Shahid Masood’s show on banned by UAE Govt

UPDATE: PkPolitics has recorded and has published the LAST EPISODE of Shahid Masood’s MERAY MUTABIQ – in this last episode he shares threats to his life with the possible reasons for having him blocked on Geo, he also sheds light on the level of corruption by the NRO – SHOCKING its a definite must watch

shahid-masood-meray-mutabiq-logoIt seems that in a ban has been imposed on the airing of Geo News’ program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ by Dr. Shahid Masood from Dubai. According to sources, high government officials from Pakistan have exerted pressure on the Dubai government to block the show from being telecast from Dubai

This show along with has previously suffered the same fate of outright censorship in Pakistan during the 2007 martial law by Pervaiz Musharraf it was then that Pervaiz Musharraf actually approached the Dubai government too and had the entire channel taken off-air for a period of over 77 days. In those days strict local government restrictions prevented broadcast signal from Pakistan and all TV channels resorted to rebroadcasting to the satellite feed from Dubai, since the 2007 tussle with Geo and its subsequent negotiations with electronic media outlets, Geo then moved most of its operations back into Pakistan leaving aside two show Meray Mutabiq and Nadia Khan show still to be aired from Dubai alone.

It seems the President of Pakistan now in the form of Mr Asif Ali Zardari has yet again successfully requested the Dubai government to force this current affairs program off-air. There can be little doubt as to the reason why Dr. Shahid Masood may have suffered this fate this time around, as I’m sure he may have been touching on some sensitive topics which more-or-less will most likely have to do with the NRO and Mr. Asif Ali Zardari being the top celebrity featured on that dis-honest list.

Many a times I have criticized many of our current affairs news casters of sensationalization but regardless of which line they may actually support, I think this censorship is yet again a definite target on freedom of expression and I vehemently oppose it



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  1. Illusion Avatar

    Shahid Masood is another name for "Yellow Journalism". The most biased, illogical and irresponsible journalist of Pakistan. I hated his show, hated his pessimistic approach towards anything and everything related to Government of the time.

    But i condemn any action taken by Government of Pakistan to impose restrictions on his idiotic show or any other news show. Such action will do nothing except giving bigots like Shahid Masood another life, now he and Geo tv will try to do politics by using sympathies of this emotional nation.

    I wish Pakistani Nation recognize its true enemies, and instead of Government, People of Pakistan protest against Yellow Journalism and create pressure on these news channels and their idiot anchors and Journalists to leave their pessimist approach and instead of acting like a political party themselves, present their shows and news. Sensationalism/conspiracy theories sells but whats important is to report the news by spreading and talking about Hope instead of misery.

  2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Shahid Masood is another name for “Yellow Journalism”.[ Illusion]


    Dr Shahid Masood as exposed by his very own Kamran Khan – Watch the videos of GEO TV.

    Exposed by Kamran Khan

    Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [1/4]

    Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [2/4]

    Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [3/4]

    Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [4/4]

    Funny isn't it that we saw the same "Meray Mutabiq" at 2300 hours dated 23-11-2009 by Dr Shahid Masood on the same GEO TV [Former Chief Executive of ARY One World TV, then Anchor Person GEO TV, then MD/Chairman of State run Pakistan Televison [appointed by Mr. Asif Ali Zardari – President of Pakistan] and then again the same GEO TV.

  3. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    like Shahid Masood or not is not the question.

    The question is death threat to a journalist which should not be accepted.

    We all must support Shahid.

    I will also say to the people incharge of threats not to stir a storm in a tea cup.

  4. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    I think this censorship is yet again a definite target on freedom of expression and I vehemently oppose it [Teeth Maestro]


    Dear Awab Sahab,

    I am with you on this but read three news reports in The News International filed by the assistant of Mr. Ansar Abbasi about the same Dr Shahid Masood and read the swinging pendulum of Jang Group.

    1 – News when Shahid Masood quit PTV.

    Minister reveals media-bashing plans of government, says Dr Shahid By Muhammad Ahmad Noorani Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    2 – News when Shahid Masood joined PTV.

    Package of PTV chairman announced By Muhammad Ahmad Noorani Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Musharraf and Shahid Masood Friendship [VIDEO]

  5. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    The game is same ….but the victims should not be same that is us the awam.

