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The News reports on PR Seminar with Hamid Mir

Most militants fighting to avenge military actions’
Published in The News: Monday, September 29, 2008

When Corps Commander Ali Jan Orakzai had deployed troops for the first time in Mohmand Agency in 2003, he gave an impression that the military intended to build schools, hospitals and roads there but he rather launched an operation against the militants that ultimately created further problems for civilians, as a result separatist tendency increased there. And this was the beginning of the conflict there.

Senior journalist Hamid Mir said this while speaking at a seminar “Military action in Fata, reality, myths and implications”, held at Justice Cornelius Library of the newly built National Law University, Clifton, on Sunday.

“The concept of Pakistan has almost ended there as the insurgency is taking shape of separatism,” he added.

According to him, there exist around 10-15 militant groups, which are not Taliban and they are not well organized. “They lack command structure and sometimes they also fight with each other. They are insurgents and separatists,” he claimed.
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Being fooled at will!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. A must watch video.


The important thing in dealing with the Pakistani leadership (military or civil) is not to believe everything we hear. The only certain thing, the one thing we can depend on, is that every leader who poses as the man or woman who will lead us to a better life is practicing the ancient art of fooling the public. There is nothing new, it all started when the first tribal con-man learned that if he stood up and pounded his chest like a strong gorilla the people around the campfire would allow him to be their chief and give him all the food and women he wanted.

Over the past sixty years we have witnessed these con-men in uniforms, in religious turbans, in Mao caps and some even ‘directly landed’ in to office of ‘Caretaker Prime Minister’ ,from United States. The fact that we have been conned in past does not qualify us to be treated as fools, as most of the times we were subjected to conning on gun point or in more decent words through martial laws’. For too long we have allowed our leadership to be elected as we possessed little or no choice and these ‘rulers’ have rode roughshod over us. But an average Pakistani has no illusions about the probity of their leaders or institutions.
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….and the US attacks again – killing five in South Waziristan

It is being reported that barely a few hours ago US Army launched yet another US Drones attack on the village of Baghar in South Waziristan near the Afghan border inside Pakistan killing five more people. The US army alleges that this attack was limited on a specific military training camp. But it was after all an attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan, It was only yesterday that Pakistan Army spokesperson Maj Gen Athar Abbas had threatened that if this were to happen yet again it would result in retaliatory fire from Pakistan Army in defense.

It seems any & all diplomatic effort initiated by Asif Ali Zardari is failing as it is on record that since the day of his accession to the throne of the Presidency, the US has upped the ante, and been on the offensive to bomb the northern areas of Pakistan. One does have to suspect that his election into office might have something to do with a free hand accorded to the US in their War OF Terror offensive.

As a Pakistani I fully condemn this attack on Pakistan and expect our Army to stand up and defend out country, no longer should we be willing to annihilate our people at their free will – as a Pakistani citizen its simply unacceptable to me any more

Pakistan troops ordered to Open Fire if US raids continue

Pakistan’s military has ordered its forces to open fire if U.S. troops launch another air or ground raid across the Afghan border, an army spokesman said – APP. This order comes in light of the recent incursions by the US Army’s unmanned drone aircraft which has continued to make bombing runs into Pakistan. Though I doubt our ammunition will come at par to even be a threat to these aerial unmanned highly sophisticated aerial attacks but that said its still a positive step to taken by the Pakistan Army to at least have the gutts to stand up and say no, to their US paymasters

“The orders are clear,” Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said in an interview. “In case it happens again in this form, that there is a very significant detection, which is very definite, no ambiguity, across the border, on ground or in the air: open fire

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Lost war and a lost cause

By: Amjad Malik

On the anniversary of tragic events of September 11, the statements of both Pakistan and US armed officers are frightening for Asia. New York Times reported today that ‘President Bush secretly approved orders in July that for the first time to allow American Special Operations forces to carry out ground assaults inside Pakistan without the prior approval of the Pakistani government’. The article reported that the American commanders in Afghanistan have complained bitterly that militants use sanctuaries in Pakistan to attack American troops in Afghanistan. He said that “I’m not convinced we’re winning it in Afghanistan,” However, Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday. “I am convinced we can.” Toward that goal, Admiral Mullen said he had ordered a comprehensive military strategy to address the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The commando raid last week and an increasing number of recent missile strikes are part of a more aggressive overall American campaign in the border region aimed at intensifying attacks on Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the waning months of the Bush administration, with less than two months to go before November elections.
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I protest against US attacks in Pakistan

Words cannot express the full extent of our anger and frustration while it is simultaneously impossible to also convey our helplessness when we stand and watch a deranged, rouge foreign militia repeatedly choosing to launch invasions after invasions into our territory in pursuit of their ‘own’ seven year war on terror. It is this inhumanity that infuriates us as in the path of their destruction they leave behind dozens of our own citizens dead, mutilated and injured simply left for us to clean, mop and heal.

