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Help us rebuild the Railway School at Kalapul – an NA250 & ICWS Project

Insaf Community Welfare Society partners with The Citizens Foundation to adopt this Railway school near Kalapul – work is fully underway for the initial handover to TCF in some respectable state in the coming month, but we need generous support to rebuild and rehabilitate this school to its old glory – taking it from the ~200 students enrolled to the potential of 2000 children being educated in both shifts

A detailed report of the project can be read on the NA250.com website Railway School Kalapul Project

During the fundraiser this Sunday we raised pledges of 5 million to bring the total up to 9.5 million already pledged by the NA250 team and supporters – our aim is to achieve 25 million to revamp the school

Ironically if you watch in between the video the assembly of children when asked “Kaisa School Chahiyae” they respond “Foundation jaisa school” – right across the playground a lavish Foundation Public School stands with a manicured structure teaching “the affording elite” … while these 200 or so kids live in pre-historic times.
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Dynamics of PTI #ShutDownToRebuild Strike in Karachi

The strike call for 12th December in Karachi was a tough & a strategic call made by Chairman Imran Khan on 30th Nov, it was a bold move to tactically increase pressure on the PML govt to rethink its negotiation strategy viz-a-viz to proceeding with an independent investigation of alleged election rigging in 2013. If peaceful protests for 120 days is not enough of a pressure tactic, it seems the govt needs to be physically shown that this is injustice in acceptable and proof of this contagious movement has taken a bigger momentum resonating all across Pakistan — Faisalabad on the 8th, Karachi on the 12th and soon Lahore on the 15th – Shutdowns are Pressure tactics to push for justice in Pakistan. What does one have to do, to get an investigation started in Pakistan? — When Push comes to shove, it seems shoving is then the order of the day.

Many supporters have a strong disagreement as to why PTI choose to adopt this strike strategy in Karachi, which to them resembles so much like the MQM-thug style politics and to make matters worse, images of burning tires were not helping as it portrayed violence, seemingly on the same track with MQM’s 30-min barrle of the gun-based shutter down calls seen too often in Karachi. Each Karachiite knows very well that the was a fundamental difference between MQM calling a strike and PTI appealing to people to join in a ShutDownToRebuild movement – Everyone knows that MQM uses militants on bikes roaming the streets and that this display interspersed with aerial firing, simply serves as the threat to establish the “voluntarily closure” along with other unfortunate tactics, they need not have to “work hard” to convince people, the guns do the convincing part quite well. PTI on the other hand DOES NOT SUBSCRIBE TO MILITANCY.

To organize the lockdown one must know the grass root dynamics of planning and ensuring a strike and I give credit to the PTI Karachi leadership to have understood the dynamics, planned well and executed to near perfection.

Before the shutdown there was a long debate on choosing to adopt the need to use tire burning strategy, but after a long discussion & a majority vote PTI teams allowed limited use of this method only for the sake of visual optics, but strictly NO threatening militant / armed strategy — only peacefully block roads, lobby aggressively, campaign and convince the public to join Imran Khan’s call to rebuild Pakistan. On the tire burning issue, I’m aware of many valid objections, I personally was a silent 50-50 spectator, personally felt we need to create the “environment” to be successful. So in part I would say I agreed, and hence I stand by the judgment call and the reason to write this blog post to explain why it was needed

A strike call in Karachi should be understood on a number of critical stages
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25 Million children are Out of School in Pakistan — But, those ‘in’ school are equally Out of School

Recently Alif Ailaan published a report titled 25 Million Broken Promises: The Crisis of Pakistan’s Out-of-School Children exposing the pathetic situation of education in Pakistan – but if there are millions of children out of school in Pakistan – then Im embarassed to share that the children “in-school” are equally uneducated and can be eqaully categorized as “out-of-school” – This is a video of a school in the metropolitan school based in Karachi – if such is the standard of education in an urban center – pray what might be the state of education in a rural school reportedly educating the future of our children

May Allah have mercy on our rulers, Sindh has received billions in funds for the past year but the situation in education and all other sectors are still at the mercy of corruption by the same leaders who rule over them

Karachi Airport to get a US Army Command Center and not a Narcotic Cell

The U.S. Army has published a Request for Proposal for the Design and Build of a Tactical Command and Operations Center (TCOC) compound at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan – The proposal identifies that it is being built for the Pakistan Customs & Drug Enforcement Cell, the two 2-story buildings proposed near the airport will be for the offices and interrogation/detention cell to be built within 365 days at an estimated cost of ~$ 2,000,000

What must be of serious concern for Pakistan is to note that its not a general US development fund sponsoring this activity but takes place under the US Army, which is actively involved in various military activities in Pakistan to now sponsor the development of an outpost near the airport allowing it strategic positioning for possible movement of US Forces in and out of Karachi.

