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Musharraf’s Economic Deception – Part 1

Guest Post by Dr. Tariq Naeem

General Musharraf took over the reigns of power in 1999 from Nawaz Sharif with the Pakistan economy on the verge of bankruptcy. So desperate was the situation Nawaz Sharif toured the world visiting Pakistanis with a begging bowl requesting them to invest in Pakistan due to the sanctions imposed on Pakistan for carrying out nuclear tests. Incoherent, short-term policies had resulted in a minority of people benefiting immensely, who incidentally were directly linked to the Sharif family.

Both the IMF and the World Bank have consistently praised the Musharraf government for solid macroeconomic recovery and saving the Pakistan economy from the brink of economic collapse. They cite the $128bn generated under his tenure. Many commentators are eager to explain that the Musharraf government has made substantial macroeconomic reforms since taking over the economy in 1999. The argument of the few Musharraf loyalists being that he has brought a degree of stability to Pakistan that the country never knew under civilian rule.

Part 1 of this two part series will assess this claim and analyse the current state of Pakistan’s economy which shows it is in a far more precarious position:
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Where do we go from here? – Najam Sethi

Published in the 4th November edition of Daily Times by the editor-in-chief of Daily Times, I think he has outlined the issue quite well and its worth reading

News analysis: Where do we go from here?
By Najam Sethi

Several points are interesting and significant about last nights political rupture.

  1. We have a state of martial law, whatever the government may say and however long it may last. The Proclamation of Emergency (PE) and the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) have been signed by the “Chief of Army Staff, General Pervez Musharraf, and not by “President Musharraf or Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. In fact, a PCO is an extra constitutional deviation and only an army chief can order it.
  2. The constitution has accordingly been “held in abeyance. But significantly, the PCO says that the country will continue to be governed, “as nearly as possible by the constitution. But where there is any other departure from the constitution apart from what is contained in the PCO and the PE from now onwards, it will be at the behest of the “President and not the COAS. In other words, General Musharrafs presidency has been confirmed and upheld by the PCO.
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Musharraf’s taped address to nation – Part 2

When in 1999 i took charge of the government, i was intended to take in process a democracratic step and i took that process gradually to change and transfer power to elected reps of the people, now when i took that my strategy was to control administration and move towards stage two. When in 2002, an elected representative in general election happened, in 2002 to 07 all assemblies were functinal all elected reps where running officers and i as a patron was watching over.

i as a president watched all those process, there were some problems but it was recalled that all military , like senate they finished their five years terms and now it was near to an end they are naturally transitional and i was hoping that in 2007, when the assemblies come to their term it will be a peaceful general elections and whoever elected reps will emerge in elections, elected government will be reconciled with the old one And it will be full democracy, i was hoping that as i said it was in the history of pakistan, this transition was going to be very smooth as it was planned it has been introduced by this government.

i am saying this with a sad feeling, some people didn’t like this demo process they are putting some disturbing things all over and they were becoming becase of self-interests, they are damaging spirit of pakistan so they wanted to distrb the whole process. so they started extremism and demorailize and they were disturbing process of democracy. As pakistan in last 5 to 7 years, pakistan has gone on top of economic srge what happened becase of these selfish people. i don’t want to allow people to disturb that.

What investment was comning from otside world in to pakistan they just, they still waiting for stable government in pakistan becase of that disturnances, economy has come to a standstill, fter all improvement, infrastctre was developed, roads, communications and transport. In 5 to 7 years, constructions all over pakistan, it was an after change. so there were those changes possible becase of stable policies of government, now if i don’t take notice atm, then all that hard word in last 7 years will go i don’t want to see all that hardwork destroyed by some selfish people there feeling uncertain, this uncertainity in pakistan all over the nation, people following me and phoning me and asking me what action you goin to take you were strong decision maker, why aren’t you taking that decision i am listening still i am listening i kept quiet till now i was watching the sitation, i was hoping from department of justice and admin department, they came out from it, i was just watching and was hoping they would deal with the sitation amicably but it couldn’t be done and the sitation was going from bad to worse, so the graph was having a downturn.

Teeth Maestro Interviewed by Pakistani Spectator

I was recently interview by Ghazala Khan at The Pakistani Spectator – here is the published version as found on their website – I thank her and the entire Pakistani Spectator team for all the kind words they have repeatedly mentioned about me.