  6. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    The question is death threat to a journalist which should not be accepted. We all must support Shahid.[Farrah Shah]


    Dear Ms. Farrah Shah,

    Watch the videos of GEO and know the reality of Death Threat.

  7. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Many a times I have criticized many of our current affairs news casters of sensationalization [Teeth Maestro]


    More on Dr Shahid Masood Posted by redkazimAugust 25, 2008

    His level of general knowledge can be judged by an entry posted by London-based Ayesha Ijaz Khan, who is also a The News occasional contributor, on her website [PDF Download].

  8. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    He was an employee of ARY ONE and this news was last straw on camel's back. One thing may be kept in mind Dr. Shahid Masood [GEO TV] was once affiliated with ARY One World, as its senior executive director and was the chief of ARY One World conducting the show Views On News on ARY. These Memon Seths have huge business stakes in UAE and they have close ties with UAE Royal families. Hence, BAN.

    REFERENCE: MCB plunder scam By Muhammad Ahmad Noorani – ARY chief, Lawai were ‘cleansed’ under NRO Sunday, November 22, 2009

  9. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    The question is death threat to a journalist which should not be accepted.[Farrah Shah]


    Dear Ms. Farrah,

    I have many journalists friends in Karachi and elsewhere who report Crime and what not and they go to their homes after 4 O clock in the morning on Honda 70 and many of them have been doing this more than 20 years [that doesn't mean that Honey and Milk is flowing] but any kind of threat didn't deter them. Now Dr Shahid is living in Dubai, yet he is under threat??? Shaheen Sehbai's whole family is living in Virginia, USA, yet he is under threat. Press Freedom is a must no compromise on that but Freedom should be given the Journalist Community not just two or three Journalist and above all I will demand that access of information clause should be invoked so to enable journalist to do objective reporting not speculation. I have many reporter friends in Dawn, The News, Jasarat, Takbeer, Herald and Newsline and they are wonderful people and they just need proper information to develop a news and when you dont give them info then they are bound to speculate and concoct because they are human being and families to look after. Dr Shahid and Shaheen are millionaire. What they know about working journalists and their miseries.

  10. BilalLashari Avatar

    Aamir Mughal,

    Don't try to white wash Zardari just because this stooge belongs to PPP.

    Quit this racism now.

    I have quit PPP, BB was the last hope, after her its just plunderers leading the party.

    If BB was alive today, this stooge would be out of country let alone leading the country of even PPP.

    Long Live Makhdoom Ameen Faheem.

  11. izhar Avatar

    This is the tru face of PPP, people still remember in Z.A Bhutoo time Dalai camps anf torchure to opponents in Lahore Shai Quilla. banning the news papers and magzine owned by the people having different oppinion. Now this is Zardari's peoples party, group of looters. If yhey are innocent why they are scared to face the courts.

  12. Hasan Avatar

    As we all know that Dr. Shahid Masood has no credibility, it is hard to believe that according to him he is being threatened. He never speaks truth just never.

    It can only be a publicity stunt by Shahid Masood to save his repute.

    Ansar Abbasi and Shaheen Sehbai atleast you two know yourself how big liar he is.

  13. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Don’t try to white wash Zardari just because this stooge belongs to PPP. Quit this racism now. Long Live Makhdoom Ameen Faheem. [Bilal Lashari]



    Prove that I am a racist and if true then explain Long Live Makhdoom Amin Fahim Slogan. Makhdoom is not Urdu Speaking.

  14. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    it is unfortunate that so called democracy lovers have lesser patience than a dictator.

  15. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    it is unfortunate that so called democracy lovers have lesser patience than a dictator.[Dr Jawwad Khan]


    Is Mr Imran Khan sleeping?? Shrireen Mazari??

    BREAKING: 21 International Media Organizations Write to Government About The Nation

    UPDATE: Committee to Project Journalists Condemns The Nation

  16. Observer Avatar

    SM has lost credibility a long time ago, but to ban him or anybody else as long as they don't violate the laws of Pakistan is not the solution! Personally I have been very watchful about this fella since he got in the Musharraf/Zardari camp by joining PTV of all channels, and then got out of favor again. A clear sign of a yellow journalist – He must not be forgiven for that treacherous act against the whole nation. BUT once again. He should NOT have been banned by Zardari and his cronies!!!

  17. Observer Avatar


    "I have quit PPP, BB was the last hope, after her its just plunderers leading the party."

