A wolf among donkeys will always be the KING

Analyzing the method
behind the madness in Karachi

Guest Blog by Munib

Part – 1

Whether or not the final score goes against Musharraf or CJP, The possible clash tomorrow & if continued in coming weeks will make sure the President stays in power forever fooling all players,including lawyers, MQM, opposition & definitely the civil society. The Sindh government & the MQM especially are, in their lust for power & show of loyalty,they are being trapped expertly by Musharraf. You will come to know how surely i say this.

This is part-1 which gives a broader perspective & the method behind the apparent madness by different parties. When the CJP issued started everyone said, in this game there is no winner but being the smartest & all praises to Arbab & MQM , Mr. Musharraf is smartly turning this into come-what-may,  I-shall-be-the-winner situation for him. Also praises to our enlightened educated who keep on approving his EVILS because they are too blind to see & sincere with country to find alternatives.

Part-2 is basically an advice to MQM on how they can benefit from this crisis if they use their heads properly. It will also elaborate why I believe Musharraf is one of the most intelligent & evilest of dictators Pakistan will ever see in centuries. But before we continue lets separate facts from analysis first.

A Fast Rewind:

– Well before 9 March, the CJP was invited by Karachi Bar to celebrate its 50 years celebrations. Later events, as known by all, result in delaying this to 12 May.
Opposition after failing to get any response from public, previously, due to their shaandar record (except Imran Khan, untested yet) decides to use the CJ issue for their evil designs.
– Sindh CM flies to Islamabad to provide proof against CJP. The man he mentions as proof saying the CJP forced him comes LIVE on TV (ARY ONE WORLD) and thrashes his statement all corners.

MQM, after initial neutral posture realizes that continuing to do so means Arbab being the blue eyed boy for Mush & that also no Mush means any gov for them in Karachi thus decides to flex their muscles.
– MQM announces that it will organize a rally too against this. Unfortunately it goes too far in showing their loyalty to GHQ & chooses the same date.

The Action Starts here . . .

Within 24 hours following events occur in Karachi.

MQM announces the route may possibly clash with the one lawyers want to use.

Sindh gov advises lawyers ironically, & not the MQM to cancel the plan, the lawyers reject this.

Next step by Sindh gov.? Someone orders from KBCA to seal prominent lawyer Munir A Maliks house in Karachi.

SHC intervenes &summons KBCA officer, mission failed but its just beginning.

Some unidentified (who will remain so forever) fire at Munir A Malik house early morning, Thursday, he escapes, awakened, sitting watching AAJ TV (as per his statement). The lawyers get angry & decided to go on with the rally.

Sindh gov announces that a big terror activity may be possible. A gang is arrested that was supposed to organize a terror incident on Saturday

Altaf urges party men to show in big number & while his men grab every corner to organize their rally, Sindh gov orders the removal of arrangements setup by lawyers meant to be used to greet the Chief Justice.

So who is actually benefiting from this game basically?. Possibly Opposition, Musharraf & MQM are throwing many arrows at one time. Here is how:

The Main Opposition  (PPP, PML-N)

If anything goes wrong on Saturday the opposition will have never a better chance to cash something against gov & try to act more sympathetic to CJP. With media acting like a catalyst they may well be benefiting a great deal if not winning. But if all goes smoothly they will again be benefiting in organizing a successful CJP greeting in Karachi & vetting out their anger in front of already anxious-to-capture-moments channels.

MQM or Sindh Gov.
While Sindh gov & MQM may be fighting a common enemy, inside they are ready for a battle within.Arbab has been quite vocal against CJP recently. If anything goes wrong on Saturday, MQM may try to throw everything on Arbab. Also, because Arbab himself cannot arrange a big rally for Mush, if MQMs own rally goes well it will send a signal from MQMs side to Mr Musharraf , to retreat from his trust on Arbab & think about a more powerful MQM all over Sindh with ISI always ready to help out in elections.

Additionally their dunda may well keep the media away from bringing out truth during clashes. Its also easy for media to throw everything on Sindh gov & Arbab rather MQM.

President Musharraf

I sincerely admire his wolf-style thinking. Divide & rule may be thousand old methods but it still works no wonder. If Sindh gov + MQM rally goes well, his spoons aka Durrani,Wasi Zafar will shout on TV later on about civil society supporting them.

If it goes a bit bad, they will be the most beneficiary. Because in our gov style just informing someone absolves it of all sins therefore they will come up with statements like the CJP was already informed about terror threat.

If it goes too bad, welcome, let it come.
May be CJP & Mush are working hard behind the scene for this drama.This could well be a perfect script. The PM has already thrown a balloon tagged EMERGENCY coming   . . . . in air. What else could be the best pretext to declare an emergency than this? Later he can surely cancel the elections too on the wardi issue. Hurray, he wont believe his luck coming so good.

All the people who are infected with the Mush’s Fake enlightenment philosophy & are blind to see the real designs behind will be responsible in Pakistan for this, if this happens.

