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Zaid Hamid, a Leader in the making! Would be a nightmare

I moved to USA about 17 years back and hence was relatively out of touch with the developments in Pakistan. Therefore it was not only abysmal but rather surprising to see Zaid Zaman now Zaid Hamid (I am not sure what is he up to or why did he change his name) portrayed as a scholar, a defense analyst, a nationalist and may be someone who can lead our nation in the future. I think the last time I met Zaid was when he attended my wedding ceremony along with few other of his very close friends. All of his associates who attended the ceremony were the followers of a “Peer” named Yusuf. There I came to know that Zaid was not only the devotee but in essence one of the top followers of this “Peer” Mr. Yusuf, an ex army officer with quite a bit of following among youngsters. Later I came to know that this Peer was arrested as he claimed himself to be a prophet.

I met Zaid Zaman first when we went for a debate competition arranged by Pakistan Airforce in Risalpur representing Adamjee Science College. I do not want to comment much about my first impression but it was of course not very pleasant and positive. Then onwards being a debater, I visited Zaid’s academic institution the NED University frequently for different Students Union Programs. At that point Afghan jihad had a great impact on the lives of Pakistani nation. I remember all this not because it was too obvious, but in essence was too weird to too creepy to see Zaid portraying himself as a fighter in a battle field or may be dramatizing his actions as much as if he was acting in a movie scene. Hence I always felt that Zaid had some kind of mental instability. And now being a physician in USA for 17 years, we call some one demonstrating these symptoms as a Bipolar with Manic Disorder type, where one thinks himself as a redeemer, a savior and some one who possess grandiose personality.

What made me write this letter is not that I have any thing against Zaid Zaman, but since he could be another leader in the making in Pakistan, hence I felt it to be my responsibility and obligation to let people know about him. This is the least I could do to my beloved homeland. Pakistani nation has already been deceived and betrayed repeatedly by their leaders in the past. It breaks my heart to see they end up making another disastrous mistake. And once again become victim of prevarication and fiddling. Mr. Zaid Zaman is a devotee of a liar, follower of a claimer of false prophecy and an unstable person. My dear friends this is the age of technology and multimedia resources, like a true believer do not get bitten by the same hole twice. Take your time and use all the possible resources before you start delegating some one as your leader!! Now of course it is up to every individual to decide what do they want to do!!

Mohsin Ansari MD FAAP,
Medical Director,
Clinical faculty
University of Maryland School of Medicine


  • Maxime Maximilien |

    Complete Text of Yusuf Kazzab's Speech in Baitul Raza, Lahore (February 28, 1997):

    Download PDF: http://www.box.net/shared/z2jgrc8bmg

    مذکورہ خطاب کی ریکارڈنگ پر مبنی آڈیو کیسٹ یوسف کذاب کے خلاف مقدمہ (کیس نمبر٦٠١٩٩٨، ٹرائل نمبر٣٢٠٠٠، ایف آئی آر نمبر٧٠٩٧) میں ’’ایگزھبٹ پی۔1‘‘ کی حیثیت سے سیشن جج لاہورمیاں محمد جہانگیر کی عدالت کے ریکارڈ کا حصہ بنی۔

  • Arshad Khan |

    @lone ranger

    After "SKIMMING" through the proceeding you kindly provided. This case of "Mr Yousuf" if "ALL" the posecution witnesses are stating facts truthfully whom I "SKIMMED" is a case about "peerifaqeeri" being used as a tool to defraud people of "Money" by Mr. Yousuf in which he went "great lengths". However it does not prove Zaid zaman himself to be a "fraud", because it is only the case that is about yousuf ali with mere mention of zaid zaman's name in the proceedings as it looks to me.

    If you can find Mr abdul wahid the other so called sahabi and some other witnesses provided by the prosecution and convince them of telling the truth and provide a youtube video of what he knows of mr yousuf ali and mr zaid hamid will make your case of any real value to the people of Pakistan and muslims.

  • Lone Ranger |

    @arshad khan

    i can only feel pity on you and your mentality. u may continue licking the ass of ZZH. i don't care.

  • Arshad Khan |

    @Lone Ranger

    Stop your witch hunts and get out of the darkages. You ignorant ass.

  • Lone Ranger |

    @arshad khan

    you remind me of another pimp of yusuf kazzab named arshad khan back in late 1990s. if you are the same one just keep this in mind that this time we are not going to spare anyone. it was a big mistake that after sending yusuf kazzab to hell in 2000 the syndicate of his pimps like you was let free. we have each and every close follower of yusuf kazzab in our records with their minutest details. soon each one of you will be behind bars, inshallah, to meet the same fate of your "prophet".

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Zaid Hamid Strikes again and now through Radio:)


      Here is the present high priest of the crazy Right, one Zaid (Zaman) Hamid, reportedly speaking on something called ‘Ummah Radio’: “Pakistan is in the headlines again! Oh people! Know that it is a combined action of RAW and Mossad to dismantle the divinely placed concrete foundations of the house of the pure, the feared fort of Islam. We are a nation which is like a glittering star of guidance for the crescent of the whole Muslim world, the pioneer of the creation of the green united states of Islam in the world that is drowning in the sea of ignorance.

      “Oh Muslims! Always hold on to truth, and the truth is that it is yet again a Zionist-controlled western media’s conspiracy. Let’s rise up against the enemies of Islam; let’s nuke the … Hindus and Jews, the nefarious dark forces of this planet. Insha’allah, the time for shahadat is near. My sons and daughters, get ready for the big day, the promised day when Allah will make the Muslims victorious and Jews will run here and there to find shelter. Even the trees will talk and will say: ‘these sons of apes and swines are hiding behind my trunk’.

