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People’s Resistance Outreach Program – Street Theater at SeaView

pr-logo-option-02-1.jpgA few members of People’s Resistance organized a Street Theater on the Beach at SeaView for the general public. The short street play titled JADUGAR was conceived by Husna and Ambereen of People’s Resistance, the skit was about a Jadugar (magician) who lodges himself indefinitely in the house of a poor family, promising to bring khushali (well being) and health, prosperity and jobs. But these promises are hollow and he becomes a burden to the family, by using their space, and eating most of their food . When asked about his promises, he demands that the family keeps dogs and build higher walls to secure the riches that are to miraculously fall upon them in the future. After months of enduring his “dictatorship”, the family decide to evict the jadugar. Not much has changed for them – the young son is still unemployed, and his grandmother has passed away. The skit ends with the actors engaging in the audience in a discussion about what is to be done with the jadugar. Most keenly responded that he must be thrown out with force. The skit was an allegorical reference to Musharaff’s dictatorship and his usurpation of resources and wealth that has contributed to poverty and class disparity in Pakistan.

Later while interacting with the audience after the play they asked, if they could personally relate to this play, there was a overwhelming response sharing with us stories of how the present circumstance in the country have made their life miserable and were quite open to state that the entire play resembled the eight year tenure of Musharraf and his long list of fake and broken promises. In unison they all agreed that its about time to also throw him out. The basic goal of the PR’s outreach program was to share with the people the present dilapidated condition of our country and urge them to stand up and say NO to these looters and plunderers who care for themselves while the people of Pakistan can literally go to hell.

A standing ovation to the team of actors Ambereen, Husna, Saad, Abira and Monezza who did a fabulous job in the spot light The Beach theater was conducted at three different locations on Sea View so as to maximize its exposure and as usual tons of pictures (60+) were taken, courtesy of a trigger-happy photographer 😉 [hopefully a mobile video to soon follow once its uploaded]

Open letter to BB: Why I left PPP

A lengthy but interesting letter shared on the Emergency Time Mailing List, worth reading to understand the frustrations faced by a PPP supporter

Dear Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, Assalam alaikum.

After resigning from the basic membership of the Pakistan Peoples Party on 27 Nov, 2007, I am writing this letter to you elaborating my views, as a common Pakistani, on some burning issues confronting Pakistan today and how these issues, in my opinion, need your attention as a national political leader. Keeping my past association with the PPP, and with you, I assumed that I do have the privilege to write this letter, irrespective of how variant my views maybe with the current stance/political posture of the PPP.

This letter will also be sent to all those who received my email addressed to you when I tendered my resignation on 27 Nov, 2007. Thus, this letter is an open letter which I am constrained to write because of the numerous emails and phone calls that I received in response to my resignation from the basic membership of the PPP. All those Emails and phone calls urged me to state the reasons that forced me to resign from the PPP. Every one of them said that as Pakistanis they had a right to know, especially so, in the given political crisis prevalent in the country. Respecting their viewpoint I had to make this letter an open letter.
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Youtube of the People’s Resistance run in with the Police last Sunday

If many might recall the People’s Resistance had a small run-in with the police which almost ended up in a few arrests [Update 1] [Update 2] & [Final Report with pictures], but luckily after some intense negotiations every one was let go, members of the CodePink organization had just landed in Karachi a day earlier and were there to videotape it.


Later Medea Benjamin’s also blogged it at the CodePink website which can be found here and a small interesting extract I quote below
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Open letter from Salman Ahmed to Bilal Musharraf

I share with you an open letter sent by Salman Ahmed of Junoon to Bilal Musharraf, son of General Pervaiz Muhsarraf, I had received the email directly from Salman but had resisted the urge to post it since I thought he may have not meant it to go public, but when I read that this email exchange was posted up on PkPolitics.com i decided to share it with my readers as well –
Post updated at 20:17 with a letter from a Pakistani asking Bilal Musharraf some honest questions

The first email from Bilal Musharraf to Salman Ahmed

I am compelled once again to share another personal anecdote, rather a saga¦ and apologize in advance for the length of the account. This one is about Salman Ahmed.


You read heaps and write heaps
And bury your head in books
Light is everywhere but where you are
And you haven’t a clue how to reach it

Marking time in extra prayers
Climbing a minaret and screeching
Mounting a pulpit and preaching – –
All this has nothing to do with knowledge

Cryptic Sciences? Enough already!

Aleph is all you need ¦. Iko aleph teray darkaar

Title: Aleph
Album: Parvaaz
Lyrics: Bulley Shah
Music: Salman Ahmad

Salman has been a close friend and a spiritual guide of sorts since 1998. It started with an email I wrote to Salman (got his email address from my brother-in-law) in a moment of unabashed inspiration after listening to Ali Azmat sing “Aleph? over and over again. From what I remember, “Aleph: A Call to Basics? was the subject line of that email. I was star struck when I heard back from Salman, and pursued further correspondence that developed into a friendship. My brother-in-law Asim had made Junoon’s first video ‘Sayonee,? The video, along with the amazing album ‘Azadi’ had propelled Junoon to become the best international band by Channel V in 1998. Asim went on to make videos for Junoon’s live concert at central park in 1998 (a tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali), “Yaar Bina,? “Bulleya?, and “Saqi Nama.?
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This Grain Of Truth – A tribute to Muneer Malik

Guest post by Sophia Ali

An immeasurable wave of rage and pride rises up in me every time I watch the video of Muneer Malik speaking from his hospital bed. Here is a Pakistani hero whose voice was tortured to a whisper, yet they couldn’t subdue the volume of his incredible spirit, a radiance that empowers us all.

