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Aitzaz gives call for Lawyers Black Flag Week

In a statement issued here from his residence, where he is detained, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, President Supreme Court Bar Association, said that a Long March scheduled for March 09 has been postponed to give Parliament time to restore the deposed judges. It has not been cancelled. The lawyers, he said, appreciated the concern of the Parliamentarians and the leadership of the political parties to permit Parliament to meet and take steps for the restoration of the judges in the first instance.

Aitzaz, however, said that two of the most unfortunate days in our history fell in the year 2007. On March 9, none other than the Chief Justice of Pakistan was arrested. On December 27 a much greater and far more enormous tragedy struck. The most important leader of the country Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was martyred. The nation continues to mourn her. Lawyers have decided to commemorate both days with sorrow.

Aitzaz said that presently March 9th to 16th would be commemorated as the BLACK FLAG WEEK in and outside Pakistan. Those opposing Musharraf and seeking the restoration of the deposed judges will fly “Black Flags through out the week as per the following recommended programme:
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Educated Punjab’s Uneducated Chief Minister

Guest Blog by Amjad Malik

What goes around, comes around was a phrase I heard in my childhood and the fate of our outgoing political machinery is pitiful as they are still conspiring, aspiring and dreaming of forming government by hook or crook despite the fact that air is against them, and they do not find any space in the ranks of opposition, and people of Q like a salt are diluting in the political waters of Pakistan as they have no roots in the masses on their own. They are a tribe which never go to jail and is always ready to switch sides at eleventh hour. Those who were claiming to elect a serving General ten times in uniform to the slot of president are biting their nails and the mandate is clear, in comes the chief justice and out goes the President.

Public have spoken once again, and they cheered loudly that its democracy they prefer. Once again mandate has been given to parties holding roots in the masses and we are once again at a crossroad yet again, to respect that mandate and save the integrity and sovereignty of the country or repeat our mistakes like 70s. We must learn from the mistakes of past when we lost Dhaka shamefully, we daringly are willing to repeat such mistakes. I have been depicting the core of our problems one of which is that we never nip the evil in the bud and we always try to move forward pragmatically without caring the fall outs on state. Hamood ur Rehman commission was quick to depict our weaknesses earlier in 70s and it tried to put our future straight but we withheld that report for decades which should have been part and parcel of our learning process. I would quote only few relevant paragraphs just to give a glimpse to show how familiar the scene was then, and even now, and I pose a question when will we learn.
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Pakistan Has Spoken, Will Democracy Follow? Avaaz.org Petition and AD

avaaz_democracy_for_pakistanAvaaz.org, a very active global online movement with a simple democratic mission has recently petitioned online users to support its campaign to promote democracy in Pakistan. You can participate in either signing the petition which stands at ~84,000 signatures (goal of 150,000) or even contribute to the publication of this full page ad in The News ($10,623 or equivalent to Rs. 648,000)

The people of Pakistan have overcome violence & rigging to cast a clear vote for civilian democracy. 75% want President Musharraf to go. But things are tense: Musharraf hints he could dismiss the new parliament and Western powers are still propping him up.

The Pakistani people have cast an undeniable vote for change. If they are betrayed, chaos could follow. Let’s back them with big advertisements (see right) in Pakistan’s The News, a respected broadsheet read by politicians, ambassadors and generals alike. The ad’s centerpiece is our petition calling for democracy to be supported not undermined – please sign the petition to help Pakistan’s democrats, or give a donation to help fund the ad


I also attach here a copy of their email to all their active supporters sent a few days back

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People’s Resistance welcomes Election Results, Condemns Blatant Rigging in Karachi

While welcoming the results of the general elections of February 18, the Peoples Resistance noted that the overall results came about despite massive pre-poll manipulation in the form of compromising the independence of judiciary and media, illegal transfers and postings, and an incomplete and flawed electoral role. PR also strongly condemned the widespread rigging itself that marked the February 18 polls in Karachi and called for action against those involved in the manipulation of votes cast that day.

Independent reports confirm overstuffing of ballot boxes, higher volume of votes despite low turnout, harassment at the polling stations, voting without ID card, absence of voters names on the electoral list and the overwhelming presence of a certain partys workers across a large number of polling stations in the city. According to one report, some polling stations registered 140% voters turnout despite a low turnout generally witnessed in the city.