Interview with Dr. Awab Alvi : Blogging Maestro

Awab AlviTeeth Maestro is one of the beaconhouses of Pakistani blogosphere. He is a dentist by profession, but geeker than any geek when it comes to information technology. He has been actively blogging since July 2004 first on blogspot, but now has got his own WWW home at Teeth Maestro. He has been instrumental in making the Pakistani blogging horizon dynamic. Along with the people’s teeth and blogging, he also manages some other cool ventures.
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Plot to Bring Back Benazir

Benazir BhuttoAfter recovering from the celebrations across the country where majority of Pakistanis celebrated the reinstatement of Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry as the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Its time to look towards the future of Pakistan, one thing we all hope should transpire from this landmark decision is the courage for other legal departments to stand up and lead the way forward towards serving justice to the people of Pakistan, which has eluded Pakistan for over 60 years. We pray and hope to see a change in the fundamental workings of our court system moving away from bribery and actually creating room for a fair and just society.

Political future at the moment presents a very bleak picture when we see a circus surrounding the romance between Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto which has now become an open secret that they have full intentions of becoming bed fellows for five years. The secret was revealed in an investigative report conducted by The Guardian showing that talks have been underway between both the leaders for over three years since 2004. There is an imminent power sharing deal between the two but whatever the deal, both are cunning individuals capable of lying through their teeth even stabbing each other in the back just to protect their precious seat.
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Lal Masjid, The End to the Beginning of an Islamic Revolution ?

Ghazi Abdur RasheedBefore I begin, let me be clear on the issue that I do not hold the Ghazi Brothers in high regard to what they did these past few days, they used women and children as human shields to take an entire city as hostage and in effect ridiculing my country as a nation we harbor terrorists. Lets also be honest about the fact that what Musharraf did was quite simply needed, there were no two ways about it and had to be done.

Accepting the fact that Musharraf was right to end this siege, I contest that it should have been done far sooner then even this week long stand-off. He should have nipped the bud six months back when it initially started to take shape. We as Pakistanis knew it was a disaster in the making, the world watched in amazement, the western media pleaded us to put a stop to this radicalism.
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I Support, Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa

Military Inc by Ayesha SiddiqaThe Government of Pakistan (read Pakistan Army) has been trying its best to suppress the release of the book titled Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy which was written by Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa. Since Friday, the proposed release date the military has pulled all stops to prevent the release of this all-exposing book going to the extent of pulling the book off the shelves and then harassing the author considerably.

This recent attempt to bully Free Speech has resulted in a world wide outcry and many people overwhelmingly have objected to the attempt by the Pakistan Army to silence this author and offer her my full physical and moral support in this regard.

I fully condemn the actions of the Pakistan Army to silence Dr. Ayesha and her new book titled Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy and offer her full physical and moral support in this crisis

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Military Inc.: Banned in Pakistan

Military Inc by Ayesha SiddiqaThe latest book Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy, written by Ayesha Siddiqa is a tell all narration of the highly profitable company called The Pakistan Army.

The book estimates the militarys share of the economy at over 200 billion rupees, besides owning 11.58 percent of all state land. Military Inc. was due to go on sale today across the book shelves of Karachi, but early morning orders from the top bureaucracy has forced all book sellers to pull this book off the shelves even before anyone could get their hands on it. Credit for this investigative news story goes to Khalid Omar writes on his blog

Someone high up to must have read in todays [DAWN] paper about the book launch,and ordered it removed from the shelves today in the morning. Liberty Books, the only major bookstore chain in Pakistan pulled the books from the shelves without selling a copy, while OUP, the publishers in Pakistan sold a few copies in the morning before closing sales

So it appears this may go to prove that the military is guilty of something after all and don’t want the masses to read it, unlike the blatant propaganda promotion of Musharraf’s own book a few months back when he even used the national exchequer to take a book tour across the United States [apologies – I had to say it]

A few articles reviewing the book online

  • Uneasy lies the head – Hindustan Times
  • Book shines light on Pakistan military ‘£10bn empire’ – Guardian Unlimited
  • Military Inc. it’s big business in Pakistan – The Hindu
  • Pakistan: the army as the state – Open Democracy

  • Justice or Martial Law?

