Hashoo Group eyes BBC World Challenge 08 – Vote for Pakistan

Hashoo Foundation‘s Project ‘Women Empowerment through Honeybee Farming‘ has been selected as one of the 12 finalists out of 700 entries for the BBC World Challenge 08 Contest. A historical moment for a Pakistani company to be highlighted on such a forum

World Challenge 08 is a global competition aimed at finding projects or small businesses from around the world that have shown enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level. World Challenge 08 is brought to you by BBC World News and Newsweek, in association with Shell, and is about championing and rewarding projects and business which really make a difference. The winner will receive a grant of USD $20 000 to put back into their project/business, and two runners up will each receive USD $10 000.

Women Bee Keepers project empowers women from the remote regions of Northern Pakistan to generate incomes by selling High Quality Honey to some of the top markets in Pakistan

The unique flora of the region makes for a superior honey that should command a premium price. The hard part is getting the honey to market. That’s where the Hashoo Foundation comes in. It takes the women’s honey, processes and packages it, and sells it in the high-end shops and hotels of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. – earning more than twice the price they would have in the local market. This Income enables these women to provide for their Children’s Education, Health and Nutrition.

Let us all vote for Pakistan & also for Women Empowerment supporting them in winning the BBC Global Challenge 2008






10 responses to “Hashoo Group eyes BBC World Challenge 08 – Vote for Pakistan”

  1. guYasir Avatar

    My father had worked in Shell-oil Pakistan formerly PBS=Pak Burma Shell.
    He worked there for about 35 yrs and got awarded by ‘european gora’ who came at our home and admired my father long service, commitment and his honesty I was 4 yrs old at that time but I remember kuch kuch that movement.
    Now its hard for gora to come in anybody home in pakistan due to current cabal of terrorism.
    The current generation is turn slacker and wanna go up overnight. They’re seeking money and honey in a jiffy without hard work. Eventually they’ve indulged into street crimes or white/blue collar crimes like their leaders Zardari who came in power under the guise of democracy.
    Don’t forget guys democracy is a ruse for all of those who are rubes. C’mon don’t be a Yokel.
    Time for Change as Osama/Obama said. Think thousand times like bankers/gangster does do so.

  2. Shah Avatar


    Economic independance is the real independance for women.
    Finally a break through ,a hope for women.
    I see it as a building block which has alot of potential to grow.

    Best of luck

  3. nota Avatar

    Isn’t Hashoo group owned by the most corrupt Hashwanis? This is just PR to put on a pretty philanthropic face all all crooks do. Like Shell and other oil companies are working for the environment. Right!!!

    Could anyone tell me how much these women get paid per pound of honey and how much it is sold for?

  4. nota Avatar

    Sorry just noticed the banner for the “award”. Funny to see Shell being one of he sponsors as well (see my comment above).

  5. nota Avatar

    “Women Bee Keepers project empowers women from the remote regions of Northern Pakistan to generate incomes”

    And they are probably being forced to earn as their men are being killed and their houses being destroyed by our military…:(

  6. Adam Gold Avatar
    Adam Gold

    The Hashoo Foundation is owned and controlled by the Hashwani family, who own and control the Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel chain in Pakistan. The United Nation’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) has ruled that Karachi PC hotel has engaged in union-busting. The management of the hotel organised for the imprisonment of union leaders when they sought to have a collective agreement. Is this really a group which should be rewarded with such an award, when the people who run the Hashoo foundation do not truly respect the basic human rights of workers to have trade unions and a collective agreement?


  7. Abid Hussain Avatar
    Abid Hussain

    I have tryed to vote your project but always there is error in finding page.

  8. Lawangeen Avatar

    I am sure Sara Hashwani is committed woman but she does not bother to look on the other side of her employee Especially Sultan Mehmood when he is hiring female staff for projects like one that HAOP at Mansehra.

  9. Nazia Avatar

    Hashoo foundation is very good foundation. Sara Hashwani is committed women especially.

  10. sajjad Avatar

    Hashwani isone of the successful personalities of pakistan especially Sarah who is very committed to do much for women.

    best of luck Sarah and keep it up