The US Embassy issued a press release stating “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers only role is to oversee the award of the contract for the project to a private construction firm and supervise its implementation.  No U.S. military or other USG personnel will be involved in the actual construction, operation, or staffing of this center, which will be exclusively owned and operated by the Government of Pakistan.

Drug Trafficking Routes of PakistanSomehow turbulent & deceptive relationships with the United States of America makes Pakistanis second guess their actual intentions moving away from public deceptive posturing ranging from consistent Drone attacks, to the much controversial Raymond Davis issue and quite many other strategic invasion into the Sovereignty of Pakistan, make Pakistanis seriously doubt most of their activities.  A US Army funded project, being built adjacent to a sensitive location, is a controversy that the US Govt should have done without, but it continues to do so.

Despite the apparent PR effort by the US Embassy to try and diffuse the controversy, Pakistani will continue to eye this project with serious concern, if its actually Drugs they are after, common sense would urged them to focus on the actual drug trade route that mostly originates along the 2,430 km long Pakistan-Afghanistan which by UNODC estimates accounts for 40% of drug smuggling route into Pakistan.  The Karachi Airport then is the least of our concern … there is definitely a something more to what they merely dont want us to sniff into.

[PICTURES – 2] Justice for Shahzeb Khan Peace Walk – Karachi

Another album of pictures taken by Shahid Aslam at the Justice for Shahzeb Khan Peace Walk in Karachi today at Seaview

Credit – Shahid Aslam

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[PICTURES] Justice for Shahzeb Khan Peace Walk

Friends and Family members of Shahzeb Khan held a peace walk today in Karachi from Seaview to Shahzeb’s house to sustain the pressure on the investigation to capture the murderers

Picture credit Imran Ghazali

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Karachi – Shahzeb Khan Protest 2:30pm Seaview McDonalds

The public pressure must remain on forcing the administration to arrest the killers of Shahzeb Khan

Sunday 6th Jan – 2:30pm at SeaView McDonalds – via Facebook

We Want Justice for Shahzeb Khan

Karachi & Lahore: Protest for Shahzeb Khan – Sunday at 3pm

Im going – Are you !!

Or would you wait for the day when someone close to you suffers the same brutal death? These Gun totting Urban & Rural Feudals are lurking in every corner and the odds are inching closer to you !! You better show up !!

25th Dec 2011: A modest Smile, A modest Fist Pump – An Achievement of Immense Magnitude

a modest Smile, a modest Fist Pump – an Achievement of Immense Magnitude – YES WE KHAN : Sharing a few fun memories of 25th December 2011 – via Facebook

Imran Khan’s message to the people of Karachi

Karachi’s solution is no rocket science – with the upcoming elections it is for the people of Karachi to make a very crucial decision and vote these political parties out of power who have militant wings operating under their umbrella

Do not vote for parties with militant wings, Imran Khan advises Karachi

Imran KhanThe people of Karachi should decide not to vote for any party that has a militant wing, said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Wednesday.

“We have said it again and again that Karachi is being destroyed, The people of Karachi should decide not to vote for a party that has a militant wing,” said Imran Khan
LINK: Do not vote for parties with militant wings, PTI chief advises Karachi
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

NADRA Lists should be used to form Electoral Rolls

Still amazed at why cant a simple solution be thought out for a free and transparent election – Simply using NADRA’s database will save tremendous resources – ECP should extract Voters LAST REGISTERED ADDRESS and it can become his voting address. If there is a mismatch on the last known address of the person it should be the responsibility of the voter to have it corrected at the NADRA office before the electoral lists are locked (90 days prior to election) – this effort also enables the Govt of Pakistan have the updated present address every five years

So if an 18+ Pakistani has a CNIC card, he should be able to walk into the nearest polling station to his registered present address and cast his vote. Door-to-door verification & compiling of the data will always be prone to errors & political maneuvering – hence the more hurdles that are created opens the door to Election Fraud
LINK: Army, FC be used over electoral rolls, votes’ verification, rules SC
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Supreme Court Petition for Peace & De-weaponization of Karachi

The following petition was sent to the Supreme Court on 1st November 2012 for Peace & De-Weaponization of Karachi – The petition was spearheaded by Mr. Naeem Sadiq with nine other petitioners and I personally am honored that he asked me to sign this petition – Considering the lawlessness in Karachi the pressure needs to be sustained on the judiciary to clamp down hard on this deteriorating situation

A meesage to others also wanting to take similar action by Naeem Sadiq was “If you agree with its contents, you may use this or make a similar petition and post it at the Supreme Court address. (Please DO NOT email as it is possibly an easier option but of no significance).

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