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Nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown – Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto addresses the Sydney Writers Forum shares her opinion on why Pakistan is on the vergo of a nervous breakdown. Can we expect more from her? Or will she continue to remain sidelined?

Save the Nukes

In the past few days I and perhaps many of you have felt exactly the same as we felt 40 years ago in December 1971, when Gen Niazi surrendered to the Indian Army. Some of you were not even born, so lucky you, but most of this group had to face such a humiliation for the second time. But this the beginning of the end. The way things are going, very soon we will face yet another humiliation when the Nucs are taken away by shadowy figures in a dark night.

People in the PAF Air Defence command claim that they had no coverage on the Western sector. My question to them; This Nation is not blaming you for not detecting the incoming attack, what we blame you for is WHY WERE THE SEALS PERMITTED TO LEAVE ? Why not a single bullet was fired? For which sufficient warning was available. Some people say that 2 PAF F-16s were airborne but they were not allowed to engage. If that is the case then come out and inform the Nation. What are you afraid of?

The next question is that why do they claim that our nuclear assets are well guarded. In fact they even have the tenacity to claim this today. If such corridors exist, then how are the Nukes safe? We all know that the enemy will never come from the route where you are well prepared. It is a very basic issue but perhaps the brains of the defenders are clouded with Estate & Plot managements.
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US and NATO imperialism in South Asia: The developing Pakistan Quagmire

After some nationalist and anti-imperialist elements succeeded in defeating the elaborate US and British plans to install two of their puppets- Parvez Musharraf and the late Benazir Bhutto-in the highest government offices in Pakistan, another puppet, Asif Ali Zardari, Benazir’s husband-also known as Mr. Ten Percent, because of his corruption and demanding and taking systematic bribes on contracts with national and international companies- during Benazir’s premiership, in which he was one of the members of her cabinet, managed to substitute both of them and has proven that he is a bigger puppet than both of them combined. Both he and his wife were methodically groomed for their roles by various organs and representatives of US imperialism.

During their government, they had stolen an estimated one and a half billion dollars from the poor people of Pakistan and had deposited those in foreign bank accounts. When numerous cases of fraud and corruption were filed against them in the Pakistani and foreign courts, they fled the country and lived abroad for years, in aristocratic and lavish life styles, when overwhelming majority of Pakistani people were suffering ever increasing levels of poverty and deprivation. It was only after an incredibly illegal, unjustifiable, and crooked deal with the Musharraf dictatorship, which was a desperate and reckless move to save itself against the rising tide of opposition-pushed and supervised by the representatives of US and British imperialism-in which all the corruption charges were dropped and the cases withdrawn, that they dared to return to Pakistan.
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The Deal Undone: Pakistan, its Army and the Americans

The deal undone explores the strenuous relationship between the Pakistan – US military establishments. The documentary analyzes a specific period in the history of this relationship during the, following the 9/11 attacks in the U.S.

From the heights of friendship during the early years of the war on terror to the falling out with the passage of the Kerry-Lugar-Berman Act in 2009, are episodes explored in great detail in ‘THE DEAL UNDONE’.

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A Step towards Decency, If not Peace

Much before the two Prime Ministers can agree on a solution to Kashmir problem, converting Siachen into a peace park or concluding a no war pact, they could begin by taking a few small steps that can bring the two neighbors closer to decency if not peace. Each day as the flags are lowered at the Wagah border, Indian and Pakistani guards high-kick and stamp their feet in a vulgar display of aggression, anger and animosity. The spectators on both sides line up in large numbers to passionately applaud this officially choreographed drama of make-believe power and masculinity.

Why do the two neighbors need to enact hatred as a symbol of their national pride. Why can they not lower their flags with peace and dignity – like it is done the world over. Is it too much to ask that as the fever subsides at Mohali, the two Prime Ministers will come to a small and simple agreement – the two sides will henceforth put an end to the disgusting daily display of belligerent posturing at the Wagah border.

