Karachi University Seminar about the Military Operation in Bajaur, Waziristan, Kurram Agency & Swat

On 25th October, Saturday an event was organized in Karachi University organized by Karachi University Teachers Society, (KUTs) in collaboration of Peoples Resistance (PR).

The main speakers were, Mr. Kak Kahil a Peshawar based AJ TV Journalist and Mr. Wali Haider who has just recently returned from the Bajaur region. Both speakers spoke at length about the situation in the region and following their speeches were later peppered with some very interesting questions by the students about Imperialistic war in tribal & the settled areas of Pakistan, both speakers extensively criticized Taliban’s activities while also took the Pakistan Army to task for playing second fiddle to the NATO and US agenda which are leading towards a collapse of the sovereignty of Pakistan. The News reported on the event as follows

Taliban have been infiltrated, situation can destabilise region

The ongoing war in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan have become a proxy war of two superpowers and other regional players, a seminar was told on Saturday.

“The Taliban have been infiltrated by Indians and Russians among others. Money is involved and the issue has become so complicated that it can destabilise the entire region” commented Syed Fakhar Kakakhel, a senior journalist belonging to a local TV. He was speaking at to Karachi University (KU) students on Saturday.

Addressing a seminar on “The War in the North-West”, organised by the KU Teachers Against War at the Audio-Visual Centre, KU, the senior journalist from Peshawar said that Russians were involved in the war to avenge their defeat in the 1980s in Afghanistan while Indians were there to destabilise Pakistan while the US had designs to rein in the growing economic power China. According to him, political stability in Afghanistan was the only solution to have peace in the tribal areas and that could only be reached through negotiations and talks otherwise the bloodshed in our neighborhood would continue to affect Pakistan.

Kakakhel said US could not stay long in Afghanistan owing to variety of reasons including its economic recession as well as involvement of other anti-US forces in the war in Afghanistan. He said Pakistan should safeguard its own interests instead of blindly following the imposed agenda.

He revealed that the US didn’t trust Pakistan any more owing to the establishment’s “dubious policies” and the US Assistant Secretary of Richard Boucher in his recent visit conveyed his government’s concerns on Pakistan’s role in the “War on Terror” to Pakistani officials. “Boucher told the NWFP Chief Minister that if they continued with the present policies of aiding militants, the next US administration would not hesitate in attacking Pakistan” he claimed. He also spoke about the trend of suicide bombings and the brain washing of youngsters for carrying out suicide attacks.

Kakakhel said the only solution to peace was initiating dialogue and engaging people in the political process. “Students are the most important people and they should be given the right to have their unions and their own leadership. Students politics should be allowed in Universities as well Madressahs so that they could have their own leaders” he suggested. He narrated details of various forces fighting in the tribal as well as settled areas including Swat and said all present militant leaders were former political activists and they could be controlled through initiating political process.

The journalist from NWFP also spoke on the role of media and said after learning the implications of their coverage of War on Terror, they had learnt a lot and now they were adopting a policy of self-censorship to create hope among Pakistanis. Another person, Wali Haider, of Roots, an NGO, who recently returned from Bajaur, termed the US attack on Afghanistan and war in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas as part of US hegemonic designs and to gain control over the region’s natural resources.

“Both US and Taliban have the same interests. They are destabilising the region and their goal is to facilitate US in controlling Central Asian oil and gas resources” he claimed. The address of both the experts was followed by a question-answer session and students from the various departments inquired about various factions of militants, their agenda and situation in the war zone in the North-West.


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  1. guYasir Avatar

    After Soviet Union demised many think that Communism died but communism isn’t dead rather soviet union finished in order to erect last and final Muslims threat aka “war on terror” remember communism aka paganism
    This battle is as ancient as ‘fall of man’ Islam is the last barrier in front of secular materialistic New World Order.
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  2. muhammad ali Avatar
    muhammad ali

    When mosques and religious schools were being used as center of hate & suicide bombers. And lot of spies with criminal ideology supporting agenda of hate and injustice. We have only tears for helplessness.

    The paid murderers with fanatic brains were given task of national decisions. Where were they when innocent children, women and our brave soldiers dies of suicide bombing.

    Islam always stress on humanity, love, peace and tolerance. But we are sinner to dafme the message of our profit.