Aalim Online – Inciting murder against Ahmedi’s

Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain a famous religious host of a show called Aalim Online which airs frequently on Geo TV has entered some hot waters in the past few days. It is believed that his comments on the show may have incited Muslims to target and kill followers of the Ahmedi sect. Dr. Aamir has been running this show for the past many years and has developed a strong following catapulting him to fame to the extent that many Pakistanis swear by his religious commentary on TV, and remains a highly sought after show specially during the month of Ramadan.

Historically Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain has had his taste of controversy which started of from his fake degrees where this blogger had labeled him as Jahil Online back in 2005, he was then associated with MQM for a few years and ultimately had a falling out with the party over a controversial comment he made on TV condemning the British author Salman Rushdie, saying that Salman Rushdie should be killed for blaspheming the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in his book, Satanic Verses, after making this comment Mr. Online refused to retract his statement despite immense pressure from the top London based MQM leadership which ultimately lead to his dismissal and soon he also resigned from his Ministry

Asian Human Rights Watch reports that on 7th September in his program ‘Aalim Online’ the anchor declared the murder of Ahmadi sect members to be necessary (Wajib ul Qatal) according to Islamic teachings, because its followers don’t believe in the last prophet, Mohammad, peace be upon him.

Dr. Amir repeated his instruction several times, urging fundamentalists Muslims to kill without fear. While on air the anchor person also pressured the other two Islamic scholars (from two different sects) on the program to support the statement. This resulted in a unanimous decision among the scholars, on air during a popular television show, to urge lynching with the intent to kill.

This was not a one-off. On September 9, Mr. Hussain answered a query with the comment that blasphemers are liable to be put to death.

According to the information received, at 1:15pm on September 8, 18 hours after the broadcast, six persons entered the Fazle Umer Clinic, a two-story hospital at Mirpurkhas city and two of them went to the second floor and started pressuring 45 year-old Dr. Abdul Manan Siddiqui to come downstairs to attend to a patient in crisis. Dr. Manan left his office and descended into an ambush. He was shot 11 times and died on the spot. His private guard was also shot and is in a serious condition. A woman was also injured by firing. The killers remained at the hospital until the doctor was declared dead, then they walked out of the building’s front entrance. Police registered the killers as unknown.

On September 9, 48 hours after the broadcast, Mr. Yousaf, a 75 year-old rice trader and district chief of the Ahmadi sect was killed on his way to prayer in Nawab Shah, Sindh province. Yousaf was fired on from people on motor bikes, and sustained three bullet wounds. He died on the way to the hospital. The assailants had taken a route past a police station. No one was arrested.


Join the Asian Human Rights Commission in sending a Letter of Appeal to a number of top leaders in Pakistan



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  1. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri


    please go to Islamabadobserver.com check the
    subject ref- Dr. Salaam


  2. jazib khan Avatar
    jazib khan

    yes, Aamir is right according to sharia, any one who make or write any thing against our beloved Prophet S.A.W are wajibulqatal, NOt all qadiayani but any qadiyani who make any thing against our islamic sahria.. or like any malun like salman rushdi, gohar shahi(gobar sayahi), taslema nasreen, ghulam kafir mirza(who died in the bathroom) and his followers are also waiting for the same shit death….

    1. Anjum Avatar

      TO Jazib Khan

      To start with it is not true what you have said about **Hazrat** Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (pbh)

      This is another lie told by mullah to fools like yourself.

      And as far as death is concernced we will all die. I wish i could see what type your death you and Jahil Amir will have.

      I got a feeling it will be worse than shit

  3. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    dear rafay!
    i think there is misprinting in the name of site.
    will you please check the spelling.

  4. AYLA Avatar

    i think if you really want to know about Ahmedi’s vist web site alislam.org and see mta channel

  5. AYLA Avatar

    i think if you really want to know about Ahmedi’s you shuld vist web site alislam.org or see channel MTA from this site

  6. aylaelahi Avatar

    and i want to add something else. if we (people) are dediding who is wrong and who is right and who should be killed and who should be not then where is Allah. i think It is Allah who has right to decide what is wrong and what is right not we.

