PRESS CONFERENCE: Protest Against Nationwide Government Ban of Facebook

For Immediate Release

Defenders of Internet Freedom Protest Against Nationwide Government Ban of Facebook

On Wednesday 19th May 2010, the Lahore High Court ordered the banning of Facebook across Pakistan. Facebook is the world’s most popular social media network and is used by over 400 million globally. In Pakistan, over 2 million people use Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and family, conduct business, manage events, and share photos, news, and other content. A few days ago, a page called “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” was created on Facebook asking users to submit drawings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on 20th May 2010. This page, interpreted as blasphemous, has triggered a nationwide ban on the entire Facebook domain.

While we recognize that sites on the Internet are used to spew hatred and incite violence, we steadfastly believe that governments have no right to control access to information. We believe that every citizen has an inalienable right to freely access information and by censoring Facebook, the Government of Pakistan has taken away that right. This action will have a very negative impact on Pakistan, especially considering that countless small businesses, nonprofit organizations, restaurants, art galleries, magazines, and media outlets use Facebook to conduct day-to-day business and share information with their stakeholders.

In 2006, the Supreme Court of Pakistan banned the entire domain for over 18 months over a similar incident where only one blog carried blasphemous cartoons. Thousands of Pakistani bloggers were deprived of the freedom to express themselves and interact with others. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority now has the ability to block specific pages on the Internet and could have banned just the single blasphemous page. As members of civil society and professionals who depend on social media networks for our daily communications, we demand the immediate restoration of Facebook and an end to Internet censorship by the Government of Pakistan.

We would like to invite you to a press conference to discuss the worrying trend of Internet censorship and the resulting impact on civil liberties and the free and unfettered exchange of ideas and information.

Date: 20th May 2010
Time: 5:00 pm
Venue: Karachi Press Club

PS attempts are being made to live stream the event from the Press Club, follow this space for updates, if we are able to pull this off



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128 responses to “PRESS CONFERENCE: Protest Against Nationwide Government Ban of Facebook”

  1. Ahmed Sajjad Avatar

    The ban is truly outrageous and can no longer be called a boycott since we aren't doing it out of choice. On top of that, Blackberry services have now been taken down completely,

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      I fully agree – leave them a little longer they will stop emails and other business interests YET they choose to ignore PORN widely accessible throughout each internet connection in Pakistan – whats that to say about upholding the religion of islam

    2. Nazia Avatar

      I have picture of Holy Prophet in which he was listening the verses from Gabriel.

      This photo was presented in French course book of histoire for grade 5 I think in year 2007 Under the topic of origin of islam .

      I still remember that they were taking it normally to show their students that how angel had guided Holy PROPHET to lead the misguided nation.

      When I saw it, I discussed about this to local teachers that you might face problem if some orthodox Muslims would trigger that issue.French teachers were unable to understand that what was hidden in this harmless depictions in which all students under french govt are just learning the way of revelation of Prophet.

      It is true that I was unable to convince them what was wrong in this picture that can ignite any Muslim so we ceased all kind of discussion.After two months of start of session orders come direct from french education ministry o remove all edition of same book from their schools.

      The reason was same 2 by 2 inch photo of Prophet.

      Rest of year they taught their students through photo copy of same book and didn't think of even discussing this sensitive issue in their eduction institutes.

      I don't know where should I put this act a part of harassment for forcing non Muslims to give us respect through our defined procedures or can a little photo of presentation of our Islamic history in teaching of non Muslims be considered as an dangerous act for our faith.

  2. Haroon Riaz Avatar

    Pathetic is one word to describe the ban in the best possible manner. I hope the press conference makes some impact.

  3. Nadeem Avatar

    I fail to understand the wisdom behind 'protesting' against government while the ban isordered by Lahore High Court and PTA is acting on courts orders. Why not protest against High Court which is acting like a Mullah?

    Where is gornments fault in entire issue?

    2006 Ban was ordered by Supreme Court not government, The Song of a Pakistani singer and a were also declared 'vulger' by Lahore High Court….is 'Azad Adlia' acting as a moral brigade or mouthpiece of Mullah?

    And we are going to protest against government rather than protesting against hypocritic morla policng of fake and partial judiciary which we imposed on overselves!

    Are not we hypocrites as well ?

    1. Haroon Riaz Avatar

      I agree with Nadeem. That's the truth…

  4. fz Avatar

    Have they just blocked wikipedia as well?

  5. QaimKhani Avatar

    Angrez chaley gaey,

    Inko choorrr gaey

    This ban is more symbolic than any thing else..

    First of all there shouldn't have been a ban and now if the High Court has taken the action then why not stang along the judgment.

    Alvi wasn't it you who respected the judgement of American judges against Afia Siddiqi and you called it respect of judiciary…..NOW WERE IS YOUR RESPECT FOR DESI JUDICIARY?

    You guys run for quick attention, yes I would call you one looser of a looser nation.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      It is not matter of respect or disrespect if our govt or courts orders to ban any website.It is matter of showing unanimous reaction to west under one law.

      I have no feelings of anger against FB and ignorant cartoonists about our level of respect as they flow completely different standard of jokes, ethics and moral values as we found in our eastern culture.

      If court take such a decision then think deeply that our soil is most vulnerable area in the world for producing all kind of religious violence.

      People who are unaware of limit free culture of west can be charred even on basis of fake propaganda to create worst kind of violence in their surrounding so SOPs like that should be mandatory for handling upcoming and unforeseen religious contingency like that.

      If FB addicts are dying for such kind of unpractical social gatherings then they should timely stop this all time hobby and show some pictures of moral values to west through other means but it is real time of unity of muslim ummah who are all time victims of violence for last 9 years.

  6. Panda Avatar

    @ 17: “We MUST be Supreme, and to do that we must watch what the enemy is up to! Perhaps a more positive approach may be considered.”

    Yes, perhaps a more positive approach than thinking of other people as your “enemy”. Is that positive?

    Do not think Muslims are the only people who are teased for their beliefs. So are Christians (they are targeted a lot more than Muslims), Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, everyone.

    So Muslims will have to live with the rest of the world and, like any person, accept criticism, jokes and accusations with good spirit.