It has been a very well known fact that this past week the Government of Pakistan had ordered its army to seize all activities in the troubled areas of Pakistan, a move taken to pacify the tensions and an attempt to try and bring the warring factions on the negotiation table, but this was also a goodwill message in the holy month of Ramazan. Despite those local efforts the US Army continues run daily bombing sorties of pilot-less drones into the North Waziristan area, whatever explanation they may have in defense, it truly must signify an assault on a sovereign nations trying to ransack our country for their own agenda. Could it be that someone forgot to teach these Texan cowboys that the use of force makes matters worse, not better. It is this inhumane aggression that has made far more freedom fighters than actually reducing them, and if these aggressiveness were to continue I can only imagine it to get worse, not better

I now join Farhan Janjua and Adnan Siddiqui in condemning these US invasions on Pakistan. This is just our voice to say no and condemn the US Government for their attacks on Pakistan, we naturally urge all Pakistanis to join us hand in hand asking the newly elected government to stop negotiation with the US Government and say enough is enough.

Its time for us to resurrect Pakistan and start the healing process, now is the time or else I fear Pakistan is headed for a far tumultuous future and at that time these so-called bribing allies will stand eagerly on the sidelines eagerly waiting for their own share of the cake, little willing to lend us a helping hand then.

Double Standards : General Musharraf does not need a safe passage, he merely needs a fair trial

Guest Blog by Amjad Malik

18th August resignation of General (rtd) Pervez Musharraf was the first good thing he has done in many years believing ‘Pakistan first’. Nation was jubilant, lawyers at peace and media calmly letting him go, however, political classes are still unsure on how to manipulate the maximum advantage to this joyful experience. Testing nuclear in a tit for tat was seen as the most memorable and historic event when the nation was overjoyed, but the announcement of ‘Kala Bagh dam’ followed by freezing foreign assets divided public opinion so as the mind of investor as the timing of both was wrong. Similarly ouster of President from his occupation of top slot is a favourite moment to start a new Pakistan, but political forces never could learn to manipulate and multiply nation’s happiness just by feeling the pulse. People wishes the accountability of the man who ruined the institutions, damaged the federation, created distrust amongst provinces and above all endangered the national security of Pakistan. What stops this man to be on trial is the weaknesses of our elite rulers. Of course west would wish to allow this man to go scot free as using his 9 years experience or alternately bringing him to face the court of law would both advantage Pakistan as a state, which they would not wish. Musharraf’s safe exit would keep him safe for future for his masters alone, not for the country.

Its ironic when we compare with what Mark Layall Grant a former British envoy did in order to ease the sufferings of Pakistani President to the very treatment his country gives to its own notorious. In his own land, Ministers are brought to justice and accountability before Parliament indiscriminately without fail. A few glimpses will suffice to give full picture. Their General Oliver Cromwell was tried after his death in 1661 for overthrowing Parliament. In autumn 1660 parliament ordered the exhumation and posthumous execution of several regicides and in January 1661 Westminster Abbey was searched for the remains of Oliver Cromwell and others. Three corpses were duly produced and conveyed to Tyburn, where they were hanged and his body was left at the public place for years as an example.
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Bottom Line

Guest Post by temporal who blogs at Baithak

The negotiations between Musharraf and Zardari-Sharif Unnatural coalition hinges over one major condition – Musharraf insists on complete indemnification over all his actions.

Obsessed, hateful and driven Nawaz has dug his heels. Zardari, reports indicate is willing to be more flexible.

US, UK and Saudi-Americans have also jumped into the fray.
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What if Hamid Mir’s Spin is Wrong?

Guest Post by temporal – Baithak

What if Hamid Mir’s spin is wrong?

Every person who writes for a newspaper is not by default a “journalist.” Here is a list borrowed from The Elements of Journalism by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel

  • Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.
  • Its first loyalty is to the citizens.
  • Its essence is discipline of verification.
  • Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover.
  • It must serve as an independent monitor of power.
  • It must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise.
  • It must strive to make the significant interesting, and relevant.
  • It must keep the news comprehensive and proportional.
  • Its practitioners must be allowed to exercise their personal conscience.
  • It must protect and enhance the rights and responsibilities of citizen

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The dictator is the one animal who needs to be caged – Z. A. Bhutto

Guest Post by Silence

The dictator is the one animal who needs to be caged; He betrays his profession and his constitution. He betrays the people and destroys human values. He destroys culture. He binds the youth. He makes the structure collapse. He rules by fluke and freak. He is the scourge and the ogre. He is a leper. Anyone who touches him also becomes a leper. He is the upstart who is devoid of ideals and ideology. Not a single one of them has made a moment’s contribution to history – ZAB

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, a controversial, mercurial, enigmatic, charismatic, politician who himself was killed by Pakistan Army and a American backed Dictator General Zia ul Haq; 30 Years after his death, continues to talk to Pakistan.