  7. shoaib bozdar 4rom bozdar wada Avatar

    janab hum muslims hain,hamein soch samaj kr baatain krni chahiyen.kisi per bina sochay samjhay blame lagana gunah hay,i hope u understand.kum bolo zyada samjho.ok allah hafiz

  8. readinglord Avatar

    Is it not the time to ponder as

    Martin Niemöller, a German poet during Hitler’s fascist regime, did in his poem hereunder?

    “First they came for the Jews

    and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for the Communists

    and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists

    and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me

    and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    Why not say more pertinently with reference to Pakiland?

    'First they came for Ahmadies

    and I did not speak out because I was not an Ahmadi

    Then they came for the Shias

    and I did not speak out because I was not a Shia.

    Then they came for Swat

    and I did not speak out because I was not a Sawati.

    Then they came for me

    and there was no one left to speak out for me.'

    (Martin Neimoller se mahzarat ke saath!)

  9. Abdul Samad Avatar
    Abdul Samad

    My view is that, we have not powered to take action against crime or reglion crime.

    If the government not taken action, first of all we should take action against government by written maters, seminars, Newspapers or election.

    Then we take action with the permission by government and its our duty to help to government and help those person also whose are wrongly beliveing wrong EMAN……..

    But we are not helping those person who are wrong beliveing and we are emotional for killing to those persoon who are creating wrong belive.

    Its very shamful to all of us.

  10. newobserver Avatar

    Quote-i think if you really want to know about Ahmedi’s you shuld vist web site alislam.org or see channel MTA from this site-UNQUOTE

    Also please check the website ahmadibeliefs.com

  11. Shahzad Avatar


    If Hazrat Eissa will not be a nabi, then what you say about the Ahadees where Hazrat Eissa is being mentioned nabi 4 times ?

    How is it possible for an Israeli to be an ummati of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)?


  12. Laeeq Avatar

    Let's try to find out what kind of muslims exist on this earth:

    Taliban Islam? The shria they want to impose on every muslim and non muslim is not acceptable to all the Muslims

    living in Afghanistan and Pakistan.You treat animals different than the humans. They want to treat every one like animals. Recent flogging of 17 years old girlin swat must had made every muslim woman pissed in her pants.You decide if this is right or wrong.

    Next main stream sunni muslims: They are not different than the todays christians. Why I said that? Their Qurans are sitting high above on a mantle under a thick layer of dust. They left their religion to the Mullah who is also like a neem hakeem Khatra e Jan and Neem Mullah Khatra e Iman. These Mullas are not schloras but call them selves the defender,savior and Pimp of islam. They think that Islam belong to them and this is their birth right and actually they think Islam was descend on them and any body else practicing it any other way is insult for them.These are the worse creature on earth and about them It is said they are the wolfes of the 14th. centrury.

    Then there are 3rd. kind of muslims who follow moderate kind of Mullahs. These Mullahs are sheeps. They are in small number and afraid of preaching thir believess openly or being afraid of going to be murdered or there will be immense opposition to them that they will loose their credibiliy and position in the society. They are afraid of retaliation.

    Then their are Muslims who are moderate and not afraid of believing and preaching of what ever they believe. They are persecuted, tortured and being boycotted by the society but they are humble and belive in no violence, killing, torture in the name of religion.

    I gave you the picture of all kind of muslims in this world. You decide which muslim is more closer to the real Islamic teachings.

    Yhis is one man opinion you dont have to agree with me.


  13. umair Avatar

    GEO is funded by the enemies of pakistan. Alam Online is a fake programme and Amir liaquat Hussain is befooling people with his twisted language.

  14. Zubair Ahamed Muhamm Avatar
    Zubair Ahamed Muhamm

    I have gone through blogs written here about Dr. Amir's statement. For the information of one and all, those who call themselves Prophets after the Last Prophet Muhammed (SAW), is a Zindeeg. I respect Dr. Amir for his stand against these people. Few Question for Qaqiani's who follow Ghulam Qadian

    1. Do you know that Ghulam Qadian has said that he can preach his religion more freely under british umbrella than in Makkah & Madinah (Taskira).

