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Copy Cat League FLIPS OVER to agree to have Peace Talks with TTP

Imran Khan has been a strong proponent of having peace talks with the Talibans for over 8 years, to an extent that these politicans accused him of being a Taliban Sympathizer and branded him as Taliban Khan. Now it seems everyone PPP, ANP & more recently Nawaz Sharif has accepted the fact that there must be some Peace Talks with the Talibans to help solve this terrorism issue out. Might it be Khan’s turn and say, I told you so, its sad that these spineless politicians (PML, PPP, JUI, ANP & MQM) appeased the Americans for five years allowing them to destroy and ravage Pakistan but now as the local elections are looming around the corner the same politicians have flipped over to strategically position themselves as peace brokers only so that they can fool people to vote for them. Shame on these two timing politicians

The Real Cost of NOT Paying Taxes : 55 million People dont have access to Clean Drinking Water

THE REAL COST OF NOT PAYING TAXES 55 million Women & Children DONT have access to CLEAN DRINKING WATER in Pakistan – Thanks mostly to a our politicians who do not pay taxes

Shame on 65% of our politicians who dont even bother paying their due share of taxes and yet come to ask for your vote to amass their own wealth

The ‘Vital Junoonions’ unite for Naya Pakistan

Naya PakistanThe simple yet marvelous Dil Dil Pakistan remains to be the ‘anthem’ of our nation. 25 years later, founding Vital Signs members Shahzad Hassan (Shahi), Salman Ahmad, Nusrat Hussain and Junaid Jamshed (JJ) are collaborating on what they hope to be the new musical sensation — a track titled Naya Pakistan.

Shahi believes that the song has all the right ingredients to make it into an inspirational number for Pakistanis. “It probably will inspire the most cynical of Pakistanis who have completely lost hope. It has that power,” he says.
Express Tribune: The ‘Vital Junoonions’ unite for Naya Pakistan

The Real Cost of NOT paying Taxes : 25 Million Children CANNOT go to School

THE REAL COST OF NOT PAYING TAXES by Sayem Ali http://bit.ly/WXpSeM

25 million children in Pakistan CANNOT go to school

This image is a startling reminder of the devastating impact of not paying taxes specially to SHAME 65% of our parliamentarians who refuse to pay taxes

The Real Cost of NOT paying Taxes

THE REAL COST OF NOT PAYING TAXES by Sayem Ali published in the NEWS on Sunday

According to the Pakistan Economic Survey FY12, the total population was 180.7 million and crude birth rate was 2.72. Calculating for infant mortality rate of 69 per 1,000 births shows us that in Pakistan today, 932 children die every 24 hours due to malnutrition and a lack of basic health services

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From WIKI-Leaks to WIGGI-Leaks

WIKI-Leaks or WIGGI-Leaks you decide? PML-N’s DRIVE-THRU DHARNEE was hilarious

Ch Nisar runs for cover in Rain Infested PML ECP Dharna

Did you get to enjoy PML’s Rain infested Dharnee ? – AJ Shafquat spins out a WIGGILEAKS Graphic

CM Shahbaz exploits Punjab Govt websites for his own popularity

CM Shahbaz exploits Gov of Punjab website to promote his own Facebook pageCM Shahbaz Sharif continues to use Government websites to Promote His own Facebook and Twitter Profiles via ProPakistani

It maybe recalled that the Facebook page and Twitter Profile in question are personal properties of Mr. Shahbaz, that he will retain even after completing his service term. Instead of encouraging all these provincial government departments to have their own social media profiles, so that users may follow their updates and they may retain accounts even after the government is over, Mr. Sharif opted to promote his own profiles as if these government websites are his personal perperties.”

It should be recalled that previously in June 2012 we had reported on our blog : PML-N’s – ‘Like’ my Facebook page News Item [DELETED] an Express Tribune news report which reported that “the Punjab government issued a letter, sent to all officers, requesting them to join Shahbaz’s official webpage and to train themselves in social media networking” this news report was forcilbly deleted from the online edition of the newspaper apparently becuase of of Govt of Punjab pressure to suppress this humiliating news report – but todays evidence goes on to further reinforce that PML and Shahbaz Sharif is eager to aggregate clicks by any mean whatsoever instead of reinforcing institutions these government organizations are busy promoting the re-election of PML and Shahbaz Sharif – Simply said old habit of bending the rules,,,, die hard

ProPakistani Report: Shahbaz Sharif Uses Dozens of Government Websites to Promote His Facebook and Twitter Profiles

