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May 12th HRCP Report – Carnage in Karachi but the Saga Continues

HRCP Carnage in Karachi ReportA few days back Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (blog) has published a fact finding report on the events of May 12th 2007 which is without doubt a tragic day in the history of Karachi (DOWNLOAD). It was a day when goons were deliberately let loose on the streets to enforce their concept of law and order, and the world is a testament that it was without doubt a horrendous massacre. We did not need an HRCP report to come to the conclusion as to who was at fault but this independent report definitely helps place the blame in a more credible manner.

Excerpt: This report does not presume to pre-empt or anticipate the outcomes of the processes of accountability that have been initiated in the courts and elsewhere. Its aim is more limited. It attempts to create a record based on newspaper reports, testimonies and accounts provided by eyewitnesses and affidavits relating to the events in Karachi on May 12. Much of the material used in this report is already in the public domain. In the politically charged atmosphere that prevailed in the city, “facts became contested almost as soon as they were first reported.

This report does not start with a particular brief for or against any actor. As a starting position, it takes at face value what was said, observed and reported. It tries to corroborate various factual accounts through a method of triangulation wherever possible. Where there appear to be unresolved contradictions between various accounts of the same event, the conflicting accounts are reported. The report does, however, provide analysis of events, patterns of action, and the responses of various players present or active in the events of May 12. It is hoped that the factual reporting and the analysis provided here will be augmented, improved and corrected as more witnesses and stakeholders come forward and provide their inputs into the report.

Yesterday while the entire country was watching Gangster General Pervaiz Musharraf ridicule a Pakistani national, deporting him out of the country by blatantly disobeying the standing orders from the Supreme Court, we seemed to have missed an all important item here in Karachi.

Sindh High Court finally decided to take a suo motu inquiry into May 12 events, but that too was delayed because MQM goons a.k.a BhaiLog hijacked the SHC and there have been reports that several unidentified armed men were found in and around of SHC while police as usual acted like a silent spectator and did nothing. It just seems that the ruling coalition seems to consider itself above the law and with leaders like Gangster General Musharraf blatantly ransacking through the judicial system smaller parities follow the lead and do like-wise

To make matters worse a lawyer Mr. Raja Riaz was also killed yesterday by MQM after a strong warning issued by MQM following a heated exchange he had with an MQM lawyer-cum-TV-drama personality Mr. Khwaja Naveed a few days earlier, the Asian Human Rights Commission issued a statement in this regards

During the last hearing which took place on September 6, at the Sindh High Court full bench, Mr Riaz was threatened by the workers of MQM that he would be killed if he raised the slogan ‘go Musharraf go’ in the court. The vice president of Supreme Court Bar Association, Mr. Khawja Naveed, who has taking sides with government after the restoration of the Chief Justice Mr. Iftekhar Choudhry, also had angry words with Mr. Riaz in the high court bar room in the presence of many lawyers. Mr. Riaz was threatened to ‘behave’ otherwise he would face dire consequences. Under these circumstances there is reason to believe that Mr. Riaz’ assassination was planned.

Mr. Riaz was killed a hundred or so meters away from the Sindh High Court and very close to Governor House, where there are generally large numbers of police guarding the place. Mr. Riaz was in a taxi and was stopped by staunch workers raising slogans in favour of Musharraf and their party leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. A shot was fired which struck him in the chest. The workers then continued to chant pro-Musharraf slogans and watched him die. There was no intervention by the security officials.

Here are a few links that are a definite reminder of the gloomy week Karachi saw barely a few months ago lets not forget the crimes that were made that fateful day

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I plead to all Pakistanis, PLEASE stand up and resist these so-called rulers who continue to disgrace our country time and time again


  • Muhajir Against Facism |

    Murderer, Altaf Hussain and his gang of thugs is still killing innocent people and crying foul again….

    May Allah curse Altaf Hussain, his gang of thugs who murder innocent people for their political sake . AMEEEEN.

  • Wasit |

    You probably were not in Karachi when Pashtoon goons had made the life of Muhajirs impossible. Our sisters and daughters could not leave home alone and still come back with their honour. Thanks to the courage of Altaf Bhai and the MQM and their sacrifices, the situation is today different. It will be cowardly to not to take a principled stand on such occasions and surrender all the gain made since then.

  • hmm |

    thats black mailing and it wasn’t Altaf bhi alone, there was Azeem Tariq, Afaq Ahmed, Amir Khan…

    But the thug took Muhajirs for free ride and now the Muhajir goon are doing the same thing…

    I don’t favor Pashton or Sindhi goons either. But being Muhajir I have no more blank checks for Altaf bhi so he can alter my religion as he pleases.