    Remember, the main reason the West is angry with Muslims is because all we see is *violence* and *repression* done in the name of Islam. You have to try and understand that. In the West we respect all religions and beliefs. But we do not accept violence and repression. Unfortunately it has reflected badly on Islam. But we do understand most Muslims are peaceful.

    As a Westerner, and very moderate, I still feel that Muslims have not spoke out enough against violence. We hear a lot about Islamic violence and repression, but we hear little from Muslim leaders saying violence is unacceptable in Islam. In the West we need to know *why* this is happening. We feel worried, so we fight back with words and insults.

    Encourage your leaders to show that violence is not Islamic, and that you can be tolerant. We are afraid that you want the entire world to become Islamic, and do not tolerate non-Muslim cultures.

    We must live on this planet in peace together. In the end, all religions are common in that sentiment. But the world will *never* be all the same religion. So we must accept our differences. We must argue for our rights, of course, but not with violence. Not with repression of speech.

    Please. Violence only begets violence. Ignorance begets ignorance. We must all be willing to learn from each other. That is the only way the our world will survive.

  7. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar
    Adnan Siddiqi

    "ver 2 million people use Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and family, conduct business, manage events, "

    You're entitled to your opinion but sorry to say your reason is quite lame as If I dont know that 95% of Facebookers in Pakistan just use for sake of fun? What do you say about recent target killings which seized the entire city?

    And yeah, how come decision by SC is not accepable to you anymore? Like Zardari you want to mould SC for your own sake. Quite hypocritical approach and offcourse sad indeed.

    1. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
      Unaiza Fatima

      I kinda agree. Nearly everyone uses facebook for fun only. No worries, the ban wouldn't affect us any more than our own attitudes towards ourselves nor will it take us into dark ages. China has a ban on facebook as far as I know, but their nation is progressing through leaps and bounds.

  8. Adnan Avatar

    We Muslims already created counter group to defend and to stop this blasphemous activity that was going on there on FB. but no action has been taken yet about that blasphemous group made on FB. Our faith and love with our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Sallalaho alihay wassalam) does not allow us to use that type of site where disrespect and too much insult is already made and a competition to made cartoons is started. My question to all so-called muslims who are opposing the ban by govt that why we burst and show unlimited anger and can not control ourself if someone called names abusive names to our sister, mother,daughter or any other holy relative? and how we can tolerate this type of acting only by countering it? why our faith and love with our Prophet Mohammad sallalaho alihay wassalam is too weak that we can afford this type of cartoons and other acts by saying that govt. should not banned it its not the solution they can start other sites as well so my reply to those so-called muslims that its a very big initiative taken by govt. of Pakistan to banned such famous site.Dont you know that Muslims contribute 47.5% in Facebook and if all majority of muslims deactivate their account or dont use it then how much big lose we can give to this FB page. now iam telling you the facts just go and check that by boycotting FB what we can do.

    F book users——4609,221,00 per user $ 2.39

    Pakistani Users——-2359620

    Total Revenue from Pakistan———– $ = 5,631,281,29 = 461,765,066 PKR

    Muslims gives to FB 47.5% = $ 517,000,000

    and still they dont care of us? boycott from all over muslim world can ruin facebook. If whole muslim world boycott the facebook then facebook will not allow to spread and create this type of groups and acts.

    Think that our love with our holy prophet Mohammad Sallalaho alihay wassalam is too weak that cant we leave just a website? As far as the same type of blasphemous will appear on another site we will think now what we can do. but now its the matter only one site and to teach them lesson we can do much more..

    Hope my opinion about your email will clear now.

    Pray to Allah that keep us on right path and give us too much love to our prophet Mohammad sallalaho alihay wassalam that we could enter in Jannah ameen.

    1. hjjjhjh Avatar

      I agree with you


    2. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

      the source of your stats?

      Fine I am a Muslim but i prefer not to act up emotionally enough that I just believe in everything in the name of Islam.

      Kindly verify the sms u just pasted here

  9. Sh Avatar

    Wikipedia and Google are also not loading.

    1. Sh Avatar

      Youtube as well…

  10. mak009x Avatar

    Its a judgement of a High Court, if you don't like, then stay at home.

  11. Ibraheim Kayani Avatar
    Ibraheim Kayani

    I have to admit, teeth's post got me thinking. I was planning to deactivate my fb account anyway, but the Govt. didn't let me. I felt bad for a minute when I thought man I'm unhappy because now fb wont know I wanted to deactivate it in the first place. I had the boycott picture up and everything. But guys, let's face it, Adnan is right. I don't need to be unhappy and neither do you. If this forsaken govt. / judiciary has taken at least one good step to say the least, then I'm proud to be a citizen of this country. C'mon guys, nobody's dying cuz of this (as far as my limited knowledge is). And as for the 'small businesses' that you mentioned, dude if they were that needy they wouldn't be up on fb. If they have enough money to open up a business, then I'm sure they wont mind standing up for the decision our leaders/authority/policy-makers made for us. As is said, 'jesi riaya wese hukmaran'. I'm glad we have such 'hukmaran'. We're asleep; We're not dead.

    Good discussion though. Thank you for the interesting post teeth. Cheers!

  12. arzoo Avatar

    Facebook Ban is Justified

    They had said that its "freedom of speech" while on that page people were speaking against Islam , Muslims and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) there are more than 88 Pages and Groups like such

    Ban on Facebook is fully justified

    1. Zahid Husain Avatar

      How do you justify that statement?! How can a website that is for free expression, not allow someone to say or do? you too are free to express yourself, its different if you dont want to, but you can! donot impose on others what you want, demand respect and give respect, demand that the website block the links rather than deprive everyone from accessing it! "Be Constructive, NOT Destructive"

    2. mustafa Avatar

      @Zahid, anti holocaust and pages against jews get removed within minutes at facebook ? what kind of freedom of speech you are talking about? grow up!

  13. Nadir El Edroos Avatar

    Why cant everyone display some self discipline and not access the pages and websites that one finds "offensive". How does banning something achieve anything? All this has done has set a dangerous precedent that our government can use to disable access to any sort of information. With BB, Youtube, wikipedia going off line who is worse of? And by the way, for everyone who is supporting an outright ban, nothing has changed for the blasphemous group. All this free publicity that they have received because of what has happened in Pakistan is just adding to their numbers.