PTI True Democracy: Humayun Chacha becomes PTI Kohat President & 25 year old Gul Sahib Khan PTI Karak President

PTI Intra-party elections are under a severe level of scrutiny – but one takes hope when such stories emerge were a simple daily wage worker lik Humayun Chacha gets elected as PTI Kohat President (Official confirmation still pending) – this is an example of true political democracy making room for simple Pakistanis to emerge into main stream politics. PTI does not believe in familial politics but relies upon genuine democracy to bring about a positive change in Pakistan

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Zardari Fort

According to picture story published in Daily Jinnah newspaper Zardari Fort is being built in Baharia Town Lahore and is almost nearing completion. The sprawling fort built on 200 Kanal are in Lahore is being referred to as Zardari Fort – it has 5 swimming pools, 2 helipads, 32 rooms, conference hall, meeting rooms, and can accommodate 10-15 K ppl

It is expected that this might later serve as the PPP secretariat in the future – ie if later Zardari sb decides to hand it over

Daily Jinnahhttp://bit.ly/T90CCi

Chambaili – The Fragrance of Freedom

ChambeiliChambaili is a new upcoming movie to hit theaters in Pakistan on 23rd March 2013, the story & screenplay is by Shahzad Nawaz and the movie is Directed by Ismail Jilani which will be released in Pakistan courtesy Geo Films – I was fortunate enough to have watched a very brief trailer and assure you we are in for a treat, the theme of the story without any spoilers hovers around Liberation of a nation from corrupt leaders & oppressors running it …. need I say more

That said, I also await the release of a few musical scores specially “DugDugi” which tries to spark the community to stand up for their rights, and carry a strong message of liberation & freedom… 23rd March …

Pakistan Media Revolution: Chambaili – The Fragrance of Freedom, A Spark threatening to Ignite! writes a short fleeting review “Chambaili, a Drama/Thriller releasing on 23rd March 2013, revolves around a group of individuals and follows them as the events in their lives take a fascinating turn. With a star studded cast boasting the likes of Salman Peerzada, Myra Khan and Shafqat Cheema along with a special guest appearance to top it off from Ghulam Mohiuddin, Chambaili is already sending a few vibes down the stagnated film industry. Directed by Ismail Jilani, it is produced by Coup films in association with Geo production network, which is already apt at providing quality films to the mainstream society. The remarkably gifted Shahzad Nawaz is the man behind the script, besides being the co-producer with Abdullah Kadwani. The film seems to have covered all the prerequisites to be a great venture, and with the starving market, promises to deliver the much needed boost”

Conflict of Interest in IRI Surveys

Opinion polls are valid methods of gauging the sentiments of a community but a survey is then critically weighed as to its balance & authenticity when there is a Conflict of Interest specially of financial nature (def: Conflict of Interest occurs when an individual or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in another)

International Republican Institute (IRI) has been conducting political surveys in Pakistan for many years and have generally been accepted as an unbiased outlook into the political pulse beat of Pakistani. Conducting survey is a very carefully excersise, mere framing of a question can sway the responses but what hurts any study is when the surveyors do not declare their conflict of interest – IRI on its website does mention that it has outsourced the excersice to Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR) based in Islamabad.

IRI outsources Pakistan survey to IPOR

IRI having outsourced the survey work to a company in Islamabad failed to acknowledge anywhere in its disclaimer or methodology that IPOR has a conflict of interest since it caters to PML-N, PML-Q & MQM as business clients

IPOR have the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as its primary clients.  Within the short span, IPOR has developed a diverse clients-base of major political parties like PML-N, PML-Q, MQM

This revelation to any survey is a serious conflict of interest and should have been declared by IRI openly when presenting its research findings and should have not been subjected to “accidental revelation” which hence forth immediately puts this entire organization and their survey methodologies in serious doubts

WANTED: Leaders with Integrity

Andleeb AbbasAndleeb Abbas writes in Daily Times today Wanted: Leaders with Integrity

Have a look at this CV she has prepared of our present day leaders

  • Barely educated or possessing a fake degree;
  • Having millions in assets but only declared a pittance;
  • Mega Corruption cases either in process or have been going on for years;
  • Never paid a rupee in taxes or does not even possess an NTN number;
  • Highly skilled in lying, denying, deceiving; is exceptionally competent at changing loyalties given the right payoff;
  • Strong resolve never to let any remorse, shame or guilt affect the single-minded pursuit of personal goals;

This is the CV for an ‘ideal’ candidate of someone representing the nation in parliament. There may be a few exceptions but they are in such a minority that they hardly make any difference.