    Are you saying that you were in the party just because of ONE person and that you knew the rest of the lot was rotten and still choose to stay?

  18. Observer Avatar

    @Aamir Mughal

    "Is Mr Imran Khan sleeping?? Shrireen Mazari??"

    Why single out those who are most vocal about injustice in general in our society? I would rather ask: Is the nation sleeping? Why do we accept such draconian measures? Why did the military impose such incompetent leadership on us? Was it a plan for a future military adventure after proving the civilians as incompetent (once again)?

  19. Observer Avatar

    @Aamir Mughal

    I think you missed the program on DAWN TV.

  20. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Why single out those who are most vocal about injustice in general in our society? [Observer]



    My aim was Shireen M Mazari not Imran Khan because CPJ have always raised voice for Freedom of Press in Pakistan and Shireen M Mazari should report objectively instead of sweeping statement.


  21. Observer Avatar

    @Aamir Mughal

    Btw: The western watch DOGS are showing us the usual bias. Shireen Mazari had good points on why they don't react when their own media endangers Pakistani journalists like Ansar Abbasi. He got labelled labelled as a Taliban by a ferengi newspaper and nobody said a word – not even our baboo brigade from DAWN.

  22. Abbasi Avatar

    THis is one of the popular programme of Pakistan n i do like it the way he has presented his programme….inshallah this will be the end of ZArdari not Dr Shahid.

  23. Abbasi Avatar

    He is playing a good role in reshaping the democracy….I M WITH dR SHAHID…

  24. Abbasi Avatar

    Thi is not sensationalization,it is the reality n we have to face it as these things are highlighted by our great anchors like .Dr Shahid , hamid mir, talat hussain , Kashif abbasi n othrers.

  25. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    @Aamir Mughal – Btw: The western watch DOGS are showing us the usual bias.[Observer]


    Dear Sir,

    Ms Shireen Mazari has every right to have free opinion but look through this angle. Instead of seeking Mossad Agents in Foreign Journalists, she must look around in Pakistan, read as to what Shaheen Sehbai and Mehmood Sham had said to an Indian Newspaper about ISI on Daniel Peral.


    The Daily Noose (Interview with Shaheen Sehbai) – Author: Publication: The Times of India Date: March 18, 2002- Exposing the Pakistani establishment's links with terrorists can be a hazardous job. It cost Daniel Pearl his life, and Shaheen Sehbai, former editor of 'The News', a widely-read English daily in Pakistan his job. Fearing for his life, Sehbai is now in the US He speaks to Shobha John about the pressure on journalists from the powers-that-be in Pakistan:

    On February 16, our Karachi reporter, Kamran Khan, filed a story quoting Omar Sheikh as saying that he was behind the attack on the Indian Parliament on December 13, the Kashmir assembly attack and other terrorist acts in India. Shortly after I am, I got a call on my cellphone from Ashfaq Gondal, the principal information officer of the government, telling me that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had intercepted the story and I should stop its publication.


    Complete TEXT:Mahmood Sham & Shaheen Sehbai on ISI.

  26. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    why everyone is being preached that we are all wrong in sympathising with Shahid Masood .


    so it is wrong to support a person who is threatened just to do his job.

    By the way what has Shahid Masood exposed as compared to Amir Mughal…..

    Why he is not being checked.

  27. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah


    "It can only be a publicity stunt by Shahid Masood to save his repute.

    Ansar Abbasi and Shaheen Sehbai atleast you two know yourself how big liar he is."


  28. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    aam hazrat ki Italaah kai liyae araz hai

    Now TEETH MAESTRO will be run by AMIR MUGHAL under the title MERAI MUTABIQ.

    Like SHiblee Nomani he rides a horse with a sword in his hand do not dare to raise your voice ,first he forces his views and than he murders you with his sword.

    I think I read this line at his blog which is removed now,"“I am the punishment of God…If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

  29. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    the above quote is by Genghis Khan.

  30. skeptic Avatar

    I might add

    Shahid has been talking about JSOC a bit on his shows…

  31. skeptic Avatar

    The main JSOC/Blackwater facility in Karachi, according to the source, is nondescript: three trailers with various generators, satellite phones and computer systems are used as a makeshift operations center. “It’s a very rudimentary operation,”

    Anyone seen three trailers with generators?

