Salman Ahmed speaks out against MQM


An open letter by Salman Ahmed, a famous Pakistani singer, to all Pakistanis

Altaf Hussain and his murdering accomplices deserve to be tried for their crimes against Pakistan. I’ve been threatened by them on many occasions in the past 15 years. One particular time was when I refused to perform at Altaf’s marriage function in Karachi and London where all the other artists, including Ali Azmat, were browbeaten to go and perform for his “Majesty’s” pleasure. The man who threatened me was called “Khalid bin Walid” who was a known terrorist and a murderer. He told me that Altaf Hussain, “his Quaid” had especially demanded me to appear with Junoon to perform at their ceremony function.

When I refused to comply he called up my staff and my sound company guy, Ishtiaq Ahmed,and threatened them with dire consequences if I didn’t go. Ishtiaq pleaded with me to go and perform or risk being killed,and all this OVER REFUSING TO PLAY AT A MARRIAGE FUNCTION!

As fate would have it,I’m still alive, but Mr. Walid was killed a few weeks later in a shootout in Karachi with Haqiqi activists.(Those who live by the sword die by the sword).

In 1992,they also threatened to abduct my wife and children if I didn’t show up at an MQM rally and welcome their leader Azim Tariq. I still live happily with respect and dignity but alas Azim Tariq was also was killed in a mob feud. My friends, Junaid Jamshed and Sajid Hassan worried for my safety told me that I’m putting my family at risk every time I refuse to obey these goons and on every occasion I told him that if I give into their terror tactics I can not call myself a Muslim.

Allah is our protector and He has commanded us to stand up against injustice and that is why I applaud Imran Khan for speaking the truth about Altaf Hussain and his goon squad. I think the time has come for all Pakistanis to stand up and be counted. Do you want to live as a citizen of a country with dignity and all your rights protected or as a slave in someone’s fiefdom?

“Baad-e-mukhalif sey na ghabra aye uqaab
yeh to chalti hai terey oonchi uraan kay liye”

(Don’t be afraid of flying against the wind, oh Falcon,
this wind only blows to help you fly higher)

Allah hu Akbar!

Salman Ahmad



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107 responses to “Salman Ahmed speaks out against MQM”

  1. Phil Avatar

    Wah! Kia baat hai! Does he have this Midas-esque touch that anyone who tries to approach him, dies…! Think. 🙂 Good you shared the letter with all of us.

  2. binary-zero Avatar

    wao – nice post really

  3. Ali Avatar

    could anyony tell me the source of this news? any newspaper or tv or radio link? please

  4. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Ali – I have verified that this is indeed an email sent by Salman Ahmed specifically for public distribution. I don’t know about Newspaper / Radio / TV verifiability but this has indeed originated from his email account and was also fully distributed through out his mailing list.

    I know Salman personally enough (through a friend) when he was in Karachi that he was quite vocal against the MQM, and the contents are not surprising to me and neither to any of his close aides and friends to doubt the originality of this email

  5. shobz Avatar

    thanks for sharing this letter with us doc.the mqm can really stoop so low to get what it wants.

  6. asa Avatar

    Some at the forum or blogs i got impression that MQM followers think that we are blaming MQM because of media. Pal, I born &lived in Karachi for more than 2 decade. And to decide what MQM really meant for I dont need any media . I know it for sure that MQM is a less of political party and more of Mafia and Gangsters.

    Few of the TV channels are supporting MQM. So, should we not listen to them also? Media reported that 1 out of 500 terrorist attacks in Europe in the span on 2006 was done by a muslim. Should we not accept this too? The fact is you will get both true and false, you will listen both what you want to listen and what you dont. Its a personal understanding which would work. In case of Iraq, Iraqis dont have to rely on media, they whats happening better. And in case of Karachi, Karachitese dont have to rely on media, We have seen what happened in karachi.
    Comeon guys we all knw who is behind the 5/12 massacre,its time to think above ethinic background & no more blood of any Muslim Pakistani to be spilled on the streets of Karachi, else we shall witness a day that will be more devastating(God forbid) than the 8th of October, 2005.
    May Allah protect us from idiot politican & greedy and corrupt Army generals.Ameen

  7. Adnan Avatar

    MQM is a terrorist organization with its thugs let loose on the rampage in Karachi. MQM has destroyed the city of Karachi. Businesses have left Karachi and gone to Lahore because of the thuggery of MQM. They take "jagga tax" from businesses. Anyone who refuses pay is murdered or beaten up (depending on what's at stake).

    1. M. ilyas Avatar
      M. ilyas

      I just to inform you that since 1990 I know MQM want seperation. One of my room mate, who attended 90 meeting, confirmed when no body know.