  14. Khurram Ali Shafique Avatar

    Nadeem has raised a most important point unless there is some legal glitch which we do not know. By protesting against the government for an act of High Court, are we not actively asking the government to override the decision of judiciary? What should be the right way to make the protest? Or maybe instead of protest there should be petition in the court?

    @Ibrahim Kayani and others who felt like him (that includes me): FB will know that you meant to deactivate your account if you stand with the decision to ban FB at least temporarily :). I am using my choice to accept the ban at least till the end of May when the next hearing is due.

    @Qaim Khani: no, I do not think Awab is Westernized or anything. I am sure that many among those who are protesting against the ban are better Muslims than me and it is quite possible that I am wrong and they are right. I truly wish that we were able to come up with a more proactive agenda.

  15. Faraz Khan Avatar
    Faraz Khan

    Youtube and Wikipedia also being blocked. Soon the internet, then TV and eventually international calling and international Mail will be blocked to prevent ANY such material from reaching Pakistan – EVER.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      Life would be very real cordial among communities if we are able to get rid of such few paradoxical social gatherings and business meetings happening through this net world.

      Business and social contacts have got different abnormal ways of socializing around the globe which are wihtout watching human gestures and instincts.

      Contacts like that might keep you in touch with people living thousand miles away and satisfy your choice of picking the right person and understanding him/her through word power but it is highly unpractical and unreasonable approach in which people have started neglecting their nearby responsibilities in the shape of elders, young infants, needy relationsships who are dying to talk to you or badly in need of your propmpt help.

      SO I really don't mind if few of provided net works are removed from our idle society which takes no time to adopt the disadvantages of technologies faster then those who create it.

  16. Khurram Ali Shafique Avatar

    On a lighter note: the sticker displayed with the post is ironic because Dark Ages were when the West showed no respect to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and the most visible mark of "enlightenment" was that the West started presented its criticism of Islam without mocking the Prophet.

    So when you say "Please do not join us on Facebook, we've just been flung into the dark ages" it actually means you are saying the Facebook has flung us into Dark Ages, so please don't join us there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Zahid Husain Avatar

    Frankly we must mature in our thinking, we must combat anything that upsets us with appropriate means, and we have the technology and the means! Alhamdolillah! WE must not be like pidgeons, that if we shut our eyes and we cant see it, therefore it does not exist!

    What good has this action done other than infringe upon each individuals rights of freedom and access to information and self expression!? Instead the site should have been requested to block all links that upset the sensibilities of Muslims from the Pakistan access; what you dont read wont hurt you, remember you are powerless to stop it, and also remember that we muslims are no less guilty of the websites that we propagate against any or all those who we or our beliefs dont like! We MUST be Supreme, and to do that we must watch what the enemy is up to! Perhaps a more positive approach may be considered.

  18. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Youtube is also Blocked. Why don't we boycott the US Defence Equipment.

  19. Moz Avatar

    It has only been banned till may 31st, after that it will be back on.

  20. Ibraheim Kayani Avatar
    Ibraheim Kayani

    @Faraz: No need to go overboard with your imagination. You sound like Tweak from South Park. Lol.

    Come on guys, chill out. Let's raise a petition for the authoritites to 'intelligently' block such material. As in I really do miss my fb account but i'm willing to make the sacrifice. I'm just hoping all this effort is worth it. Maybe the media can reflect positively and get Mark Zuckerberg or one of his associates to do an interview. Let's make the west understand that guys, we're okay with you killing us when you please, but don't push us too far. There are times when you shut up and times when you rise against tyrants. I believe now is one such time. And Allah knows best what's in our hearts. I am a Muslim because I was born in a Muslim family alhamdulillah. Do I even live my life as a true Muslim? Probably not. But then there are just some such incidents that make us realize what triggers our emotions. This is NOT a joke guys. We MUST raise our voices against such intolerable acts. NO I'm not saying let's all run out to the streets and burn Flags and car tires, i'm just saying let's show them that we're concerned. What do they think they are?? The Pharoahs or something? if they claim to live in a so-called 'human rights' concerned world, then why try and ignite something that might cause a worldwide Muslim issue?? I say live and let live. Peace is the way. Maybe they all should sit down and talk. Let's make them understand that we're okay with freedom of speech but don't mess with our emotions or we're loaded with crazy enough people that might do more than just sit home and talk about it. I urge all such people not to react the way they did over the Danish cartoon incident but react in a more civil way to this emotional torture. I am hurt like you too. I watch hollywood flicks, cartoons and series alike, I don't have anything against them. Then why would they want to make us go through this? I guess the answer to this is that it's not a big deal to them. They just don't know it's a big deal for us because they think we're a bunch of crazies. Let's try talking this time. Maybe on a proper platform. I don't know maybe we can have like a Muslim Countries Summit of some sort and then unanimously get a pact signed by the Non-Muslims. I'm sure they'll understand if we make them realize. I for one, even have issues when they draw caricatues of their own prophets (peace be upon them). But that's even a longer story.

    For now, let's just accept the fact that life is possible without facebook. I wouldn't want to imagine a life without google though. It scares me. lol.

    Lastly, to all those who're protesting against the ban, please realize that the ban is in essence itself a protest and we are a part of it. Why protest against a protest? That's just stupid. Let's just talk to our own authorities and tell them to act smartly and block just certain pages while supporting them with the decision they have made in the nick of time. I know, they had ample time to react properly and they could've done a better job but at least be happy that the decision was one that caused temporary restriction to information instead of (God forbid) permanent restriction to Jannah. God loves his Prophet (S.A.W) and maybe we'll be better off if we follow Him instead of the freedom of speech act. May Allah be pleased with us all and forgive us for the sins we committ (however insignificant they may be). Let's be moderate, but moderate Muslims nevertheless.

    p.s. I hope fb fixes this issue soon and I get back to having fun socializing ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Ibraheim Kayani Avatar
    Ibraheim Kayani

    Oh and youtube is working off and on. Maybe the authorities have smartly blocked content on it. Or at least they're working on it. Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Faisal` . Avatar

    And yet another one: flickr also makes its way down to the pool of banned sites! So lame!

