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A Global issue of Terrorism – Stop Criticizing Pakistan

Pakistan has been in massive fluctuations since the Pakistani government started operation in Swat and the other heaven like valleys in Northern Areas against Taliban. Some of the parties are criticizing the Government owing to operation. All the International countries like US, European etc are also in the favor of operation against the militants. Before this operation, Pakistan had to face overwhelming criticism on Nizam-e-Adal agreement with Taliban. American criticism reached a plateau as soon as President Zardari signed the agreement. But instead of clean-up the mess in their own country, they always point fingers on Pakistan. Let’s illuminate some of the American demons and their management errors.

The Aryan Brotherhood (notorious prison gang) was established to provide protection for White individuals from Black and Hispanic groups, most specifically the Mexican Mafia. For those who don’t know about Aryan Brotherhood. “The Aryan Brotherhood, also known as the AB or The Brand, is a White prison gang numbering about 15,000 members in and out of prison. In March 2006, four leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood were indicted for numerous crimes, including murder, conspiracy, drug trafficking, racketeering and dog fighting. According to the FBI, although the gang makes up less than 1% of the prison population, it is responsible for up to 18% of murders in the federal prison system.

Guantanamo Bay is also one of the American’s bitter lollypops. They sentenced cruel and unethical punishments to the prisoners. Recent reports and pictures disclose the truth and caused great awkwardness for the Americans. Certainly, there were some (so called) terrorists in the prison but there isn’t any law which allows them to treat prisoners ruthlessly. Some of the devils crossed the limit and carried out profane acts especially against Islam. US soldiers comprising the NATO forces are still killing thousands of innocents in Afghanistan and Pakistan through Drone attacks. They aren’t even differentiating the militants and the local inhabitants. NATO forces have accustomed of slaughtering innocent children and women.
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Update: Detained Pakistani Students at Manchester

Guest Blog by Amjad Malik, barrister representing the detained Pakistani students in Manchester

police-outside-a-house-in-manchester-following-arrest-of-10-pakistanisI was asked by Pakistan High Commission to represent 4 out of 10 Pakistani national students currently detained at Manchester prison who are threatened of deportation on national security grounds.

They are being deported on grounds of posing threat to national security of UK as being concerned in Islamic extremist activities and for the reason that they were investigated under terrorism Act 2000 since 8 April 2009. Though no charges were brought under criminal proceedings and on 21 April, they were released from criminal investigation to UK Border Agency who initiated immigration deportation proceedings.

If they choose to appeal their deportation orders, they will have a free standing right of appeal before ‘Special Immigration Appeals Commission’ which was set up under SIAC Act 1997.
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Where is the Pakistan Army?

map_taliban_takeoverDr. Farrukh Saleem writes for The News analyzing the strategic deployments of the Pakistan Army according to his rough estimates a total of 89,568 square kilometers of Pakistani territory is either under complete ‘Taliban control’, ‘contested control’ or ‘Taliban influenced’; that’s roughly 11 per cent of Pakistan’s landmass.

The sickening reality is that having lost control of roughly 11 percent of your land the Pakistan Army is busily deployed facing its guns at the Indian threat – I Corps is in Mangla, II Corps is in Multan, IV Corps in Lahore, V Corps in Karachi, X Corps in Rawalpindi, XI Corps in Peshawar, XII Corps in Quetta, XXX Corps in Gujranwala and XXXI Corps is in Bahawalpur, In effect, some 80 to 90 per cent of our military assets are deployed to counter the threat from India
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More drones and more suicide attacks – Where are we going?

Guest Post by Insouciant

orakzaiagencyAs the new Afghan-Pakistan policy of Obama is unfolding it is now evident that the drones attack will be an essential part of it. Another drone attack in Orakzai agency was carried out yesterday that left nearly 14 dead and several injured. The victims included foreign militants, locals, women and children. Yes, it was collateral. The thing that strikes me immediately is that Orakzai agency is the only agency among the seven of FATA that does not border Afghanistan.