    2. saboohi zia Avatar

      MQM is definately a TERRORIST ORG. undoubtedly; Karachi is a Terror Stricken City in the hands of MQM GOONS…..those who migrated to Pakistan—–were Pakistanees, not Mohajirs; An old lady said , we came to KHI from India, we were Happy to be a Paki; after 30 yrs. this Goon( altaf H.) made us 'Mahajir'—Indeed'…

      My Parents are from India, but Alhamdolillah I am a Proud Paki, NOT A MAHAJIR……
      Personally Speaking, I know lots of Families whose kids were threatened, & they had to flee from KHI
      Karachi was once a peaceful city—–not any more…….it is now Ruled by MQM THUGS, who are nothing but Mafia–not an underground one but open & on the surface, backed by????……….they created more grps. coz of INSANE, KILLINGS……….

      Most of Karachi kids have been lured into joining MQM;; they lack Education, Aadaab Wal Ikhlaq & many more ; they're Totally Stripped off Morality…..What a Disaster for Urdu Speakings.
      Decent law Abiding Urdu Speakings are not Safe there Either; many of my Relatives have been threatened to "Pay or Suffer"………Dont I know!!
      I agree w/Salman Khan's letter completely……

      We Saw Altaf Hussain on Utube Singing n' Dancing ' & chanting 'I LOVE YOU ALL'—-in Response to all these 'homey looking females' who had gathered up for a Rally for him; some of these females were Singing;" Ghar Aya Mera Purdesi"—-I WAS SHOCKED BEYOND WORDS——–What's Wrong w/their Men folks?

      Why is he sitting in London; why dont he come to Pakistan?

      Whatever I Expressed is 100% truth, & Nothing But the Truth–So Allah be my Witness!
      Oops, my Mistake, these Funny MQM's Thugs dont believe in Allah Almighty, so to speak…

      This Guy A.H. will Inshallah meet his fate pretty soon; it's a matter of time

  8. Albela Avatar

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was forced to perform.

    I’m glad that more people are now speaking up. I don’t see any hope, though.

    Earlier people were killed for speaking up against ‘Qaid

    Qaid ka jo ghaddar ahi woh maut kaa haqdaar hai

    I don’t see Imran’s case having any effect, its like complaining to the PIMP about the WHORE.

  9. Joseph Brewster Avatar
    Joseph Brewster

    We'll Salman atleast you dared to speak up but by writing this open letter what actually you want to prove. Kahin tum bhi behti ganga main to hath nahi dho rahay. Why, in past, did you not reveal the attrocities committed against you by those GOONS. I ain't saying that your letter is untrue but you are just playing with the flow of time.

    1. A J Sadiq Avatar
      A J Sadiq

      Joseph its common sense that hit the Iron when its hot my dear , so Salman chose the right time to speak ,well done Salman may Allah Bless U & UR family (Amen)

  10. Asad Avatar

    Excellent… yet more proof of MQM terrorism… It’s amusing and pitiful at the same time, to see MQM activists trying to excuse Altaf’s behaviour.

  11. Asad Avatar

    Oh, and I will be posting this on my own blog too… Spread this as far as I can.

  12. Syed M Raza Avatar
    Syed M Raza

    Teeth Maestro I am not sure you really belongs to Karachi or not, but I am sure about one thing that your words resembles the same mentality of Punjabi Establishment that have been unjustly ruling the country. Your hatred against MQM does not base on principles but it is based on ethnic background even if you claim to be karachites. You are biggest opinionated/prejudice person.

    Altaf Husain is an outspoken intellectual leader who has always delivered meaningful messages. His analysiss and analogies are always factual and simple so even a normal person can easily understands the essence of his message. Altaf Husain leadership is certainly not common in Pakistan that is why you see resistance against him because change is always resisted universally.

    You and your friend Salman Ahmed bashing MQM because you all see MQM as a biggest hurdle in your way to create a society that would not have any morals and values. Moreover I did not think, Slaman Ahmed was so politically well informed where he is sympathizing with Late Azeem Tariq and denouncing Khalid bin Walid that makes me to believe that even if this letter written by him but it was drafted by someone.

  13. NKK Avatar

    Syed M Raza: You said “Your hatred against MQM does not base on principles but it is based on ethnic background”. This is basically a self defeating arguement as one can say you are supporting MQM because of a particular ethnic background. So, the same arguement can be used against you. The fact is that ordinary Karachiites, many of whom do not have even a remotest link to any Punjabi town, speak out against MQM and their ‘bhatta’ receiving practise from ordinary shop keepers and other atrocities. Now, you should stop and think for a while, there can be 2 possibilities.
    No.1: Everyone, even the most ordinary non-Mohajir Pakistani, is against MQM as they do not want a change for good in the Pakistani society, or
    No.2: There is some truth in the allegations against MQM after all.
    Think about it with a cool head and then ask yourself.

  14. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Syed Raza
    “Altaf Husain is an outspoken intellectual leader”

    LOL – This statement has made my day. Thank you for sharing your intellectual out cry, do come again…

  15. QaimKhani Avatar

    For Altaf Lovers….

    Did you hear Altaf speech when Azeem Ahmed Tariq was murdered?

    I heared it , first hand. All I got out of the speech was some cover up.
    I wouldn’t have listened to him, if I was a Jamateee or what ever you want to call.

