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Pro Musharraf Rally welcomed in Islamabad

Funny yet ironic how the bureaucracy chooses to sugar-coat its Pro-Musharraf supporters with police protection, security gates and then finally a treat of lunch boxes. While only a few days earlier the opposition was treated with tear gas, bricks and a hose down in the chilly Islamabad winter. Free and Fair elections definitely remain an Oxymoron


Downing Street Protest – Videos

A wide collection of YouTube videos of the Anti-Musharraf protest on Downing Street, London.
Credit for aggregating the entire collection Taimur Rehman of CMKP

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Nawaz Sharif blows his TOUPEE when asked ‘Tough Questions’

The Pulse with Jasmine on Business Plus PakistanYesterday Business Plus host Jasmeen Manzoor – The Pulse was invited for a one on one interview with Nawaz Sharif, at his home in Raiwind, Lahore. For starters the interview appeared to be going fine until Jasmeen touched on a few sensitive issues with Nawaz Sharif, more specifically his controversial 10 year deal with Musharraf and his relationship with the Saudi government, it is then he is said to have suddenly gotten angry to the extent that the plunged at the camera to confiscate the video, threatening Jasmeen and the Business Plus TV crew to not talk about it

This scribe got wind of this breaking news late this Friday afternoon around 3 pm when an email was circulated on the People’s Resistance network asking us to watch the program which might be aired at 3 pm on ARY ONE WORLD, but much to our dismay nothing came on and quite naturally we assumed that either ARY may have buckled under the pressure or PCO-Bound-PEMRA was hounding over them. Only to see a news ticker at 6:30pm on Business Plus stating they protested against Nawaz Sharif’s ‘confiscation’ of the tape. Hence the confiscation of the tape may explain why it never made it on ARY or YouTube for that matter.

Later at 7 pm ARY & Business Plus then televised a press conference in which Jasmeen Manzoor and Rana Mubashir spoke about Nawaz Sharif’s behavior and how he had lost his temper when asked routine questions about the deals, etc. questions that have often been asked to other politicians in the past.
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Another Video Released showing the Assassination

Another mobile video has just been released and it shows Benazir being shot down before the actual bomb blast, I continue to feel depressed with the sensation that Pakistan has lost a great leader, political differences maybe but no one could ever wish for such at thing. These reports that continue to come forward are showing the people of Pakistan the importance of Citizen Journalism. In this age and technology its going to be very difficult to hide the truth and if secure avenues are available then it is possible to use this power to solve any investigation. Hence its important to collect these small tidbits of information as they appear to hopefully locate the killers who orchestrated this heinous crime May Her Soul Rest in Peace


Ahmed Quershi Challenged to a Live Debate

An open political debate challenge has been issued to Mr. Ahmed Qureshi who has been a prolific writer pushing pro-Musharraf views. The email was send on behalf of the Emergency Moderator and they await a response within 72 hours. Ahmed Qureshi has been writing quite activity on his website Ahmed Qureshi with an extensive mailing list but at the same time he also runs a show called on PTV. The open challenge letter is as follows

Mr. Quraishi,

Your orchestrated fallacious theories are severely detrimental for Pakistan. The conspiracy theories you craft and project, the ‘Immaculate Deception Creations Tailored to Your Senses’ are senseless, baseless and without any substance or material. Hence I challenge you to an open one-on-one live debate in the upcoming days. I am also forwarding this email to over 500 journalists, both national and international, as I am pretty certain you neither have the courage nor civility to come forward and accept this challenge and this should be enough to expose you.

In the highly unlikely event that you do end up accepting this challenge you will have to debate me in an open event which will ideally be broad casted live and in the presence of local and foreign media and security analysts apart from any audience that turns up there. Formal rules of parliamentary debate shall be observed. It will be held at a mutually acceptable location and time. All logistics will be worked out and agreed with you before hand. I will identify myself only at the event.

Failure to reply to this email within 72-hours shall mean a forfeiture on your part and acceptance that you are nothing more than a potty-mouthed deceiver hired by the agencies in Pakistan. The world will be made aware of your response, whatever it may be.


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Channel 4 Releases the Assassination Video

Its great to know that the assassination video finally got released and landed straight into the hands of the international media, in all honesty had if it reached some of our local Post-PCO-Controlled Media outlets in Pakistan it would have disappeared into history similar to the controversy surrounding the JFK Video. All day yesterday I was in close contact with a few journalists both local and international but we were unable to get anything done since the contact had somehow disappeared, we speculated the work of agencies etc but today hats off to Channel 4. Welcome to the new world of CITIZEN JOURNALISM


Bhutto’s Assassination Evidence Hosed Down

This video captured from a cell phone shows a shocking detail of how ruthlessly the Rawalpindi firefighters destroyed the crime scene. Some may argue that they might have scraped the scene completely before authorizing it to be cleansed. But with all the confusion surrounding the assassination and that too of an Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan I would suspect they would work a lot harder then merely picking up the trash. No wonder they have their story all mixed up


Credit Current.com

Cause of death, Gun Shots or Sunroof? Govt foul play suspected

Assassination of Benazir-3.jpgThe first reports arriving the day Benazir died was three gun shots to the head resulting in her death, after she was buried today the Govt of Pakistan Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema offers a complete new explanation for the cause of death, he said that she was NOT killed because of the three gun shots but in fact while collapsing into the car immediately following the explosion of the bomb ‘she collapsed and while collapsing a lever on the left side hit the right side of her head’, the left-right explanation sounds stupid enough since the gun shot came from the left. He was then quick to name Al-Qaeda as the organization behind all this.

In utter shock I feel this is yet another ploy by the government to blame the ‘terrorist organizations’, No one dares to accept that this could easily have been the outcome of Mushrraf’s eight year rule where he plunges his people in utter confusion and chaos – it is the people of Pakistan that saw Musharraf orchestrate blood shed on the streets of Karachi on May 12th killing hundreds, people seem to have forgotten the hundreds ruthlessly murdered inside Lal Masjid and their bodies were quickly buried within a matter of hours as if to hide a crime scene. Lets not also forget the annihilation being done in Swat and the northern areas.
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