But what about the CJP issue if that happened?. Well, hell with it, the gov will attack media more severely & after fundamental rights disappearing no where we shall find ourselves back in 80s in ZIAs regime. Being a true ally, the WEST is happy with dictatorship that suits its designs.

What about the MQM?  Well, if they support newly renovated dictator fine. Else it may well be that the firing at Munir A Malik, clash on Saturday be thrown into their lap & all their previous evil doings shown to them & their party back onto its knees with a “Kia hokum meray aaqa murmuring obediently.

MMA- The B Team

Anyone remember the Islamic-Brotherhood  viruses spread by ISI & ARMY in 80’s. Anyone remember who created, funded & approved the Taliban?. Anyone know why the Jamia Hafsa drama started, the two terrorist being included in dialog & discussion while fist & humiliation awaited the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Yes ladies an gentlemen. We should be thankful to USA for being near us at our border, else on any given day we should see Pakistan bring turned into Next Taliban, Next Saudia or UAE or a mix of these. Rest assure our Army is only as much enlightened as any interior haari or kisaan, in its roots.

So what about the B team of ARMY? Well Musharraf may need them in case he ever finds the WESTERN love fading. Its handy to give them one province you know. Both the MMA & WEST will keep each other busy while president write his next “In the line of victory & among donkeys.

What about the rest?  the PTI, the PML(Q) etc. Well, does anyone even bothers about them? This is Karachi, only MUSH, MQM & MMA matter here.


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  2. redsnapper Avatar

    Well written. Some points to add in the analysis, if I may.

    1. This time round, the public opinion is not with emergency/dictatorship/dropping of fundamental rights possibility.

    2. Agreed, the issue has widened from independence of judiciary to extremes where everyone wants to hitch a ride on the on the bandwagon.

    3. Any party or group that follows the Mush script (which may keep changing), is very likely to discredit itself. Including MQM.

    4. Lawyers are so far level headed and focusing on one goal only: reinstatement of CJ and independence of judiciary.

    5. Parallel rallies are a way to get into viewership through the media. Today a very long advertisement thrown in by the govt is continuously running on Aaj. Even though govt would prefer people to watch geo and gyrating-belly-indian-channels, they realize they have to buy time on Aaj as that is the channel winning the media competition.

    6. As rightly pointed out by you (the dunda !), no channel specially geo, is stating the facts as you have very concisely written here.

    7. Finally, the million dollar choice for the people: Even though the B-team (MMA) is happily riding the wave, one has to decide to agree or disagree with lawyers’ movement independent of that.

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    Senior lawyer Tariq Aziz Malik has moved a contempt petition before the Supreme Court of Pakistan against Awami Hamayet Tehrik (AHT) chairman Maulvi Iqbal Haider. The petition has been filed against the AHT chief for allegedly uttering derogatory remarks against three Supreme Court judges.The judges against whom the remarks were uttered are the part of the bench hearing the petition of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. The petition is moved under Article 204 of the Constitution and Section 3 of the Contempt of Court Act. Malik said that Haider had tried to scandalise the court and his act was tantamount to the contempt of court. staff report

  4. shobz Avatar

    i was really shocked and upset to read about the chaotic state of affairs in karachi. The so called mqm is using its brute force to terrorise the people of karachi once again. the only difference is that they are in cahoots with the dictator of the country to make sure that there is no freedom of speech. shame on u cowards for preventing freedom of speech by making people stay indoors and blockading all roads. shame on you for being born. musshy and his cronies are all cowards who cant face reality and will do anything to ensure the safety of their posts. it is upsetting to find out that aaj tv has been attacked for its non-partisan or unbiased views. Allah save my beloved city of karachi and save my Pakistan from all these traitors who want to sell it down the creek.
    ps. all the ignorant ppl out there who think that the mqm is a peace loving party must be tuned in permanently to the discovery channel.

  5. Faheem Avatar

    I’m not in Karachi, I hope the karachites will see the true face of MQM.

    I hate PPP, PML, MMA and now I hate MQM too. F@CK Altaf Hussain and his gang, F@CK Imran Farooq, F@CK Saleem Shahzad and F@CK the boyz who follow blindly and kill for ALTAF.

  6. Altaf Husasin Avatar
    Altaf Husasin

    yes please i’m a bastard terrorist

    Altaf Hussain

  7. a distressed Pakistani Avatar
    a distressed Pakistani

    Look at the bloodshed in Karachi on May 12, MQM has taken guessing out of its business. It is just to strengthen the hands of an army dictator and perpetuate its own sinister presence in politics. Anyone disagreeing with it is making a fool of oneself.

  8. a distressed Pakistani Avatar
    a distressed Pakistani

    Mr Altaf Hussain, Mr Farooq Sattar and company… dont forget:

    1. You can befool some people all times or all people some times but you can befool all people all times.

    2. If god has given you rope don’t think you are immune, one day you will be accountable before him. you are seriously at fault if you think that quoting from the Holy Qaran will absolve you from your sins, remember even a devil can cite from the scriptures.