  23. Faraz Khan Avatar
    Faraz Khan

    @ibraheim Kayani:

    A boycott would be all of you supporting the ban unanimously canceling your face-book accounts instantly and living happily without it since such material can surface anytime by anybody.

    And since such material is openly available on the internet (in much more offensive forms) a good protest would be all supporting the ban to give up the internet completely. To resume your services with Face-book after May 31st after they have insulted your prophet is not a protest but a hypocrisy which our society and culture is sadly complacent with.

    And no it does not sound like a tweak from south park. Acts like this hurt Pakistan and specially the IT industry since if the government can ban 3 of the most popular sites on the Internet there is no end to what they can do in the name of religion.

    Banning face-book and youtube doesn't hurt them one bit. Hurts you in terms of lost foreign revenue and trust way more.

  24. Kashifiat Avatar

    Totally Disagree.

    Since last one weak Muslims, protesting in peaceful way by using "Report" Option on FB, but FB administration criminally ignored & violet their own terms & conditions & policies. Its deliberate effort, so its our responsibility to raise voice & reflects our sentiments in peaceful manner, which we done by convincing other Muslims for boycott , which is very much welcome across the board. This is not at all the issue of one URL, whole FB administration is culprit.

    Lahore High Court verdict is landmark achievement in this struggle, I fully support this decision. It should be ban in Pakistan for certain time, this action will convey the message to all devilish mindsets that Muslims can't tolerate any insult of any Prophet including Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).

    Sorry Sir ! I can't buy the idea of "civil liberties and the free and unfettered exchange of ideas and information. ". Blasphemy can't be a civil liberty.& Blasphemy can't be consider as exchange of idea

    I have around 700 close contacts at FB & after shutting down of FB, I am missing nothing in my life. These all are illusions, hallucinations & delusions of our narrow approach.

    Since, yesterday I didn't met a single person who has any objection on court verdict. These issues raised in Pakistaniat by Adil Najam (who has liberal mindset). Miss Saba Imtiaz of Express Tribune & some like these folks of so called Liberal Clan.

    Ishq needs sacrifices, don't use Logic here, Ishq is above than any logic. & Isq-e-Mohammad (PBUH) is above them all.

  25. Khadija Avatar

    Someone said, that if the Prophet endured the insults thrown at him, without saying a word, then we should also bear the insults thrown at him without a word. However what that person said was wrong. Yes, the Prophet did endure insults and taunts, but He also said that your faith cannot be complete unless you love your prophet more than yourself and your life.

    We too endure insults thrown at us, without retaliating, at least most of us do, but when the insults are aimed at our mothers or sisters or someone we love, we do retaliate. We love our Prophet so we retaliate. And those of us who are angered by the Government's ban of Facebook, are displaying their lack of faith.

    I agree that our Government has many faults indeed, but this is one step that they have taken in the right direction. Are we Muslims? Can we survive half a month without facebook? Yes, I think we can. I am aware that many are suffering because of their businesses that depend on facebook. And yes, the Government shouldn't have blocked facebook the way it did. But maybe they were aware of the fact that many Pakistanis would not have stopped accessing Facebook.

    I know this is no argument, but I am merely stating my opinion.

  26. Khurram Ali Shafique Avatar

    @ Panda: "Encourage your leaders to show that violence is not Islamic, and that you can be tolerant".

    After you. We insist.

    But seriously, Panda, are you living in 4th Century AD or something? As a moderate Westerner you shouldn't be speaking about freedom of expression when your civilization has persistently failed to recognize any kind of freedom at all: be it colonialism of the past or the imperialism of the present.

    Saying that all you see about Islam in the news is violence is more true of US than Islam now.

    Let's get past this stereotyping. We have our faults and you have yours, and many of those faults are similar regardless of what religion or country one belongs to.

    The issue here is not freedom of speech but libel. Even in Western countries, freedom of expression has never been taken to mean that all laws regarding libel and defamation should be suspended. Its just that your libel laws do not cover religious personalities long dead: they only cover living citizens and monetary interests.

    Not only Muslims but also Hindus and even Christians of Eastern origin have problem with that approach. Why are you so constipated about reconsidering your approach and learn the ettiquettes of living in a world which is coming closer than can be sustained by your arrogance?

    What the whole world has been trying to tell you, my dear moderate Westerner, is that when the world becomes a global village you cannot act like a village idiot anymore. Grow up, buddy, before your president has to hide in a bunker and New York becomes separated into North and South by a wall constructed by the United Nations for the sake of world peace!

  27. Muzzammil Avatar

    Someone here mentioned about a french hostory book drawing:

    first of all the drawing you referred to is completely harmless and shown for educational purposes. The drawings in question with the ban are totally outrageous, ridiculing of Prophet and many other basic islamic values, and ar directly aimed at Muslims as the target audience to demean the depiction of Islam. Please go do some research and visit the page (if you can to see what im talking about). Your comparison is out of line.

    secondly shame on you to criticize the govt or court for banning such a site that incites hatred, ridicule and offense to 1.5 billion of worlds population, just cuz a few businesses, social circles, blog posts or in other words financial gains are at stake. By not removing the page FB is directly responsible for allowing such content and its implications lying within. I hold the entire site management fully responsible, regardless of how big of an advocate i am of freedom of expression.

    Someone else mentioned PORN:

    for the record any porn site does not attack a religion, caste or a system of belief. Utilization of porn is entirely personal and by choice. If you dont like porn you would use privacy controls or parental settings (isnt this blocking/filtering of free expression now?) Its not in your face or its not created to demean any religion, race or nation. Again a ridiculous comparison. And im surprised such comparisons are coming from the literary circles just to stand by a principle of freedom of expression and smooth functioning of business. Have some morals and learn to stand by it, even if at the expense of a few dollars or social communication.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      It is me " someone" who mentioned about history book of french course.

      Now you people agree that it is harmless so why such a strong french govt removed this book from syllabus and students were taught by photo copy whole year.It was same govt who put ban on hijab in french culture.

      So there can be many reasons of this ban but one thing is sure they were not in mood of creating confrontation to less tolerant people on minor issues.

      Now come to course of Pakistani schools and colleges and read how much hatred is seeded in young minds against hindus and jews or for those who deny the presence of Allah and Prophet.