    Go on, call every one, agency , Haqiqi, jamatee, etc etc…

    I can’t take any more of the emotional blackmailing. I denounce him and his gang.

  16. syed Avatar

    hi dear, u know y, out of heaps of artist only salam cried against MQM, its just coz he is punjabi hmm so at this point all punjabis and pathans BAHTI GANGA MAIN HAATH DOH RAHAY HAIN hmmm lol , did u get my frined?

    Dont ever think MQM will finish, we all r with them, baby hahahh

  17. Syed M Raza Avatar
    Syed M Raza

    Mr. NKK, the argument cannot be used against me because I support MQM for its ideology of Middle Class Order, to alleviate feudalism from the society and to stop religious fanaticism and sectarian extremism. Even from its beginning MQM has asked to distribute the rights equally for everyone in the country based on fairness. In other words, provide rights to everyone as per their share in the country. I think once these policies are implemented you will have a united and one Pakistan. Also I would like to elaborate a term that I used “Punjabi Establishment by that I mean those who were involved in murdering Late Liquat Ali Khan, creating Bangladesh, and used Army to impose martial laws on their will to gain political advantages for their personal agendas.

    In Allahs eye, everyone is equal no matter if he/she is Mohajir, Punjabi, Pathan, or what have you. On one has the right to discriminate against any group and that is Altaf Husain who has explained and made it easy for me to understand.

    For you Teeth Maestro, It is good to laugh. However, it was not an outcry, it was simple statement made by me which had both object and subject but for someone who has been raped of his intellect by “Punjabi Establishment it was an outcry. You are good buddy!

  18. NKK Avatar

    @Syed M Raza: Believe me, most of the people who oppose MQM also do that because of an ideology, that politics should not be left to murderers and black mailers. Please don’t mislead yourself into believing that Punjabis love the Chaudhries of Gujrat or other thug punjabi politicians. Most sensible people I know detest a Punjabi Zia-ul-Haq as much as they do a Mohajir Pervaiz Musharraf. In my humble opinion, ideologies based on ethnicity does not bring any good in the long run. You are entitled to your opinion, of course.

  19. faraz Avatar

    its now time to take a revolutionary action against these terrors. i have never seen a single person in my life that supports altaf hussain and i bet anyone of you wouldnt have seen so.
    so lets join hands together with imran khan to seize the terror regime to an end.
    may Allah protect our nation.

  20. Khatri Avatar

    There is no doubt that the MQM is the terrorist political party..
    Their Qaid is split personality alway infornt of the thing which opposes the Islam i think those people who are favorinnng that thug party have forgoten that time wheen these bloody people made karachi no go area when seeing the (BOORI BUND LASH) was routine for the karachities as soon as they get into the government,,, where are those killings

    i hate MQM i slam MQM God destory MQM GOd destory that son of a bitch Altaf Hussain this is for those whose for punjabi mentality we have migerated from india but i m with truth

  21. decentgal Avatar

    :)it seems eveybody isafter MQM after 12 may where the part was a vicitim itself.ANP,pp came prepared with heavy weapons to sabotage MQM and karachi’s reputation and now all those who had grudges against MQM are coming forward.I pity these ppl.

  22. NKK Avatar

    @decentgal: Everyone is after MQM because they are in power, and they are to be held directly responsible for the bloodshed that took place on May 12. MQM is in the National Govt, Provincial Govt, and City Govt and people have a right to ask them who made those stupid decisions of blocking the roads and not mobilizing the police and the rangers. Don’t you think it all looked pre-planned?

  23. Naeem Avatar

    decentgal.. how was MQM the victim on May 12th?

    Here’s an analogy… A few dacoits enter a house and start firing on the occupants inside. Occupants are armed also (as they live in a dangerous area) and they fire back. In the ensuing firing, most occupants and only 1 dacoit is killed. The dacoit party goes to the court and claims it is not repsonsible for the violence because one of its own dacoit was also killed and hence it was a victim itself. If the above makes sense to you then I guess MQM is “innocent” 🙂

  24. decentgal Avatar

    how can you all guess MQM started it ?:)see there comes your presumptions ?you all are jusified blaming the government which comes under MQM part but i dont buy as if MQM does nothing but terrorism and somebody gave a bogus analogy also as if every other party only responded to MQM terrorism.You saw biased reporting on AAJ and geo and you didnt trust what MQM showed?then you have a particular come every body was so heavily armed if they all are innocent in comparison to MQM.Why there was firing on MQM rally where everybody was trying to get together for a cause.for the last 5 years MQM has been very very careful to build an image.they want to do better.Karachi is its dont accept the development in karachi but you must have read (plz do so now)that karachi is included in the top 10 cities showing potential for development and it happened recently .Well i m not here to argue with anybody because i m not a die hard fan of any party but the undue bashing needed response so i came .in. plz dont qoute me anymore.

  25. Naeem Avatar

    decentgal… first of all, if you don’t like to be quoted then there’s an easy solution.. stop posting comments. Don’t expect to give your point of view on a public forum and then expect people to remain quiet.

