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Scotland Yard – BB’s death from Shockwave NOT bullet

Well the news is making its rounds across the country that Scotland Yard has submitted a report that BB was killed by the shock wave from the bomb blast and not from a bullet [link]. It apparently seem to follow exactly in line with what the Government tried its best to pitch to the country back in December. I am, like many astonished to read these findings as the visual evidence does tell a different story altogether, but I am definitely not a crime scene investigator

Even with this report I remain critical of the Mush administration as to how they treated this tragic event, almost like a circus, but at the same time emotions within me feel its time to bring closure to the issue of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s death, she is sadly no more with us and what good will it do to continually rehash her cause of death, she is quite simply dead and no more amongst us.

The report is supposed to be submitted today in the afternoon, but Scotland Yard has made it clear that it will remain mum on the issue until the Government of Pakistan chooses to make this report public, else we have to rely on what the government chooses to tell us. Excerpts of an article published in NewYork Times

NewYork Times: Investigators from Scotland Yard have concluded that Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani opposition leader, died after hitting her head as she was tossed by the force of a suicide blast, not from an assassin’s bullet, officials who have been briefed on the inquiry said Thursday. The findings support the Pakistani government’s explanation of Ms. Bhutto’s death in December, an account that had been greeted with disbelief by Ms. Bhutto’s supporters, other Pakistanis and medical experts.

It is unclear how the Scotland Yard investigators reached such conclusive findings absent autopsy results or other potentially important evidence that was washed away by cleanup crews in the immediate aftermath of the blast, which also killed more than 20 other people. The British inquiry also determined that a lone gunman, whose image was captured in numerous photographs at the scene, also caused the explosion, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the report has not been made public. Pakistani authorities originally said there were two assailants, based partly on photographs splashed across the front pages of the nation’s leading newspapers.

Scotland Yard said through a spokesman in London that it would have no comment on the Bhutto report until after it was made public. The British team is to present its report on Friday to the additional inspector general of police, Abdul Majid, who is leading the Pakistani investigation team.

Mr. Zardari and his party’s supporters say they believe she was shot, as do people who were riding with Ms. Bhutto when she died on Dec. 27 after her vehicle came under attack as she left a political rally in Rawalpindi. The doctors who treated Ms. Bhutto told a member of the hospital board, an eminent lawyer, Athar Minallah, that she had most likely been shot. Ms. Bhutto’s brazen killing set off days of violent protests and rioting across Pakistan. To allay public anger and to lend credibility to the investigations into the assassination plot, Mr. Musharraf invited a team of Scotland Yard forensic experts to assist Pakistani investigators in early January.

But the British investigators have faced several hurdles, including the compromise of the crime scene by cleanup crews and Mr. Zardari’s refusal to allow an examination of Ms. Bhutto’s body. Mr. Musharraf has said that among the pieces of evidence potentially available to investigators was an X-ray taken by hospital technicians of Ms. Bhutto’s wounded skull. Investigators pored over hundreds of photographs taken at the scene, many by people with cellphone cameras.

The question of an autopsy became central to the circumstances of Ms. Bhutto’s death because of conflicting versions of the critical events put forward by the Pakistani government. Ms. Bhutto was standing in an open-roofed vehicle at the time of the attack. On the night she was killed, an unidentified Interior Ministry spokesman was quoted by the official Pakistani news agency as saying that she had died of a “bullet wound in the neck by a suicide bomber.”

But the official account later released by Pakistan’s government said that she had not been shot, but had instead died as a result of a skull fracture caused when her head struck a lever on her vehicle’s sunroof as she ducked back into the vehicle during the attacks. Even as the authorities in Islamabad prepared to receive the report, the government on Thursday announced the arrests of the two additional suspects in Ms. Bhutto’s death. Pakistani officials said that they were arrested Thursday morning in Rawalpindi, a city about seven miles from the capital that is home to the army’s headquarters. They gave few other details.

“All I can say is that two persons by the name of Husnain and Rafaqat were arrested today in the morning,” said Javed Iqbal Cheema, a retired brigadier who is the spokesman for the Interior Ministry, in a telephone interview Thursday evening. The government officials described the arrests as an “important breakthrough,” but they did not say what role they believed the two arrested played in Ms. Bhutto’s death. Mr. Cheema denied reports that one of the arrested men was the brother of the man said to have been the suicide bomber. Pakistani officials consider Baitullah Mehsud, the militant leader of the South Waziristan region, as one of the prime suspects in the Bhutto case.


  • Saim Baig |

    This is shocking.Even a blind person can see that she went down before the blast.I understand why they are continuously showing the footage which was taken from the left side of the vehicle.Because it is evident in the one taken from the backside that she went down 2 or maybe 3 seconds before the blast.Now i get the point behind President’s visit to Europe.Scotland yard is fine tuned.I don’t agree to this even though i am not a supporter of PPP.

