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In the nearly 800,000 sq kms of land that covers all the vistas – from the parched deserts of Balochistan and Sind in the south to the peaks of K2 and Nanga Parbat in the north – from the (negroid) Makrani fishermen of the south to the blue eyed beauties of Kailash and Hunza – from the chattering elites, net journos and the do-gooders of Karachi, Lahore and other urban centers to the rural villages bereft of basic utilities – 97 % of the 160-170 million Pakistanis are united by their religion (Islam) and divided by the many gods they follow.

Did I utter a blasphemy?

Would you blame me for questioning when one group praising the Beneficent (Rehman) kills the other who believe in the Merciful (ar Rahim) ? How can the killer and the killed invoke the same Allah?

Digression: Zina ul Haq called for a pow-wow of religious leaders in Islamabad – come sunset – they adjourned for Maghrib prayers – there was no one jamaat – each faction led its own prayer.

That was then. Earlier, for those who slept through history classes, a religion infected party called Quaid e Azam a Kaffir. (Today this party is yet one more thekaydaar of Islam.)

Today, this nation – if I can indulge in another blasphemy – this Islamic Nuclear Nation – displays scant respect for equality, justice, magnanimity and most importantly tolerance for dissent.

It is easy to blame the Kalashnikov culture inadvertently heralded by Zina ul Haq. But in reality, this intolerance for differing view points has deeper roots that go back centuries.

That is when the Prophet (saw) lay dead in Ayesha’s chambers and his Medinites and Meccan followers argued over succession.

Three of the first four caliphs were assassinated, Ayesha fought Ali and thousands of Companions lost their lives, (despite Umme Salama’s valiant last minute efforts), The fifth Caliph was made to abdicate in favour of Muawaiya and was rewarded with a sinecure, his brother disagreed and was killed, strengthening the chasm amongst Muslims.

All that past cannot be swept under the rug. It has left an indelible mark on the collective Muslim psyche. It has made us intolerant and bigoted.


Sahar Ali you write:

We have lost our footing as a cricket-playing, cricket-hosting and perhaps even cricket-loving nation in the Marriott fire.

which led me to recall this from Cricinfo:

The Pakistan Cricket Board has signed a three-year contract worth US$9 million with Dubai Sports City, which will serve as the home venue for Pakistan’s future cricketing commitments after touring teams raised security concerns over travelling to Pakistan.

Is it not a matter of concern that this “sovereign” Muslim Nuclear Power cannot offer law and order to its citizens on its soil?

This degeneration has not been sudden and inexplicable – it has been a gradual descent according to Ahmed Rashid (Descent into Chaos).

Failing infra structure and weakening law and order has forced the entrepreneurs and business elites to shift their capital abroad.

The new leaders are appealing to distant powers to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty.

It speaks volumes about a Nuclear Power that cannot guarantee cricket matches on its soil.

This, Sahar Ali is cause of greater concern. Stay safe, have a good Eid and feed one hungry person.






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  1. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    Shah Sahab’s Shola Bayan Statements about Jihad reminded me what Iqbal said for Molvis but now applicable more on so called Intellectuals and self acclaimed Moderates:

    Khud badalte nahin Quran ko badal dete hain
    Huway kis darja faqehaan-e-harm be Parhay Likhay taufeeq

    Adaab! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    *bey taufeeq* ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Shah Avatar

    Listen how many muslim men have no beared or mustash …….than let us gather all the woman who do not cover their head and men who have no beared tied together and stoned to death.
    They are not following Quran.

  4. Shah Avatar

    You have started to melt down

    RESPECTABLE,Do you want us to respect you
    so called Intellectuals and moderates….
    and shulla biyaan and Iqbal……

    Well I am better than all the above now you can hate me properly :
    I have provided you the reason.

  5. Lady M.B.B.S. Avatar
    Lady M.B.B.S.


    I think you have had enough enjoyment,now extinguish this fire that you have ignited.


  6. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    Well I am better than all the above now you can hate me properly

    ehhe, why are you polluting yourself among us? ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. ms.shah Avatar

    Ok Guys
    When I wrote my personal views you have every right to judge or disagree.
    So do we agree to disagree…….
    But please do not respect me.I have never claimed I am excellent Muslim or respect worthy…….
    Yes I am proud to be a muslim is it bad?
    Yes I am critical of what is happening in Afghanistan?
    I feel there are enough genocides against muslims around the world so at least we should stop that
    I feel we are all nutters:):)

  8. ms.shah Avatar

    Dear Adnan
    I am bigger than your EGO at least!!!!!!!