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Youtube of the People’s Resistance run in with the Police last Sunday

If many might recall the People’s Resistance had a small run-in with the police which almost ended up in a few arrests [Update 1] [Update 2] & [Final Report with pictures], but luckily after some intense negotiations every one was let go, members of the CodePink organization had just landed in Karachi a day earlier and were there to videotape it.


Later Medea Benjamin’s also blogged it at the CodePink website which can be found here and a small interesting extract I quote below
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Muneer Malik shifted to SIUT, Karachi

Tortured & Terrorized but Not SilencedIt is being reported by a representative of HRCP in Karachi that Muneer A Malik has been shifted to SIUT in Karachi. Considering his critical condition where he had renal issues I hope the doctors can help him recover to be able to face these crooks in Pakistan.

The People’s Resistance group is coordinating an effort to deliver flowers to him in Karachi, if anyone is interested in contributing towards the effort posts a message here on the blog and I will contact you as soon as possible

Citizens delegation meets non-PCO judges of the Sindh High Court

Report prepared by People’s Resistance

Judges of Sind High Court who did not take oath under the PCO of Nov 3 were surprised when they gathered for dinner at one of their homes, where a large delegation of ordinary citizens — students, businessmen, accountants, corporate executives, journalists, and activists were waiting with flowers and cake to meet them.. This meeting was part of the campaign to let these judges know that the people of this country stand by them and are proud of their principled stand.

The citizens delegation covered the entrance of the judges residence with rose petals. As each judge entered, he was presented with a bouquet of flowers with his name on it, on behalf of the people. On learning what the bouquets were for, the flower-seller sent two bouquets with love on his own account, said one of the citizens. Members of the delegation were receiving messages from all over Karachi as well as other cities asking them to convey their heartfelt gratitude to the non-PCO judges.
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Flowers for Muneer A. Malik

Concerned Citizens in Islamabad took the initiative to visit Muneer Malik while he has been admitted in a critical medical condition at PIMS Islamabad, his ailing condition was solely created by shear neglect on the part of the government of Pakistan aka Pervaiz Musharraf. These pictures were passed to us in an email to the People’s Resistance network, well done Pakistanis we must respect our hero’s who have genuinely stood up against this tyrant.

Pictures found on Funkor’s Flickr Photostream and © copyright of Fauzia Minallah


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People’s Resistance faces Police Resistance

A flurry of SMS’s were posted on this blog which started of first on that I might actually be arrested by the police and my car impounded and a good 30 or so minutes later I posted that I was free to go credit to some intense on street side negotiations by the men and women of the People’s Resistance. The narration of the police arriving onto the scene is nothing glamorous quite simply we were in violation of section 144 imposed throughout the country, though the actual activists were barely 5-6 on one area the others were walking along the beach talking to people.

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Update on Muneer A. Malik’s medical condition – Not Good

Received on the People’s Resistance network

We went to see Muneer A. Malik today, I will also send the photos of the protest we organised outside PIMS. He is in a critical condition. His creatinine level is very high he has undergone a dialysis and a second one is due in about half an hour. His treatment was delayed so much that he is in a serious condition now. C.J Iftikhar Chaudhry wanted to meet him but he was not granted permission. God knows what is planned for Aitezaz Ahsan and Ahmad Ali Kurd?

Our prayers continue to be with Mr. Malik wishing him all the best and at the same time raise concern with the hope that the rest of the political prisoners are doing ok, and may Allah protect these heros of Pakistan who choose to raise their voice against the military dictator

Missing in Pakistan – Documentary


A very touching film which must be watched by all alike, it was set to be released on Nov 21st in a viewing at FAST-NU Lahore but the authorities clamped down on this and prevented the viewing. Since then it has moved on to the digital world originally uploaded at [ The Critique Aggregator ] while simultaneously uploaded on the Missing in Pakistan blog. Watch the video and spread the word, if you want to download a full screen version then download from RapidShare 103MB

Message from [ The Critique Aggregator ]
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Update @ 1430: Restrictions on SC Judges tightened

People’s Resistance Legal Team reports

After an announcement by the Ministry of Interior yesterday that there were no restrictions on judges imprisoned in their residences in Islamabad, a group of lawyers decided to meet them to test this assertion.

The lawyers who were accompanied by Justice (retired) Wajihuddin, were prevented from visiting the Judges Colony at a distance by a heavy posse of police. Justice Wajihuddin along with the group were forcibly removed from the area.

Dawn News reporting that Senior Advocate Athar Minallah has been arrested and taken to Secretariat Police Station in Islamabad.

Update @ 0402: People’s Resistance condemns Lathi Charge & Arrest of Journalists

Civil Society Condemns Lathi Charge and Arrest of Journalists

KARACHI, NOV 20: The civil society coalition People’s Resistance condemns in the strongest terms the brutal police lathi charge on unarmed journalists outside the Karachi Press Club and the arrests of Karachi Union of Journalists’ President Shamimur Rehman, Karachi Press Club President Sabihuddin Ghausi, Secretary General of the Association of Pakistan Television Journalists Faisal Aziz Khan, Ahfaz-ur Rehman and Najeeb Ahmad among others.

Journalists as well as members of civil society had gathered in solidarity with the nation-wide protest call given by the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) against restrictions on the media, particularly the electronic media. Several journalists, including women, were injured when police launched a second attack on them outside the Press Club.
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Update @ 1826: An eye witness account of arrests & baton charge on journalists

Via e-mail from Anis Haroon who relates who journalists and his friends from Public Relations at various news agencies were first baton charged by the police and then arrested when they attended a peace rally outside the Karachi Press Club, earlier today at 1500:

The print and electronic media had given a call for procession on 20th November (14th day of Emergency/Martila law) at 3:00 pm. When I reached there as usual Press clubs’ entrances were sealed off by Police vans from both sides.
When the procession reached near the patrol pump (gas station) riot police came forward to stop us. The journalists raised slogans and tried to break off the fotified barriers. The “Lathi charge” began and leaders like Sabihuddin ghosi, Faisal Aziz Khan, Ahfazurrehman and shamimurrehman got arrested.

The police chased us hitting with their batons down to press club. some of the journalists and photographers got beaten up badly who were then dragged to the van. The police wanted to enter the press club on the pretext of stone throwing from inside but some journalists stood guard and stopped them.
Most of them present went outside and sat on the ground chanting slogans for the release of arrested colleagues. when it became clear that they r not going to to be released, a number of them went a head to court arrest. a large number of them were arested n sat in the vans raising slogans. seven women journalists with 2 from the People’s Resistance — Husna and Urooj also courted arrest. They have now been taken to different “Thanas” (police stations) and are detained.

Update @ 1610: A large number of Journalists arrested

In a rally organized by KUJ which was supposed to take out a protest rally from Karachi Press Club to the Governors House came under some police action which resulted in lathi Charge which ended up having over 150 journalists behind bars. A few fellow activists are also in jail at the moment which includes Urooj Zia and Husna. More updates to follow as the news comes in

Update @ 1620: A total of 17 People’s Resistance activists may also be behind bars, last known whereabouts are at the Darkhashan Police Station in Defence

Update 0506: People’s Resistance Flash Protest, PIDC, Karachi

Yesterday November 16th at 5:30 pm the People’s Resistance organized a Flash Protest at PIDC Karachi which according to its basic rules does not last more then 10 minutes, a number of people showed up at very short notice to voice their opinion against the Martial Law, a few images have been displayed with the faces deliberately smudged out to protect anonymity, after all its not the people but the message that actually matters

Peoples Resistance Flash Protest

Peoples Resistance Flash Protest