Peoples Resistance has many individual testimonies complaining of harassment, rigging and being coerced to vote in a certain partys favour. Voters complained that their ballot papers were already stamped on the kite symbol, that they were not provided privacy at the polling booths that the presiding officers themselves asked voters to stamp the kite symbol. Many gave in to the presiding officers coercion, afraid to risk a confrontation, especially in the overwhelming presence of the partys activists at the polling booths. Voters also complained that they were handed over up to 50 ballot papers to stamp against their ID cards. “I was asked to stamp the kite symbol on all of them, said one voter.
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The nation will not forgive…

Guest Post by Amer Nazir

And why should it…

The present change has not been brought about by the politicians alone too many unsung heroes have lost their lives… they did not have a distinguished name or title, they just died on the streets… only to figure in a grand total, to add on to figures that we read in the newspapers but which we now do not give a second thought about…

Zardari and Nawaz Sharif stand redeemed today, whether they deserved the earlier treatment or the present notwithstanding the fact is that they stand redeemed today, their troubles are over in a personal sense and then revenge is a dish better served cold… but what about the nation… when will it be redeemed… what about those common people who have suffered irreparable loss… and what about those who worked and voted for the redemption of a nation…

How can they say that they will not impeach Musharaff not take him and his cronies to trialthat it is not a priority…

This change has come about because of the efforts of those who lost their lives in the process whether it is Benazir Bhutto or the hundreds of nameless, it has been brought about by those ordinary people who have and still are languishing in jails and in exile… by the brave lawyers, the judiciary, the politicians who refused to contest elections, by the media, the common man on the street who came out for demonstrations in different cities of the world and this change is the result of each and every one of us who has written may it be even a single word to protest… to let the world know of our plight and which has finally changed global perception…
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The Failure in the War on Terror – Not Osama but Musharraf

Source: The Harvard Crimson

The former head of the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligences (ISI) political cell recently confessed that he was responsible for political manipulation in Pakistans 2002 elections that led to Islamists coming to power in two provinces and gaining 59 seats in the National Assembly. This fraud was the work of the Americas supposedly unfaltering ally in the War on Terror, General (ret.) Pervez Musharraf and his desire to paint an image of Pakistan as an extremely dangerous, unstable country ready to fall into the hands of extremists the moment he leaves.

Musharraf pretends that he is the only hope for the US in Pakistan. Closer analysis, however, suggests that his claims are far from true. In the 2008 electionswhich were much freer and fairer than those of 2002only 6 seats went to the Islamists. In addition, a secular party won the majority of seats from the North-West Frontier Province where the War on Terror is actually taking place. These results prove that the people of Pakistan are against religious fundamentalism, something the US has largely ignored. In 1999, Pakistan was a stable country with a moderate political party in power. There were no suicide bombings, no abductions by extremists, and people were free to move about without security personnel. By 2007, Pakistan was among the worlds most dangerous places. This transformation is the result of Musharrafs long, incompetent rule.
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Rawalpindi blast kills Lt. General

Breaking news-
Bomb blast has taken place in a plaza near the GHQ in Rawalpindi.
8 people reported killed as yet. Surgeon General Mushtaq Baig one of those confirmed dead.

I condemn this suicide attack and pray for the innocent departed

Blasphemous YouTube video removed due to TOS violation

We have just been informed that the blasphemous youtube video has been removed from the youtube servers for violating the Terms and conditions of Youtube, this video had been the cause of censorship of the entire youtube domain in Pakistan as enforced by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

I hope this development can convince the PTA to unblock the domain on an urgent basis while at the same time I hope it also does not serve as an example for PTA to not use this drastic domain-wide censorship in an attempt to block offending content hoping that resultant outcry from the citizens of Pakistan will help force a solution on a global lever – we consider ourselves lucky this time around but might not so fortunate if such a situation were to come again

Note: As of filing of this post and the next update late Sunday evening (2300 PST) the block still exists and it has not be removed, we that the start of the week can bring us some good news

Resolving the Judicial Crisis: A Legal Analysis

(Author’s Name Withheld On Request) circulated on the People’s Resistance network

