Aman Ki Asha – An Indo Pak Peace Project ?

India is preparing for a possible “two-front war” with China and Pakistan, Geo News quoted an Indian newspaper as saying on Wednesday, The News reported … something not new, Indian Establishment has been directly or indirectly showing hostility against Pakistan since Mumbai incident and yet we have this ‘Aman ki Asha’ thing going on, communicating (read conditioning) the already dazzled Pakistani masses to have a very friendly perception of their neighbors, whose involvement in the Karachi Ashura incident and Bolton Market Tragedy cannot also be ruled out, let alone in the Indian’s Involvement in Waziristan, frequent cross of fire at boarders etc  … and amidst of all this we have this Aman Ki Asha campaign only adding to the list of questions one might have against the intentions of our capricious (not quite though) neighbor …

I haven’t seen all the ads of this strange campaign, but this one is telling …

I am particularly intrigued by the symbolism in this clip, for example:

  1. Pakistanis are shown backward as compare to Indians, this could have been reversed or rather the status on both sides could have been the same? Indians are shown more civilized and can make a phone call as well …
  2. Pakistanis are desperate to hear a indian song “Dil wale Dulhaniya Le Jaen ge”,and Indians are looking forward to fulfill there wish …
  3. The signals of Pakistan Radio doesn’t go this far, however Indian Radio signals are caught by the radio Pakis have
  4. The elders are bearded, religious looking … looking forward to hear an Indian song?

Henceforth, I found this advertisement as humiliating to Pakistan’s Identity in a very subtle way … there could have been other ways (read balanced, unbiased, respectful etc) as well to make this ad … but for some reason its not like that, even it would have been, I would have still asked the same questions. Amongst all, in the light of whats been going on between the two countries, one must better be careful in forming ones perception which might delude us against any unprecedented danger … the general public should rather keep its eyes open, mind also …

Its better safe then be sorry…

Check this out Instead

Aman ki Asha?

Its better to be safe then be sorry…

Note from Teeth Maestro: I personally am an advocate for promoting peace between Pakistan and India and believe that such intiatives despite their potential short comings must be appreciated as a definite step forward to bridging the Indo-Pak divide. That said in all fairness I also feel that Omar Javaid also has a right to his opinion and feel that posting this blog post on Teeth Maestro will serve as a important debating issue to in effect extensively evaluate the problems associated with such peace initiatives, if at all possible



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74 responses to “Aman Ki Asha – An Indo Pak Peace Project ?”

  1. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    you are right faiz.

    i hate cricket and i hate our lowlives cricketers and pcb officials regardless of the person on chair.But i can not take planned humiliation of pakistani cricketers.

    if this incident doesn't shake our self respect and national pride than i am affraid nothing can do that.

    Imran khan gave a good suggestion of boycotting the world cup held in india.

  2. faiz Avatar

    I think we can not afford to boycott The world cup In case if we boycott we will be isolated from the world even more after the attacks on srilanks we are isolated diplomatically.

    Imran khan says that we should boycott but his other team mate wasim is selected as the coach of KKR. even he should withdraw form that.

    I know this incident will shake the pride of a common pakistani, but it will not shake the pride of our shmeless pakistani players and our politician.

    our players or just behind money that IPL gives, they are not sad because they are humiliated they are sad because they missed out a opportunity to make money.

    I am very proud of being a muslim but I am not of being a pakistani.

    Let the world side line us god is on our side we will bounce back.

    what do you think?

  3. Observer Avatar


    "if this incident doesn't shake our self respect and national pride than i am affraid nothing can do that."

    You want to bet that our politicians (current national and provincial leadership) will only set out smoke screen and not do anything concrete? It is in their corrupt nature to be submissive.

    On the other hand I believe that ordinary citizens are hurt and want a REACTION! Though they (Pakistanis in general) deserve this humiliation, because they voted for the crooks or are merely bystanders watching the destruction of Pakistan. To achieve something one need to be prepared for hardship and sacrifices.

    A vote for PML-N, PPP, ANP, MQM, PML-Q etc. is a vote for humilation and further disaster for Pakistan.

  4. farrahshah Avatar

    What is this Non Sense of IPL?

    As if Pakistani cricketers have nothing better to do with themselves.

    They would like to be auctioned.

    The whole thing is bizzare.Do they not feel humiliated even done for the sake of charity?

    I mean it is a game of bored billionaires and why would anyone degrade or will belittle one's ownself to be offered for auctioning anywhere but the worst is at the mix of Indian Millionaires and Bollywood?

    For India it is for publicity for Public Image ,if anyone in Paksitan would have used their brains they would have thought better to stay at home.

    It is an event to promote India ….now where is the place of Pakistan in it?

    Think before you act and Respect yourself before expecting others to do so.

    So if the Pakistani cricketers want stardom they need to come upto the standard of Imran Khan (when he was a player) and not to go down to the level of Bollywood sexing up and adding spice to promote Indian coporate market.

  5. Aqeel Avatar

    Please join our campaign and group to this media war…

  6. faiz Avatar

    @ farrahshah what you said is right, but the action of our players say something else. They are not sad because they were humiliated but they are said that they missed out the opportunity of making money. I don't know what is the idea of our people protesting that are players are not selected, common its Iindian Premier League we should start something like a Muslim premier League after all the most richest countries are of our muslim oil rich country.we have those that on our side.