    How can one blame the government and not MQM? MQM is the major part of government in Sindh!

    And of course everyone from Aaj to Geo to ARY to Imran Khan to most newspaper columnists (including Ayaz Amir who witnessed violence personally on May 12)to eye-witnesses in various blogs over the net are lying. The only unbiased gospel truth is the one being shown in MQM press conferences.

    If MQM’s actions before and on May 12 (having their rally on the same day as CJ, declaring “Karachi hamara hai, Pakistan sub ka hai laykin Karachi hamra hai”, blocking Shara-e-Faisal with trucks/containers, disarming police/rangers, firing from atop fly overs on opposition rallies trying to reach the airport) are not enough to convince you who was responsible for all this mayhem, then nothing ever will.

  26. Naeem Avatar

    Ayaz Amir’s latest column in Dawn:

    Aik dhakka aur, one push more

    By Ayaz Amir

    THE army is worried that it is being maligned in the current agitation. It should be worried. Slogans raised against it have never been heard in Punjab, the armys heartland, before. Gen Musharraf addressed the officers of the Jhelum garrison on Wednesday. From the newspaper pictures available, the assembled officers, especially the senior-most in the front row, looked pretty glum. What was on their minds?

    But who is bringing the army into disrepute? Lawyers, columnists, street riff-raff or the army itself? When the army involves itself in politics, when its chief wants to stick to power regardless of the consequences, when he patronises an organisation such as the MQM, the army, willy-nilly, comes into the firing line of public opinion.

    Lawyers are not bringing a bad name to the army. The army high command is. What does the nation want? What is the cry coming from the depths of its soul? The supremacy of the law and the Constitution. The army will earn respect to the extent it remains faithful to its charter of defending the nations frontiers. It will lose it when it loses its way.

    For 60 years the nation has fed and sustained the army not to fight New Zealand, Uzbekistan or the Republic of South Africa but to stand up to Indian hegemony. This army-led government has grovelled before India. What is then left of its raison detre?

    But the central issue in this agitation is somewhat different: nothing less than the countrys future. As Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim has pithily put it before the Supreme Court, “Time has come to say goodbye to the gun, and if not, then say goodbye to the Constitution. The gun or the Constitution, once and for all let this be decided. What is Pakistan to be a banana republic or a self-respecting democracy? Who is to exercise sovereignty in it Parliament or Triple One Brigade?

    Two dates will stand out in our history: March 9 when Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry stood up to military diktat, thereby setting in motion the chain of events which constitute the present movement; May 12 when the emperor appeared without his clothes, the spiritual kinship between him and the MQM revealed to the naked eye.

    But even dark clouds have silver linings and the silver lining in the present situation is that Karachis dominant party took a step too far on May 12, over-reaching itself and thus inviting a bitter backlash and now retribution.

    On the morning of May 12 I was at the Tibet Centre where the MQM was holding its so-called rally, standing next to Nasreen Jalil, Karachis deputy mayor, and Babar Khan Ghouri, MQM federal minister. Having witnessed how the MQM had barricaded the entire city—no one needing binoculars to see what was going on—I told them that they were not realising the consequences of what they were was up to (and this was before word had come that people were being killed). Nasreen represents the more moderate, presentable face of the MQM. I told her that when evening came, as it surely would, the responsibility of the days events would rest on the MQMs shoulders.

    Know what Ghouri said? That Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry had not come to the Quaids mazar to offer fateha before, implying that his wanting to come on may 12 was a sign of impending mischief. As if a visa from the MQM was required to enter the city and visit the Quaids mazar.

    Gen Musharraf has plugged the same line: as Karachis dominant party, how could the MQM allow the Chief Justice and his supporters to take out a procession in Karachi because that would have given a wrong impression of the MQMs popularity? Amazing, and then the army is worried that its image is being maligned.

    During the last seven and a half years, now close to eight, only on two occasions has the nation come alive. At the time of the massive earthquake which struck Azad Kashmir and northern Hazara Division in October 2005 when people from across Pakistan held out a hand of assistance to their brothers and sisters in distress. And now during this movement which again proves that this nation is alive.

    This movement is like no other in our history. The anti-Ayub agitation of 1968-69 and the anti-Bhutto agitation of 1977 were both vague about their aims and thus easily hijacked by military adventurism. This movement has clear aims: constitutional supremacy and an end to military hegemony.

    The political landscape already stands altered, the judiciary more emboldened and the regime put on the defensive. But one ingredient is still missing: a clear, unambiguous stand on the part of the opposition parties. The people of Pakistan know what they want. Lawyers know what they want. But the political parties are either playing games with themselves or living in a world of their own.

    At what stage are the Swiss corruption cases against Benazir Bhutto and her husband? I for one dont know. But because of them or some other reason she is dallying with Musharraf. At least that is the impression her statements and interviews give. Maybe she is just trying to extract concessions and wont do a deal. But her ambiguity is confusing her supporters who are left in two minds about what to do.