      When I first saw the danish cartoons which was shown to me by my french instructor and she told me to have comments on it.I simply laughed and said that how could i comment on stupidity of non Muslim Ideas.

      they have their versions and they are laughing on our present state which is brought in our homeland through western forces.

      People got aggressive on danish cartoons without seeing it.

      the only funny comment pasted on such cartoons was that " I have no more virgins for you so go away.

      That sentence was pasted on a cartoon wearing Arab dress and looking he was standing in front of heaven gate.

      All others 3 have nothing that could have lead such a violent drive that had become reason of extreme disturbance in Muslim areas and foreign companies had to wind up their business from Muslim areas in which thousands of Muslim employees were working in very good way.

      Same was happened in rushedi books.Violent lover of Islam had no capability of reading the strong and filthy fiction level of sulamn rushdie but they took no time to burn the US embassy for this UK resident author.

      At the end Pakistani govt had to pay all in dollars to US embassy f what our illiterate protesters did to their buildings.

      So it is really matter of shame for me when I see the backwardness of human minds in my own community where all receive license to kill under religious umbrella.

  28. Muzzammil Avatar

    and for the record.. for you who question what the ban achieves?

    While FB is not happy about the ban, they are already working on making the specific page inaccessible from Pakistan. Since the Report link didnt work for them, this ban apparently is bothering them to some extent. in other words they didnt respect billions of people when politely asked – hence the ban.

  29. Batool Avatar

    Fully agree and am livid that the Government is doing this.

  30. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    Please do check this link too.

  31. SHAS Avatar

    I want to laugh at a number of you…Just because 3 websites are blocked- youtube, fb, wiki…you think you are gonna be denied everything?

    People get a grip! Seriously, you sound like whining babies..not everyone of you but those who think the worst…

    And as for those who think it is not right…then what is right? Let those sites run and then what?

    Do you know wikipedia is not AUTHENTIC? It is posts made by everyday man….meaning there is no proper background research for more than half of the things…

    We are not even allowed to site it in our reports at uni even though the answers may be there! Why because it is not authentic…I am really surprised ANYONE would cry about it being blocked…

    As for youtube..we have VARIOUS other options to watching stuff- google videos online – you will see other places with similar facilities…

    As for facebook as long as the ban is not permanent i FULLY support it…

    EVEN if it is permanent…there are alternatives-




    and many more…so why are you crying over 1 website…

    THIS is the advantage of can always look elsewhere…

    However, if you are single channeled or to lazy to take a new activity then i pity you…


    its just that when Pak govt does wrong- you voice out – WHICH IS GOOD

    when it does good- YOU WHINE -what is wrong? Yes there is such thing as freedom of speech and choice…but there is also something called intellect…USE IT!

  32. SHAS Avatar

    I agree with Mr. Muzzammil

  33. Rukhsana Shama Avatar
    Rukhsana Shama

    Yeah, please pull as many strings as you can to have a successful press conference against this ridiculous ban on Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia…they have gone mad..

  34. Pakistan Resources Avatar

    Everyone know that Facebook is social website but it is morally wrong that some one hit their prophet or religion. All Pakistani are very happy to PTA and Govt of Pakistan that has taken very bold step by blocking facebook in Pakistan. We should boycott all website which are doing these types of activities.

    I Love Pakistan.

  35. Jaffer Haider Avatar

    @SHAS Based on your comments, you obviously aren't aware of how many businesses rely on Facebook, Flickr, and other such services. Software companies and individuals who develop Facebook applications are being seriously hurt by this ban (its the equivalent of burning down their shop if this turns into a permanent ban).

    Even if the ban achieves its purpose of getting Facebook to take down the page, the media frenzy that it has caused has just given the cartoonist publicity, AND prevented people like you and me from lodging our protests on a medium that those cartoonists are more likely to use … Facebook.

    Anyway, how did the press conference go?

    1. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

      What businesses?

      As somebody said, China banned everything yet Chinese developers are earning much and they are more efficient than us.

      You referred companies and freelancers, being a developer myself I am aware that freelancers just don't rely on single technology and they also code in stuff like Joomla etc. Same goes with companies in Pakistan.

      On top of that, let me ask you. If your business or employer would have offended your parents or sister and would have published the objectionable content about them, were you going to say same? I am sure not because at that time the society would have called you Beghairat. So next time please do make sense. Muslims are worst but still they have some sharam that they can realize the things.

      I am sure none of the shia or Agha Khani or Bohri was going to use Facebook again if it was all done against Ali or Hussain(RA). Everybody remembers how lunatic shias came out when late MOlana Israr quoted a hadith about Ali(RA) when He tried to perform Salat when he was drunk.

      p.s: Awab at one side you are talking about freedom of speech while you are moderating comments as well. Sounds weird.

    2. Silver Slayer Avatar
      Silver Slayer

      uff! Kadnan are you on Sting or Red bull or something… too many blows dude

    3. SHAS Avatar

      @ Jaffer:

      Do you not have trust in ALLAH? You take 1 step towards HIM and HE will run to you…

      This though metaphorically should mean something to you…

      When a millionare gives ZAKAT (hypothetically) if he starts thinking what 2.5% of my 1 million is he will probably NEVER give zakat not thinking of the 97.5% which he has…

      Btw, it was your choice to make business thru cyber world…you should be aware of hackers and such situations especially when fb was not reacting to world Muslim appeal!

      Now that PEACEFUL ACTIONS have been taken you people complain…

      When violent actions take place you people complain our government is jahil!

      What exactly do you want?

  36. Saleem Avatar

    I think we are the only Muslim atomic power in this world so our protest do count!

    And, These people is just checking our temper by making drawings of our beloved Prophet(PBUH), if we wont protest, then they might go far…so its better to record our protest at government and individual level. I am not Mullah and all but i am a loyal muslim at least. I feel ashmed on those who think this protest is invalid.

    1. tehreem Avatar

      this kind of freedom of speech is a slap against freedom of morality. in the west religion has already became a joke. a small kid can stand up and say insulting words against jesus as god and as a prophet and its called as a freedom of speech. with the advancement of globalization our feelings are also become globalization. i for one support the ban by the court and by the government. if the government didn't do it we would be the ones shouting at them for lacking spine. such an action deserves applause. at the state level such kind of ban leaves the world a message. i am against any violent protests on the name of religion.but the fact of the matter is there must be a way to register protest .