My utmost salutations to you, Muneer and to all the heroes of this nation.

Aaj ankhon mein paani hai,
Kal ye paani sar se guzar jaey ga
Ae buzdil mallah, chor kishti e mulk
Warna sailab tumhain dubo kar jaey ga


You scattered my sapling body
into the ground
where bruises blossomed
like luminous roses
upon this broken earth
of skin and bone.

You gave me thorns
I offer, in return
This rose of blood
This seed of pearl
This grain of truth
That blooms and blooms…

26 Nov 2007

Missing in Pakistan – Documentary


A very touching film which must be watched by all alike, it was set to be released on Nov 21st in a viewing at FAST-NU Lahore but the authorities clamped down on this and prevented the viewing. Since then it has moved on to the digital world originally uploaded at [ The Critique Aggregator ] while simultaneously uploaded on the Missing in Pakistan blog. Watch the video and spread the word, if you want to download a full screen version then download from RapidShare 103MB

Message from [ The Critique Aggregator ]
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Don’t Give Up – Pakistan

I would like to share with you this music video titled Don’t Give Up sung by Willie Nelson & Sinead O’Connor (originally sung by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush) which was sent to me by Salman Ahmed of Junoon fame. This powerful song caries a message of hope maybe to inspire those passionate Pakistanis who may have been feeling a little under-the-weather at not having altered much, despite our efforts to resist the unfair political chaos which has befallen our country.

Salman sends this link and simply says Don’t Give Up…. Pakistan (on this thanksgiving, this song is for you)

I’m speechless, Pakistanis lets not give up on our country, after all its our country, Pakistan Humara Hai

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Update @ 0346: Punjab University 14th Nov Anti-Jamiat Protest Video

A number of videos have been posted of the Anti-Jamiat rally held Punjab University on the 14th of November the after Jamiat activists handed over Imran Khan to the authorities, this video is truly inspiring and shows the level of motivation found amongst the students rallying for Imran Khan and at the same time condemning Jamiat. It is in the youth that lies the potential to create a change


American Bar Association rallies alongside Pakistani Lawyers

American Bar Association LogoAs a Pakistani engulfed in this crisis it is really heartening to see the entire American Bar Association rallying to the support of the lawyers here in Pakistan, Thank you

Update @ 1730: Imran Khan has started a Hunger Strike until Judiciary is restored

Through very reliable sources with in the Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf, it has come to point that Imran Khan while being imprisoned under Anti-Terrorism charges in Dera Ghazi Khan jail has gone on a hunger strike until the restoration of the Judiciary of Pakistan to its pre-martial law November 3rd status.

UPDATE 1740:
ISLAMABAD (AFP) – Pakistani cricket hero Imran Khan began a hunger strike Monday in the prison where he was sent last week for protesting against emergency rule, his spokesman told AFP. He said Khan, who now heads his own opposition party, wanted a restoration of the constitution and reinstatement of judges sacked when Persident Pervez Musharraf imposed the emergency just over two weeks ago. “Imran Khan has gone on hunger strike for an indefinite period,” spokesman Saifullah Niazi said. “He is demanding the restoration of the judiciary and restoration of the constitution,” Niazi said.

Khan is in Deraghazi Khan jail, normally used to house terror detainees and hardened prisoners. He was picked up last Wednesday and charged under a section of anti-terror legislation which stipulates a minimum punishment of at least seven years and up to life in prison. Khan had been put under house arrest after emergency rule was declared on November 3 but slipped the net and went into hiding, communicating via email and video. He was arrested after emerging from hiding last Wednesday at a university campus in the eastern city of Lahore. Lahore police said then that he would face charges for inciting people to pick up arms, calling for civil disobedience and “spreading hatred.” Khan, who led Pakistan to cricket World Cup glory in 1992, had called for Musharraf to face the death penalty for imposing emergency rule.

Update @ 0314: Women Activists defying the Martial Law in Pakistan

It must be noted that it is not only men, students and politicians (a very few) that are standing firm against this Martial Law imposed by General Pervaiz Musharraf but at the same time it is heartening to see women stepping forward and locking hands with other activists to express their right of opinion. Often these women are also rounded up by the police and subsequently sent to jail.

In this day and age there is a never ending debate on the equality of men and women, even in an Islamic country like Pakistan, but despite the debate our society still has culturally maintained a level of dignity and respect for women. For this very reason policewomen are deployed to round up any female protesters and the male officers are not allowed to participate in this exercise. Sadly when we were a witness to the mayhem a few days back during a protest in Lahore after Imran Khan’s arrest where his sisters were manhandled and then later you see this image of a plain clothes man shoving a female into the awaiting jail car, one does scream out in utter disgust.

The video can be viewed from one of my earlier posts when one such woman was actually roughed up and deliberately shoved to the ground by a circle of Policemen in utter ruthlessness all I can say God Bless Pakistan

PTI Activist

More images of Women Activists defying the Martial Law in Pakistan
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Update @ 0236: CNN discusses Geo Tv Blockage with Jang Group News editor


Addendum: It has just been brought to my attention that this video clip was uploaded on YouTube on June 04, 2007 over five months earlier, if you were not to look at the date then it is interesting to see the similarity of events that occurred five months back when the government blocked Dr. Shahid Masood’s and Kamran Khan’s show