    She says her party will not vote for Musharraf. This is not good enough. If Musharraf insists on the charade of getting elected by these assemblies, will the PPP legislators resign? We are hearing nothing clear-cut on this score.

    Also a picture of confusion is the MMA. Qazi Hussain Ahmed professes a hard line but the Jamaat-i-Islami has yet to throw itself fully into this movement. As for Maulana Fazlur Rahman, he remains the undisputed champion of double-talk, saying one thing, doing another, his ambivalence fuelling suspicion that he remains a secret weapon of Gen Musharrafs. He too is yet to say that the MMA will resign from the assemblies in case Musharraf seeks a rubber stamp from them.

    Insofar as this is a time of standing up and being counted, ambiguity is akin to sabotage and betrayal. When events move fast, they wait for no one and spare no one. Look at Musharraf whose many slips during this season of discontent have branded him an MQM supporter. He can wash himself in holy water but this label wont easily wash. As the charge of betrayal wouldnt easily wash in the case of Benazir Bhutto and Maulana Fazlur Rahman if they waste any more time clarifying their real position.

    Nawaz Sharif says, nothing doing with Musharraf. But what good is this clarity if he remains holed up in London, playing Khomeini-in-waiting on some of the plushest sofas money can buy? Why isnt he coming back? Is a forced return to Saudi Arabia the spectre haunting him? Whatever the case, his absence from the scene prevents the PML-N from being fully galvanised. The iron is hot but will bend only before those who strike it.

    Imrans is a lone voice in the wilderness, still a shepherd without much of a flock. But he should be grateful to the MQM for giving him the kind of publicity that money cant buy. The ban on his entering Sindh has done him good as has the MQMs poster and placard campaign (since hastily called off) calling him names and lambasting him for promiscuity. Since when did a charge of promiscuity hurt a man? Whom the gods would destroy they first make ridiculous. The MQM has been painting itself in the colours of ridicule.

    Anyway, the political parties are lagging behind the rest of the nation. The leading light of this struggle is My Lord the Chief Justice, no doubt about it. With him stand, in the van of this movement, the nations lawyers, united and determined like never before, sustaining the struggle for democracy and lifting the nations spirits. In the process a new iconography is being born the nations new heroes the likes of Ali Ahmed Kurd (more power to his fiery oratory), Munir A. Malik, Aitzaz Ahsan et al, and justices of the different high courts who have lit the way for the rest of the judiciary to follow.

    The media has produced its own heroes reporters and anchorpersons, who have brought not only the drama and excitement of this struggle into living rooms across the country, but also its meaning and significance. This is the first tele-movement in the countrys history, its impact such that entertainment programmes have had to yield place to judicial and political news. When the CJ goes to address a bar association, the nation, glued to its TV sets, travels with him.

    But the political parties, victims of confusion or expediency, lag behind. They still have a role to play but only if they can bring themselves to adopting a clear, unambiguous stand regarding Musharrafs reelection. And to be of any use, they must do this now, in the next 20-30 days, rather than wait for Sep/Oct when it might already be too late.

    Are the assorted maulanas whom it has been our misfortune to endure, and those who lay claim to the mantle of the East, capable of this? We shall see.

  27. decentgal Avatar

    naeem plz read carefully before commenting on me i said government comes under MQM.You are too quick to reply and deduce from it .

    “you all are jusified blaming the government which comes under MQM party but i dont buy as if MQM does nothing but terrorism and somebody gave a bogus analogy also as if every other party only responded to MQM terrorism”

    the above is my qoute .

    Ayaz Mir isthe one columnist who was in the rally and never once he commented on MQM rally s strength he stood there and didnt have a single word to talk about the rally ?what kind of journalist is he? You read only one of his articles i can try qoute many where he mentions MQM strenght but always in negative.

    There is Hamid mir also who is neutral ,all will agree and read what does he say about 12 may in daily jang so the debate may continue.

  28. Naeem Avatar

    decentgal… I will go through Hamid Mir’s article and then get back with my comments later.

    I appreciate the civilized manner in which this debate is continuing. Most debates on the internet turn into a mess after a while but I’m sure this one won’t. Thanks.

  29. FOuad Khan Avatar
    FOuad Khan

    tundi-e-baad-e-mukhalif sey na ghabra aey uqaab,

    yeh to chalti hai tujhey ooncha uranay key liye.

    bohat chootiya ho gaya hai salman… sahi sher bhi nahin aata.