      People here who are advocating against the ban and saying that complaint can be registered on Facebook as well. than may i ask why the Facebook administration needs telling that this thing would hurt religious sentiments of the Muslims?

  37. Kashan Ahmed Avatar
    Kashan Ahmed

    I just can't believe how many people in this country are so lame that they actually believe in internet blockade and lauding this stupid decision by LHC.

    I am no means appreciating what that page has to offer but banning facebook or any other website is just an attack on freedom of speech and information.

    If we Pakistanis are so grieved about this situation then why not report that page and force the face book authorities to ban the page. But all we can do is shut our ears and eyes and give them more publicity and make ourselves a laughing stock in front of the world.

    No wonder we are producing so many terrorist, who are ready to kill people rather than convince someone with logic and rationality.

    1. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

      @Kashan: either you are in state of denial or have just waken up. Ppl exactly did what you just "revealed". They just reported the page as blasphemeous but facebook did not remove it that's why ppl started protest.

      Infact facebook is not willing to remove page.

    2. SHAS Avatar

      Islam strictly prohibits depictions of Prophet Mohammed as blasphemous and Muslims around the world staged angry protests over the publication of satirical cartoons of the prophet in European newspapers in 2006.

      The statement from the Palo Alto, California-based social network said "we want Facebook to be a place where people can openly discuss issues and express their views, while respecting the rights and feelings of others.


      YET they test us? WEIRD you would say…DELIBERATE i would say!

      BUT TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH…its double standards…

      Things about holocaust/ jews is removed within minutes BUT this event which was protested for about a week and reported was not removed at all!!!

      So, action was necessary…IF you really want to keep in touch you can use other sites: friendster/ HI5/ Orkut and numerous more…

      Like there was a craze about friendster and orkut few yrs back…now its about facebook and Tweeter

      Soon the people will move to another network…

      AT LEAST now ALL THESE NETWORKS will know what can happen if they are too laid back or do not take things seriously!

      I think it was a good slap in the face for facebook…

      HOWEVER, If facebook AGREES to stay awake and tackle future incidents like this…and also apologizes i think the ban should be lifted…

      HOWEVER if facebook fails…then ban should stay..

      What are you people trying to say? You cant live without facebook? Go make your own network and moderate it…im sure you will be able to attract more people! Atleast those who will behave and have respect!

  38. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    Slayer: sire, you just had nothing else to say to present your point of view?

    1. Silver Slayer Avatar
      Silver Slayer

      Usually I avoid presenting my view since it is bitter and may not be well received by certain segments of the "educated" population here.

      I would only say that though this was not an optimal decision however the seriousness of the offense demands an equally forceful response so that people may learn not to do it again.

      I totally understand why Awab is moderating, it has nothing to do with freedom of speech but maintaining comment quality. I have learnt the difference through painful experience on my blog.

  39. tehreem Avatar

    there is a difference between secularism and sickulrism.

  40. Khurram Ali Shafique Avatar

    Facebook people says: ""We strongly believe that Facebook users have the freedom to express their opinions, and we don't typically take down content, groups or pages that speak out against countries, religions, political entities, or ideas."

    That is not true, is it? They took down the People's Resistance page, didn't they?

  41. tehreem Avatar

    many people and organizations treat Muslims as lab rats. like if we do this how will they react. whether its mf hussian drawing nude idols for FUN or rushdie on his FANTASY ride. both people need condemnation. i think Muslims and non Muslims need to get together and sort WAYS how to lodge a peaceful protest.

  42. Naheed Avatar

    I am glad it is shut, its a total waste of time.Adults play child like games and participate in moronic surveys.Your private info is all over the world. There are other ways to share information and pictures.

    What is wrong with you can't you find a better pass time than protesting against SC which everyone wanted restored.

    If you cannot be responsible then the SC has every right to make you, so grow up!

  43. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah


    She has made a very valid point with regard to French teachers in the class.

    I was shocked to see an American University Art Historian on describing various paintings of Spanish origin during the Renaissance period while discussing various figures repeatedly assumed that the artist has painted prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and than latter on carried on denying that it cannot be prophet Muhammad(pbuh) for such and such reason .

    The shocking was his mention of that it was quite normal for people to paint prophet Muhammad pbuh and no one in the audience challenged him.He could not be challenged after the lecture because in the end he concluded in all the paintings that drawings were not of prophet Muhammad pbuh.

    Muslims must accept there is a wave in the Western World a deliberate effort to brain wash muslims and to make them accept that picture of Prophet Muhammad pbuh can be drawn and was drawn.

    I think the real challenge is to take a step back to think rationally and to start a world wide movement to make other people understand why it angers us so much ?

    But can Europe or USA really understand this?

    They are used to to ridicule Marry and Jesus and Moses and the ten commandments?

    true believers of Christian faith are equally hurt when this happens

    I think Muslims must join hands with all the people who believe in religion and sacred books and should work on it together with them so that people can understand ridiculing religion and mocking the believers of any faith is not funny

    a line has to be drawn and should be drawn collectively.


    With regard to the ban in Pakistan headline would have looked much better and would had better impact if it would have said,

    Pakistanis and Muslims reject facebook because of racial and religious hatred spread via facebook.


    Anyway a blessing in disguise for Mr Zardari

  44. aimymalik Avatar

    If Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) present in this era.What He would ask us.. How to behave with ..Patience or Aggression..?

    Why we for get Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)'s reaction to that old lady who use to throw garbage on Him…?

    Why don't we stand against all the things which are against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)…?

    Why don't we protest to ban Porn websites..?

    We do we as Muslim remember our love for the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) on such occasions and yet ignore the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in our daily lives..?

    Why not we say on internet to all no-Muslims: I am Muslim and i think you have some misconceptions about the personality and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) please let me guide you.. why don't we spread Khutbaa-Hajja-tul-widaa…and other authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)… ?

    It is as painful for me as it is for any Aashiq-e-Rasoll (S.A.W) but we should protest with peace and pray that ALLAH give us the ability to study Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)'s life and and implement His teachings completely..

    Reflection of it in our Character will clear the darkness from the minds of those who want to outrage us with such acts..

