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Meeting Under Secretary Maria Otero at the US Consulate in Karachi

Awab Alvi with US Consular General to KarachiOn 3rd November a small group of social & print media bloggers were invited to the US Consul General’s Residence in Karachi for a small luncheon discussion with the visiting US Under Secretary Maria Otero.

Maria Otero, is a well spoken representative of the US, coordinating U.S. foreign relations on a variety of global issues, including democracy, human rights, and labor; environment, oceans, health and science; population, refugees, and migration; and monitoring and combating trafficking in persons.

The discussion was interesting, everyone had a chance to put their point of view across, My issues were focused on
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Sermons Alone wont work – Babar Sattar talks about the ruling on Karachi Violence

Babar Sattar drills holes into the Supreme Court ruling on the Karachi violence – it is high on rhetoric, light on (relevant) substance.

The Karachi suo motu case has affixed responsibility for the violence, death and destruction in the city on the federal and provincial governments, political parties and individuals perpetrating crimes. And while it has issued directions to ensure that individual offenders are effectively prosecuted, it has neither endeavoured to hold political parties accountable for their abetment of crimes nor provided for the prosecution and punishment of public office holders for their malfeasance and nonfeasance. A more thoughtful verdict could have achieved all of this. – LINK

We, The Citizens appeal to CJP for becoming a party to Karachi’s Law & Order Suo Moto Case

In our ongoing effort by the Movement for Deweaponization [MFD] in Pakistan the core group of citizens leading the effort have officially applied to the Chief Justice of Pakistan for becoming a party to the Suo Moto case regarding the Law and Order situation in Karachi. Its ironic the proceedings are underway, but there is no one representing the main victims ie. The People of Karachi. I truly love the way the letter starts “WE, THE CITIZENS” its taking ownership of this issue in a definitive way, it is a message to say, that we, the people of Karachi will no longer tolerate being held hostage to the terrorizing politicians that govern us

WE, THE CITIZENS Appeal to the Chief Justice for becoming a Party to the Suo Moto case regarding the Law and Order situation in Karachi.

Violence, confrontation and polarization, especially in Karachi, have caused misery and destroyed the life, liberty and spirit of our people.

The citizens of Karachi are the most affected victims of the on-going violence and lawlessness. We believe that peace is impossible in Karachi without total compulsory confiscation of all firearms (licensed or otherwise) from gangs, political parties and all individuals.

We the undersigned citizens appeal to your honor to let us voice our views on this vital issue by becoming a party to the Suo Moto case being heard by your Honor on the Law and Order Situation in Karachi.

  1. Hamid Maker
  2. Jameel Yusuf
  3. Kamyla Marvi Tapal
  4. Majida Razvi
  5. Naeem Sadiq
  6. Nazim F. Haji
  7. Dr. Awab Alvi
  8. Farieha Aziz
  9. Noman Qaudri
  10. Uzma Aslam

Citizens appeal to CJ for complete De-Weapomisation of Karachi

Considering the deteriorating situation in Pakistan, a group of citizens Movement for De-Weaponisation have started an effort to lobby for ways to help de-weaponize Karachi and also Pakistan, it is undoubtedly a long and portracted effort, but it is our core belief that the initiative must be taken to help cleanse Karachi of its stockpiles of weapons that are used to kill its very own citizens. As a first step in the effort an appeal has been filed with the Supreme Court to lobby for de-weaponisation of Karachi to become a party to the ongoing Suo Moto Hearing on Karachi’s Violence

ہتیار سے انکار


Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
September 6, 2011

Honourable Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Sub: Appeal for complete De-weaponisation of Karachi

Your Honour,

Violence, confrontation and polarization, especially in Karachi, have caused misery and destroyed the life, liberty and spirit of our people. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan states that over a thousand persons were killed in Karachi in the first six months of 2011. More than 600 others were killed in July and August making this the bloodiest year ever.

Armed gangs of land-grabbers and mafias have exploited the chaos. It is however generally felt that the real ownership of this horrible game of death and destruction lies with the powerful political, religious and criminal groups.
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[Pictures] Protest Against the Killing in Karachi

Pictures from the protest by the civil society which was held to condemn the rampant killings in Karachi.

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Citizens against Karachi Violence – Press Conf & Rally – August 6th Sat 3:00pm

A group of citizens has met to discuss solutions to the city’s violence. On Saturday Aug 6 at 3pm a Press Conference which will be held at the Karachi Press Club which will be followed by a rally. Please join the Karachi Concerned Citizens and let our collective voice of protest be heard above the gunfire.