  30. Hossain Avatar

    Salams. I am a Moslem, a Pakistani, & a Karachiite.
    What happened on May 12 is the responsibility of the Government of the time. It was a failure on the part of the ruling party (MQM). They should have resigned.
    But don’t be misled by opportunists like Imran, Salman, Aitzaz, Asfandyar or Nawaz. The outcry by these individuals shows the division in the country. All of them have one thing in common, they are not Karachiites. They have declared “May 12” as the “Black Saturday”, “Worst day in the history of Pakistan”, “dangerous for the country”, “Turning Point” etc.
    My questions are:

    1. Where were they when 32-people were massacred in Sajda in Imambargah Ali Raza?
    2. Where were they when 40-people were massacred in Hyderi Masjid while performing Sajda?
    3. Where were they when doctors and professionals from a particular sect were being killed in Karachi?
    4. Where were they when 40-people praising the Holy Prophet (PBUH) were massacred in Nishtar Park?
    5. Did they visit the victims’ families?
    6. Did they attend any of the Namaz-e-Janaza?
    7. Did they argue for compensation for the victims?
    8. Did Imran say he would file a case against the terrorist Jihadi Leaders? (In fact he supports the terrorists of Wana & Waziristan who have proven links with Karachi Blasts).
    9. Nobody declared these events as “tragedy, black days” etc.
    10. They just issued diplomatic political statements (only some of them).

    · MQM was present in all the janazas (except Nishtar Park victims due to a dispute with ST). ST, itself, has never accused MQM of involvement in the Nishtar Park blast.
    · MQM openly condemned the bloody jihadis and their patrons in NWFP & Punjab.
    · MQM argued for compensation for the victims.
    · MQM protects mosques by deploying their activists there during holy months.
    · MQM was part of the mourning for these victims.

    That is why people of Karachi always vote for MQM, because your own family is more important than anyone else. If the above named leaders do not condemn those who threaten our families in mosques and other religious congregations we will never support them!
    MQM is one party, which has always promoted sectarian harmony for which it should be credited.
    MQM is also responsible for the current phase of development in Karachi.
    Nobody’s perfect, but we should not single out any one ethnic community or people of a city for terrorism. We should read history objectively and then give our conclusions.
    No offence is meant to any religious or ethnic group.
    Before criticizing this article please do some research on the sectarian conflict in Pakistan, the attacks, murders, protest demonstrations, arrests of religious terrorists, their ethnic backgrounds, ethnic background of the identified suicide bombers and the proud admission of murders in the courts by religious fanatics. All of this can be found in the archives of:

    Daily Times
    Friday Times
    The News

  31. hassan Avatar

    i appreciate salman,,for a courageous stance,,and i wish him to be a loyal follower of THE PROPHET (PBUH)

  32. Faisal Younus Avatar
    Faisal Younus


    Please go to

    <a href="http://“target=”_blank”>http://<a href="” target=”_blank”>

    This is a US Homeland Security affiliated organization that has already listed MQM as a terrorist outfit. They also collect data on all incidents, criminal cases and their outcomes as a way of maintaining data on each organization and moving it up the ranks of danger. All Pakistanis are requested to please engage this site and make sure they have more than enough data to support the truth; that MQM is a terrorist outfit and Altaf must go!. Take a moment to do this and lets try to hit them where it hurts instead of wasting time arguing with people on the net.

  33. abcd Avatar

    well, mqm was in power on 12th may, so that is why mqm is being blamed what happened in Karachi.

    now comes the 11th july why is no body blaming the f***** PML Q .??? for all the bloodshed in Islamabad… why all the blame is on Maulana ???

    1. Anvaar Avatar

      May be because PMLQ doesn't have Bhatta Mafia cells working in Islamabad,,,

  34. Aamir Avatar

    It is damm true what ever mentioned in Salman’s letter. I, being a Karachiittes, ppeal all of you to take a stand and throw out this Altaf Bhai out of our country. I appreciate what Imran Khan is doing and now these MQM has no answer.

  35. Siraj Avatar

    Any one have photograph showing the banner” Quaid ka ghaddar hai….woh maut ka haqdar hai”…. Pl. Send at *********

  36. Pakistani Avatar

    MQM, Nawaz Shareef, Benazir Bhutto all these corrupt organizations and people im sick of them. There is no hope for Pakistan.

  37. Ordinary Pakistani Avatar
    Ordinary Pakistani

    I used to admire Altaf Hussain due to his political power. On very short notices, MQM holds large rallies and people in large numbers gather just to listen to Altaf Hussain on phone. Amazing that he has so much following. But at the same time a lot of Karachi people i know, who are mohajirs and doesn’t have any association with any political party, call MQM a terrorist organization. I fail to understand that how a political party with die hard members who are more educated than people in any other part of the country, can be treated as terrorist organization as a whole. So many people cant vote MQM everytime due to fear. If the people who oppose MQM are right, even then, the political support enjoyed by MQM is not an ordinary thing.

    Having said that, i have not been able to find answers to the following questions and i would appreciate if any MQM supporter can help me find the truth:
    MQM has always been in government either with IJI, PPP, PML(N) and now PML(Q) problems of Sindh Province as a whole and Karachi in particular has only increased.
    If Altaf Hussain has so huge public support, then what is he doing in UK since 1992. He relocated to London 6 months prior to start of army operation on 19 June 1992.
    Isn’t it inappropriate that you claim to be a Quaid of pakistani people but you at the same time applied and acquired british nationality.
    If MQM as an organization has so huge support in Karachi, then it becomes their responsibility to have peace in the city and take appropriate action on the complaints and grievances of other minor parties.
    At the end, Karachi or any other part of the country is for all the Pakistanis and not for any punjabis, mohajirs, Pakhtoons etc.
    I also differ with the word Mohajir. Non one is now Mohajir after 60 years of independence. You will be labelled Mohajir and will be treated with bias only if you project yourself to be different from other pakistanis.