    Hopefully we will understand…


    1. Panda Avatar

      Do not blame "the West" for this Facebook thing. It is the work of individuals who do it for many reasons.. some to make a political statement, some just to be insulting. We also have a discussion here about whether it is the right thing to do.

      Even the founder of the page has withdrawn, saying he is "dismayed" by the results. He wanted to raise awareness of the death threats and killings over cartoons – that is right and I agree with that sentiment. Death threats are serious, the killings are serious.

      But the Facebook page has turned into a nasty game, and has lost its original intent. I say that as a Westerner, not a Muslim, not a Christian either.

      However I do feel that if we do something insulting to Islam, it should be met with peaceful protest, not death threats, riots and killings. I hope that most of you agree that is not an acceptable way to live together.

      @ 46 aimymalik:

      Your comment, more than all the other positive ones here, I see as the way forward. As a non-religious Westerner, I have respect for all people who believe in living together in peace. No matter what the religion, I do not have respect for violence and repression.

      That feeling is shared by most of us in the West – and yes, we are not blameless either. Look at our history, we have fought a LONG time to gain rights for our women, minorities and disadvantaged. We often criticise our own governments, our own companies, our own habits. That is our way.

      So when we criticise others for the behaviour, it is not anything special. We are not "targeting" anyone unfairly. We do it to ourselves as well. I'm sure you know this. It's how we have developed a colourful and varied society. And comedy – making fun of things – is an important part of that process.

      This is the most important point I think Muslims should understand. It is only because of the violence that you see your religion being mocked. It is *not* because we are disrespectful in general. In our bookshops you will see the Quran alongside the Bible and Buddha.

      But we are shocked and scared by the violence some (we know it is only some) Islamists commit in our countries. 100 people died because of cartoons from Denmark. We ask ourselves why any insult, no matter what it is, should lead to violence and death? We have fought to stop that in our own society – that was our history. We don't want to see it return.

      We question why the writer was killed just because he expressed an opinion about women's rights in Iran. We wonder why the passionate beliefs of Islamists turns so quickly to hate and violence.

      We wonder how an Iranian Muslim cleric can say that "immodest dress causes earthquakes". Of course we find that a bit amusing. ๐Ÿ™‚ We might make fun of it. Yet we also give millions of dollars of aid to Iran. We are respectful of suffering. Does Iran give aid to us? Yet Islamists will call us "infidels" and criticise our way of life.

      Muslims in our countries often call our women horrible names because they dress differently to your women. Why should we take awful criticism from Islam, yet you ask us to respect the way of Islam?

      If your people show that Islam is truly a peaceful, understanding and cooperative religion, then you will see less criticism, less cartoons, more respect. We feel you do not respect us in any way, and criticise our society in many ways, so here we are – both cultures frowning at each other.

      This is why you see these cartoons all over the place. We are trying to say "enough violence!" You say Islam is peaceful, but we have been bombed and targeted, and now we are *daring* you to hold to your beliefs.

      Aimymalik, when you speak of peace, the acceptance of insults, of Mohammed's own teaching in that way, you will find Westerners will call you brother. You will find less cartoons, and more understanding. You will find that we *crave* wisdom and peace. We have great respect for the Dalai Lama for his peaceful ways, even defy China to show it. Even above our native Christian church.

      Most non-religious people have high regard for Buddhism and low regard for the Catholic Church. We have traditionally had a lot of respect for Eastern ways, including Islam, but that has declined greatly since the violence began. What do you expect?

      You cannot expect us to understand Islam when we see so much hatred, threats and intolerance in its name. How do you expect us to understand you, when all this is going on? When our people are threatened? Of course we will be afraid and the problem will get worse, and you will feel even more insulted by our response to threats. Nothing will be solved.

      But with peaceful protest, which is the only way forward, you will begin to see understanding. And I am sure that, in the end, the result will be a law to restrict drawings of Mohammed. Not entirely! But a compromise will be made, which both cultures can agree on. It is a matter of *mutual* understanding, as in all things.

      We have made it illegal to publicly deny the Holocaust, where millions of Jews died, because we must not forget such a terrible time. We are a society of respect, but also one of freedoms to show disrespect also.

      Think – if we had laws against criticising the Catholic Church (there were such laws in the past) then the many cases of children molested by priests would not be heard. Children would be hurt and nobody would be able to help.

      Criticism of something is *essential* to having a society where injustice can be exposed. You have to understand that. It is how our culture developed. So there will never be a law saying "do not criticise Islam". But there may be a law restricting public display of images of Mohammed.

      That kind of compromise is what we can work towards. So we still have freedom of expression in some cases, but you also have the respect you need. I'm sure there is a way it can work.

      Keep this in mind.. in the West we are open to change. But we need to feel the change is fair for everyone. Not just fair to you, but fair to us and others as well. I think that is reasonable. If we see the violence stop, and open discussion take its place, things will calm down and, in time, compromise can take place.

      We are not your enemy, you are not ours. We are just different. But expressions of hate and violence will never achieve any positive results. These cartoons are a result of the violence, and our reply is simply this: Prove you can behave as your Prophet taught – as aimymalik said, bless him. We respect words of peace. But if there is still violence in the name of Islam, then how can you expect understanding from us?

      Please think about that and try to understand our position. Then you will understand why these cartoons and insults keep coming up. We will never accept repression, threats and violence.

    2. SHAS Avatar

      @ Panda:

      Nice of you to drop your views…

      Yes it is true MUSLIMS (NOT ISLAM) do not invest much in knowledge (learning/education)

      IF this was done ISLAM would go to the top…AND of course NO pocket filling politician can wait that long for such a miracle to happen so he pockets now and hence the miracle does not happen…

      "It is as painful for me as it is for any Aashiq-e-Rasoll (S.A.W) but we should protest with peace and pray that ALLAH give us the ability to study Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)’s life and and implement His teachings completely."

      We are protesting with peace mind you…just fb was banned and some other sites (this is peaceful protest)

      Now what can be more peaceful? To let the cartoons go on and then say no dear that is not right…and you get a foul reply and then you smile at them?