    2. That he is a liar and he said he was born to himself (See Taskira)

    3. That he was born to his mother as a seal (Taskira)

    he is a born liar used by british to split Muslim from fighting for Independence.

    I suggest all to read his meterial before commenting on Dr. Amir who has taken up the voice to inform Muslim about this infedel.

  15. Pakistan Customizabl Avatar

    Dr.Amir Liaqat Ali is wajib ul qatal .. why just tell me if as per every muslim alim and quran and prophets mehdi must come will come before qiymat . is it??? if mehdi come and say to come to me and follow me and do as what i do. because your islam is not real islam its jahil mula and alim`s islam then . an normal muslim what try to do even he is doing as alim teach him grab in his mind to kill that person . if God kill chirstians hindus jewsh and shia they are all living take food everyday God say ist you call them for truth …

  16. Mufazzil Ayaz Memoon Avatar
    Mufazzil Ayaz Memoon




  17. Mufazzil Ayaz Memoon Avatar
    Mufazzil Ayaz Memoon


  18. imran Avatar

    if any muslim drunk alcohol, i heard that his prayers cant be accepted before 40 days, pls guide me it sahiah hadeth

  19. ahmad khan Avatar

    assalamualaikum mera question ye ha kay, kaya biwi shohar ki [lazzat] kay ley[mouth]kay ander lay kar mast zani kar sakti ha,or zahban laga kar[choose]sakti ha,or agher biwi ki[lazzat or ijhazat]ho to peechay se[jima]kar saktey hain,or kay nikaah[batil]to nahi ho ta,or oral sex ka matlab khay ha,maniay but sey mufti se bucha ha,or kuch katey hain[jaaiz]ha,or kuch katey hain[makrooh]ha,mufti sahab aap detail sey bataney,plz reply karrey urdu main,

    1. ahmad khan Avatar

      Mian Biwi aik doosray kay Badan ko dekh saktay hain aur isi tarah Lazzat aur Baghair Lazzat kay aik doosray kay Badan Khud kay Badan say Mass kar saktay hain.

      Kia shohar aur biwi aik doosre ko nehlaa sakte hain aur aik doosre ko istanja karwaa sakte hain ???

    2. ahmad khan Avatar

      assalamualiakum mufti sahab plz reply,karrey,

  20. ahmad khan Avatar

    agar shohar biwi ke breast ko suck karey aur usmai doodh aa jaye, toh oska koe kaffarah nahi hay.laikin ehtiyaat wajib ye hay k bivi ka doodh nah piaya jay(yaani halaq say neechay nah utara jaay,ye sahe ha,

  21. Alberta Avatar

    Good evening, Happy April Fool's Day!!

    A musical director was having a lot of trouble with one drummer. He talked and talked and talked with the drummer, but his performance simply didn't improve.

    Finally, before the whole orchestra, he said, "When a musician just can't handle his instrument and doesn't improve when given help, they take away the instrument, and give him two sticks, and make him a drummer."

    A stage whisper was heard from the percussion section: "And if he can't handle even that, they take away one of his sticks and make him a conductor."

    Happy April Fool's Day!

  22. Anees Ahmed Avatar
    Anees Ahmed

    I read above debate . No one mentioned any quranic Iyat.

    So Quran has been abandoned. Worshiping Mullah is disattorous recepie as state din quran. Quran warned jews not to worship Rahbaniyoon ( Jew Scholrs ) . So call muslim acted above so fierce and arrogant and blood thirsty . I wonder do they follow Abu Jahl ( Who was always ready to kill first and debate later )

    Short cut and day dreaming has become their ( Jihadi's) normal life. They want easy and immediate victory over their donor Christien Nations. So they invented fairy tales like Hindus. A 1500 year old Jesus will come with GODLY powers ( Not seen in Sirat un Nabi ) and will give easy victory by doing kun fa Ya koon . Sahaba was butchered alive in Mecca street for 13 years. Todays Jihadi Mulla will not do anything, Jesus whom they worship will come for their rescue. Such easy rescue was not accomplished by Moses, Muhammad Sal allah alhe wasalm. USA has 12,000 Atomic bombs , Jesus will have none. So he will have Godly Power. Shame on you Jihadies Mullahs. When Kufar ask prophet to ascend to sky in front of him and bring book. Allah refused to physically ascend prophet. But Jesus has much more place in the eyes of Allah . Jesus is so superior in sitting on right side of allah for 1500 years. And help poor Muslim and their non susceesful Ummat.. Think what a bad aqeeda you dewel on…..Allah open your eyes..Read Quran .