  38. Zahid Avatar

    The major issue or the most important goal of MQM was to provide Muhajir their rights as it is said by most of the Karachiites,whether they are in the party or not.They always say this and they are still saying this.
    Now my question is except blood shed and a tag of terrorist on face of MQM,and a declaration from MQM of hatred from all other language groups What MQM has done for Karachiites???
    Most of time MQM is in the Government What they have achieved so far????
    This is a party made only to fume hatred,destruction,massacre and nothing else.
    I am not saying that other parties are very honest. Other parties are also corrupt but they are smart, they are not killing people openly and they not are not killing on basis of language or caste.
    OK forget everything, Just tell me what MQM has done for Muahjir’s????

  39. abdulwahidkhan Avatar

    i love mqm H

  40. abdulwahidkhan Avatar

    i love mqm

  41. Mohammad Ali Jinnah Avatar
    Mohammad Ali Jinnah

    I understand MQM (Mohajir Qaumi Movement) and Musharraf more than many/any of you.

    They are trying to emulate, (copy) Jinnah and the AghaKhanis.

    Let me explain:
    Agha Khan is the ABSOLUTE leader of the Ismailis.
    Jinnah also was the sole leader of the Muslims in the Muslim League.

    Both demanded absolute loyalty from their followers, but they deserve based on their character and righteousness of conduct. They dont squander it over petty and frivolous issues.

    Living in Karachi, side by side with the Aghakhanis, the Bihari brand of mohajirs thought that if they just copy this aspect of the aghakhanis, they will also become like them.

    Alas, they only became fascists because neither Altaf Bhai, nor Pervez Musharraf have the character, honesty, or goodness of Jinnah. I dont know about Aghakhan much but I know Jinnah would never have ordered murders or removal of the best and most honest judges like Mush did.

    Thus, this is the essence of the problem. These copy-cats are copying blindly.

  42. Tariq Naeem Avatar
    Tariq Naeem

    What criteria do we have to judge right and wrong!

    ”Men are tempted by the lure of women and offspring, of hoarded treasures of gold and silver, of splendid horses, cattle and plantations. These are the comforts of this life, but far better is the return to Allah.” [Al-Imran: 14]

    Indeed man is motivated by personal gain. Based upon his viewpoint about life and his understanding of his purpose in it, he defines his interests, builds his relationships, adopts criteria by which this will be achieved, and then embarks upon a path in pursuit of contentment and comfort.

    Today the affairs of man are regulated by the decadence of the capitalist creed. A creed whose founders looked upon the beauty of creation and only saw an abundance of wealth but disregard the question of its coming to being. A viewpoint about life, that looked at the wonder and perfect organisation of life and placed no importance on the Organiser nor did it credit the perfection of His (swt) organisation of creation. Rather this erroneous doctrine, built on the concept of compromise, that did not seek to confirm the source of creation and what preceded the life of this world and what will come after it, neither did seek clarity in the relationship that existed between them, regarded the question of the Creator as inconsequential in the way they would govern their affairs and His (swt) worship as trivial. And as a natural consequence of this blatant disregard for Allah (swt) and the Hereafter the focus became the worldly life, its temporary comforts and the measure for action became the whims and desires of man, a selfish and corrupt standard, a criteria of benefit.

    Certainly why should the one who places no importance on the Day of Reckoning or his Creator adopt a criteria other than benefit when all he lives for is the life of this world? For this is expected of the disbelievers.

    However, what is astonishing and terrifying is when the Muslim whose belief is built upon a firm conviction on the undeniable fact of the existence of Allah (swt), the Prophet-hood of Muhammed (saw) and the torment of Jahanam and the reward of Jannah adopts the criteria of benefit that is adopted by those who disbelieve.

    ”But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you (O Muhammad (saw)) judge in all disputes between them, and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions, and accept (them) with full submission.” [ An-Nisa: 65]

    In the above ayah Allah (swt) swears by Himself, the greatest entity know to mankind, and questions the belief of those who do not make Muhammed (saw) and all that he brought (i.e. the Quran and the Sunnah) the judge in their affairs. This is clear evidence that the criteria of the Muslim should be halal and haram and not benefit.

    For unlike the kafir the Muslim bases his happiness on the pleasure of Allah (swt) and not gratification of whims and desires. And unlike the kafir the Muslim when he looks at creation says ‘subhan Allah’ at how perfect is its organisation and when he commits an act of disobedience he asks Allah (swt) for forgiveness out fear of His (swt) accountability on the Day of Resurrection, for he has realised that his belief in the relationship of the life of this world and what came before it and what will come after can only be manifested in his actions so how can he adopt a criteria of benefit when he will be accounted by Allah (swt).

