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Youtube blocked in Pakistan

Just in – Youtube seems to have been blocked in Pakistan

There are two theories one is that an Anti Islamic movie was being blocked while another theory is that a few videos did surface which showed poll rigging in Karachi

Sources say that this video could very well be the objectionable video that is being blocked in Pakistan – I have not seen the video as I cant access it, but if it has objectionable blasphemous links then I prefer not to upload it directly – here is the text link, venture at your own risk


Update: Download the [download#4]

While below is the email received from MultiNet via the Proud-Pakistani Mailing List where they place the onus on the People of Pakistan to put pressure on Youtube for unblocking the website.

Dear Valued Customer:

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (www.pta.gov.pk) has directed all ISPs of the country to block access to www.youtube.com web site for containing blasphemous web content/movies.

The site would remain blocked till further orders from PTA. Meanwhile, Internet users can write to youtube.com to remove the objectionable web content/movies because this removal would enable the authorities to order un-blocking of this web site.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Best Regards

Technical Assistance Center
Micronet Broadband Pvt. Ltd.


    • muddasir abbasi |

      i love Muhammad peace be upon him

      but you tube is good for us.

      he takes many information about Islam .

      it contains natts tilavata hajj videos and etc.

      only block that links which

      h is not good.

  • Zaeem |

    It has nothing to do with the Geo interview..it’s the video mentioned in the link. It’s very offensive and utter crap. Geert Wilders is known to speak against Islam and Quran and has actually won a legislative post due to his anti-Islamic campaign.

  • Ali |

    The government really needs to get its head out of the gutter. This is the 21st century, and if they do not understand that censorship is history, then they need to be history.

    I think the censorship is likely due to the MQM rigging video up on youtube ….they were always part of Mushi’s orgy.

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    I hardly believe it’s due to the blasphemous movie. Govt ka deen se kia leyna deyna. Rigging could be the main issue. If not then wait for a while since out 3 or 4 only one movie is left on youtube. if they don’t lift the ban after removal of those movies then it must be a political issue.

  • Asad |

    ^ Someone is forgetting the reason for the blogspot ban. After all, DBTB campaign was launched by Awab.

  • Atif Abdul-Rahman |

    I just saw half of the video and safely turned it off knowing there isnt much worthy content afterwards. however, the video has actually boosted me so much to work more for our Muslim World, if we stand tall, they wont dare to even meet our eyes…

    Keep up the good work ur doing here, this is the way to revive….

  • Hasan Mubarak |

    I wish I could have viewed the ‘blasphemous’ link to form an opinion. Still, banning YouTube altogether takes us nowhere…

  • Faisal.K |

    so what i the point of blocking the blasphemous video??

    all sorts of porn is available on the net for the muslims in Pakistan to watch….but the blasphemous video should be blocked…. what a crock

  • aijaz |

    even if it is due to any reason ..youtube must be blocked for not taking an appropriate action. period.

  • maheen |

    who ever has done this shit plz remove it becauz we need youtube terribly…..plz unblock youtube because i am having a great deal of problems

  • JinnahFan |

    Well…you don’t need to post an example of a blasphemous/anti-Islamic video…..there are thousands of them up already!! What about the foreign TV channels…do you think their content is entirely Halal? No…everyone knows they are doing it to hide MQM’s rigging. It’s funny how MQM itself has HUNDREDS of anti-Imran Khan videos and they are trying to block the medium itself.

    Mobile phone cameras can be mis-used in many ways, but one good thing about them is that ordinary people can catch illegal activities, etc and post them anonymously.

  • Ali |

    Can anyone find out when was that banned video added on YouTube?
    Because if it was added like around a month ago then the ban is clearly due to poll rigging videos otherwise PTA would have banned it earlier.

  • V |

    There is a plethora of websites (I’m not going to paste links here) out there which use explicit language against Quran and The Holy Prophet (SAW). Have articles that preach the total annihilation of Muslims etc. They were never blocked by our government and YouTube was, go figure!

    A word regarding the anti-Islamic web content; I believe the people who put up such content are looking for a reaction from Muslims and when we give them the pleasure of reacting, they mock us for our “sensitivity”, “medieval beliefs” and “volatile natures” (case in point: the violent protests in Pakistan against the cartoons published by the Danish newspaper). These people are just bullies who are abusing the right of free speech and expression because they know no one can touch them.

    What can and should we do about it? Maybe we should stop giving them the satisfaction of our reactions and they’ll stop?

  • guda |

    its no big loss right for both pakistan and youtube. most of pakistanis are illiterate and youtube is not gonna suffer any losses if pakistanis dont see it. maybe you should block google n other search engines too. lots of blasphemous stuff there. google ‘muhammad cartoon’ under image search and u’ll see thousands of results. or instead just ban the internet for good in pakistan. its better for islam and the world.

  • FNWilliam |

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  • Sana |

    Please Open Facebook n Youtube…..


    its wrong……..

  • Team Roster |

    Maybe you should edit the post title Youtube blocked in Pakistan | Teeth Maestro to something more generic for your blog post you make. I loved the post all the same.