  32. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Ansar Abbasi and Shaheen Sehbai atleast you two know yourself how big liar he is.” [Farrah Shah]


    Dear Ms. Farrah,

    In the video above with commentary of Kamran Khan reveals that Shahid Masood had falsely claimed that Shaheen Sehbai and Ansar Abbasi took him to President House before Zardari for saying that Dr Shahid Masood is not interested in joining PTV [Kamran says in above video that Shaheen and Ansar deny this]. So who is lying???


    Now TEETH MAESTRO will be run by AMIR MUGHAL under the title MERAI MUTABIQ. Like SHiblee Nomani he rides a horse with a sword in his hand do not dare to raise your voice ,first he forces his views and than he murders you with his sword. [Farrah Shah]


    Dear Ms. Farrah,

    Didi I abuse any of the guidelines given by Mr Awab regarding cut and paste of long text. By the way what happened to your slogan "Freedom of Expression", I am just giving my opinion without abusing and insulting anybody.

    Best Regards

  33. skeptic Avatar

    According to the executive, Blackwater works on a subcontract for Kestral Logistics, a powerful Pakistani firm, which specializes in military logistical support, private security and intelligence consulting. It is staffed with former high-ranking Pakistani army and government officials.

    Nice they have a joint venture! this gets better and better…

  34. skeptic Avatar

    Blackwater owner Erik Prince is close with Kestral CEO Liaquat Ali Baig

    So this guy should be interviewed by the media… seems to be all over google.. anyone here knows who he is?

    Anyways, i see this story spreading in lots of blogs now….

  35. Observer Avatar

    @Amir Mughal

    Would you please explain your point?

    What has your story to do with the issue Shireen Mazari is having?

    – She is asking for the same protection for Pakistani and foreign journalists from the western watch dogs and local baboos.

    – She is demanding the foreign journalists to obey the law of Pakistan.

    – She is demanding the foreign journalists to stay away from shady business (spying) for the enemies of Pakistan.

  36. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    @Amir Mughal – Would you please explain your point? [Observer]


    Dear Sir,

    Ms. Mazari has raised an objection that WSJ journalist have links in Western Intelligence Apparatus. What I tried to point out in Sehbai/Kamran and Sham story/interview to Indian newspaper that these Pakistani Journalists have basically ruined the reputation of Pakistan's Military and ISI by linking the killer of Daniel Pearly/Indian Parliament Attack to the Pakistani Agency. Ms. Mazari should have paid some attention to the Editors of News and Jang.

    Now read this Interview of Kamran Khan [The News/GEO/JANG] to US PBS Frontline wherein he linked Pakistan with Al-Qaeda [does not exist], and same Kamran Khan in local news channel and newspaper criticize ALLEGED US WAR ON TERROR..


    The ISI is in the Binori Madrassa?

    Yes, yes, yes. They know what's going on there. But at the same time, you must understand that some of the key people are already with the ISI. I mean, they report back to the ISI. Maybe they are in the forefront of the anti-U.S. campaign or whatever–

    So some of the Islamists are inside the ISI? And the ISI is looking–

    And they report back to the ISI, yes, yes.

  37. Ali K.Chishti Avatar

    @Aamir Mughal, one of my recently published article on the topic (

    Basically, Bhai we should now don't distinguish between a Kashmiri Jehidist, Sectarian One or a Taliban be it local or foreign – all are terrorists and dangerous to the region and Pakistan.

    Sheikh Omer, Masood Azher and Lakhvi were freed during the Hijacking of Indian Place. Interestingly, Sheikh Omer beheaded Daniel Pearl and attacked the Missionary School in Murree and a church – Masood Azher was involved on the attacks on Indian Parliament and Lakhvi is one of the central figures during the 26/11 Mumbai Massacre.

    Lastly, as for Shahid Massod's show, it's a sad day!!!

    Bravo to Awab for actually supporting a man whom he wrote against some time back !!!

  38. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Bravo to Awab for actually supporting a man whom he wrote against some time back !!![Ali]


    Awab Sahab,

    Badshah Aadmi Hein jo chahay karen

    Anti Shahid Masood Campaign on this blog was initiated as under

    More on Dr Shahid Masood Posted by redkazim August 25, 2008

  39. skeptic Avatar

    I guess want to cover stuff like this up…

    WOW!! this is very interesting…. first american media confirmation of blackwater that i have read .. and that too in karachi for assasinationa…

    somebody send this to dr. mazari…

  40. skeptic Avatar

    Some of the Blackwater personnel, he said, work undercover as aid workers. "Nobody even gives them a second thought."