  • nazia |

    Such reports clearly indicate that interantional mafia is still supporting mussarf regime as they are not finding any proper alternative for their before elections.
    More friction will be produced among state machinery and people of Pakistan who are completely aware of ground realities of dirty games of army mafia.This way more turmoil will be produced in coming elections and would provide easy way to ruling mafia to continue US mission.
    With this investigation Bush mafia could justify his brutal peace war on the tribal belts of Pakistan and afghanistan.This way they showed to EU and west that dangerous elements are still existing in the soil of Pakistan and they are badly in need of mussarf’s support.

    Now Benzir’s spirit has realised on heaven or hell that whom she trusted for power sharing deals.She decieved the sentiments of poor people of her country who always looked to her for a good change but her bad deals with army mafia and US mangement has made her victim of her own mistakes.

  • Nighat khan |

    She was lured into death. All the major actors of war against terror are part of the this. After all war on terror has to be kept alive with only Mush in power and pakistan burning and unstable.

  • Unaiza Fatima |

    So if international observers and investigators declare that the elections were unfair and rigged, that would be an authentic proof of the allegation, for a certain group. But if an international body brings out an investigation report that does not suits the taste of that group, it becomes a fake report by a “mafia”.
    People like the one appearing in the name Nazia are completely devoid of reason, and by repetitively using phrases like US mission, army mafia etc. they show how naive they are in a discussion relating to a purely political matter. They just can’t get over their sentiments against logic and reason. Pity!

  • Laila Ahmed |

    Unaiza: Why do you have to be so stupid? International observers are NOT part of US and UK governments and are not influenced by them if you know anything about thses groups. But Scotland Yard and the CIA are government agencies… agencies of the UK and US governments who are supporting Musharraf because he is their agent in this “war on terror” in which only Pakistanis are dying and Americans and Israelis are living happily and peacefully. Wake Up!

  • Laila Ahmed |

    There are some people in this country who are so blinded by their opposition to BB or are so influenced by decades of government propoganda machinery (and their agents in the media) that they can not understand that the point is who was behind her killing. Why the crime scene was washed? Why the CIA chief issued statemenr implicating Taliban even BEFORE the report came. CIA could not find Osama in six years but it found BB’s killers in less than 3 weeks?


    SO laila u think CIA and scotland yard r gov agencies and foriegn obervers r not hehehhe if the world wanted to see mush as the president agian and they want PMLQ
    to win agian so whats stopping them from sending there own obersvers ( mean to say that pro mush obervers)
    they can send them too but the thing is that u been so anti mush that u and many like u dont even want to hear the truth i hope that soon the un commision will have an inquiry abt her death(its along shot) and i wish that they come out with the same statement than nuetral people like me will have a good laugh

  • Amjad Aziz |

    one question,
    why govt can try to kill her?
    they know the afterward situation
    so the truth is laid burried with BB
    my point of view she is not killed but died with an accident.
    so our nation should go onward

  • nota |

    Setting every thing else aside, how can one state “The task of establishing exactly what happened was complicated by the lack of an extended and detailed search of the crime scene, the absence of an autopsy, and the absence of recognised body recovery and victim identification processes.”
    and follow his right away by “Nevertheless, the evidence that is available is sufficient for reliable conclusions to be drawn”

    How can you state “The limited X-ray material, the absence of a full post mortem examination and CT scan, have meant that the UK Home Office pathologist, Dr Nathaniel Cary, who has been consulted in this case, is unable categorically to exclude the possibility of there being a gunshot wound to the upper trunk or neck.”
    and follow this right away with “Dr Cary excludes the possibility of a bullet to the neck or upper trunk as being a relevant factor in the actual cause of death, when set against the nature and extent of her head injury.
    What kind of shoddy work is this? Imagine someone hits me on the head with a baseball bat and cracks my skull and he also shoots me in my neck and/or upper trunk and I die. How can a pathologist totally ignore the bullet wounds and say the baseball bat did it? Putting it slightly another way, One guy hits me in the head with a baseball bat cracking my skull and another shoots me in the neck and/or upper torso and I am killed. Given the choice which one of the two will be most likely charged with murder?
    Am I to assume only ONE pathologist was consulted in such an important matter? And what good is a pathologist’s opinion who hasn’t even seen the body, let alone performed an autopsy? And how can one make such a sweeping statement based on examining only the x-ray of the head of the victim (“The only X-ray records, taken after her death, were of Ms Bhuttos head” states Scotland yard)

    The summary also states “Given the severity of the injury to Ms Bhuttos head, the prospect that she inadvertently hit her head whilst ducking down into the vehicle can be excluded as a reasonable possibility.” so are they saying here Cheema’s “Hit-her-head-on-the-lever” is b*ll-cr*p and are replacing it with their own b*ll-cr*p. My question here is if the “blast force” traveling at “6000 and 9000 metres per second” did it, how come that same force that can knock a person dead wasn’t strong enough to even move the much lighter free-standing left “roof escape hatch” even an inch? If one is to assume this “blast force did it” theory then at the very least it would have also slammed the left hatch shut..