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Chairman CBR dancing away…. [Updated]

Abdullah Yusuf (Chairman CBR) seen doing an exotic dance in a suit in front of an excited crowd which also had Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz seated in the front rows. I just found it amusing… Enjoy

Credit Faisal Khan | Download Clip

Video updated with the longer version and a clearer image


  • Shuja Alam |

    Utterly despicable, what you right about a national hero like Iqbal.

    You are rushing to quote a goon but you ignore what many others have written about Iqbal like Justice Munawwar Mirza and others.

    There is a story in the Masnavi about a king who, when proceeding on an expedition, would have men of intellect on his left, warriors on his right and sufis in front. For it is said that the pure hearts of sufis are like mirrors. The King used to see a reflection of his inner self in the sufis, and hence would realize his shortcomings.

    What people write about Iqbal is often a reflection of themselves, that they see in a qalandar.

    It is best if we end our arguments here.

  • Buddy Mittar |

    What better way to end this than whith a message of tolerance (emphasis added) by Hefez

  • Shuja Alam |

    Buddy Mittar,
    Glad that we ended on a good note.

    Anyways, there is probably room on the blogosphere for a Pakistani-centric blog where comments are more or less limited to (decent) shairi, atleast worth an experiment.

    Mush ka jo hami hai…… is defnitely not decent poetry, I’ll concede that much.

    Personally I enjoyed the exchange of poetry, a lot more than the exchange of non-poetic comments.

  • Junaid |

    LOLLLLLLLLLL the way he danced, a bit erotic indeed it seems he had been to mujras, it wasnt as man dance in our society.

    but still i dont see any wrong in it i mean if there were abida perveen and i had been president of pakistan would have still danced if couldnt control my self as a president is also a human.

  • Mahvish |

    Lanat hy chairman CBR per. but i would admit one thing he is dancing like professionals. Great job man. keep it up. Retire hony k bad yehi kam kerna.

  • Mumtaz Khaskheli |

    Jis qoum ky is trah ky leaders hooo us ka to Allah hi hafiz hy……………..