    Awab sahib, i think you need to blog this….

  41. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Liaquat Ali Baig – anyone here knows who he is? [Skeptic]


    Dear Friends,

    For kind perusal,

    An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Liaquat Ali Baig, CEO, Kestral Trading

  42. skeptic Avatar

    Future Plans & Prospects

    Pakistan’s emergence since 11 September 2001 as a key country in the war against international terrorism has provided Kestral an opening to show its skills as a facilitator for the defense services in Pakistan and its US and European clients.

    Kestral has taken advantage of Pakistan’s higher annual growth rate of over 6 percent during 2003-8 and the vastly improved business environment to further expand its operations. This is reflected in tripling of Kestral’s work force during 2003-9. To add strength to the company a well thought diversification plan has been conceived and carried out. Only in few years Kestral has achieved notable success in Security Services & Consulting, Trading, Logistics, IT, IT Security, Special Project Management.

    With a proactive approach, Kestral plans on further diversifying its business areas and exploring new markets while consolidating its existing operations..

    HE HE HE…..

    Kestral’s Partners

    Over the years, Kestral has entered into representation agreements & partnerships agreements with various Multi-National Corporations. A few of our valued Partners include Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Pratt and Whitney Canada, L3 Security, L3 Communications, Sagem, ITT Industries, DERCO, Avionicare UK, Cavotec Group, & Snap-On. Additionally, due diligence is in progress with some other major US and European companies and representation agreements are likely to be signed in the near future.

    OOOPS forgot to mention JSOC and blackwater…

    Kestral’s Strengths

    The role of specialized companies that provide consultancy and program management services to major corporations and their consumers is likely to increase in the 21st century. Experience has shown that a professionally competent local company can assist foreign companies in promoting, negotiating and concluding deals that are mutually beneficial, as well as to overcome multifarious problems that inevitably arise in all stages of implementation.

    Kestral has special advantages that have enabled it to carve a niche for itself. First and foremost is integrity and trust, carefully cultivated and nurtured by the organization since its inception. This trust is based on the company's policy of strict adherence to business ethics and practices, and the law of the land. Customers have appreciated that Kestral is in for the long haul. A policy of long term commitment has inspired trust among the multinational corporations in the US and Europe as well as Kestral's clients in developing countries. Knowledge of the South Asia region and the company’s professional expertise has no doubt contributed to Kestral's high success rate.

    he he… amazing.. well… the multinational can trust liaqat but can poor pakistanis….Un imaginable breach of trust of the nation by this dude…

  43. Ria Avatar

    Are you kidding me? Do you honestly think that one-sided abusive yellow journalism has ANYthing to do with freedom of expression? The freedom of press is one thing but cursing the head of state is another. If Shahid Masood and his coterie is so sure of the corruption of the government, they should go to the judiciary they are so proud of.

  44. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    I am just shocked at the sheer coldheartedness of fellow bloggers.Some of them acclaim to be running blogs themselves.

    They cannot support a person of their own community,a fellow journalist.

    Hard to say is it their jealousy that they are not sitting at

    Geo or if they have not got viewers as Shahid has?

    Or is it a crime to be paid for gathering viewers.

    I am not big fan of Shahid but because he is a journalist and he is pursuing NRO story he is being threatened for his life.

    Since when have people become so blind to the state abusing its power to harras public openion.

    Yet all these people are preaching their conspiracy stories.

    So anyone now working in Pakistani channel or for THE NEWS is a target by the people of its own community.

    There are certain values which are core to a society and one such value is the security and safety of a person,freedom of speach,right to have access to the information.

    My question to all people on this forum is ,who are they supporting a person like ourself who is vocal or a government who wants to keep all vocal people shut up.

    Probably this blog and the views give us deep insight into society of Pakistan,no core values,human values,rising above ones self.

    It does not come to me as a surprise where Asma Jahangir herself is a victim of harassment and nobody raises a word.

    The fear of persecution of state ,the punishments people suffered during times of Zia and even recent example of Najam Sethi and many more .

    We are not ready to help ourself.

    What is there to expose about Dr Shahid .He was not a journalist by profession.He worked for ARY than moved to GEO.He tried to be the GM of PTV involved in a cat fight with Sherry .