      Seriously all we did was do a media war and freedom of choice war…

      In Islamic system the country is the leading role…YES PAKISTANI govt is not any role model (hehehe- that itself is a joke)

      But it (the pak govt) thinks it is so it took the liberty to decide the freedom of choice for its people…


      Dr.Afia was not granted such freedom…

      Surprisingly, Iraqi and Afghani were not either…neither the Palestinians…

      But if Pak govt can take 1 step we can ONLY hope it tries to make itself a better country…


  45. Adeel Avatar

    When I was a young boy, I remember there was the mother of a friend of mine who did not go to the market. I asked my mother about this, and she explained that uncle did not allow her to go because he did not want her exposed to things that went on there. I asked my father why he allowed my mother to go to the market and he smiled and said, "Your mother is a strong and intelligent woman. Why would I tell her what she can do?" I mentioned that there are some goods and conversations in the market that are not proper and he nodded his head and replied, "Your mother has a strong faith in Allah. She can walk through a pit of snakes and will not be shaken."

    My mother went to the market. My mother went wherever she wanted. Nobody dared to question her, either. At least not openly. I can't imagine anyone telling her where she could and could not go without receiving a rebuke like you would not believe. I saw the women wearing burqas and felt sad for them. Not because they were hidden, but because I thought that it must be because they were not strong enough to face the world with only their faith in Allah. That they needed some extra security from that piece of black cloth.

    Today, though, the judiciary and the PTA seems to think that all Pakistanis are too weak to go to the new electronic market without wearing an electronic burqa. First it was Facebook and today it is YouTube. Tomorrow it will be Twitter, then Google. Soon perhaps they will order that the whole nation be covered in a giant piece of black cloth.

    Could these justices really have only now learned that there is some offensive materials on the Internet? What will happen if they find out about the stall at the village market with the certain DVDs and VCDs behind the counter? What if they take a look behind the curtains covering tea stalls during Ramadan? What if their drivers get lost and they end up in some slums at night? Surely their weak faith will be harmed when they see what goes on not on the Internet but in their own city!

    The Internet is like a giant market. Facebook has popular groups for anti-Islamic things, but also there is a group for 'I Love Islam' that has over 900,000 members! YouTube surely has some offensive material, but has many beautiful videos about Prophet Muhammad and Islam also. Now we have banned these pro-Islam also? Users of YouTube can report offensive material and anything that is deemed offensive is available only to registered users over age 18 years. So why do we need these judges who are also self-appointed mullahs to tell us where we can't go?

    If JI and these judge-mullahs have such a weak faith that they cannot go to Facebook without being influenced against Islam, perhaps they should not go to Facebook. Actually, perhaps they should just stay indoors at all times and not bother those of us who are able to go to the market without being tempted to buy obscene materials or engage in improper gossips. I don't need someone else to tell me what is right and what is wrong. My faith is strong enough that I am not tempted to go to some stupid 'draw Muhammad' page on the Internet. I feel sorry for these others who are so tempted.

  46. guess Avatar

    facebook has faced a massive loss due this ban and from what i heard if this continues for a week theey will face a LOSS OF AROUND 40 BILLION EURO so i guess this is one of the most effective ways to force them to remove the page

  47. Nazia Avatar

    I have already given a proof of manners of civilized country that how french govt promptly taken steps to avoid confrontation with a settled community but no Muslim cleric or forum had ever praised or even acknowledged this act.

    Cartoonist and Newspaper Publicly Apologize to Muslims

    Media linked Islam to nuclear bombs/compared Islamic dress with terrorism

    In her cartoon, Norris satirically proposed May 20 as an “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day.” An “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” page quickly turned up on Facebook but Norris, writing on her website at, said she had nothing to do with it.

    So same thing these ignorant did here but as they have provided fuel to fireballs which are surely our paid scholars and religious clerics .They always behave like vultures of Islamic society looking for dead issues to grab it on first chance.So such kind of dead meat like issues would be now deadly politicized in weak Muslim countries to hide the mismanagement and corruption of ruling group and diverting the attention of masses and media from real issues.

    “I did NOT 'declare' May 20 to be “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day,” she said, adding that her idea was satire but “was taken seriously, hijacked and made viral.”

    “I never started a Facebook page; I never set up any place for people to send drawings to and I never received any drawings,” she said.

  48. Nazia Avatar

    So same thing these ignorant did here but as they have provided fuel to fireballs which are surely our paid scholars and religious clerics .They always behave like vultures of Islamic society looking for dead issues to grab it on first chance.So such kind of dead meat like issues would be now deadly politicized in weak Muslim countries to hide the mismanagement and corruption of ruling group and diverting the attention of masses and media from real issues.

  49. K. Shahzad Avatar

    I am in favor of the ban, facebook really is the culprit as it have not removed that page despite this many reports. Ban must continue until they listen and remove such pages.

    1. tehreem Avatar

      i don't buy the apology of the molly. she should have thought of it before drawing. she should have known what position prophet[s] holds in our community.

      more over some people here are giving here lessons how prophet[s] reacted against abuses. for such people i would suggest them to read history. when ever abuses got out of control there was a STRICT action. remember the POET who was abused prophet[s] in his verses, what happen to him? Islam is not only a religion but a social order as well. i would suggest all the people here who lecturing here to see what ACTUALLY happened to the abusers . abu jahl wasnt abu jahl . his name was something else. he was given the name abu jahl due to his attitude. abu lahb wasnt a saint either quran very explicitly stated where lahb stood. so declaring a wrong and standing by the truth is a part of our deen.

    2. readinglord Avatar


      She/he says:

      "Islam is not only a religion but a social order as well. i would suggest all the people here who lecturing here to see what ACTUALLY happened to the abusers . abu jahl wasnt abu jahl . his name was something else. he was given the name abu jahl due to his attitude. abu lahb wasne trutht a saint either quran very explicitly stated where lahb stood. so declaring a wrong and standing by the truth is a part of our deen."

      You are exulting at Umar bin Hisham (?) having been called Abu jahl. Was not this insulting and injuring the sentiments of some people? Do you know how they reacted? Even all Arabs were called 'Mushrikin' at one time and they reacted in 'jahilana' manner prevalent at the time and persecuted those who followed the prophet. Will you justify them all? No dear it was not siding with the truth but all following the dictum of 'Might is right'. It is now 21st century when the world has become a global village and human-beings, whatever their faith, have some inalienable rights. You can call somebody as 'Abujahl' but give him the right to react in the same manner.