    Ever since the attack on the Judiciary in Pakistan, last Friday (post) practically the entire country is abuzz with a number of confusing questions of which probably the least addressed is when does Pervaiz Musharraf enforce a proper Martial Law. In my opinion Pakistan is already under a full fledged Martial Law since 1999 but disguised as a torjan horse titled Enlightened Moderation.

    Iftikhar beaten up
    Police escort Manhandling the
    Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry,
    A picture not aired in the media outlets in Pakistan

    A number critics say that it just can’t happen, while many believe that martial law is inevitable. I belong the latter group, in my opinion Musharraf had been buttering the people of Pakistan for the past year in preparations to make them swallow the presidency pill for another five years. The stage was prepared when he successfully masterminded a thumbs up from Uncle Sam, it was during his US-Book Tour visit that Pakistan went through an interesting roller coaster ride, I had protested back then that the simple revelation of Pakistan being bombed back into the stone ages should have been enough for any decent Pakistani leader to walk off, but not Musharraf as he was their for a more personal reason far more important then Pakistan. Millions back home reacted simply How Dare They?. It was actually Musharraf who expertly handled the ABC interview threw out this ball-busting comment to force George Bush onto the back foot and then was able to pull out the trump card right from the grasp of Uncle Sam getting himself a sexy peck on the cheek and a pat on the behind for a job well done. Musharraf finished the cake with a hilarious gig with Jon Stewart where he displayed stand-up comedy type of showmanship but the icing was when he got Bush to publicly plug his autobiography on live TV, asking people to ‘Buy the Book’, literally a dream come true for any aspiring writer.

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    Enlightened Moderation – My Ass !!!

    Protest PictureOver a number of years photographers have captured stunning pictures which have later turned into defining pictures for the year. This picture in my opinion quite easily summarize the moment of truth for the seven year regime of the Enlightened Moderation era enforced by Dictator Musharraf.

    It is a true representation of the Pakistani people in the present day and age, we stand literally naked on the streets and all types of authoritarian adminstrative forces come one-by-one to whack us with all their might, rob us of our heard earned wealth and leave us for the dead. We have no rights whatsoever, let alone the security one so much desires, simply said we are at their mercy.

    Its been over 7 years, 2 months & 19 days since Dictator Musharraf came into power, he promised Pakistan a paradigm shifting leadership concept, but more importantly he promised Pakistan an honest leadership. For many, this romance barely lasted a year and then it seems as if the power of the seat gravitated Musharraf down the same path of looting and corruption which has been the hall mark of all Pakistani leaders who have ruled our country previously. If I were to name a leader who truly meant well for Pakistan, there can be none, none at least who left a positive mark on the history of Pakistan, none who I would be proud to have called a true leader for Pakistan.
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    Paypal in Pakistan


    With the ever increasing popularity of e-commerce, everyone desires to take a bite into the sweet pie, and why not? But sadly Pakistanis are being left behind as Paypal, one of the most popular e-commerce networks has still to list Pakistan in its permittable countries for registering with the service. We are then forced to use alternate commerce systems which have slowly cropped up but to contest the monopoly and popularity of a trusted Paypal account still eludes us Pakistanis.

    This issue bugs not only marketing companies, freelance developers but is also a major deterrent for bloggers who are unable to receive funds generated via the ad networks running on their blogs. I have been fortunate to have a full business account (as I was studying in the US for over three years) and was able to use this to generate donations for the Earthquake relief in Pakistan during our Donate a Dollar for Pakistan campaign at Help-Pakistan.com.
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    “The Media is Definitely Playing Havoc with your Mind”

    This was the recent comment from a very respected online acquaintance, who wrote in response to my recent US-Bashing barrage, We Will Not be Silent and also in the post titled Muslims Dont Hate Freedom, They Hate Oppression.

    You are very right, and I too feel this sentiment coming through on all of my posts, little can one do when every news report that I read, every email that I exchange, every person I converse is repeatedly pounding the same message – “The US has evil intentions of conquering the world“. I have tried to rationally think, looking at the facts, beyond the fiction, often attempting to read between the lines but despite all my efforts I continue to get the same message anyway I look at the puzzle. The Americans might not like all this negative sentiment brewing around the world but my tea leaves show that things are about to get worse.

