Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair today gone tomorrowAll cricketing fans across the world must have finally reached some closure after the ball tampering fiasco at The Oval a few months back. Strong rumors reports to the extent that Cricinfo, a leading website on cricketing news, have announced that the ICC is seriously contemplating on removing Darell Hair from adjudicating any international cricket match in the future.

A source has been quoted to have revealed that the Asian bloc comprising India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh tabled a motion, at the ICC meeting in Mumbai, that Hair be taken off the panel. The motion was put to vote and was passed by a 7-3 majority. With South Africa, Zimbabwe and West Indies supporting the motion and England, Australia and New Zealand going against it. The matter which has yet to be discussed is how much compensation would be accorded to him for an early termination of his ICC Umpiring contract which we hope its not anywhere close to the $500,000 that he wishes for.

His termination is probably sweet revenge for all Pakistanis and could potentially close the matter for good but the devilish side of Teeth Maestro prompts me to write, that closure can only be brought once the PCB take Mr. Hair to court severely offsetting any ICC compensation or even any proceeds from a book that he will probably write on his heroic attempts to bring the game in disrepute.

How dare he mess with us Pakistanis



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4 responses to “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”

  1. shobz Avatar

    that is quite a “hair” raising end to a bad chapter in history.

  2. Asma Avatar

    Oh god … lolz at hair raising experience 🙂

    And yah how could he dare mess up with pakis … but poor him and his plans of half a million USD … 🙂 I’ve my few sympathies with him … :>

    Wait for his heroic book too … it sure will come !

  3. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    man your aggregator ate my entry. I had broken this entry on your bloggersPK world first ;( ;(

  4. Saadia Khan Avatar
    Saadia Khan

    Bye Bye Hair,

    Hair its finally fair
    that you are no more here
    as you messed up everywhere
    now you know how you dare
    you are out we do much care
    true you were hardly to be bear
    yes Hair its finally Fair

    by Saadia