  23. arzoo Avatar

    Ahmadis are Traitors And Every Singly System on Planet Earth has same Punishment for traitor

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Then why did Jinnah appointed an Ahmedi, the First Foreign Minister of Pakistan.


    Respected Sir,

    With due respect,

    It is stated that. I am a simple man. I want to request you if u will accept .I was a participant in 1997, 2007, 2008 election for the president of Pakistan but I could not win. I participated thrice but I could not make it through president. Its my almost request to you to pray for me


  25. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    GEO TV, Beard & Aamir Liaquat Hussain's Tabbarrah.

  26. Bushra Syed Avatar

    These attacks (recent Lahore attacks) have been considered in the most terrible ones.

    This was one big incident,as you might know many Ahmadis have been killed like this before as well.

    That’s the only reason everyone is so much bothered about it.It’s time we should call for the rights of our Ahmadi Muslim brothers and sisters.

    I know Ahmadis ,they are very peaceful people and must say,better Muslims than us.

    Above all,they do believe in Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as a last Prophet.People need to do a little more research on what they actually believe.

    I wish these extremists and Mullas would stop spreading misconception regarding them.

    I have so much to say and prove.

    I know many Ahmadi Muslims and and i have myself researched a lot.

    They are Muslims.Stop calling their Mosques as Worship places for God’s Sake.Those killed were martyred.

    God bless Pakistan.

  27. Daud Avatar

    Yes Bushra Syed

    I Studied books of Ahmadies.They do believe in Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as a last Prophet.People need to do a little more research on what they actually believe.But my search has come to a result that we should study this jama'at by heart and soul. their web site is http://www.alislam.org. if we talk about Mr Liaqat hussain , truly, he is not a human being he is a fake person and muslime assigned to spread hate among the innocent people of Pakistan,he may be also assigned by Jewish people or channel because 75% share of Jewish people in GEO TV .I am Muslim my believe on humanity is that we must spread love,peace to all human being.Please do not follow Mullas or jahil on line. Follow the way of our holly beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) as He always taught kindness to every one.



  28. iqbal kardamay Avatar
    iqbal kardamay

    My brother & my sister, well done if you done a good research but let me tell you, there are so many sites which seems ok to us,bcoz now a days we all are mufties and alim, we know too much about Islam now a days, for your kind information, there is a masjid of ahmidi in surrey in uk, they don't allow me to go in for prayer bcoz i doesn't look like of them, why if they are muslim then they should allow me, forget it,when i was in pakistan,i met my old uni friend,she is ahmidi and she told me all stories,so i didn't heard anything i met personally and why she told me the story bcoz in whole 2 years of uni i respect her didn't say a bad words to her like other say 'she is kafir' bla bla, so she trust me and finially pronounced in front of me she is ahmidi,forget this have you heard their own kalima if not then you must go their masjid,you'll find yourself,my brother n sister,according to you all if they are muslim and good believer so what you gonna call for those who doing sucide bombing, yes all of you'll say jahil muslim, killing others, true but what about those whose is destryoing your own faith. dont know what to say.I'll ask you all, when you ppls get sick then why you don't get medicine from compounder why you see to some good specialist,bcoz you scare this compunder can give you wrong medicine and could kill you but specialist can't, then for our iman why we just ask any matter from mullah or masjid of imam bcoz he got beard thats it, why not we struggle to find good alim,yeah bcoz they look jahil and backward, this is our quality of iman, now get back to the point, whoever mr. amir is, as far as we all know his background but now i've seen my own eyes on tv, he is being calling 'ISLAMIC SCHOLAR',wow thats great reading few books meeting with few good ulma and also knowing few quranic verses making you 'ISLAMIC SCHOLAR',all i wanna say is 'MAY ALLAH PROTECT OUR IMAN WITH NEW TECHONOLOGY ALIMS' AMEEN. I do apologise if i hurt anybody feelings but we need to sort out ourselves before Allah sort out us. You know what i am talking look around you, natural disaster happening so so fast,do we have time to debate or look our deeds what we have to show Allah,is our prayers are on time, which will be first question in Qabar, Munkar and Nakeer will not ask you, did you watch alim online and we all know what they will ask. So take good care of your Iman. Assalamu alaikum wa rahamatullah