    I consider myself fortunate to have the power of the pen, to be able vent my frustrations on this blog, but for a moment can you picturize a person who simply can’t release his pent up adrenaline, he continues to hear a lot, sees a lot and feels a lot of emotions, but is unable to properly and peacefully vent his anger, this frustration then continues to build up with time one day simply blows up in a volcano of adrenaline. He could at this time be easily labelled a Terrorist as much as a Freedom Fighter, as they say, one mans Freedom Fighter is another mans Terrorist, which side would he fall entirely depends on whose side YOU are on

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    Iran you’re Next

    Iran ure next

    Total world domination is what appears to the ultimate goal of the United States of America. The US has been playing the same tactics it was found guilty off a few years back when it was itching to dip into the oily waters of Iraq. It threw at the UN and the world every conceivable trick in the book, and when the world/UN said Fuck Off, it turned around hid under the banner of terrorism and WMD’s went gun blazing into Iraq alone with a handful of supporting countries. Is that the notion of democracy it lives by, when you loose a democratic discussion turn sour act like a rotten kid and do what you want. After three years it was only last week did the US President FINALLY admit to some mistakes – knock-knock, wake-up was he living on earth when all the body bags were showing up at the door?

    That’s where the problem lies, its known as an arrogant bully gone berserk – I quote an interesting paragraph from an article by Fareed Zakaria (Newsweek)

    May 29, 2006 issue – The Bush administration describes spreading democracy as the lodestar of its foreign policy. It speaks about democracy constantly and has expanded funding for programs associated with it. The administration sees itself as giving voice to the hundreds of millions who are oppressed around the world. And yet the prevailing image of the United States in those lands is not at all as a beacon of liberty. Public sentiment almost everywhere sees the United States as self-interested and arrogant. There is a huge disconnect between what the Bush administration believes it stands for and how it is seen around the world.

    The world is a gravy mixture of nations, each with its own thoughts and values, there cannot be a generic fix to all problems and each nation has to be dealt with in a unique solution, a rubber stamp US-like democracy cannot be expected to last long in a nation like Iraq which has only seen rulers, especially not a system enforced by invaders. A fundamental political change takes time and two short quick years cannot be used as a perfect exit strategy. Yes the Exit strategy is a strategy designed to allow the invader to get out before all hell breaks loose. Then it will be just evasion tactic statements from Washington, exit strategy my ass.

    Coming to Iran, the US has been planning for such an invasion into Iran for some time to an extent that coalition partners, which include the US, Israel and Turkey have been in “an advanced stage of readiness” since early 2005.

    American air strikes on Iran would vastly exceed the scope of the 1981 Israeli attack on the Osiraq nuclear center in Iraq, and would more resemble the opening days of the 2003 air campaign against Iraq. Using the full force of operational B-2 stealth bombers, staging from Diego Garcia or flying direct from the United States, possibly supplemented by F-117 stealth fighters staging from al Udeid in Qatar or some other location in theater, the two-dozen suspect nuclear sites would be targeted. – Global Research

    In its planning of the invasion the invaders have been seriously contemplating the use of mini-nukes in this Iran onslaught (GlobalResearch),

    Mini-Nukes are: earth-penetrating capability of the nuclear warheads penetrating only 20 feet or so into dry earth when dropped from an altitude of 40,000 feet. Even so, by burying itself into the ground before detonation, a much higher proportion of the explosion energy is transferred to ground shock compared to a surface bursts. Any attempt to use it in an urban environment, however, would result in massive civilian casualties. Even at the low end of its 0.3-300 kiloton yield range, the nuclear blast will simply blow out a huge crater of radioactive material, creating a lethal gamma-radiation field over a large area to cause significant damage. — FAS

    Mini-nukes helps the US to avoid sending troops into the battle field, hence avoiding the political pressure back home when the body bags start showing up, little do they care what happens to the innocent lives lost on the other side of the world. The shock and awe will naturally cripple the defending army but it will leave behind a devastated country with millions of people dead and dying, at that point I hope the blaming finger should point to the human rights abuser called the United States of America. It will again prove for the umpteenth time since Hiroshima that no other tyrant or dictator has violated the human rights code as repeatedly than the loudest so-called protector of human rights “The United States of America”. (at this moment I choose to leave the issue of Gitmo and Abu Gahrib – [they are not prisons but actually Terrorist Information Extraction Center] which have been a pain in the ass for the US & Human Rights lobby)

    I would like to know the motives behind the attack on Iran, does the US and its coalition partners honestly feel that an invasion is the best solution to the problems with Iran and after the attack Iran will play dead and cough up all the WMD’s – would this invasion be the final nail in the coffin and satisfy the hunger for world domination. Will the US suddenly stand up and say “That’s all Folks – we have cleansed the world of all tyranny, now lets sit back and enjoy the view” – I really doubt it, its Iran today, South Korea next, Pakistan soon, and then China. As they say, there is always an excuse to pick a fight, and with an ever booming Chinese invasion of the world economy, it won’t be to far away from the cross-hairs of the B-52’s.