Wait a minute – Had our bosses in the Washington not said that there will be drones only in the borderly areas? Or, if it should not be a concern as long as our Prime Minister is confident that the drones will not enter in Swat and Balochistan, after all this is from where the Pakistani governance starts these days on the map. Gillani looked really ugly when he announced with a sense of accomplishment that “they had taken up the issue of drone attacks with America and that there would be no drone attacks in Swat and Balochistan”.
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Whose God is Great? Another Carnage in Lahore

Guest Blog by temporal from Baithak Blog

Finally, at about 4 p.m., police and army commandos stormed the compound. Soon after that, a group of surviving attackers surrendered on the rooftop of the main building. Dozens of police celebrated their triumph by firing into the air and shouting, "God is great." [link]

The ides of March have been unsettling for Lahorites in Pakistan.

For the second time in March, gunmen attacked in broad daylight and by last count between 30 (UPI) and 50 (Al Jazeera) people were dead. The first time their target was the visiting Sri Lankan Cricket team. That attack raised security concerns and may have contributed to the IPL venue shift to South Africa.

This time the heavily armed gunmen attacked a Police Training school. There is no building safe in Pakistan anymore.

In the aftermath of Red Mosque (Lal Musjid) fiasco, the gunmen had attacked a commando training centre.

These terrorists are well trained, financed and organised and they pick their targets carefully. Some months back they killed a retired SAS general who headed action against them in FATA and Swat.
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Eyewitness Report 7:00PM – Lahore Police Academy Siege

Eyewitness reports drafted by Farooq Tariq at 7:00pm Spokesperson Labor Party Pakistan, as shared by hom on the Peoples Resistance network

lahore-police-academy-siegeI am now at the compound where this whole incident took place. On the third floor where the four terrorists blew themselves. The body parts are every where, blood is spread all over. Police and army is not allowing anybody inside. Only the police photographer is taking the photographs inside. There are blood on the cloths hanging inside. The four terrorists were encircled here. They refused to surrender and finally after 8 hours, decided to blew themselves. I was told by a policeman that they had no more arms left with them. Here groups after group of police and rangers are raising slogans like Allah Akbar (god is great). They are posing as they have conquered another country.

Here I met Talib Hussain, president of the transport workers union, who was here since morning. His office is just in front of this compound. The office of the union was open in the morning. When he heard the first blast, they were terrified. Then the firing started. The first causality from the civilian was a member of the union, an unemployed conductor, now was driving a three wheelers. He was Waseem. He died on the spot. This terrified the whole area. The terrorists were inside the compound and firing and throwing hand grenades.

Talib told me that this went on for long time, we went behind our office. There were helicopters flying over. One helicopter landed behind our office. We were there and saw a person at one time running towards the helicopter, he was stopped by a ranger man, this person told him “Islami, Pakistan” he could not speak any other words. He was stopped, we also arrived there and then overpower him. He had a hand grenade and was taken away by police and rangers.
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Eyewitness Report 2:30PM – Lahore Police Academy Siege

Eyewitness reports drafted by Farooq Tariq at 2:30pm Spokesperson Labor Party Pakistan, as shared by hom on the Peoples Resistance network

lahore-police-academy-seige-2I am writing this at 2.30pm, around 7 hours later than the first fire was shot at Manawan police training center Lahore.

I heard most of the blasts and firing that took place during the seven hours from both sides. It is still not clear how many the terrorist are and the police and rangers have not claimed the end of the operation. Around 1.30pm, I heard a massive blast and then a continues rounds of firing, probably with very modern weapons. It seems that police and rangers are taking a final round to arrest or kill the terrorists.

A curfew is been imposed in the area. My two children have just arrived home after the driver took a very long route to bring them home. The driver told me that all roads leading to the areas is been closed by police.
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Eyewitness Report 10:30AM – Lahore Police Academy Siege

Eye Witness report drafted at 10:30am by Farooq Tariq the Spokesperson Labour Party Pakistan as posted by him on the Peoples Resistance network

lahore-police-academy-seige-1I am writing this at 10am on 30 March 2009.

