Media barred from NWFP senate elections

It is being reported on various media outlets that the Senate elections in the NWFP region have been barred from the media.

GEO.TV The journalists have been disallowed entering into the assembly hall for the coverage of the polling underway, while scores of them kept waiting outside the assembly. It may be recalled that the assembly members had in violation shown their ballot papers on the eve of presidential election, which the media had covered and flashed, while the NWFP rulers had expressed their displeasure over it.

Barely 6 months ago on 7th September 2008 during the Presidential elections that were held to elect President Asif Ali Zardari TV crews had caught various ANP members in the NWFP province flashing their secret ballots to some nearby colleggaues as if to authenticate the vote

Could this be another attempt to hide what might be yet another fiercely faught elections. I share with you the video evidence that was caught on camera 6 months back



One response to “Media barred from NWFP senate elections”

  1. yaseen ch Avatar

    I t seems ANP hasn't learn any thing from that much years in opposition,may be they are enjoying the government first time.