The ceremony that provides a daily dose of hatred to the people of both sides continues despite an earlier indication that it would be stopped. Wonder which party shall exhibit greater wisdom, friendship and good sense by announcing a unilateral end to this insane practice

Pakistan gives CIA license to kill Pakistani – asserts ex-CIA Undercover Operative

Talkhaba interviews Robert Anderson a CIA operative who operated in Vietnam some 60 years back recently he wrote an article on CounterPunch on what the undercover work CIA did back then and the similarities with CIA now in terms of running operative like Raymond Davis working in Pakistan

Robert Anderson teaches economics and political science at a U.S. community college. He served in the U.S. Air Force (like Bruce Gagnon) and saw combat during the 1967-68 Tet Offensive in Vietnam. Later, he helped form the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. He traveled to Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in 1973 to support the indigenous struggles for sovereignty. In 2006 he was arrested and banned from the University of New Mexico for pointing out it was wrong for the university to be supporting the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) without public comment. He is now co-director of Stop the War Machine which has organized major demonstrations opposing Star Wars and the Iraqi war. Bob can be called the Raymond Davis of 60s – Raymond Davis to us Pakistanis is synonymous to CIA Killer Machine.His recent article in Counterpunch titled “I Had Ray Davis’s Job, in Laos 30 Years Ago; Same Cover, Same Lies” led us contact him for an interview for Karachi based newspaper.  He sent us his reaction over Raymond Davis release. Please read on:

The release of Davis in my opinion is just a green light for more killings and assassinations by the US government and the CIA in your country. The pillage and slaughter of Pakistani will increase most likely in the quest of the US for imperial power over your country and region.

The question of justice has been replaced by money. This is the typical way the US works, kill and buy people off.

Pakistan, in my opinion, missed a historic opportunity with Ray Davis to affirm its sovereignty and now has basically returned to its former colonial status, only under the U.S. rather than the British.

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Deciphering the attacks on Pakistani Nationals in Bahrain

CPR - A Bahrain ID Card which has the nationality clearly mentioned

After posting the two write-ups on the blog here & here about the threats on Pakistanis living in Bahrain, its important to share my own analysis over this issue that I have gained over the past two days thanks to a number of friends in Bahrain and around the world.

There is a large population of Pakistanis living in Bahrain, many settled for years, many knowing only the Kingdom of Bahrain as their birth place, are now suddenly feeling threatened and fear their own personal security. The population which has lived together as a community for many years has recently been divided drastically in terms of Shia and Sunni religious sects, predominantly the Arab rulers are Sunni while a large influx of expatriates have flowed into the country namely Pakistan & other south Asian regions [sunni] and a large section from Iran [shiite]. Mostly the ruling family has recruited Pakistanis [and other south Asians] into the police force because of their natural preference to having a “trusted” dominated force.

Over time many people in Bahrain eyed Pakistanis as the golden-eye favorites of the rulers and were seen with a certain degree of resentment. With the hub of the revolution starting from the GCC roundabout the issue initially was reported as a pro-democracy protest, but over the past few days the “pro-democracy” protesters have become Anti Government rioters taking a startling turn.

Peaceful Pakistanis being a blue-eyed favorite of the rulers have been blanket labeled as pro-government and have become fair game to protestors to identify and inhumanely brutalize them at will. Prime target has been the multi-national police force of who have been at the receiving end of the most inhumane, racial treatment by the protestors and abundant videos are circulating to support this.
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Letter from a Pakistani Journalist in Bahrain appealing for Help

A Pakistani Man begging for mercy after being severely thrashed

I write this in great distress. As the world knows, there has been a wave of protests in Bahrain that has rocked the entire country. While most of the world, including our brothers in Pakistan and media want to see it as a sequel to the incidents in Tunisia and Egypt, let me assure you that it isn’t.

I a Pakistani and a journalist based here for more many years, want to tell you that it is entirely a sectarian issue with the Shias (even not all of them) wreaking havoc on the country. For the past month ever since their protests started on February 14, they have paralysed daily life in the country bringing it to a virtual standstill. Before the operation started on March 15 late afternoon, the protesters had gone on the rampage killing and injuring whoever they could get their hands on. However, they seem to be sifting Pakistanis from the rest since our countrymen are serving the country in the security forces.

It has grown to an extent that they have killed one Pakistani and seriously injured many more. They had even captured a group of Pakistanis and took them to the largest government hospital – Salmaniya Medical Complex – where everyone from patients and doctors kicked and punched and cursed them. The doctors totally violated their oath of treating people irrespective of their race, nationality or leaning. There was lot of panic amongst the residents and citizens here. However, with the arrival of the Peninsula Shield Force (the united GCC force just like Nato, etc.) conditions have improved a lot.
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March for Education Emergency in Pakistan

The education task force in Pakistan has launched a push to create awareness on the education crisis in Pakistan, a mere look at the highlights of their detailed report would scare the beejeepers out of everyone. A few salient points have been extracted below to better understand the issue, while some graphics were also extracted from the report as well

If you read the report / the salient points one gets a strong feeling that this mystery can be sovled provided there is a serious commitment from the leadership in Pakistan to lead forward towards cementing a the way for a literate Pakistan in the decades to come
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Diplomatic Immunity and the Raymond Davis Case

The shooting to death of two Pakistani youths, namely Faizan Haider and Muhammad Faheem, by a U.S. Consulate official, Raymond Allen Davis, and the death of a third Pakistani, namely Obaid-ur-Rahman, by a vehicle operated by the U.S. Consulate, in Lahore on 27 January 2011 has, once again, raised concerns relating to the conduct of American officials working for the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Pakistan.