After prolonged deliberations, Pakistan’s major political parties which form the ruling collation has decided to move an impeachment motion against self styled ‘President’ and American backed dictator of Pakistan, this must not be a surprise that weak and undeceive political leadership which has faced media-trials, character assassination campaigns by agencies, prisons and exiles have gathered the courage to stand against powerful establishment and a dictator who still holds the power to dissolve the parliament, as, at a certain stage democratic government are unable to take the public pressure and take decisions to avoid the public hostility, despite the fact that these political parties are deteriorating and lack the visionary leader ship because of continuous military rules which survives on destruction of political institutions.
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STRATFOR: Army ‘Not Supporting’ Musharraf

Strategic Forecasting, Inc. shares an article on Pakistan as well as a short podcast on the same subject

Stratfor Podcast on Pakistan 7th August 2008 – [audio:Stratfor_Podcast.mp3]


After some four months of disagreements over the fate of President Pervez Musharraf, the two main partners in Pakistan’s coalition government — the Pakistan People’s Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz — announced Aug. 7 that parliament will begin impeachment proceedings against Musharraf on Aug 11. The same day, President Musharraf cancelled his trip to Beijing and threatened to dismiss parliament.
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A business proposal for Pervaiz Musharraf

Guest Post by Rana Raheel Babar

Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf
The President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Re: A Business Proposal

Dear Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf,

It is such an undesirable pleasure to have you (General Purvez s/o Busharraf) as our forced president.

Mr. President, I truly consider it as an outcome of your sincere and untiring efforts for Pakistan that you were able to fulfill the obligations committed to Pakistan’s allies and their war on terror. You have truly done an outstanding job also in promoting Pakistani men and women as “saleable commodities” in foreign markets and more specifically the American market. Due credit must also go to your appointed Prime Minister stooge who also jointly welcomed these financial powerhouses sweeping into our country compromising our security and national integrity beyond repair
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An open letter to Begum Pervez Musharraf and wives of army officers

Guest Post by Silence

Dear Begum Pervez Musharaff,

I recognize that every one of us is responsible for our own acts, as such, being the wife of a Military Dictator and a former General of Pakistan Army, I wound not hold you responsible for his acts, however I will request you to consider following facts on humanitarian grounds being a women and a mother yourself.

As you know very well, your husband General Pervez Musharraff belonged to a lower middle class family, with limited resources and opportunities, however this nation provided him an opportunity and he became the Chief of Army Staff of fourth strongest army in world, no doubt, it is a great honor for any one, especially an army of a third world Muslim country where a common Pakistani travelling in a public bus would offer his seat as a token of respect when he see a man in Army uniform, a conductor will refuse to charge him bus fair and a poor roadside restaurant owner would refuse to accept the payment for his meal, I have witnessed tears in eyes of soldier’s when they get this much love and respect from people of Pakistan.

It’s not difficult to understand the feelings of people towards our armed forces, the men in uniform are supposed to defend our borders, our women and children.
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ISI spared from Rehman Dakait

After yesterday’s reports where the ISI had been handed over to the Ministry of Interior for ‘one whole day’ and then at 3am early Sunday morning the Prime Ministers office issues a clarification saying that [oops sorry] ‘it was result of a misunderstanding‘, truly one gets a feeling for a moment that the ISI was indeed spared from the wrath of Rehman Malik.

If it were a scene from Saturday Night Live, I’d have a rolling fit of laughter watching Rehman Malik,on set having gutts to hijack the ISI from the iron clad grip of veteran Army general for a whole day and as the curtains draw to a close he quietly hands it back to the Army almost as if to say with pearly innocent eye ‘oops sorry, it was just a joke’. To make the joke seem a little more realistic he even had Asif Zardari chime in from Dubai justifying the development saying that ‘this move was to save Army from bad name day‘ and ‘a strong Army with non-political command was the need of the time‘. While all this dram was being played out on the SNL set you could have almost picturised an irritated & fuming bunch of army generals standing in the bleachers watching the duo [Rehman Malik and Asif Zardari] make chicken noodle out of this cruel joke.
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The rat may come out of the bag…

You get different versions here in London… some very interesting, no matter how sad they are in nature…

A few month back, before the elections, a textile tycoon, a friend, a very ‘educated’ man from Lahore, sat with me at Leister Square’s ‘All Bar One’ and cursed both Benazir and Nawaz. ‘They should both be hung from the trees,’ he said. ‘Already textile exports have started to suffer, the cost of business is becoming more and more expensive – and these____ are now trying to create more problems for us, they want elections…’

I could understand his problem. Maintaining factories, houses in Defence Societies and expensive cars can be a very taxing exercise. One needs a status quo though also wishing for changes now and then albeit in areas of one’s likings… And I, sentimental man that I am, did not wish to lose his friendship – a very delicate thing friendship is anyway, more so when one is not doing well himself and thus does not seem to possess any credibility of thought, mind or wisdom.

I just did not want to remind him of the occasion when a serving Brigadier of Wapda had felt slighted by him a few years ago and had cut of his factory’s electric supply demanding a personal and somewhat humiliating apology from him in person before the factory could start functioning again… it was an ego issue as such – but then, after all, at this point in time, the factory did have electricity…  and then instead of blaming, one should only praise the courage of these entrepreneurs who have directly and indirectly kept Pakistan going whether or not that had been their first intention…

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