Press Conference & Rally by Citizens Against Karachi Violence
Location: Karachi Press Club
Date: 6th August 2011
Time: 3:00pm

Given below are solutions we hope to present at the Press Conference.

From: Karachi Concerned Citizens Forum

To: The President & Prime Minister of Pakistan of Pakistan

You represent the unity of the federation of Pakistan and, as such, must ensure that the federal as well as provincial governments deliver on commitments of the federation, the most important of them being the security of all its citizens.
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Pakistan Rangers impart Justice in 10 seconds

Words fail me, after I watched this video of a Sarfaraz Shah being shot down by our paramilitary law enforcement agency imparting justice in a mere ten seconds. Sarfaraz Shah was apparently brought to the Rangers checkpost positioned inside Benazir Bhutto Park across Boat Basin Karachi accused of holding a family hostage. A heated exchange of words between the two, with the alleged culprit pleading for mercy from the angered soldier requesting him to lower his gun – ends up in the soldier shooting two bullets into the abdomen of the victim, leaving him to bleed and ultimately Sarfaraz succumbs to death probably from excessive bleeding a few hours [?] later.

I wonder if Pakistan has been reduced to serving justice in mere 10 seconds. From the initial contact to the bullets being fired it took mere 7-10 seconds. On one hand I can understand the lawlessness prevailing in our country, with thugs roaming free killing people left right and center, it has gone out of hand and one would suggest a stern hand is needed to stop this menace, but such criminality under the watchful eyes of 6-7 military personel is unwarranted and I must hold our law enforcement agencies to a higher standard on the judicial discharge of their weapons, which is indirectly entrusted to them by the state and eventually by the same tax payers who happend to be the citizens of Pakistan.
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Karachi, Navy, Terror, Dharna

Waking up once again to the news of a terrible blast– the third in 48 hours in Karachi, all three on Naval buses! Two things make these blasts distinct from the others that make the daily news in Pakistan: one, the death toll (that is different for every blast of course) and two, this time around our law enforcing agencies already had information of the attacks on Naval cadre. Of course, the attackers did not specify the time, venue and nature of attacks, neither did they send our agencies the ID’s of the attackers, nor did the attackers presented themselves to the law enforcers so our law enforcing agencies and government are certainly not to be blamed for their criminal negligence!

This reminds me, last night a friend told me I should be thankful I live in a peaceful and safe area of Karachi; their area (Gulistan-e-Johar) is Afghanistan, with Baghdad starting from right around the Johar Mor! We are so immune to bloodshed that we practically laugh upon heaps of mutilated dead bodies!

No, we don’t stop at just that, this ridiculous behavior is only limited to the average of the masses. The more literate, the wiser ones do it in a different way. They baselessly criticize, call naïve and morally corrupt fame-seeker any leader who in these most horrendous of circumstances has the courage to give a two-full-days successful dharna against killing of our innocent Pakistanis, in the most targeted city of Peshawar, staying up in the midst of his supporters all night, sleeping on the floor of the stage and wearing a simple latha shalwar kameez (as opposed to the million dollar ‘cheap’ suits other leaders wear!).
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Solidarity with Mukhtar Mai at 4PM today at Karachi Press Club

In wake of the Mukhtar Mai verdict, citizens in collaboration with War Against Rape (WAR), Aurat Foundation (AF), Womens Action Forum (WAF) and other like-minded organizations are holding a press conference on Tuesday April 26th, at the Karachi Press Club at 5pm. Members from the legal fraternity, women’s groups, human rights activists and citizens are coming together to express their solidarity with Mukhtar Mai and discuss the verdict, its repercussions, weaknesses in law and procedures dealing with rape, the disintegration of the criminal justice system and the role of state and non-state actors in furthering it. Please attend.

Date: Tuesday 26th April, 2011
Time: 4 PM
Location: Karachi Press Club


  • Iqbal Haider, Advocate Supreme Court and former Sentaor
  • Anwar Mansoor, President Sindh High Court Bar and former Attorney General, Pakistan
  • Akmal Wasim, Associate Professor of Law, Hamdard School of Law, and former criminal lawyer
  • Sarah Zaman, Director, War Against Rape (WAR)
  • Nuzhat Kidvai– Womens Action Forum (WAF)

Citizens for Democracy: “Silence Means More Blood” Letter signing campaign

Thousands of people from all walks of life joined hands with Citizens for Democracy (CFD), by participating and signing letters in the interfaith harmony drive “Silence Means More Blood” launched by CFD on Saturday, March 12, 2011.