In the wake of some legislative measures introduced and steps taken by the then Chief of the Army Staff and the incumbent President of Pakistan on November 3, 2007 the Honble Chief Justice of Pakistan and a dozen Honble Judges of the Supreme Court alongwith some Honble Chief Justices and scores of Honble Judges of various High Courts had been restrained from performing their constitutional duties and functions and were purportedly deposed. Thereafter the Supreme Court and the High Courts were packed with handpicked Chief Justices and Judges and the offending legislative measures and steps were upheld and validated by the post-November 3, 2007 Supreme Court. The civil society in general and the legal community in particular had rejected the said unconstitutional measures and steps outrightly and they have been agitating against the same eversince. On February 18, 2008 the people of Pakistan have also resoundingly spoken and given their verdict against the unconstitutional assault upon the independent judiciary of the country. There is now a virtual consensus and a universal demand in the country that the affected Chief Justices and Judges ought to be restored to their offices forthwith. The present document looks at the validity of the relevant legislative measures and steps, legitimacy of the purported upholding and validation of such measures and steps by the post-November 3, 2007 Supreme Court and constitutional status of the current and deposed Chief Justices and Judges besides suggesting ways and means required for restoration of the affected Chief Justices and Judges to their offices.

2- The following questions appear to be of critical importance in the context of the prevalent judicial crisis and clear and categorical answers to the same may lead to a satisfactory end to the constitutional impasse in that regard:
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Live Blog – Updated @ 17:00: Judicial Bus moves from Karachi to Hyderabad

The progress of the Judicial bus courtesy Faris of People’s Resistance

At around 10:00 the judicial bus left the Sindh high court.bar on its way to Malir Bar reaching there at 10:30 where a big crowd of lawyers & activists were gathered. A press conference was held.

Finally at around 11:00 they have departed for Hyderabad

At 11:45 – We have an update that the caravan has just left Karachi on its way to Hyderabad via super highway to hopefully reach Hyderabad at 2:00

Update at 12:35 – Judicial Bus roaring on Super highway! Police, truck drivers sharing Victory signs with the rally! 100 kms more to go…
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‘Bolta Pakistan’ censored in certain areas of Pakistan

“Bolta Pakistan” an AAJ.tv show featuring Mushtaq Minhas and Nusrat Javed came ‘on air’ today and barely five minutes later certain parts of the country namely Islamabad and Karachi were taken off the air. A viewer reported that the comparers had started discussing the negotiations taking place between the PPP hierarchy and the US diplomatic personnel. They were also reminiscing with Mariana Babar, on line, about similar events which took place in 1988, when suddenly the show was censored in certain parts of the country

I personally am in Peshawar and it is being aired openly here, I am surprised why its being blocked in the major cities of Pakistan as they are definitely not discussing anything untoward the bureaucracy nothing that might irk President Musharraf, i can only speculate he has a bone to pick since Nov 3rd and is just stubborn about it.

Judicial Bus to Leave Karachi on Saturday

Sind High Court Bar Association has extended invitation to civil society, to join them in the first “judicial bus” leaving from Karachi to Hyderabad and back.

The rally, accompanied by November 2 judges of Sind High Court will leave Sind High Court Karachi at 9 am, Saturday, February 23, 2008 for Hyderabad.

On reaching Hyderabad, the judges will address the Bar Association there.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to show solidarity and let our voice be heard. Post elections, it is important to let all political parties know our unrelenting resolve on the issue of judiciary.

The route will be: Sind High Court (Saddar) – Malir Bar – Bypass to SuperHighway – Super Highway – Hyderabad

Vote Rigging Videos in Karachi – could this be why YouTube is blocked?

A few videos appeared yesterday barely a few days following the elections showing some polling officers setting up the voting process. I have personally not seen them but am told that they show some serious election manipulations of the four videos that were online two have been deleted but two specific videos still remain available. Sadly the release of these videos appear too suspcicouy close to the Youtube blocking which came barely a day after these videos become public

Alternatively you can use YouHide to watch this video HERE

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Youtube blocked in Pakistan

Just in – Youtube seems to have been blocked in Pakistan

There are two theories one is that an Anti Islamic movie was being blocked while another theory is that a few videos did surface which showed poll rigging in Karachi

Sources say that this video could very well be the objectionable video that is being blocked in Pakistan – I have not seen the video as I cant access it, but if it has objectionable blasphemous links then I prefer not to upload it directly – here is the text link, venture at your own risk


Update: Download the [download#4]

While below is the email received from MultiNet via the Proud-Pakistani Mailing List where they place the onus on the People of Pakistan to put pressure on Youtube for unblocking the website.
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