Raymond Davis was arrested by the Punjab Police on the same day and, on 28 January 2011, was presented before a magistrate in Lahore, who remanded him into police custody for six days. On 29 January 2011, three days after the incident, the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, without even naming Raymond Davis, called for his release whilst claiming that he was a diplomat and was being detained illegally in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 (the “Vienna Diplomatic Convention”). On 1 February 2011, the Lahore High Court, in response to a public interest petition, restrained Pakistani authorities from handing Raymond Davis over to the U.S. authorities and has ordered his name to be placed on the Exit Control List to prevent him from leaving Pakistan.
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OffroadPakistan – Expedition Poldat 2011 [Video]

On Jan 28th the OffroadPakistan headed off to Hingol for three days of offroading, camping and exploring the wildreness of Hingol National Park heading upstream to a location called Poldat. Here produced is a short and fun video produced by Khizer Rashid

Be patient with democracy…

Democracy is in the blood of Musalmans, who look upon complete equality of manhood [mankind]… [And] believe in fraternity, equality and liberty. M.A.Jinnah –London, 14 Dec 1946

Switch on any TV channel, open up a newspaper or log on to social media and you will see our parliamentarians and their electorate especially those residing in the rural centers continuously drawing ire of the urban educated elite. At times participants in the TV talk shows having an intellectual discourse stoop low and raise eyebrows over the wisdom possessed by the electorate and flay their decision of re-electing the same person who is allegedly tainted.

Such feelings on the part of the educated elite incited me to ponder over the mystery shrouding the electorate who is willing to rally around the same bunch of politicians every time. And after introspection I came to the conclusion that the bone of contention is socio-economic imbalance prevailing in our society.

The brick and mortar of the conclusion I drew is a battle between two classes i.e. Haves and Have-nots .Both the classes will be at loggerheads till the time vast dichotomy in their status persists in our society.
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Jassar Farms – Aiming to crossbreed Pakistani cows to increase their Milk Yield

In another amazing investment in patient capital Acumen Fund has identified and invested in Jassar Farms (Pvt) Ltd a corporate dairy farming business focused on dairy and breed improvement of poor livestock farmers aiming to increase milk productivity. At present 7-8 Pakistani bulls produce the same equivalent milk that one high yield producing cow can produce in one year. Imagine the impact of a Pakistani farmer having access to this breed of high milk yield producing bull to double or quadruple his basic income and its impact of the increase income on his daily life.

To obtain these higher yield mild producing cows is an unaffordable and an impossible task for local farmers in Pakistan as importing of these high-quality semen doses are too high. Jassar Farms hopes to achieve breed improvement through artificial insemination using world-class, quality bull semen initially imported from around the world and to produce a new crop of high yield bulls right here in Pakistan.
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Clean drinking water at Rs 1.5/ltr in Lahore by Pharmagen

I share with you a short introduction about Pharmagen Health Limited a project supported by Acumen Fund which believes in investing in entrepreneurs who are working to help the poor; they believe that social enterprises which offer people the dignity of choice are the solution to poverty vs the needless impact of handing out charity . These in turn provide critical goods and services to the poor in a completely sustainable manner. The short introduction of Acumen

Pharmagen Health a community water systems company which has set up water purification plants across dense low-income communities around Lahore. It provides safe, clean drinking water to low-income communities through a Reverse Osmosis and UV filtration process. Pharmagen currently has five water filtration plants; two RO plants with capacities of 3,000 liters per hour (LPH) and 10,000 LPH respectively; and three ultra-violet (UV) treatment plants.
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Pakistan: Mobile Network Internet speed testing survey

WIth a massively growing telecom industry in Pakistan, it is sad that there continues to be no measure of quality of service that these mobile service providers continue to deliver to their consumers in Pakistan.

I think there needs to be some effort to measure their service and the best possible way that I can think off is the community across Pakistan pitching in their own results into a consolidated database. Ideally we would have loved to have a detailed website, but lets start with a small survey.

Download SpeedTest into your smartphone & then fill the survey

  1. iPhone, Nokie or Android: http://speedtest.net
  2. Blackberry OTA: http://bit.ly/speedtest

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