      “Rise up and get ready for the mass suicide. Great nations die for a noble cause. What is more nobler than wiping the enemies of Islam from the face of this earth? Remember, Islam is a peaceful religion. Allah commands us to take care of each other. All are equal in the eyes of Allah. Slay them with your daggers. …Islam will rule the world….”. The transmission is interrupted. Announcer: “We are trying to re-establish the connection with our great leader, meanwhile we will ask Qari Bakir to recite ‘Surah Tauba’.” Reference:The crazy Right and rump Pakistan By Kamran Shafi

      Tuesday, 16 Mar, 2010 http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-


  • Nazia |


    I have already quoted that this man is being brought in our system to present the change perception of fanatics and long beard mullahs as Taliban type.

    This new version is the image of islam for western culturei n which small beard men wearing western dress is guiding/leading us.

    Our govt and army never interfered in fazul ullah broadcast station from swat for years,even they never listened the wrong fatwas of such illiterate clerics on the issues of polio drops, polygamy, family planning and worst on jihhad issues which all were against govt policies.

    So I think Hamid mullah will be GIVEN free hand for such telecast even people garland him with shoe necklace.

  • nadir shahwani baloc |

    we see a stupid before like him in the past and unfortunately he rose to power and he then implemented his dirty ideas unto humankind and he caused disasters for nations.. and millions of people were slaughtered because of his blind wishes..

    yes i am speaking of adolf hitler.. zaid hamid is nothing then a stupid copy of him… i am sure he will not see the face of power to the state.. but he has support of few fanatics and stupids like him from bazar-e-husun…so it is better that he creates an army of fashion designers and singers and also appoint burger class boys and girls unto his army and conquer the world of his own… but if he is unable to do same.. a good idea for him play a military game with cheat codes and conquer whole world.. the game name is knights of honor….

  • Mehwish |

    I am leaving this country forever, if him and his crackheads ever acquire a position of power, but I truly hope the Islamists won't ket them. We don't need a psychocase.

  • samina |

    I think currupt barbarians from everywhere, weather they are brutal killers and take extortion money, bribe and pimp thier country and religion would find people like ZAID HAMID or HAKIM SAEED an alarm but thanks heaven not everybody's conscious is dead. Firouns, namroods and shayateen are always afraid of the true message.

  • Ahmed |

    Guys just remember that a hero of one side is the villain of the other. Like everyone says that hitler was a villain. But look at what he did he made one country, which was destroyed after world war 1, capable of fighting another world war within 20 years. That is something.

    So in order to progress and Develop a Nation which is full of corruption, falsehood Frauds the leader has to be somewhat obsessed. So in my opinion Zaid Hamid is a good option.

  • zaidthegreat |

    zaid hamid…u r great….only hope for pakistan and ummah..

  • zaidthegreat |

    zaid is a true lover of islam and aaqa salatus salam….(pbuh).may allah bless him. i salute this faqeer …darwesh…and mard e mujahid…..

    • z.arshad |

      listen i admire his talks too. but as a muslim we are suppose to only follow Muhammad PBUH and no one else, i agree that we should respect our leaders but please treat them as good HUMAN BEING and if yousuf kassab's case has a named mention then please bne causious,as there is no mention of Mohammad's 2nd coming thats why we say that Qadiyani although seem very pious people but are not muslima.Allah save us from new Fitnas.

      from ur sister

  • Anjum Zia |

    Dear Naeem Bokhari

    I am a pakistani settled in uk for about 21 years. Me and entire family has suffered at the hands of Judicary/Police for about 50 years and lost everything, (with no fault of any of our family members) Sir my oldest Son will be 17 years old in September and born in Uk and I have told him everything what happen to us still he says that I want to go back to pakistan and he said daddy no matter what happens to our family Ilove Pakistan and a great fan/admirer of you and if it is possible for you to send me your email address so we can get in touch with you Sir. Sir my Mobile number is 00447578290885 or 00447401361887. if you have any plan to visit london sir please give me a call I will come and say you.

    Kind Regards

    Anjum Zia

  • Ahad Awan |

    You know what? When Holy Prophet p.b.u.h brought the message of islam. Evil people thought he was a fanatic and a physco case. same happened with the reformers. Zaid hamid is just an ordinary human beings. resistance against him is must. May ALLAH grant, him and each and everyone of those who work for the welfare of ummah, ultimate success.

    'hur fard hae millat kae muqadar ka sitara'

  • z.arshad |


    Mohsin Ansari .first of all i want to mention that i am a great admirer of Zaid hamid but for only 1 reason that he has been agreat speaker and to us people living abroad we do have a sense of responsibility and a soft conner towards our homeland.we tend to miss and cherish it more,(baat wahi he ke jiske paas hota hey woh us ki kadr nahi kerta)anyways, i agree that people should listen to others and than make up their own mind,sirf ilzam laganey ya ilzamoon ko jhutlaney ki zaroorat nahi balkey khud bhi investigate kerney ki zaroorat hey..as far as i am concern i dont believe in shaksiyat pasandi,i do not think that any leader other than Mohammad PBUH.deserve to be followed and firmly believe that he died and there are no mentions for His 2nd comings in Quran,so even if zaid hamid follows yousuf or he himself claims to be naozobillAllah prophet people like me will deal woith him our way….as far as he talks about nationalism than thats fine with us.and he will always be a normal human being for us.thats all

    now i want to thankyou for the time and article you wrote,may Allah reward you for this.

    thanks again

    mrs z. arshad