    If I were belonging to any nation being invaded by any God-damn-country, my patriotism will rise to the occasion, be it the honky dorry US dollars or the an attack by India – I will be ready to die for my country and fight the invaders to the nail, this is the same patriotic sentiment the US continues to face in Iraq daily and WILL surely face it in Iran. Wake up Americans these are not Al-Qaida men and neither are these trained terrorist, but simply patriotic people ready to fight FOR THEIR COUNTRY.

    Bring ’em on, bring the B-52’s, bring the Tomahawks, bring all the mini-nukes, lay them out and spread far and wide, do anything you want but I assure you the Iranians are ready, sparkle all the dollars at them even then I assure you the patriotic spirit will fight you to the last nail. Worry about how to hot tail it out of the country, as a proud patriotic nation will beat you out of their territory, you won’t walk back but they may allow you to crawl back. Best if you stay out, handle it diplomatically BUT don’t make this world your playground to flex your muscle.

    Protocol That Kills

    A few days back the President of Pakistan Pervaiz Musharraf graced our city to inaugurate the Expo Pakistan. Naturally a visit by him means all hell breaks loose, road blocks are placed around town resulting in massive traffic jams without even a second thought. The only and primary concern is to protect the life of the President and allow him to have a peaceful unhindered drive around town. The citizens can go to hell burning expenive fuel which continues to remain high despite fall in international prices, the economy can take a loss with so much wasted time, who cares as long as the President can sleep peacefully in bed.

    On the day His Royal Highness graced our town an unfortunate 23 year old girl developed a case of appendicitis and was being rushed to JPMC in an ambulance, due to the inconsiderate blockage to protect Pervaiz Musharraf the entire Shahrae Fasial had a massive traffic jam and sadly the ambulance got stuck in the traffic jam, never to reach the hospital in time and the girl passed away due to a ruptured appendix.

    Surprisignly this is not the first instance as reported by Dawn but similar instances were reported on Jan 6th and 7th where a few other unfortunate people were pronounced dead at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, the doctors claimed that their lives could have been saved had there not been a traffic jam and maybe they could have reached the hosptial in timer.

    I personally feel something needs to be done to create an awareness for this problem, the city of Karachi can suffer for time and money when a VVIP is in town but if it means at the loss of on innocent life, it is pushing the limits.

    DAWN – 1st April – Student dies during VVIP Movement

    Mouse Grounds Departure


    A mouse upset the best-laid plans of an airline and nearly 250 passengers in the Philippines, grounding a plane for 13 hours while engineers tried to smoke out the rodent. The plane was preparing for take-off from Manila airport earlier this week when a crew member spotted the mouse scampering across an aisle in the economy class section. The captain ordered the passengers to disembark while maintenance staff fumigated the aircraft and laid traps, but the mouse was nowhere to be found. The Doha-bound aircraft eventually took off 13 hours late, presumably with the mouse still on board, dead or alive.

    Note a few interesting facts in this incident – it happened in the ECONOMY section or more commonly known as the ‘poor section’ of the aircraft. After the 13 hour ordeal they still took off hoping that the mouse had disappeared, maybe to return a few days later to haunt the crew again.

    Update 2-hrs later (motivated after FunBie’s Comment to this post) – Now lets picturise a mouse found on a PIA flight out of Karachi, The crew in such situations will almost instinctively call in the ‘Jamadar’ (Janitor) on duty. The ‘Jamadar’ would walk typically with the ‘Jharoo’ (Broom) conveniently riding on his right shoulder, walk to towards the offending toilet, slam open the door and start whacking everything in sight, 5 minutes later close the door, and declare an all clear rodent-free flight. No Off-Loading, No fumigation, No Traps, just our typical Jammadar-Jahorro-Wielding-Chooha-Exterminator-Desi-Style. That’s PIA for you. Can you picturise anything different?