intelligence agencies while on her way to the Rawalpindi airport and she was later handed over to the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). At the time of her arrest she was 30 years and accompanied by her three sons the oldest of which was four and the youngest only one month.

On December 30, 2003 Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui, Dr. Afia’s elder sister met with Mr. Faisal Saleh Hayat (the then minister of interior) at Islamabad with Mr. Ejazul Haq, MNA, regarding the whereabouts of Dr. Afia. Mr. Faisal told Dr. Fowzia and Mr. Ejazul Haq that according to his information Dr. Afia Siddiqui had already been released by ISI and that she (Dr. Fowzia) should go home and wait for a phone call from her sister. Later, the Minister of interior confirmed her arrest on terrorism charges during his interview with a local weekly, “You will be astonished to know about the activities of Dr. Afia” the Minister claimed.
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Dr. Aafia Siddiqui – send Postcards / Letters / Pictures & Books

Dr. Afia Siddiqui’s lawyer, Elizabeth Fink, held a press conference recently. The legal team remains very worried about Afia’s physical and psychological condition. The struggle to get her a fair trial continues. Meanwhile, the legal team suggests one small way that we can support Afia – by sending letters/postcards of support to her.

Details on where to send letters/postcards:

P.O. BOX 329002

Please note that all mail WILL be opened and read by the U.S. government. Please do NOT discuss her case, the charges against her, where she has been for the past 5 years, her children, family health matters – and do not ask her to discuss these things with you.
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Joe Biden as Obama’s VP running mate – Good for Pakistan

Its just been announced that Joe Biden will most likely be the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama. For Pakistan its great news, as this senator has a far better understanding of the problems facing Pakistan than anyone in Washington – he has been arguing for a better handling of affairs in Iraq and also Pakistan since long and was well aware of the consequence of Musharraf’s martial law back in November 2007 while Bush took a back seat and refused to react to the overthrow of the condition and the justice system one can gauge by the comment he made in late 2007

Open letter to the US from Sami Khan: When Bush said that the general (Musharraf) “hasn’t crossed the line” and “truly is somebody who believes in democracy”, Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a presidential candidate replied, “What exactly would it take for the president to conclude Musharraf has crossed the line? Suspend the constitution? Impose emergency law? Beat and jail his political opponents and human rights activists?” “He’s already done all that. If the president sees Musharraf as a democrat, he must be wearing the same glasses he had on when he looked in Vladimir Putin’s soul.”

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An open letter to Begum Pervez Musharraf and wives of army officers

Guest Post by Silence

Dear Begum Pervez Musharaff,

I recognize that every one of us is responsible for our own acts, as such, being the wife of a Military Dictator and a former General of Pakistan Army, I wound not hold you responsible for his acts, however I will request you to consider following facts on humanitarian grounds being a women and a mother yourself.

As you know very well, your husband General Pervez Musharraff belonged to a lower middle class family, with limited resources and opportunities, however this nation provided him an opportunity and he became the Chief of Army Staff of fourth strongest army in world, no doubt, it is a great honor for any one, especially an army of a third world Muslim country where a common Pakistani travelling in a public bus would offer his seat as a token of respect when he see a man in Army uniform, a conductor will refuse to charge him bus fair and a poor roadside restaurant owner would refuse to accept the payment for his meal, I have witnessed tears in eyes of soldier’s when they get this much love and respect from people of Pakistan.

It’s not difficult to understand the feelings of people towards our armed forces, the men in uniform are supposed to defend our borders, our women and children.
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Ahmed Rashid at Asia Society

Asia Society in New York recently hosted Ahmed Rashid the author of the latest book Descent into Chaos: The United States and the Failure of Nation Building in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Rashid talked about complex geopolitics of the region in the aftermath of 9/11, focusing on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States, sharply criticizing the Bush administration’s policies, arguing that after 9/11 the US squandered a tremendous opportunity to engage with the region in a constructive way.

A few interesting excerpts as published by the Asia Society

  • Rashid explains why the United States military is smarter than the State Department (2 min., 6 sec.)
  • Rashid contends that US support for President Musharraf is short-sighted, as only civilian rule can ultimately serve both Pakistan’s and regional security interests (3 min., 6 sec.)
  • Rashid describes how the Taliban has become an increasingly sophisticated fighting force (2 min., 28 sec.)

Or if you would like to listen to the entire program (1 hr, 20 min)

Economic Terrorism – by Zaid Hamid

I share with you a five-part series of the talk show Brass Tacks televised on TV One, the interview is of Mr. Zaid Hamid who shares his opinions on the global banking problems in light of historical understanding. He has some strong arguments, definitely worth a listen. Your views would be interesting to read in the comments section below

Part 1


Part 2

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Rumor Mill: Salman Farooqi wants PNSC to send a special ship to the US

I have just received this update via email, I try to be very careful on what get published on my blog, and do not necessarily react to rumors unless I can personally verify it from a trusted source. Truly this email simply amused me, it seems according to this unnamed source that Salman Farooqi has left his personal belongings in the US and has suggested to the Chairman PNSC to run a special cargo ship out to the United States to fetch his personal belongings and bring them to Pakistan

You may like to know that the famous ex-Federal Secretary Salman Farouqi called Chairman PNSC (Sikandar Viqar Naqvi) and asked him to arrange transportation of his personal belongings from USA to Pakistan. However, Chairman PNSC politely told him that PNSC ships do not visit USA.

On hearing this do you know what outrageous proposal was given by Mr. Salman Farouqi? He proposed that, “Can PNSC send a special ship to USA to pick up his personal belongings?”

You can now draw your own conclusions about what to expect during the next five years of PPP rule.

It could be just a funny joke but when I see a reference of Salman Farooqi it instantly shuttles back into his powerful reign in the 90’s when everything such as this was very much possible. As a disclaimer, please treat this post at face value, I personally cannot confirm this rumor and share it only to maybe forewarn us to our new found liberated future.

It is said that a leopard never changes his spots — has the PPP returned into power for the 3rd time all baptized to do no sin? or do we sit and wait for the actual fireworks to begin, I sadly expect them to be better then before.