As I arrived back from my usual morning walk around 7am, a massive round of firing was heard at my place. I asked my partner Shahnaz, if she noticed that, she said maybe, a routine matter and such incident of firing is taking place almost daily. Then another round of firing started, I told her this is very unusual. It went on for some time.

I live near Jallo Park, and not for from G T Road that leads to Wahgha border. Manawan Police Training Center is on this GT Road and just opposite to our place, around a kilometer away.

I turned to the television, there was not any mention of this firing, but the firing was still going on. Around 7.30am, some private television stations started telling that firing and some blast is heard at Manawan Police Training center and no more details.
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Lahore Police Academy Attack – Live Coverage

Today morning on March 30th a Police Academy in Lahore was attacked by terrorists dressed as Policemen – to montior and record the events by Citizen Journalists we have yet again launched this Live Blog – which shall help everyone stay informed with the coordinated help from everyone keeping an eye on the situation – Stay Safe

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UCLA Scientist predicts Osama Bin Laden in Kurram Agency [90% probability]

Jaosn Kottke carries a link of a report where a UCLA geography Professor Thomas Gillespie has used a technique typically used for tracking endangered species in order to pinpoint the most likely location Osama Bin Ladin, the worlds most wanted terrorist. In a paper (pdf) published in the MIT International Review

Gillespie describes how he used bio-geographic data including bin Laden’s last known location, cultural background, security needs, declining health, limited mobility and height to create a mathematical model that he claims will show where the terror mastermind is hiding.
UCLA Osama Map
He found a 90 percent chance that bin Laden is in Kurram province in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas, most likely in the town of Parachinar which gave shelter to a larger number of Mujahedin during the 1980s. Here’s a closer look at the region with Osama probabilities shown:
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Drones parked in our own backyard, to Bomb our own People


In a shocking discovery reports have emerged from simply Google Earth images evidence of three drones parked on an airfield in some remote destination within Baluchistan, the images were captured by orbiting satellites and archived within Google Earth data warehouse to suddenly be discovered recently. Though there is no denying that during the Musharraf regime bases were rented out to the American army costing them a massive deficit to the tune of $10 Billion. But what probably irks the nation is that the Pakistani government have categorically denied that the Pakistani bases are being used to launch drones-
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Insurgency in Swat – Pakistan Army & Solution

Abdullah Saad in his second part analysis of the insurgency in Swat has presented a well thought out plan on how to stop this insurgency in the Northern areas of Pakistan. He first analysis the mistakes made by ANP and the new government, which may have irreparably damaged at least 6 months of efforts made by the Pakistan Army. He then debates a tough offensive to control the TSNM. PART 1 & PART 2

Insurgency in Swat – An analysis

Abdullah Saad writes a very thought provoking article trying to understand the insurgency in Swat. In the first, he makes an attempt at describing the history of Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shareeat-e-Muhammadi and their political and religious motives behind this war.

While in the second part of his analysis he tries to divulge the details of Pakistan Army’s current operations against this militant outfit, reasons why such operations have proved to be inadequate and what can still be done in order to bring this situation under control. Hence its without doubt a MUST READ

Will Aafia Siddiqui be released on December 17?

Credit About Aafia Blog

Looking at how this trial has been conducted so far, there is very little hope that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui will be released even on December 17.

To begin with, she was remanded on an accusation which wouldn’t have been taken seriously by any self-respecting court of law. That whole story of her picking up an M4 rifle and firing two rounds at random was illogical. Yet, it was theonly charge brought against her. On such an implausible charge she was remanded without bail!

A pattern has become obvious by now: whatever could be the farthest from justice and common sense has been happening at every turn. Since it is rational and would make sense that having been announced mentally unfit a month ago, Aafia should be released on December 17, therefore it should be the least expected.

Instead, anything “unexpected” can happen – any violation of decency, justice and common sense (after all, this is a case regarding which the US envoy to Pakistan didn’t flinch from making a very misleading public statement)!

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