    Had relaxed interviews with Zardari.

    Now he is criticizing same Zardari?

    Who does not know this?

    The basic question is he connects with people,people whom we cannot engage,he tries to build up the consensus,we can disagree with him,we can change the channel when he is on but the fact we must not ignore is he is a man representing the thoughts of millions.

    Those millions who cannot read English New York times and who cannot run their own blogs,for them Shahid brings truth.

    Shahid is a voice of main stream Pakistan.

    I have hardly met any Pakistani who misses his programme in UK (the masses)

    Is he not the man who brought people back to their television sets.

    Any way I feel extremely sorry that our people have become so blind that they think state can avenge anyone at time at any cost………

    Everything is acceptable.But than it is the English Medium class sitting on their PC's,human struggle and raising voice for freedom and death threats are not their problems.

  45. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    For very immune bloggers the message behind Shahid's threat is stop pursuing NRO.Shutup and get lost.

    this message is not for Shahid alone it is for everyone.

    Do we call it a government which is threatened by a programe which is third rate according to many bloggers.

    Either they are blind or I am living in fool's paradise.

    But I know next it can be me receiving an email to shut up.

  46. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    Mr.Zardari must rise to the challenge many of the cases can be wrong .This accusation or one sided story of Shahid can be wrong .

    Zardari is a mature,shrewed politician he has dealt with all and everyone.He himself has been victim of state bullying .

    He has been facing these trials the day he married Benazir.

    The question we must focus on is was Zardari really threatened to issue a threat to Shahid?

    or if Mr.Zardari has not asked Jung Group to pull the plug who has?

  47. Abbasi Avatar

    As per Miss Farah Shah….What i think is that Zardari can give threat to Mr Shahid ,as i am affraid that he is a criminal and has spent quiet some time on jail and might has relations with criminal groups ,so a threat is a possibility….Regarding Zardari that is he a politician ,i dont think that he is a politician nor he has the skills that BIBI has..and the people around him a also criminls ,.

  48. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Ms. Shireen Mazari – Press Freedom:

    Arif Nizami moves court Wednesday, 25 Nov, 2009

    نظامی خاندان کی عدالتی جنگ شروع


    بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، لاہور

    Arif sues Majid Nizami for The Nation closure – Wednesday, November 25, 2009 LAHORE: Arif Nizami, director and former editor of The Nation, filed a petition with the Lahore High Court (LHC) through senior advocates Aitzaz Ahsan and Abid Minto, seeking closure of The Nation Publications (Pvt) Ltd over a feud among the partners.

    These Newspaper [Read Multinationals] are least bother about the plight of working journalist. Why not the implement 7 th Wage Board Award. During April May 2009 Dawn News Group arbitrarily sacked 79 working journalists from Dawn, same happened in GEO and similar actions were taken by the AAJ. Its not Freedom of Expression but Freedom of Vested Interests these News Channels/Papers protect, Freedom of Expression is only meant for some anchor persons and correspondent. Did any of you read a story by Ansar Abbasi and other big wigs about the violation of the fundamental rights of those were removed from services.

  49. farrahshah Avatar

    Zardari might not be the politician of Benazir strature but he is tough ,shrewed and has patiance and tact to deal with the situation.

    The punishments,harrasment ,suffering ,exile and one after another corruption case and trials …..spent time in isolation ,suffered a huge blow of his wife's death and he is concealing many secrets.Calm waters run deep.

    I am not on his side I am just trying to show his picture.

    He is a man of billions of investment in Real Estate.

    Building real estate was a fun when Banks all oevr the world were throwing cash ,if one had the guts one made millions over night in UK and USA .This is how the Banks defaulted.

    The French Story which Shahid wanted to bring to his viewers was important.

    If he had made billions out of business ,it means his business is not only confined upto Pakistan .

    He would have business friends and bankers in the International world as well.Just because he is a Paksitani spent time in jail does not mean his business profile is low,while he was in jail ,his money worked for itself .Politics is his hobby.Welcome to the successful world of Capitalism.

    World of co-operative Capitalism survives becasue of these clients.

    As per George Bush ,"If nobody sees you deny it ,if they see you accept it.

    Let us see how Zardari comes out of it.

    he must be singing,It wasn't me.

    Would people trust …credibility is where he is week.