At a camp set up in front of Jahangir Kothari Parade, opposite Park Towers, Clifton, Karachi, people signed and posted letters addressed to the president, prime minister, interior minister, chief justice of Pakistan, and Chief Ministers, for interfaith harmony and action against calls for violence and vigilante justice. The letter demands that notice and action be taken against the rampant lawlessness in Pakistan, in an atmosphere “in which extremist and militant forces are operating with impunity, and where calls to murder and violence are publicly made, celebrated and rewarded”.

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Cure Rayan

A three year old child Rayan, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a fatal form of blood cancer, which causes damage and death by of normal cells in the bone marrow, and slowly spreads to other organs

Rayan is now in URGENT need of a bone marrow transplant. He has not been able to find the perfect match which will help increase his chances of survival. Once the match is identified the donation is easy, maybe slightly inconvenient but imagine the gift of life that you will give for saving the life of a 3 year old young boy

We would like to request you to take a bone marrow compatibility test, and if a match is identified then a non-surgical method to borrow some of your bone marrow cells for infusion into Rayan
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Legacy of Shame

He was bundled in a stark white cloth, his head gaping through the wrapper as he was being ruthlessly carried out of the ward. He was born on the first day if this year, 2011 and died four days later – couldn’t battle long enough for sufficient oxygen. Son of Abdul Sattar died of asphyxia and breathed his last at the NICH hospital – Karachi, Pakistan.

The sight was horrific and disconcerting. However, for the medical staff it was a typical happening, which they encounter at least 4-5 times a day. As we walked through the ward the parents looked at us with helplessness in their eyes, hoping that we are some senior medical practioners. Or magical practioner for that matter – who would wand away their child’s illness and revive them back to health.

Their temporary hope was crushed back to the debilitated faculties of the ward. They were thrown back to the mercy of ill equipped and unhygienic premises – Back to the mercy of irresponsible nurses and undependable doctors. Pakistan’s public healthcare sector is under resourced and over whelmed. Physicians and nurses display extreme irresponsibility primarily due to lack of financial incentives and resources in terms of medical equipment etc.
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Strangers in Our own Land

A few days back at around 8:45 pm, I was heading home via the now well known bottleneck on Khayaban-e-Shaheen, outside Zulfikar Mirza’s residence.

I noticed that there was a group of about 50 to 60 women standing outside the home minister’s house, all in head scarves. Slowing down i noticed that they were yelling at the home minister who was standing outside his gate. Obviously I was intrigued and came around to the other side of the road to try and hear what they were saying. I stopped my car near a sidelane opposite the home ministers gate as my curiosity was aroused. After all its not every day that you see a minister, surrounded by the “awam” holding a kutcheri on the road. I wanted to take a quick snap with my cellphone.
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The Inflicted President

My friends call me fortunate when I tell them that I live in Karachi’s most secure location, opposite Bilawal House, Clifton. They think I live in peace, serenity and tranquility but little do they know about the hardships I have to face every day, especially when the ‘Inflicted’ President is in town. My life cannot get more topsy-turvy when he plans to bless us with his visit. Where people dread unforeseen disasters, I ask the Almighty to keep him in Islamabad till eternity.

The moment Mr. Zardari sitting in the president house, Islamabad decides that he wants to visit Karachi, his team of ‘mind readers’ start making preparations for his visit. All roads leading to the Bilawal house are cordoned off, shops closed, barriers erected overnight and all human and animal activity is strictly prohibited within a radius of 2km leading to the most protected property in Karachi after the US consulate of course.

Living in the apartments opposite Bilawal House, I have to face severe hardships everyday commuting to and fro from my heavenly abode. Before the bomb blast at CID headquarters in Karachi, all road cuts leading to the apartments and commercial area opposite the Bilawal House were blocked with concrete barricades forcing residents to go all the way to the end of the main road in order to enter the lanes leading to their homes.
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Slogans for Solidarity Day Rallies across Pakistan

In an attempt to gear up supporters of the Solidarity Day rallies across 108 cities of Pakistan – here are some slogans created by activists of the Aman Ittehad Naeem Sarwar Khan.

Do spread them around, and we welcome more creative suggestions from the community at large
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