  29. ss Avatar

    hamzaad ko kaaboo kaisai kia jaaja hai

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Brother,

      Refrain from such Amaliyat. These are Haram in Islam. Above all you won't be able to do it rather in the end you would be in control of Satan and Demons. Don't do it. The filth which is given in Panjsoora and Amaliyat Books are not approved by Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]'S Sunnah.

  30. bleeding teeth Avatar

    Ahmedis are what, ISLAM CALLED it MURTAD, So get the info about MurTd, Don't blame Aamir LiaQuat.

  31. atiya Avatar

    I can bet this person (aamir liaqut) has acquired fake degree from a fake madrasa, for Islam has never ever given authority to any person to object one's faith and decide his/her fate..This virus(aamir ) needs an antivirus..aamir beta, go back to school and revise your course,

    1. The Multan Guy Avatar

      He is MBBS Doctor, a Good Person,

      Ahemdis are MurTd.

  32. DR. SIDRAH Avatar

    every gustakh e rasool is wajib ul qatal!!! hazrat umar farooq had killed several gustakhs/111 hazrat abu bakr had jehad against kazzab…and how do u ppl u muslims expect ur ALLAH to love and reward u if u dont love n respect HIS beloved most MOHAMMAD (S.A.W)…r u ppl going towards modesty in religion???? or u are completely changing the picture of islam…ISHQ E MUSTAFA k beghair tumhara iman bejan hai jan lo….or woh kesa ishq hai k tum bethe apne us nabi ki gustakhi seh rahay ho jo sari zindagi tumhari maghfirat k liye ansu bahat raha!!! Dr amir liaquat hussain is a soldier of MOHOMMAD(S.A.W)…KOI BHI SACHA ASHIQ E RASOOL YEHI KAHAY GA JO AMIR LIAQUAT NE KAHA HAI…OR YE BAT QURAN O HADEES SE SABIT HAI…GUSTAKH E RASOOL WAJIB UL QATL HAI!!!!

    1. sajid Avatar

      Dr. Sidra alhamdulillah Ahmadi Love Mohammad(P.B.U.H)because he is the GREATEST Prophet of God and God create this world because of him. I don’t care what do you think about Ahmadies, but I wonder when I think about your words and all other countries who don’t believe on Mohammad(P.B.U.H) then you should go there and kill all of them. That’s so funny on one side you want to go in those countries (like usa uk canada etc) and on other hand you are teaching other people in that way. SO Your words and your actions are not same its means you are not a true Muslim. I pray to God he forgive you.

  33. Shah Khawar Avatar
    Shah Khawar

    @Dr. Sidrah:


    Can you please provide me with the Quranic / Hadith reference in this regard?

    I am not sure which "gustakhs" were killed by Hadhrat Umar Farooq (RA), however Maseelma Kazzaab had claimed prophethood during the times of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and not during the time of Hadhrat Abu Bakar (RA).

  34. Ali Avatar

    When ahmadis repeat surah al-fatiah they are requesting that ALLAH MAKES THEM PROPHETS.

    This is because they link surah al-fatiah to verse 4:69 of the quran which they translate to mean that by obeying the prophet they too can become prohpets,truthful (siddiq), faithful (shahid) and righteous (salih).

    Ofcourse Sunnis Shias etc look at this with amazement because they translate this verse 4:69 to mean the LIKE of prophets, not ACTUAL PROPHETS.

    So our interpretations of finality of prophethood are complete opposite.

    Ahmadis actively pray to Allah 5 times a day and suuplicate to Allah 'Make me a prophet'.