  7. Tilsim Avatar

    Dont agree with the analysis of this Aman ki Asha video by Omar Javaid. I guess if you come from a mindset that is resolutely anti-Indian then you will see everything from that angle. I thought that it was funny and original. Yes most Pakistanis watch Indian films and enjoy them; it's reality. Guess it could have have equally been an urdue drama serial but perhaps would have connected less with the average person. Through the blogosphere we are having a lot of contact with Indians. Thankfully many of them are just like many of us, proud, competitive and perhaps less bigoted. Muslims and Hindus were rivals but lived in peace and harmony for a lot of their history. We have a lot in common. Perhaps more than what divides us. I am for peace and respect with our great neighbour (quoting Shahrukh). Please don't call me an Indian agent if that is a response to my post.

    1. Khuram Avatar

      Tilsim, I won't like to call you an indian agent but would certainly offer my sympathies.I am not sure about your age but from the arguments put forward by you it appears you only watch indian movies and cricket perhaps.I suggest you turn to the real world and start reading and understanding the history of the subcontinent from 1940 to date.The most recent about blocking of our water according to you by "our great neigbour".Remmember the cardinal principle of any indian is bigotry and you seem to have ignored it.How did this phrase come into being? "Baghal may churi muun mayn ram ram".

    2. kiran Avatar

      dude i totally agree with this i am a pakistani living in lahore i say that division was the biggest blunder i know that lot of people will disagree on this please dont be emotional think, hindu muslim issues were prob at that time how many people were killed max 15 to 20 after each fight now its ratio is in hundreds each bomb blast in pakistan kill 50 to 300 people wich includes kids women so many inocents what do we say talibans are doing this what nonsense.. each blast or attack in india kills so many innocents babies who God consederd angels what is our fault its all done by the RAW and the ISI please i done know when but v should just through are government some where and stop blaming each other it was planned by the britishers as the believe in divide and rule they divided us and now they are ruling am i wrong we have become the puppets of those white swines bloody britishers and americans and we cant realise this if we had brains we would have spended all our money on are developement insted of trainning army against each other india realised this but we havent yet we are taking loans which we know we cant afford to return this is what we are doing are presidents are buying palaces are primemisters are buying houses in each street of apkistan like dha lahore swiss accounts etc and cantt solve the kashmir issue i think

      if one is muslim he knows that enemy wants to capture saudia what will we do??? jammu kashmir is the same case hidu people go for there yatra to himaliyas how can we take that imagine iam a pakistani but i dont fear to face truth

  8. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan


    well said….and i suggest her to read "arthshastar" by chanakiya and its effect on the psyche of indian rulers and diplomates even after so many centuries.

  9. Debranjan Avatar

    Look Man,

    I'm a hindu Indian, and to be honest, I hate these hindu right bastards as much as you guys do. In face there was a huge uproar after a hindu outfit beat up women wearing jeans. Religious bigotry is the same, whether they take the hues of Hinduism, Islam, evangelical Christianity or Judaism. In India, the pakistan baiting is usually a political gimmick. The average Indian is way too detached politically or religiously to keep any hostile mindset towards Pakistanis. Matter of fact, the educated classes feel sad about the fact that Pakistan is imploding under it's own insurgency, when it could've thrived economically like India did, given so much of similarity in their resources and human capital.

  10. Nazia Hussain Avatar
    Nazia Hussain

    I totally agree with Debranjan. I am a Pakistani and i feel if u continue to behave idiots by beleiving such videos. we are never gonna be successful in our lives..

    We need to broaden our thinking process…… guys open ur minds and .. do not do what these politians are expecting us to do… do not run in their Race

    Iam in support of Amman ki asha project. Atleast they took some initiative towards peace project. they did their contribution but what about us.. The person who made this blog could only see the negative aspects of it??

    I wish had done better for all the humans of India and Pakistan rather than wasting time trying to fault in Aman ki Asha video..

    We must stop showing videos of which hindus are taking oath against muslims and vise verca.. For God sake what are we trying to do.. I am sure i can find 10 videos of muslims extremist who r intending the same against Hindu's and Indians.

    Why are we forgetting we all are the same.. India and Pakistan was once a single country… and no one can change this fact…

    Nazia Hussain

  11. qisakhwani Avatar

    Any peace process can’t be successful until and unless it's balance and based on equity. The objections raise by OJ may be right but he shouldn't forget one thing that we can't discard any move towards peace in the sub-continent by criticizing it. Do criticize but the same should be positive. We need peace at all cost as it will bring us more happiness and more progress than the cost.

  12. Mureed Abbas Avatar
    Mureed Abbas

    Dear Sir

    I am Mureed Abbas from Pakistan

    I want to Join Aman Ki Asha

  13. ZAHEER ABBAS Avatar

    aman ki asha is not better for pakistan because indians are betrayer and they always heart the pakistan so it is not better for pakistan,,,,,,,

  14. zafar azeem Avatar
    zafar azeem