Laidback Show Episode 16






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  1. farrahshah Avatar

    Have not watched the programme yet but want to register that I am extremely envious of the three men ,their transport and friendship and the landscape.:)

    1. Nazia Avatar

      It clearly shows that more we live in relax and comfortable environment with energy drink, more we can feel the pains of others.

      English language is mandatory to convey as we want to convince English spoken people who are real reasons of our problems.

      It wouldn't create disturbance to Afridi and other talibans who are busy in eating balls or exploding near Pakistanis for no major issues.

  2. Observer Avatar

    Why speak English? Because of a significant number of angraiz visitors? Or is it just the baboo culture (impress other people)?

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      If it is objectionable to use English Language then why your message above is in English? You could have used Roman Character to raise objection.

  3. Observer Avatar

    Then you would have said something similar.

    My objection is general. Pakistanis tend to use to much English in their daily life, media etc.Why? To give the impression they are well educated?

  4. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    sounds of crisps was very annoying.But good debate.

    @Kapadia — Afia should have been tried here first.

    Yes by all means any Pakistani national should be tried in Pakistan if Pakistan government is satisfied of the evidence than government should hand over.


    Congratulations on GPS.Caution While driving keep your eyes on the road ๐Ÿ™‚


    Becharah cricket ka ball …


    What did I hear right …f language


    Overall ..ALL thumbs up enjoyed the programe and it was really a Laid back show.


  5. MB Avatar


    [My objection is general. Pakistanis tend to use to much English in their daily life, media etc.Why? To give the impression they are well educated? ]

    well it trickles down from TOP

    our masters, their masters and their masters and this continues till you reach the gora saheb

    so no doubt our burger tries to copy WEST to get recognition of some "superior" being and this is then followed by less burgers, and down to YOU and ME ๐Ÿ™‚

    read this :

    a Class commentray on Pakistan’s Upper Class and Elites

    I personally find it easy to write and speak ENGLISH but i love reading in urdu too , writing in urdu is tough, wish some desi hands were behind the COMPUTER ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. MB Avatar

    some part of it here

    [ how many middle class pakistanis with a child who’s half good in school think ‘i’ll send him to learn islam or send him to the best islamic university abroad’? . . . none. and THEN they complain about the nutjob muslim scholars in their country that do exist. pakistan’s ‘islamic’ problem is a product of it’s own middle and upper classes hate of islam. how many people from aitchison, lahore grammer, karachi grammar, lyceum or any good school go on to learn classical islam? its not like the institutions aren’t there – the oldest degree awarding institution in the world is an ISLAMIC university (guiness book of records – look it up). why don’t you or NB aspire that one of your child(ren) attend not only a top western institution but also a top islamic one and reforge the absent islamic scholarship of pakistan??? islamic theology is just as revolutionary as it ever was – ‘muslims’ like yourself unfortunately are where the real problems lie. muslims in the west, alhamdulillah, haven’t been brought up with this colonial baggage . . . ]

  7. umair Avatar

    chevy ads :O how