    Although after mirza ghulam qadiani sahib they have had no new prophet.

  35. ywb Avatar

    Ali do you know why ahmadis translate 4:69 "And whoso obeys Allah and this Messenger of His shall be among those on whom Allah has bestowed His blessings, namely, the Prophets, the Truthful, the Martyrs, and the Righteous. And excellent companions are these." (4:69)

    because if you go by Sunni or Shias translation which is "All who obey Allah and the Messenger are in the company of those on whom is the Grace of Allah― of the Prophets (who teach) the sincere (lovers of Truth), the witnesses (who testify), and the Righteous (who do good): ah! How a beautiful fellowship!"

    which means we are in the company of prophets but we are NOT prophets, we are in the company of martyrs but we are NOT martyrs we are in the company of righteous but we are not righteous, we are in the company of sincere (lovers of truth) but we are not sincere (lover of truth).

    Does it even make sense? you are asking Allah to give you company of righteous, truthful, martyr and prophet but not make you one of them? what kind of dua is that ?

    what kind of muslim would not like to pray for being on the right path…

    May Allah guide us to the right path!

    1. Ali Avatar

      The prophet of the ahmadis, Mirzai sahib himself claimed that the blessings in surah al-fatiah are those specified in verse 4:69.

      So if you believe in the claims of Mirza Ghulam Sahib do you have any choice BUT to draw the above conclusion.

      Every time that an ahmadi prays he is praying that Allah raises him to the status of prophethood!!!!

      I have quoted the above to ahmadis so many times but they all deny it. Unbelieveable! The promised reformer has come yet the majority of his followers don't know what their prayers mean!!!!

  36. Ali Avatar

    Here is Nooruddin's translation. I am not sure if this is the 1st Khalifa of the Ahmadi movement or his son who obviously both go by the name Nooruddin:

    4:69. And those who obey Allâh and this perfect Messenger, it is these who are with those upon whom Allâh has bestowed His blessings (in this life and the Hereafter) – the Prophets, the Truthful (in their belief, words and deeds), and the Bearers of Testimony (to the truth of the religion of Allâh by their words and deeds), as well as the Martyrs, and the Righteous (who stick to the right course under all circumstances), and how excellent companions they are! [Nooruddin]

    Ahmadis today of course have no choice but to conclude that the above is wrong/false/corrupted.

    However it sounds as this logic/claim has been concocted by modern day Qadianis.

    B.T.W YQB if you ever become a prophet, after all it would be unfair for all your prayers to go unanswered do come back to this thread to notify us.

  37. Ali Avatar

    Here is an extract from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's book.

    I think it should settle the matter.

    "The Holy Quran in the Sura Fatiha gives us the hope of becoming the likes of prophets. God exhorts us to pray to Him five times a day and beseech Him as follows: ‘Guide us on the right path, the path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favours’, meaning O God, grant us the guidance so that we may become the like of Adam, the like of Seth, the like of Noah, the like of Abraham, the like of Moses, the like of Jesus, and the like of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Ahmad." (Izala Auham, p. 257)

    Modern day Qadianis seem to think that the above is a load of baloney.

    Here is the accusation of a modern day Qadiani:

    "Does it even make sense? you are asking Allah to give you company of righteous, truthful, martyr and prophet but not make you one of them? what kind of dua is that ?"

    It seems as though Qadianis today have so much knowledge about Islam that they can teach their own prophet a thing or two!!!!

  38. Ali Avatar

    The below extract is where Mirza sahib links verse 4:69 to Sura Fatiha.

    "These are, in short, the four grades, to try to attain to which is the duty of every believer. The person who entirely lacks these, lacks faith. This is why in the Sura Fatiha (opening chapter of the Holy Quran) the Glorious God has ordained for the Muslims this very prayer that they implore Him for all these virtues. This prayer is: "Guide us on the right path, the path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed favours". This verse has been explained elsewhere in the Holy Quran [4:69] where it is made clear that by those upon whom God has bestowed favours are meant the prophets, the siddiq, the shahid, and the salih. The perfect man has all of these four qualities combined in him."