    How can he adopt the criteria of benefit when Allah (swt) has clearly defined our purpose in life as He (swt) remind in the Holy Quran: ”And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except that they should worship Me (Alone).” [ Az-Zariyat: 56].

    Looking at the above criteria we see that none of our politician or Ruler is fit to rule us because they think that this world is everything and they have forgotten about the hereafter.

    We have to adopt this criterion in our life and judge every personality based on this. The problem is that what we do is comparing lesser evil with greater evil and says the person who is lesser evil is good. for example, many people today are comparing Nawaz sharif and Muhtarma Benazir Bhutu sahiba(MBBS) and draw a conclusion that banazir is more corrupt then Nawaz Sharif so we will have to vote for Nawaz Shari. This criteria fundamentality is wrong because we have a TUCH STONE with us (QURAN & SUNNAH) which would tell us who is good and who is bed, and what is good or what bed, in terms of actions.

    Above all the problem is not with personalities the basic fault lies in the system of Demon-crazy (Democracy) which gives you a status of God because in Democracy people are the source of legislation and therefore parliament is sovereign. Due to this we have personalities like Altaf Hussain, Bussharraf, Sheer Afghan Niaze, wasee Zafar MBBS, Nawaz Sharif etc.

    To deceive the innocent people of Pakistan with the collaboration of the religious parties they have included two articles in the constitution which talks about Islam in a wired way and after that the whole constitution is in contradiction with those two articles. Same two articles are put in by United Snakes of America in the constitution of Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope you know which articles I m talking about.

    Thanks and Jaza kallah khair

  43. Mohammad Ali Jinnah Avatar
    Mohammad Ali Jinnah

    Respected Tariq Naeem, thanks for a very thoughtful and nice writeup. Let me add a little.

    It is NOT sinful to pursue this world and the hereafter both at the same time … as long as the world is pursued with good intentions and in the service of Allah.

    Fid Dunya Hasana taU(n) Wa Fil Akhira ti Hasana taU(n)

    When the rich do not share with the poor, when the collectors of the poor due do not invest it properly, poverty increases and transforms into disillusionment.

    There needs to be a drive for innovation, improvement and invention, both for improvement, progress and defense.

    The Holy Prophet is not among us now. So where do we turn for such a leader ? Please answer this for me.

  44. Mohammad Ali Jinnah Avatar
    Mohammad Ali Jinnah

    Respected Tariq Naeem, I liked your above writeup a lot. It really touched my heart a lot. I would be very much interested in contacting you. I just registered a gmail address for this purpose. Would you be so kind to contact me at this one and we could also chat. Best Regards.

  45. kashif Avatar

    I am a karachite. And so is my family. Plus I also belong to the urdu speaking community. And I also refuse to call myself a mohajir, because my family moved from within United India to an indepedent Pakistan not from Iran or elsewhere beyond the Indian subcontinent, plus I was born and raised in karachi.

    I whole heartedly denounce Altaf and his fellow mafia.

    I would like to ask the supporters of Altaf where do you think he got his support to start MQM. Let me give them a fact check, the army dictatorship of Zia and ISI.

    So stop being fools and wake up.

  46. NJ Avatar

    Musharraf is nothing but an extention of Muhajir Quami Movement in the cover of a Generals uniform and I say this why?

    Murder and killing of 60 people by Altaf on Musharrafs orders to stop CJs rally on may 12th in karachi. Msharraf stated that no inquiry was required and gave a blow to sind high Court for ordering one.
    Can you imagine if 60 MQM workers had been killed in Larkana or Lahore. Would that have been Musharrafs stance?? Infact Musharrafs is so ethnic that he has beaten Altaf Hussain way behind. He hates all communities of Pakistan EXCEPT followers of MQM and that is also what this party feels. They feel that 6% minority is enough for them to rule Pakistan.

    Question any MQM follower and you will find nothing but hate for everyone. Ask them who they love, Sindhi? Punjabi? Pathan? Baluch? I guarantee you they hate them all and feel that Pakistan was made for their ethnicity who migrated and have maybe 6% representation.

    Mush is a mass murderer and is working on the exact starategy of Altaf Hussain. The idea was to provide enough opportunity to MQM to be able to penetrate Punjab, Sind and Kashmir, which failed after May 12th and exposed the true face of this General not only in Punjab but became a topic of open discussions in the officer ranks of Pak army.

    Time might be with Musharraf at the moment but there is no way that he will escape the gallows for the acts committed.

    So, if Salman wrote against MQM, so what? The entire country is against this party run by a hateful character.

    1. patriotic Avatar

      BIASED…RACIST….MISERY…SADNESS…UNPATRIOTISM…nd unlimited useless words clicks my mind wen i gone through the original post nd replies thereafter. no gud sign. time is pleadig us to STAND UNITE…i urge every1 to stop loving ur background and start moving ahead as 1 PAKISTAN…PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.