    (Tiryaq al-Qulub, pp. 246 – 250)

    So modern day claims by Qadianis are absolute unadulterated


  39. Laeeq Avatar

    Mr. Ali,

    Your are one of the extremist element of the Islam. You should be teaching the Talibans and AlQuaeda so they should stop killing innocent children,women and men. You should tell them not to attack on Mosoleums of Saints who helped to spread the religion of peace in this continent. You shuould teach the poor nation of Pakistan not to elect corrupt Hukmarans for their country. Ahmadis are peaceful They spread their message by peaceful and meaningful dialogue and not by cutting any body's throat. You need to bring your house in order before even taking part in any kind of religious discussion. Your Islam is very backward and modern days civiliztion will not accept the way you want to spread the great religion of prophet Muhammad(PBUH). It willfly no where until you show an example the way a true Muslim supposed to be.

    1. Ali Avatar


      Are you a prophet of Allah?

  40. Ali Avatar

    Ahmadis have had appointed as their leaders some of the greatest liars of the modern era.

    About 7 years ago their leadership claimed to have converted 80 million people in 1 year. Please bear in mind these people are appointed by Allah swt. Their own website had claims of membership of 200 million. Now they have scaled it down to 10s of millions.

    If claiming you are a prophet when you are note one is not a lie of the highest order and then accusing all other mulsims of being a Kafir because they do not believe in your claims then what is a lie?

  41. Ali Avatar

    Sorry Laeeq Sahib, I missed the part where I cut somebodies throat?

    Stop writing verbal diarrhoea.

    1. Laeeq Avatar

      I know your buts are burning in hatred of ahmedies. I wish I could be a Prophet. What greter blessing of God will be for some one to be selected by God as a prophet. At least paradise is guaranteed. Unfortunately that door is closed for ever and only saints, mujadids and non-book bearing Nabis may come in this world to correct people like you. Imagin our corupt culture of Pakistan where every sin of the society is commited with out any fear of God or prophet

      (PBUH). What Islam you are talking about. If your are talking the Islam of Prophet Muhammad's time, I don't see it any where.If the situation is so grave already , what will happen to the Muslims after 100 years? My advise to you is, open your eyes and look the situation of Muslims, who dont even do Namaz behind behind each other. Ahmadis are non muslims, but they call each othe Kafirs.

      My advise to you, calm down, relax. I am not inviting you to become Ahmedi but stop hating other religion people. What are you afraid of Ahmadis?

  42. sajid Avatar

    dear Ali please don’t be extreme. you need to know more about Islam. by learning few verses you can’t be an alim. you need to know meaning of ISLAM religion of Peace. our religion is religion of peace please don’t present wrong image of ISLAM in front of world. May ALL SHOW YOU THE RIGHT PATH (AMEEN)

  43. sajid Avatar

    Dr. Sidra alhamdulillah Ahmadi Love Mohammad(P.B.U.H)because he is the GREATEST Prophet of God and God create this world because of him. I don’t care what do you think about Ahmadies, but I wonder when I think about your words and all other countries who don’t believe on Mohammad(P.B.U.H) then you should go there and kill all of them. That’s so funny on one side you want to go in those countries (like usa uk canada etc) and on other hand you are teaching other people in that way. SO Your words and your actions are not same its means you are not a true Muslim. I pray to God he forgive you……

  44. Ali Avatar

    This just doesn't make sense.

    Laeeq your interpretation of this verse is not the same as your prophets.

    Your prophet says this verse means pray to become the like of Muhammed pbuh, Jesus, Moses; all law bearing prophets.(Note he did not say pray to become prophets yourselves)

    You claim this verse means we can become non-law bearing prophets and that we pray five times a day to become a prophet.

    Which is it?

    You claim that the term refers to the non law bearing variety. Your prophet has interpreted it to mean the law bearing type with references to Moses, Jesus Muhammed pbuh.

    Who is right?

  45. usman mir (@iEiviL) Avatar

    one Ahmadi Muslim was killed due to his hated speech in AAlim online in Karachi

    youtube working link of the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZJ30tEo_60
    it will always happen when you will say a cocking oil seller a aalim #shame #Pakistan #Fail